The Young Veins   Take a Vacation!
3.0 Release Date: 2010

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3.5 greatDominic | June 8th 10

very entertaining psychedelic-esque rock. a few really great songs, most are good

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3.0 goodMadHatter14 | July 8th 11

I had tremendous expectations for the lyrics on this album due to the fact that Ryan Ross was the primary lyricist for both of Panic! At The Disco's albums. The lyrics on both A Fever You Can't Sweat out and Pretty.Odd. were phenomenal. These just fall flat. I find it inevitable to compare The Young Veins to Panic! At The Disco, and when doing so, The Young Veins seem inferior. Both vocalists are talented, but cannot compare to Brendon Urie's vocals. The influence that The Beatles had on this band is so evident, they could be a Beatles tribute band. All in all, Take A Vacation! is pleasant to listen to, but I am not anticipating their next record- if there even will be one, due to their "indefinite hiatus".

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2.5 averageliv | March 3rd 13

Everything about this album is just average. The slow, droning melodies are distasteful and repetitive. It's fun, but a bit boring in my opinion.


2.5 averagenabrazune | March 20th 11

The album is unfortunately very front-loaded, starting off great but totally uninteresting by the time track 11 comes around.


1.0 awfulTyler Cross | February 23rd 11

Panic! is cool, the Beatles are cool, Panic!/Beatles Ripoffs should die.


2.0 poorfund it | December 9th 10

this is kind of insulting to my tastes. I think Mr. Bungle's "Retrovertigo" best explains why this is crap


1.0 awfulJohn Lennon b.h.w. STAFF | June 7th 10

k i dont kno why i listened to this or thought it wouldn't be bad.


3.0 goodBryan Diem | June 6th 14
3.5 greatJoey | May 11th 14
3.5 greatsiberianunderlord | July 29th 13
3.5 greattincat | July 21st 13
3.5 greatbri | May 25th 13
3.0 goodMr16 | March 17th 13
2.5 averagetmagistrelli | February 20th 13
2.5 averageZeiu | February 15th 13
4.0 excellentnick urgero | October 12th 12
2.5 averageStrong and Independent Black Woman (Who Don't Need No Man) | September 26th 12
1.5 very poorjslavos | February 7th 12
2.0 poorLainVesper | January 24th 12
3.0 goodKristopher Kenard Owens | January 11th 12
3.0 goodPatrick Orr | August 25th 11
3.0 goodThomas Sanborn | August 23rd 11
4.5 superbthehederahelix | August 19th 11
3.0 goodBarabajagal | June 6th 11
5.0 classicbrawler12345 | December 26th 10
3.0 goodBSX | October 17th 10
3.5 greataleoh1 | September 16th 10
4.5 superbnymetsman | August 17th 10
3.5 greatYay | August 16th 10
2.5 averageCityReflections | August 14th 10
3.5 greatmppwns | June 10th 10

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