Creature Feature   The Greatest Show Unearthed
3.8 Release Date: 2007

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4.0 excellentTheNightshade | February 27th 14

A must have for any goth or dark music lover. It may seem childish but that gives it a certain charm. Its dark yet silly lyrics are a lot of fun to listen to. The only problem is that a few songs seem similar in themes. "Look To The Skies" and "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth" are both about aliens taking over the world, for example. Even then, it's still a great goth album.


3.0 goodJordan | April 24th 11

Catchy, full of organ-like synthesizers and other spooky sounds. A pretty decent album
despite some very redundant and somewhat childish lyrics. It's a fun album... The kind of
thing you might put on at a Halloween party.


5.0 classicBlackhawk1660 | March 21st 10

i like embrasing my darker side every once in a while.. this band's music helps;)
p.s. im only partially criminally insane:P


4.0 excellentspontainiouslistener | September 28th 09

I ran across this band quite unexpectedly and decided to give it a try, i thought it was quite well done straight away from the way it was written and the comedy put into some of the songs. Then i looked up more about it and noticed it was two people playing the whole thing except for an occasional extra yet it sounds as if there are a few more people. one song, "Such Horrible Things" has a great arrangment and has cruelish kind of lyrics that are hilarious. The vocalist has alot of potiential that could be further released as long as he is given a chance to pursue it.


3.5 greatRiver Tam | November 1st 14
5.0 classicMarkTheDead | August 8th 14
5.0 classicIsaiah Mousseau | January 9th 14
3.5 greatKoshino | November 27th 13
4.0 excellentdemetrius2733 | October 18th 13
4.0 excellentyourkiller | October 9th 13
5.0 classictt30 | August 30th 13
4.0 excellentskyvalleystone | April 8th 13
3.5 greatTyler McKaige | December 31st 12
5.0 classicDaniel Chastain | December 18th 12
3.0 goodAngris | July 20th 12
4.0 excellentkadimashikari | June 18th 12
3.0 goodAdam Marks | May 2nd 12
3.5 greatChris Fowler | February 19th 12
3.5 greatsquidwardtentacles | December 28th 11
3.5 greatPoLiamour | August 22nd 11
5.0 classicaspiringdevil | June 12th 11
4.0 excellentOctopusFromMars | January 8th 11
4.0 excellentGerald Phillips | November 11th 10
4.0 excellentFashionistState | May 30th 10
5.0 classicAaronRA | March 12th 10
4.5 superbtheoedd | October 28th 09
3.5 greatprobinyobum | September 30th 09
3.0 goodSibilantMacabre | March 16th 09
3.5 greatlockex | January 24th 09
1.0 awfultarcus | December 30th 08
3.5 greatSconza | October 3rd 08
2.5 averageBikescene | August 7th 08

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