Gorillaz   Humanz
Release Date: 2017

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3.0 goodpower up the bass cannon | April 22nd 17

are they meant to look like Pete Doherty, Bjork, Cee Lo Green and Liam Gallagher? or what

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4.5 superbIan (Storm) | March 30th 17

shut up sinternet shut uprshut up sinternet shut uprshut up sinternet shut up

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1.0 awfulEvilEyez | April 28th 17

This is the album for the baby child of the ear not atchuned to the sound of the metal or the
addult cotempry purepop yet. As a album for the music teething baby humanz it get pos mark but
I as EvilEyez am no longer the tit sucker baby (I wish!). I rate as the EvilEyez (adult EvilEyez) so
this get a 1/5 today.

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2.0 poorDoofusWainwright CONTRIBUTOR | April 28th 17

humanz hiding behind cartoonz writing hitz for the kidz that are weakz as all fukkz

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2.5 averagecor22222 | April 21st 17

So funny fact how can be a little Gorillaz in Gorillaz album. The biggest disappointed in this year for now.

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3.0 goodJared Floryan | March 30th 17

T H E B A T H. Hey, you guys, I'mjustgonnatakeabath...!

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3.0 goodGay School Shooter Big Bang Theory Character | March 28th 17

let's hope this breaks the trend of gorillaz releases getting progressively worse, i find it hard to imagine it could be more dull than The Fall

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4.5 superbsman789 | April 27th 17

Love this. People have to see that this is Damon's project. The transition of the Gorillaz sound is totally his baby, love it or hate it. If you want new Damon sounding like old Damon, go listen to the Magic Whip (which is also great).

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2.7 averageBen Kuettel STAFF | April 25th 17

The biggest problem with Humanz lies in how underdeveloped so much of the material sounds. Half-baked trip-hop ideas aplenty, and too many of the songs fly by, hardly leaving much of an impression. "Ascension" and "Carnival" are decent, but don't really go anywhere beyond what you hear in their first 15-30 seconds. "Charger" is good and sees an appropriate use of a collaboration, and "Busted and Blue" is slower and more atmospheric than the rest. "Andromeda" and the closer both benefit by being quick, enjoyable pop songs, but a lot of the other tracks lack enough interesting elements that made much of their first three albums so rewarding to listen to. There are many guest appearances, which makes the underwhelming nature of this even more disappointing. Some of them are even the worst and most grating moments of the album, like the screeching vocals in "Momentz" and second half of "Submission." I've never been a fan of breaking up an average length album like Humanz (40-50 minutes) with a 10 second interlude every two songs, and the real songs being short much of the time all makes for a pretty underwhelming experience. Still, there is a fair amount of enjoyable sounds throughout. You just have to get past a good amount of filler and interludes to find them.

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0.0 Chrost | March 28th 17

So... if that album cover looks like Let it Be could this mean this is Gorillaz' last album?

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1.0 awfulMusicinaBox | April 28th 17

This is painfully bad. Crappy wanna be club beats with some pretty terrible contributions from featured guests while Damon overprocesses his voice to the point that he his incomprehensible. This of course is split up by equally crappy interludes to make the track list span 20 songs. What the effin eff Gorillaz?

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0.0 His Whorely Eminence Supreme Godhead Lord Gypsy Owlman | April 22nd 17

"If this is their political album it'll be shite. Sanctimonious bubble dwelling bullshit crafted by self absorbed detached arseholes. The melodies will be a hard 5 though tbh." -the same dude who literally had a mental breakdown defending gorillaz from all criticism ever when hallelujah money was dropped and people recognized it as garbage.

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2.5 averageThe Least Credible Reviewer in the World | March 30th 17

If the cover's any indication this will just be a shittier version of Demon Days

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0.0 dreamgazing | March 26th 17

did this leak or are yall going off the live performance

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3.0 goodIan Bledsoe | April 28th 17

just needs a "Fisher Price: My First Trip-Hop Record" sticker on the front and you're
all set


2.0 poorMonotoneMop | April 28th 17

This is the first time an album created by a group of fictional cartoon characters backed by two middle-aged british guys turns out pretty much the way you'd expect.


2.5 averageSpiral Skies | April 28th 17

There's some great cuts, some meh ones, and too many collaborations lending to a cluttered and underwhelming experience. Needs more sonic experimentation and trip hop textures / instrumentation from the previous two. Check out the bonus tracks, they're gems.


2.0 poorDIMS | April 28th 17

my biggest problem with this album is that pretty much every track doesn't feel like a gorillaz one. they lack identity. however, even if they had their identity well defined, the album would have been just average, anyway. the concept is tepid, the lyrics don't really connect that well with each other, the runtime is way too long, some of the guests don't do anything special to justify their presence and even the production feels lazy more often that not. it's sort on standouts as well. it has a couple of good songs, but where are the great ones like we had on previous albums? 2+


3.0 goodKrunkChicken | April 28th 17

This honestly is not a bad record. In no way is it earth-shattering, but it feels like a collaboration album between Albarn and a variety of other artists. This seems to be what they were going for. The album provides an outlet for other artists to shine all while letting Albarn further explore his skills as a collaborative producer. I'm sure it won't place too high on my year-end list, but I appreciate the output regardless.


3.0 goodP0laris | April 28th 17

Although it's pale in comparison to the likes of Demon Days, Plastic Beach, and their
debut, it still stands as a major improvement superseding their last record. Overall, it's a worthy
addition to their discography, and hopefully they'll only get better from here on out. Keep your fingers

Final Rating: 3/5


2.0 poorI Am Saruman, The Multicoloured | April 28th 17

This is extremely disappointing. Too bad you did not have the power to make good music


2.5 averagewwf | April 28th 17

man every time I want to raise the rating on this I can't help but think about how
terrible Charger or We Got the Power are


3.0 goodChristopher Geriak | April 26th 17

This feels like a "greatest hits" of the decades best hip hop artists rather than a Gorillaz album. Still though, some really good stuff on here.


3.5 greatFlipTrackz | April 25th 17

Oh my gosh the last song shits the bed. We Got the Power was an okay song but in the context of the album, it undercuts the entire theme. Really disappointing because aside from a few drab songs, this album has a really cool concept.


3.5 greatciregno | April 24th 17

It's an upgrade from the Fall, but it's got way too many guest appearances and not enough Damon.
The times when Damon sings, are truly the highlights. Some of the collaborators I feel don't mesh
well with the Gorillaz sounds (that Pusha T song in particular). It doesn't sound like a Gorillaz
album and more of a "Collaborator featuring Gorillaz" than anything. I also think Damon has gotten
a bit too dependent on synths for this album which I think was the biggest issue with the Fall
(too dependent on iPad). What made the first 2-3 albums so fun and appealing was the diversity of
instrumentation and vocals. Overall some solid tracks and ideas, but mostly lacking depth and
texture. Maybe it'll grow though.

EDIT: Just want to add after seeing them play these songs live, it works way way better in a live
setting. The studio versions lack that energy of the live renditions. Bummer really.


1.5 very poorDORBUSCUS | April 24th 17

As a fan of this band, I gotta say this has to be the SECOND most dull album they've released. Of
course the first being The Fall. The over abundance of terrible rappers on nearly every song is
seriously annoying. Popcan or whatever on the single "Saturnz Barz" is one of the worst things
I've ever heard. His auto tuned "voice" absolutely ruined an otherwise good song. Seriously
Gorillaz, you had 6 years and it seems like everyone else featured on this thing wrote and
recorded it for you! Super disappointing


0.0 zakalwe | April 21st 17

If this is their political album it'll be shite. Sanctimonious bubble dwelling bullshit crafted by self absorbed detached arseholes. The melodies will be a hard 5 though tbh.


4.0 excellentdont shit on whitewash dancehall if u dont dig dancehall | April 21st 17

sinternet PB is better tham DD so your gay logic is wrong tbh... Got the leak, it bangs pretty hard so far so sht up, loser.


2.0 poori hate music. | April 28th 17
3.5 greatPhilip Whitehead | April 28th 17
2.5 averageITS 2017 | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentdreamgauze | April 28th 17
2.0 poorwalebluber | April 28th 17
3.5 greatpitchforkrates | April 28th 17
2.5 averagejtswope | April 28th 17
3.5 greatshoegaze as a genre is trash | April 28th 17
2.5 averageliterallyzach | April 28th 17
2.0 poorKennyAlwaysDies | April 28th 17
3.5 greatShane Ragland | April 28th 17
3.0 goodStereohead | April 28th 17
3.5 greatJake E. | April 28th 17
2.5 averageLoves uplifting twinkly bs | April 28th 17
3.5 greatBeerus | April 28th 17
3.5 greatthomasdavidge | April 28th 17
1.0 awfulkickstrum91 | April 28th 17
3.0 goodlots of good pop and hard hits haha | April 28th 17
3.5 greatDaisyMJEustace | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentAidanKunz | April 28th 17
2.5 averageFujay | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentSonofSnow | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentJordan Hageman | April 28th 17
5.0 classicAndrewTheKidA | April 28th 17
4.5 superbredemption | April 28th 17
3.0 goodAaron | April 28th 17
5.0 classicUsheen Coleman | April 28th 17
3.0 goodKiet Truong | April 28th 17
5.0 classicDionysus66 | April 28th 17
2.0 poorlarrytheslug | April 28th 17
3.5 greatTunaboy45 | April 28th 17
2.5 averagefrozencarl | April 28th 17
2.0 poorSandorClegane | April 28th 17
3.5 greatBalevreski | April 28th 17
1.5 very poorDonkeyOllie69 | April 28th 17
3.5 greatNickLizard49 | April 28th 17
3.5 greatHanderson Ornelas | April 28th 17
3.0 goodNot really | April 28th 17
2.0 poorkarlulol | April 28th 17
3.0 goodfaultline25 | April 28th 17
1.5 very poorSpherallic | April 28th 17
2.5 averageKhattak | April 28th 17
3.0 goodFredPerryKing68 | April 28th 17
3.0 goodSuperShiranui | April 28th 17
2.5 averageEli Schoop | April 28th 17
3.5 greatM1CH03L | April 28th 17
3.5 greatMungo | April 28th 17
3.0 goodFaraudo | April 28th 17
3.5 greatfrienderman | April 28th 17
3.5 greatkingoftacos | April 28th 17
3.5 greatXander Dake | April 28th 17
4.0 excellentrigma | April 28th 17
4.5 superbJohnZapp | April 28th 17
3.5 greatluckdaboss | April 27th 17
5.0 classicjaspvr | April 27th 17
4.5 superbLevanuva | April 27th 17
1.0 awfulfdrc | April 27th 17
3.0 goodNrap | April 26th 17
3.5 greatharddrughartman | April 26th 17
5.0 classicIntrovertMj | April 26th 17
4.5 superbjuiceviaorange | April 26th 17
3.6 greatRowan5215 STAFF | April 26th 17
2.5 averageDaniel Schauer | April 26th 17
3.5 greatsailSAway | April 25th 17
2.5 averagehopefully i like good music | April 25th 17
3.0 goodA : w.e.b. CONTRIBUTOR | April 25th 17
2.5 averagewhat if that song was about bible times | April 25th 17
4.5 superbTyler G | April 24th 17
2.5 averageDAMN. | April 24th 17
1.5 very poorBrushedRed | April 24th 17
3.0 goodJonEthan | April 24th 17
3.5 greatPieceoffshit | April 24th 17
2.5 averagezen fang | April 23rd 17
2.5 averageDalton DuBois | April 23rd 17
4.5 superbDrThiccDicc | April 23rd 17
3.0 goodFullOfSounds | April 22nd 17
3.5 greatJasdevi087 | April 22nd 17
2.5 averageDabaens | April 22nd 17
2.0 poorBootCamp | April 22nd 17
2.5 averageNo one actually understands me in this site, honestly | April 22nd 17
2.5 averageArctick | April 22nd 17
4.0 excellentmeenwolf131 | April 22nd 17
3.0 goodSuperMatt | April 21st 17
4.5 superbcavalrycaptain | April 21st 17
1.0 awfulUngueti | April 21st 17
3.5 greatTim00w | April 21st 17
3.0 goodellagos | April 21st 17
2.5 averageJP Patino Izquierdo | April 20th 17
2.5 averageSoakedInTorment | April 20th 17
3.5 greatDrummerboy123 | April 20th 17
2.0 poorRivalSkoomaDealer | April 20th 17
4.0 excellentVictor Silveira | April 20th 17
3.0 goodgryndstone | April 20th 17
3.5 greatolivercuster | April 20th 17
3.5 greatLeiNotorious | April 13th 17
3.5 greatMisterOpturus | April 6th 17
3.5 greatlSleepwalker | March 30th 17
3.5 greatNux | March 30th 17
2.0 poorrunaways | March 28th 17
4.0 excellentJacket | March 27th 17
3.5 greatr68saga | March 25th 17
1.5 very poorsynthstreaks2 | March 24th 17
5.0 classicFearlessflyer1986 | March 24th 17
5.0 classicniccalsic | March 23rd 17

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