White Reaper   The World's Best American Band
Release Date: 2017

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2.5 averageBlazinBlitzer | April 11th 17

The World's Most Painfully Average American Band

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3.0 goodTheManMachine | July 17th 17

If you couldn't tell from dat title or the introductory faux audience cheers, they still ride the bratty-n-insouciant train pretty hard. Difference is now they've earned it; the cheers part at least. Most if not all 10 trax are a small step away from stadium-status punky power-pop, swaggerin' and distinguishable to boot -- making riffs+solos+hooks really count, honed performances all around, successful spectacle of solidity packed in at just over a half-hour. Tho will admit, they still got me feeling somewhat empty at the end of the day. Maybe if Esposito's tonsil-tone wasn't so treadmill.

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4.0 excellentTrevor Schneider | April 21st 17

Hell of a good time. Groovy and concise,
White Reaper deliver riffs and energy in


3.0 goodAaron | April 11th 17

Bands like Sheer Mag do vintage throwback rock sound real good and stuff. The songwriting and production styles White Reaper use here sound a little more like Franz Ferdinand than whatever they were going for.


4.0 excellentAlabaster Jones | April 11th 17

White Reaper really should've named this record White Reaper Does It Again and name the following one White Reaper: The Gift That Keeps On Giving. The band gets some comparisons to Arctic Monkeys' more punkish sound, and as Arctic Monkeys moved on to more of a rock-oriented sound, so too does White Reaper, only twice as thought out and fun. They retain their sloppy and loud personality that they had on their debut, as well as their penchant for ridiculously catchy choruses. The punk spirit is certainly still there, but the sound has mostly been replaced by a surprisingly awesome mixture of glam and noise rock. There's a ton of energy here as well, and while the songs are a bit longer this time around, the songs are written and performed tighter than before. They're becoming one of the most consistently enjoyable bands in noisy pop rock/garage rock, so if that's you're thing, The World's Best American Band is a must hear.


2.5 averageskoopy48 | October 22nd 17
4.0 excellentchupacabraisreal | September 6th 17
3.0 goodJacob Snow | August 23rd 17
3.5 greatellagos | August 7th 17
3.0 goodXXMurdaBeatzXX | July 28th 17
2.5 averagejtswope | July 26th 17
3.0 goodTimeMuffin | July 14th 17
3.5 greatChris | June 27th 17
3.5 greatelry2k | June 16th 17
3.5 greatEmperorRyker | June 14th 17
3.0 goodghworin | June 5th 17
3.5 greatmayesaman2 | June 4th 17
3.5 greatGaze into the iris | May 31st 17
3.0 goodPotarto72 | May 16th 17
3.0 goodtmthycnnlly | May 11th 17
3.5 greatMcMegaMountain | May 2nd 17
3.5 greatian bledsoe | April 30th 17
2.5 averageJason Carne | April 29th 17
3.5 greatChris Gibbons | April 23rd 17
2.5 averagekarlulol | April 23rd 17
3.0 goodchtrenne | April 19th 17
3.5 greatAnthracks | April 19th 17
4.0 excellentmattjedruch | April 16th 17
2.5 averageDaytrader Vader CONTRIBUTOR | April 12th 17
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | April 11th 17
3.5 greatTwigTW | April 9th 17
4.5 superbformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | April 8th 17
3.5 greatlarrytheslug | April 7th 17
3.0 goodSandwichBubble | April 7th 17

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