Kottonmouth Kings   Koast To Koast
Release Date: 2006

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0.0 tmntdonny | June 28th 07

When compared to other Kings' albums it is only in the middle of the pack. With certain songs that are very, very bad it somewhat brings even the good songs down a level. There are alot of intros on this cd that also water it down, however has some great rap songs in "Keep it Kali", "Bong Toke", and "Do the Math".

1. Where da weed at?- - A bit repetitive with the refrain, Good bass line with trumpets fading in and out of the song through out. Probably the best performance by daddy x on the album, with his voice actually flowing mith the recurrent beat. Many different background sounds coming in and out with the soundboard which makes a third dimension. 7.5/10

2. This my club song- - Almost falls in line with the first song, with a less appealing bass line and a terrible repetitive refrain that doesn't flow with the song or the mapping of a kings album. The difference in this song and every other king song is not one mention of mary j. throughout really. 5.5/10

3. Purple Haze- - Interlude

4. Keep it Kali- - Reminiscent of old kings albums like royal highness, with more old school beats and the slower refrain. Definitely one of the stronger tracks on the cd, with a catchy laid back refrain that at times gets repetitive (but what rap group hasn't) one of the best parts is the mixing of verses between Johnny Richter and D-Loc in the center of the song. 8/10

5. I've Had It- - More of an average song overall with some poor lyrics in the beginning of the song then leads to a eerie alien sounding siren in the background and gets into the song real well. Overall not to much to say other than middle of the road. 6.5/10

6. Friends- - The idea behind the lyrics and the message is a good one, however that doesn't translate into a good song. A piano-like noise comes in at the very beginning and leads you through the entire song, with stop and go lyrics along with it. Somewhat boring song with the same type of bass-line used frequently in rap. 3/10

7. Fat Sack- - Interlude

8. Everybody Move- - It's a sad day for kings fans across the board when this song came out. It seems like a feeble attempt to get a song that is "bumped" from club to club, with poor lyrics in the refrain, and a very un-flowing verse that daddy x talks out. One of the low points on the album, for its lack of originality and wanna be 50 cent attempt. 2.5/10

9. Bubbling- - Interlude - the best on the album with a refreshing sound.

10. Bong Toke- - Awesome mixing on this track with all the sounds coming in and out from Bubbling noises, to sirens, to a higher pitched whistle. Refrain is repetitive but doesn't destroy the song, once again though Daddy X doesn't exactly match Johnny Richter and D-Loc with flow. The last verse done by Richter is awesome if you can get by two lines in his verse and when I say that its not an easy task to get over nursery rhymes. (liar liar pants on fire and supercalifragilisticexpealidoscious are used) Without those two lines it gets a ten from me but it has them. 8/10

11. Erie Feeling- Almost a rastafarian feel to the song with the trumpet and reggae slow bass beat and drum. voices go along with the flow beginning to end and have some interesting mixing parts to it. Their reggae parts on this track are not as strong on other albums they have put out. Although is a pretty good track overall. 7/10

12. Blueberry- - Interlude

13. Neva Stop- - Very repetitive refrain and is used frequently which is a hinderance for multiple listenings. When it gets down to the verses its done well with some good lyrics along the way. Very similar beat to Where da Weed with the trumpet going along with the bass line. Just lacks originality that the kings were at one time known for. 4.5/10

14. No Regrets- - Good track overall with a new escalating beat that starts and builds with the anticipation of the next verse or the next refrain. Good idea for a song, all about not taking the day for granted and going your own path. Traces of high society with the political aspect of some of the verses. 8/10

15. Hustle- - One of the best tracks on the album, with an oriental feeling throughout (high pitched twang) which is a very different feeling to a kings song. Reminiscent of Kings blend with the breathy refrain thats used here, and the slower beat. All about the industry and how things work in dealing. good song 9/10

16. Smile- - One of the worst songs that I have on my Ipod. Listen to refrain and you would know why i would say that. Smile Smile when you cum, cum as you please, smile when you cum, I hope you cum with me, which may work for someone out there but when mixed with a slow boring beat and guitar its a recipe for an awful song. No good parts about it.

17. One 2 Da Two- - Interlude

18. Do the Math- - Very good Kings track, the best on the album in my opinion. good bass line that creates aniticipation and then goes to a high pitched screech like used in old Cypress Hill songs, and then near the refrain or next verse comes in a train horn honking which catches you off guard. Good lyrics about how they stay on top of their style of music (probably the only ones in mary j- raps) just a good overall beat if thats what you are about. 9/10

19. Koast to Koast- - A somewhat self-promotional song that is slow with not much occuring throughout. The first verse is the best part for Richter throughout the cd with speed and coherency which is saying alot with his talent and definitely makes the song what it is. However the song dies off in intensity shortly there after and kind of blends into the other slower jams they have put out. 6/10 (Richter accounts for 4 pts)

20. Party- - Irritating to me just to hear it. It sounds like an overly excited eighth grader that is going to his first boy-girl party and just has to say something about it so just repeats "a party, a party we are going to a party" unfortunately for me I had a hard time getting over the refrain with its frequent appearance in the song and destroyed the rest of the song. 1.5/10

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1.5 very poorDeath Salt | December 30th 14
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1.5 very poorSkyler | October 4th 09
5.0 classicicedicedbabies | June 20th 09
1.0 awfulWimplo | March 30th 09
3.5 greatRockbander | February 15th 09
3.5 greatiseeblueflowers | January 31st 09
3.5 greatcuse3015 | October 28th 08
3.5 greatCody | September 25th 08
3.5 greatthecarnivalisgod | September 2nd 08
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4.0 excellentdistortiontostatic87 | August 12th 08
4.5 superbmilliepulledapistol | August 12th 08
3.5 greatpuppet.master | July 24th 08
3.0 goodBITEME | July 17th 08
3.0 goodstretchnuts | May 14th 08
2.5 averagebluntlitinweedmastr | May 11th 08
4.0 excellentmrjuggalogoestotown | February 24th 08
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3.0 goodsandydee94 | February 16th 08
3.5 greatjuggaletteamy22 | February 15th 08
3.5 greatblazedox | February 15th 08
1.0 awfulBrad Thompson | January 8th 08
1.5 very poortalitm | August 6th 07

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