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2.9 Release Date: 2014

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2.0 poorpepster50 | June 10th 14

I love this band very much; I hate this ep very much.

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2.5 averageAaron Arneson CONTRIBUTOR | June 10th 14

Even if you're a fan of the band, the only track worth checking out here is 'Navy Blue.'

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3.5 greatGameofmetal | July 24th 14

This is not amazing but it is a change of pace for a band that needed one. Everything here is at least good but nothing reaches the material on their album. All Wrong is such a head scratcher though.


3.0 goodSpluger | July 24th 14

All Wrong misses the mark completely... The rest of the covers are okay but pale in comparison their original versions. Navy Blue and Waiting in Vain are the only things really worth going back to.


3.0 goodGreenpaw | June 29th 14

Could of been better. Check out "Navy Blue" though, it's great.


2.5 averageIRAI | June 23rd 14

The thing that I find to be the problem with this release is the laid back nature of this EP could've been done better. r'Navy Blue' is a jam on here but i feel that way mainly because it was made to fit the acoustic style, a lot like what they did with 'Clairvoyant'. Whereas the other songs were originally filled with so much energy in their album versions that their acoustic twins feel so boring in comparison.


4.0 excellentTylerLamberg | June 23rd 14

Seriously. The only major negative aspect of this ep is All Wrong. Sure, it's not all it could have been, but I'm pretty satisfied.


2.5 averagewoodensheets | June 18th 14

Navy Blue and Waiting in Vain are really the only tracks worth checking out.


2.0 poorandrianoc | June 17th 14

The only band that ever pulled this off was The Starting Line on the Make yourself at home EP!


2.0 poorpretentious hipster garbage | June 13th 14

Every rating on here is between 2.0 and 3.0.


3.0 goodCappy | June 13th 14

Not as terrible as everyone is making it out to be, but not as good as it could have been. I like Navy Blue, Bad Luck, and Wait in Vain but The Glass and All Wrong left something to be desired.


2.5 averagesithlord416 | June 12th 14

Navy Blue kicks ass. The rest? Not so much. I don't know why All Wrong is so short, as that was one of the highlights off of their last album.


2.5 averageThomas Sanborn | June 12th 14

this might be good if Parker didn't sound half asleep the entire time. the band tries to make the EP sound emotional by toning down the performances, but that only impairs every song, save for Navy Blue. the worst offence is easily the pathetic rendition of The Glass, which makes one of the best TSSF songs sound comical. shame, shame.


3.0 goodWonder | June 11th 14

I was pretty hyped up for this release, unfortunately it's roughly a 2.5 - 3.0 to me. If you really like this band you should consider just buying the single from the EP - Navy Blue.


3.0 goodmas westman | June 11th 14

love this band but this blows edit: waiting in vain is so good that i bumped this to a 3


4.5 superbMelaciour | August 25th 14
2.5 averageTom | August 22nd 14
2.5 averageJaime Silva | August 17th 14
3.0 goodDeathbeds | August 17th 14
2.5 averageflowerybrains | August 15th 14
3.5 greatfomalhaut | August 9th 14
3.5 greatWatchMeRise | August 9th 14
2.0 poorRawwrrzz | July 29th 14
2.5 averageCJH94 | July 15th 14
4.5 superbhashtaghashbrown | July 11th 14
2.5 averagenylertickel2 | July 9th 14
3.0 goodMarkTheDead | July 7th 14
3.0 goodblakedoc | July 6th 14
3.5 greatBetray | July 3rd 14
3.5 greatEast Hastings | June 29th 14
3.0 goodMatthew Webster | June 24th 14
3.0 goodJosh Howe | June 24th 14
2.0 poorWilliam Lim | June 23rd 14
4.0 excellentAmbushReality | June 23rd 14
3.5 greatDeathsThread | June 22nd 14
3.0 goodghostbythewalls | June 20th 14
2.0 poorDusstynray | June 20th 14
3.0 goodAaron DiDonato | June 17th 14
2.5 averageRadioSuicide | June 13th 14
2.5 averageJohn Mohlman | June 12th 14
3.5 greatsblevins95 | June 12th 14
3.0 goodNoteros | June 11th 14
2.5 averagechaseee | June 11th 14
3.0 goodlucasjcockcroft | June 11th 14
2.5 averagesuppatime | June 11th 14
2.0 poorAaron | June 11th 14
2.5 averageChris Davanzo | June 11th 14
2.5 averagecheapcrayon | June 10th 14
5.0 classicmerpmerp | June 10th 14

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