Torture Chain   Mutilating Astral Entities
Release Date: 2013

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3.5 greatNicholas von Nuclearrape | January 26th 16

While rooted in traditional black metal, it manages to set itself apart from countless new black metal projects by employing a healthy array of varied and creative riffs. Sometimes it's not always clear where a riff is going, unlike most black metal bands where you pretty much know where it's going to go next. The production is sufficiently raw but not overly tinny or saturated in static, allowing the riffs to be heard clearly. The drums could have been mixed better, as sometimes it's not clear what is going on on the kit. The snare drum, while satisfyingly punchy and loud, can be overbearing when things get busy. The main reason this stays down at a 3.5 is because while there are some memorable riffs here, the album never crosses over into brilliance. I feel like the man behind this band has a much better record in him, and hopefully we'll get it on his next one. Lots of potential here. Keep an eye on this project.


3.5 greatoltnabrick | July 19th 16
4.0 excellentckssr1 | May 30th 16
3.5 greatp4p | November 23rd 14
3.5 greatGraveyard | June 22nd 14
4.0 excellentyoutried | April 5th 14
3.5 greatMikePaco | December 19th 13
5.0 classicAnalBirth | December 12th 13
3.5 greatLiteral Shota Addict | December 4th 13
3.0 goodJames Lentil | November 11th 13
3.0 goodYou Are My Everlovin' | November 9th 13
3.5 greatKarl V.H. | October 18th 13
4.0 excellentwhipwhip | September 29th 13
3.5 greatAlrightmax | September 20th 13

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