Various Artists (Punk)   Punk Goes Pop 5
2.4 Release Date: 2012

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0.0 Aaron CONTRIBUTOR | November 7th 12

An embarassing and pointless album full of cover songs by some of the most generic bands in the scene. The cover of Fun's 'Some Nights' is genuinely a painful listen and one of the worst cover songs I've ever heard. It's shit like this that gives pop punk a bad name. Completely awful. They need to bury the hatchet with this series.

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3.0 goodPequenopolis | November 2nd 12

Another Punk Goes Pop album that really isn't as bad as some people would have you believe. Asides from the usual few unknown metalcore bands destined to remain that way, this is actually one of the better Punk Goes Pop albums (which isn't too hard) with some good covers.

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2.0 pooriGuter | October 24th 12

I agree completely that this fad needs to die. But there are undeniable fun tracks, even the above average cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know" is cared for gently (even though A GIRL guest artist would've made the song more affectionate.) Tyler Carter's new band, Issues, makes the unbearable "Boyfriend" better, if a bit messy at moments (that's just the band's low point so far). The Maine's down tempo version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is actually pretty damn good and works at their own pace, with Adam Lazarra making it more fun for the band to play. We Came As Romans contribute a good cover of a song that I didn't think of as a metalcore even though the lyrics contradict with the themes and lyricism they incorporate in their music. The rest of the album is pretty much lifeless and 5x as dead as last year's album with new metalcore bands that seemed to rise out of nowhere and make the album sound like the lame, cash in it was meant to be. Mission accomplished I suppose.

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2.0 poorGraviVice9 | November 7th 12

Where there are good covers, such as Memphis May Fire's Cover of Grenade, and the wild cards like Breath Carolina's Billie Jean, the bad truly outweighs the good here. Some of the covers are energetic and actually work, but most of them, like the cover for Some Nights and Payphone just degenerate into metalcore cliches like over utilized synths and lackluster screaming. If you listen to this, by the time you get through two-thirds of this, there will be no energy to actually enjoy the good covers on the album. There is really only 5 songs that are worth anything and that is why this is a 2 and not a 0.


2.5 averagejackalope11 | November 7th 12

It's significantly better than the last one, but it still sucksrBUT SO MUCH PROPS TO THE WORD ALIVE FOR SLAYING MERCY


0.0 Dr. Luke Sarazine | November 2nd 12

This is some jive man.


3.0 goodShimana | October 24th 12

One of the worst PGP, only a couple of good covers.


2.0 pooralextheantichrist | September 19th 14
2.0 poorthejared | August 20th 14
2.0 poorellagos | June 15th 14
1.0 awfulChortles | May 28th 14
3.0 goodMichael Whitaker | April 9th 14
3.0 goodtitanslayer | April 2nd 14
3.0 goodAmbushReality | March 31st 14
2.0 poorelbaliem | March 28th 14
2.0 poorGreen Baron | March 9th 14
2.5 averageMatthis de Bruyn | November 21st 13
2.0 poorproukillqc | November 16th 13
3.5 greatcerealeatingpegasus | October 12th 13
2.0 poorPheromone | September 28th 13
4.5 superbVictim20 | July 27th 13
3.5 greatDavidPrincipe29 | March 22nd 13
3.0 goodConexus | March 8th 13
4.5 superbzinzuke | January 9th 13
1.5 very poorAdam Marks | December 12th 12
1.5 very poorOmnipanzer... | December 10th 12
1.5 very poorMinus. | December 10th 12
1.5 very poorAntigen | December 9th 12
2.0 poorNoteros | November 24th 12
2.5 averageAnanasins | November 22nd 12
2.5 averagequik40 | November 20th 12
2.5 averageZoneOut | November 17th 12
2.0 poorJobForAKemple | November 15th 12
1.0 awfullu0490 | November 12th 12
2.5 averageSeaCow | November 11th 12
2.0 poorGabriel Vallière | November 11th 12
1.5 very poorMosh | November 10th 12
2.0 poorCory Yuhas | November 9th 12
5.0 classicgbaby | November 8th 12
1.5 very poorsnerefedsav | November 7th 12
1.0 awfulloganterriah | November 7th 12
2.0 poorpatman1001 | November 7th 12
3.5 greatsacc87 | November 7th 12
1.0 awfulSteven Spedding | November 7th 12
1.0 awfulMary Paultese | November 7th 12
2.5 averageSam Cowen | November 7th 12
3.0 goodThomas Sanborn | November 7th 12
2.0 poorChris Higgins | November 1st 12
3.5 greatSeraph | October 25th 12

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