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  • Titan im not a huge fan myself, but this one is really good
    March 22 01:54 PM
  • Titan it has some sludge, but it also has some great harmonies and hooks.....worth checking
    March 22 01:53 PM
  • Titan not a big mastodon fan bro? new album is pretty awesome
    March 21 08:24 PM
  • EvoHavok Meta is such a weird case... It got around 100 ratings, so it should've had one.
    March 19 02:27 PM
  • EvoHavok What an album! Now I'm more upset at myself for forgetting about it last year. That Holmes feature on the closer was unexpected, but so welcome.
    March 19 09:13 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Me uperkalipses file. Tha to tsekarw kai tha sou pw kai gw tis dikes mou entupwseis.
    March 19 07:27 AM
  • EvoHavok Yep, I read about it and it seemed very promising. Pity about the singer, though...
    March 18 06:10 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Kalhspera Mano. Koitousa merika apo ta lives twn deep purple pou thelw na akousw kai ena apo afta einai to "last concert in japan". Isws gt thelw na dw an einai ontws toso xalia :P Eida oti tou exeis valei asso. Ti einai afto pou kanei afton ton disko toso kako kata thn gnwmh sou ?
    March 18 05:47 PM
  • EvoHavok Oh man, sweet Divine Wings rating! Also, I added Trees of Eternity to my list cuz I completely forgot about it last year.
    March 18 03:40 PM
  • Titan That's why manos, if you are a happy man, then you are a rich man, but not vice versa. Live, laugh, and love! Block out the rest.
    March 18 03:21 PM
  • Titan Political issues are here as well. The political party that you support here is worse than racism. Dems hate Republicans and vice versa, yet we live on the same streets and smile. It is getting out of control, this country is literally divided in half.
    March 18 03:07 PM
  • Titan I can definitely relate to immigration issues. New York is so over crowded it seems unhealthy to live there now. Fortunately for me, I grew up on Long Island (outside the city limits), but it is just so expensive now. A decent home in a decent town will cost you $600,000 USD with yearly property taxes of $12 to $20,000. It's crazy, the middle class is slowly being pushed out. Those who are still there are struggling to 'keep up'.
    March 18 03:04 PM
  • Titan Yeah bro keep the cats around! And that is part of the reason why i left the town i lived in in NY. People come in and it changes the culture. I got to the point where I had enough.
    March 18 02:51 PM
  • Titan also, are the albanians a problem lol?
    March 18 02:48 PM
  • Titan interesting, how did they get rid of the rats? it looks like a nice place to live, a peninsula just like florida only much smaller.....those damn city slickers!
    March 18 02:41 PM
  • Titan i actually live about 18 miles north of Tampa, very different from Miami haha. It is a typical suburban lifestyle. I do enjoy the quality of life more down here than in NY. There are pros and cons to both though. Thanks for asking bro? What town do you live in manos?
    March 18 02:16 PM
  • Titan agreed on Body Count's debut, jammed it a lot back in high school....then, i realized lol.....and as for lemmy, unfortunately, i didn't digest that one until recently.....enjoy it quite a bit!
    March 18 10:29 AM
  • Voivod auto kano me ta bookmarks! Oso gia ta soundoffs, ennoeitai pos den einai ipoxreotiko, apla thelo na einai "gemato" to profil mou, alla kai na min vathmologo kati poli grigora. Me to na grafo soundoffs petixaino kai ta dio.
    March 14 03:04 PM
  • Voivod epikroto tin praktiki sou, tin opoia distixos den akoloutho, giati prepei na grapso kai soundoff!! Kano to idio san bookmark sto firefox omos.
    March 14 02:50 PM
  • Voivod haha den prolava na prostheso to Abkehr kai to vathmologises!! Parepiptontos gamaei, dystopiko black metal mid '90s, sto styl tou Ved Buens Ende demo kai toy protou Nahtrunar.
    March 14 02:43 PM
  • Titan likewise manos bro!
    March 14 02:37 PM
  • EvoHavok Yeah, a pro-shot DVD release would have been nice.
    March 13 02:11 PM
  • EvoHavok I actually watched the 360 video posted on their page cuz it's fun moving the camera around despite the very low quality of the image.
    March 13 12:36 PM
  • EvoHavok The Amorphis live was really nice; so great hearing Tomi singing some mid-era songs, and an Anneke feature is always welcome :).
    March 13 06:52 AM
  • Voivod Efxaristo!
    March 13 02:10 AM
  • Voivod Vgalane kai deutero tragoudi online? Prepei na to tsekaro
    March 12 03:14 PM
  • Voivod Grapse gia to Doomocracy, ston olympo iparxei ena thread ("dibs"), otan thes na grapseis gia kapoio disko, to diloneid episima ekei. Tora gia to Sanctuary, den to exo akousei akoma, tha protimousa na vgazane kainourio disko.
    March 12 11:10 AM
  • EvoHavok Well, their old stuff was pretty average deathcore with a few sorta fun songs; only really jammed them during a certain 'core' phase in high school and later to rate them here.
    March 10 03:21 PM
  • EvoHavok What are the arguments of that magazine, though? To me it sounds like a mess of some people trying to sound like Deftones/Korn with the occasional deathcore part and failing miserably. The cleans especially are... well, not good at all; the attempts at a Chino Moreno impersonation just aren't working at all.
    March 10 02:59 PM
  • EvoHavok The only real positive thing I can say about it, other than that it keeps making me laugh, is that it definitely motivates me to check an actually good album from my list.
    March 10 02:24 PM
  • EvoHavok Nothing new, but I do have a list that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Jamming something pretty bad now actually, you'll see the rating soon enough lol.
    March 10 02:01 PM
  • EvoHavok I've been revisiting some albums and songs that I haven't jammed in ages. Regarding the Amorphis album, no, I haven't. That thing somehow went completely unnoticed by me, but wow, the setlist seems pretty interesting. I'm still bummed I couldn't go see them when they played in my town during the Red Cloud tour. Also, that's such a fun Rhapsody album you rated there.
    March 9 02:00 PM
  • budgie yeah man that chill summer-on-the-beach vibe is where it's at. can't believe how much awesome music has been popping over the past year
    March 5 04:34 AM
  • budgie heads up! this artist announced LP today. i can't wait until the 5th of may
    March 5 04:18 AM
  • Titan yes! or fly by night
    March 3 11:50 AM
  • Titan
    March 3 09:57 AM
  • FullOfSounds Bit late but congrats on the promotion!
    March 1 06:13 PM
  • YUJOS Hahahahaha. Tha pareis to aima sou piso to 17 Mano kai etsi prepei!
    February 28 05:15 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Opa, twra eida to promotion. Sygxarithria megale !!! :D
    February 28 04:53 PM
  • YUJOS Ela mori managerara!! Sygharitiria gia to promotion!!
    February 28 11:33 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Congrats on the promotion, dude! You're a great guy, well deserved.
    February 28 05:03 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges dude, congrats on the promotion.
    February 27 10:11 PM
  • Xenorazr Thanks man, glad to be a part of the club! :D
    February 27 09:06 PM
  • Dewinged I would have put my hand in the fire that you would get to be staff, my man! Grats!! (Fistbump to that Rainbow cover).
    February 27 08:00 PM
  • kingdedethefifth I got one for Mors Principium Est and Benighted featured. Lol when I got my first featured review I was way too excited like I just won a grammy or something.
    February 27 04:08 PM
  • kingdedethefifth Yeah, applied for contrib but didn't get it. It's pretty dissapointing but **** Xenorazr has been here what, like 6-7 years and just got contrib? I mean I can understand why maybe I didn't fit the bill. Only became super active come August-Septembers and only began reviewing big new releases the beginning of this year aside from my one for Be'lakor.
    February 27 03:43 PM
  • kingdedethefifth Good job getting staff, I don't personally know you but I've definitely seen you on a number of awesome reviews.
    February 27 03:16 PM
  • Atari things are good other than a co-worker who I was really close with passing away recently. It's been rough but looking forward to the spring and starting the whole vegetable planting thing again once the weather is nicer :]
    February 27 03:04 PM
  • Davil667 Nice to see your name on the staff list manosg, congrats. Keep classic rock and metal alive for all those rookies out there, it's a mission worthwhile :] Cheers!
    February 27 02:42 PM
  • wham49 hey I made a new review, check it, Roky Erickson/ RE and the aliens
    February 27 02:41 PM
  • wham49 congrats on the selection, at least we have one reviewer with impeccable taste. lol
    February 27 02:04 PM
  • Frippertronics '13 class represent, this has been a long time coming. Last year was incredibly humbling but this year just HAD to be the year. Thanks again man, and it's great to be a part of the team.
    February 27 01:13 PM
  • Voivod Min agxonesai haha
    February 27 12:46 PM
  • Atari congrats buddy! so happy for you and glad to finally have you on the staff team :]
    February 27 12:35 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Massive congrats on staff, deserve it.
    February 27 12:11 PM
  • Voivod Sigxaritiria kai ek tou sinegis gia tin proagogi! Tora tha ta lene kai apo ton Olympo!!!
    February 27 11:52 AM
  • Calc congrats to you man, very well deserved for sure
    February 27 11:08 AM
  • Conmaniac congrats on staff to yourself man!!
    February 27 10:45 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Thanks manosg! Appreciated.
    February 27 10:20 AM
  • danielcardoso Thanks man, congrats on staff as well :]
    February 27 10:13 AM
  • Titan congrats manos keep it up, and you'll be running this damn site! once again, truly deserved
    February 27 09:07 AM
  • cryptologous Thanks dude! Hopefully I'll get to know you and more of the community a little better now. Congrats on staff man!
    February 27 09:03 AM
  • EvoHavok Huge congratulations, manos!
    February 27 09:03 AM
  • MercuryToHell ****ing STOKED dude thankyou so much and HUGE congrats yourself, I genuinely feel like I've joined an elite seeing some of the writers I'm alongside now!
    February 27 08:51 AM
  • OvDeath oh s*** lol who saw that coming. thanks man! congrats on making staff
    February 27 08:39 AM
  • Mort. thats because we have really different tastes id imagine hahaha but thanks man, well done to you too
    February 27 08:27 AM
  • Archelirion I have every intention ^ ^ Congrats on getting staff dude, thoroughly, thoroughly deserved m/
    February 27 08:22 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Thanks man, congrats on staff!
    February 27 08:21 AM
  • Jacquibim Welcome aboard bro and keep it m/
    February 27 08:03 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender Sweet, I'll be sure to check those out. Bands like Black Sabbath are strongly welcomed.
    February 26 09:24 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Heard they're doom metal which intrigues me, but I'm looking for doom metal similar in line with Candlemass. EDM is like the gold standard for doom metal for me, its sound is what made me interested in the genre, but not a lot of doom albums I've heard sound quite like it. It's why I don't care for Saint Vitus too well.
    February 26 09:04 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender Sad Wings Of Destiny was so close to making the list, but not quite. I like Lightning To The Nations, but personally feel it's overrated. Melissa is awesome, as is Don't Break The Oath and Abigail, but I don't know if I'd put them in the Top 25 anytime soon. As for Slayer, Seasons In The Abyss almost made it, but a few other albums edged it out. Haven't heard anything by Pentagram tbh.
    February 26 09:02 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie xairomai pou sou arese. h fwnh ths pws sou fanhke ?
    February 25 01:12 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie epitelous sou proteina kati pou sou arese kai sena hahaha, ola ta prohgoumena mou recs eixan paei aklafta XD
    February 25 01:11 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Pws sou fanhke to Sprained Ankle Mano ?
    February 24 06:00 PM
  • YUJOS Ego farmaki pote Mano...Ti me perases...Gia ton Laskari pou elege oti tou ftaige I daitisia tou aballou pou hasame to kypello?? Toulahiston den ehete ton Divac gia GM...Mas gamise gia arhi pantos o Magic. Ton Lou re file dioxneis???? Tes pa. Peirate to pick tou Houston. Kati einai kai afto. Oi Rockets entometaxy tha katargisoun ta diponta etsi opos pane xaxaxa.
    February 22 12:45 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Have already heard Atheist, just haven't put them back in my ratings since I got my ratings wiped. Unquestionable Presence was once in my 5's. Out of morbid curiosity, which choices did you think were weird? Just wondering, not trying to argue.
    February 21 08:59 PM
  • YUJOS Yperhoun vevaia kai xeirotera front offices ap' oti diavazo...
    February 21 05:20 PM
  • YUJOS Tipota ligotero kai tipota perissotero den eho na sou po apo afta pou idi tha eheis diavasei. To mono pou tous sozei tous Kings einai na vroune paixtarades sta 2 epomena draft, toulahiston na xehastei oti epize ekei kapote o Boogie.
    February 21 05:20 PM
  • Trebor. Thanks bud, hope to see you in Olympus soon
    February 18 03:39 PM
  • Voivod Kai MC5 tha prosetheta
    February 18 11:06 AM
  • Arcade thanks man, imo you deserve a promo yourself
    February 18 04:41 AM
  • Voivod Apisteuto diskaki vintage psych/hard/punk rock -
    February 16 05:15 AM
  • YUJOS Oso gia ton Plumlee pou les gia dimiourgo, nai symfono. Alla posa lepta tha parei piso apo ton Jokic? Ektos kai an kanoun tipota alhimeies kai vazoun gia kapoia lepta ton servo sto 4.Mallon ypotheto tha paei paketo me kanan allo paixti ton svolon tou xronou gia na paroun kamia paixtoura se kapoia thesi pou tha ehoun provlima.
    February 15 11:58 AM
  • YUJOS Kala persy itan skotomeni I dysi. Fetos einai ligooo kalytera ta pragmata alla kai pali imo fainetai oti I anatoli ehei egleimatistei poio kalytera stis epitages tou modernou basket ta teleftaia 2 xronia. Poio antagonistiki tin vlepo tin Anatoli Mano ta teleftaia 2 xronia para tin dysi na sou po tin alitheia.
    February 15 11:53 AM
  • YUJOS Episis afto pou les kai gia tin amyna poly sosto. Alla eho paratirisei oti synithos vgazei to ladi apo tin fotia kanas Vonleh h' Aminou kai troei to xylo tis arkoudas. Oxi oti den tha fortothei me faoul o Jusufis kai pali. Alla episis evlepa tora teleftaia kai ton Plumlee stin amyna kai milame ores ores htane ektos topou kai xronou. Isos na xere oti tha efevge kai den to polypaleve stin amyna? Ti na po. Alla milame gia polla halia stin amyna Mano.
    February 13 06:04 PM
  • YUJOS Vasika to glenti tis arkoudas Mano ehei na ginei otan arhisei na pasarei o Jusufis...Giati tha pasarei den yparhei periptosi. Eite tou kanoune double team eite paei na vgalei kamia synergasia me ta guards opos o Plumlee. Ekei na deis to gelio tis arkoudas. 4-5 TO's borei na ta hei gia tin plaka tou.
    February 13 06:01 PM
  • YUJOS Daskale elpizo na mou vgei o Jusuf. Poio poly Mano gia tin amyna pou les kai esy. Logika rebounds kai tapes me kana klepsimataki tha ta dosei. Alla fovamai eilikrina ta pososta tou sta Fg's....Ektos kai an leitourgisei kalytera to spacing tou Portland me tin prosthiki tou Jusufi.
    February 13 02:34 PM
  • Voivod Isixia taksi kai asfaleia, tiroumenon ton analogion... Efxaristo gia tin protropi, tha to valo sti gnosti lista!!
    February 11 01:53 PM
  • YUJOS XAXAXAXA. Ton A.C. Green leei xaxaa. Nai plaka plaka mono o Thibodeos tha borouse na to kanei afto!
    February 7 12:16 PM
  • YUJOS Ton Thibodeo pos ton eides? To kane pali to thavma tou me tin Minnesota? Parton exo gia arhi ton LaVine...
    February 6 11:47 AM
  • YUJOS Gamiseta Mano to palikari. Krima pou den pige sto all star game. Olh h omada pire ta pano tis exaitias tou. An den ehei travmatismous, tha afisei epohi aftos. Perimeno na do tora kai me ton Simmons pos tha desei.
    February 5 10:51 AM
  • wham49 thanks man, I would love to write more, I have a pretty long list of things I would want to, it is just a matter of sitting down and doing it
    February 4 05:55 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie tha to tsekarw mano, s'efxaristw !!
    February 4 04:03 PM
  • YUJOS Nai re kala kanate kai kratisate ton Kobe. Makari kai oi Keltes na kratagane ton Pierce kai ton Garnett alla....tespa. Kai pou mazepse ta draft pick o Ainge ti katalave mehri tora. An kai ton Yabusele thelo na ton do tou xrounou. Ligo pou ton eida se kati klipakia sto youtube mou arese arketa o sygkekrimenos.
    February 4 10:04 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Sxetika me to Thrash, einai etsi opws ta les. O logos pou stamathsa na akouw opws akouga me mania sto parelthwn, einai epeidh oi perissoteres mpandes apla paizoun grhgora kai den vazoun ligo alatopipero sth mousikh tous. To grhgoro metal, otan einai kalopaigmeno, akougetai efxarista, alla ean den exei kati gia na spaei th monotwnia twn grhgorwn riffs, se kanei na variesai efkola.
    February 4 08:39 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Kala nai, oi Annihilator einai ena apo ta Thrash sxhmata pou thelw na tsekarw amesa. Den exw akousei oute nota apo ta album tous, thelw na akousw kapoia stigmh ta 2 prwta tous opwsdhpote.
    February 4 08:35 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Exeis dikio, h Mitchell htan apo tis prwtes pou mou hrthan sto mualo akougontas thn Baker. Apla h Mitchell einai polu kaluterh sto na paizei kithara. Vevaia h mikrh einai akoma 20 xronwn, exei ola ta fonta mprosta ths na ekselixthei kai na veltiwsei to paiksimo ths.
    February 4 07:06 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Exw alles mousikes protairewtites, alla tha tous tsekarw tous finlandous gt mou aresan oi prohgoumenes tous douleies. "Me karfia kai petsina" eee ?? xaxaxaxaxa, wraios. Otan akous Thrash, ligo-polu panta afto pairneis. Einai pistevw apo tis pio "in your face" mousikh h Thrash metal
    February 4 07:04 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Vlepw oti vghke kainourgio Ranger, aksizei ?
    February 3 06:11 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie To megalutero proson pantws gia mena einai h fwnh ths (epanalamvanomai, to kserw :P). Mou aresei gt vgazei mia asteirefth dipsa gia na ekfrastei kai na moirastei tis anhsixies kai tous provlhmatismous me ton akroath. Sto susthnw Mano, eimai sigouros pws tha sou aresei. Diavase an thes kai thn kritikh, einai polu kalogrammenh kai perigrafei epakrivws ton disko.
    February 3 06:11 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie To album pou evgale einai polu melagxoliko se tono kai se ufos alla sou vgazei mia efxaristh aisthsh katharshs. Epishs, einai kai polu suntomo (33') kai den analwnetai, alla antitheta akougetai polu efxarista kai ksekourasta.
    February 3 06:04 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Anepifhlakta Mano. H kopela exei mia apo tis pio ekfrastikes fwnes pou exw akousei se gunaikeia fwnhtika ta teleftaia xronia. Oi ikanothtes ths sth kithara den einai kati to idiaitero, alla o tonos pou exei vrei einai foveros kai h douleia sto kommati ths paragwghs pou exei ginei sto disko einai polu kalh. Oi de fraseis pou paizei, enw den einai kati to idiaitero, tonizontai polu omorfa apo tis fwnitikes grammes kai denoun uperoxa ws sunolo.
    February 3 05:58 PM
  • wham49 made some improvements to the dead review see what you think
    February 3 03:05 PM
  • YUJOS To neo tha itane Mano na pernane ton gio tou Magic gia symvoulo xaxaxxa. O Walton pantos mas geiose kai tous dyo mas simera! Leei oti oi Lakers thelei na miasoun stous Celtics...
    February 3 02:10 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Geia sou file mano. San fan ths folk mousikhs, mhpws tsekares katholou thn Julien Baker ?
    February 2 05:35 PM
  • YUJOS Vre Ierosyle!! Sygkrineis ton Gasol me ton Zubac!! xaxaxaxa. Emena pantos poio poly gia tous Warriors mou thymizei afto pou pane na kanoune oi Lakers. Tespa. Oloi apo kapou klevoun.
    February 2 10:24 AM
  • YUJOS Trust the process Mano! Ehei polla glentia I ypothesi. Thelo na do to kalokairi sto draft ean kai efoson kratisoun to pick tous vevaia, ean tha xtypisete kanan pg....Sto thema pantos me Mozgov kai Deng edo tha diafoniso ligo file. Kapoios prepei na troei ligo xylo stin amyna, gia na kalypsei ta kena ton ypoloipon. Pou na paei re sy o Ingram vasikos. Aftos prepei na troei 8 pitogyra me dipli pita tin imera gia na parei kana kilo. Tha ton trogane zontano ta antipala SF's etsi kai itane vasikos.
    January 31 04:28 PM
  • YUJOS Ela kalispera Mano. Pros to paron leo na ton kratiso. To xanavlepoume to thema argotera an einai. Kala mou ta leges esy prin kairo gia tous Lakers...Evlepa vathmologia tis proalles kai den pisteva sta matia mou oti einai teleftaioi. Den tous axizei afti I thesi pistevo. Alla tous ehoun tsakisei kai ligo oi travmatismoi fetos. Pos to vlepeis to thema? Pane gia full tanking?
    January 29 09:47 AM
  • YUJOS Pou n' akouseis kai to 666 International apo tous Dodheimsgard....Tha xaseis tin balla..Se vlepo meta na kleineis pros sto elafrolaiko xaxaxa.
    January 24 06:52 AM
  • budgie 9999 celebration
    January 23 02:58 PM
  • YUJOS Prepei na arhiseis na ginesai biblikas mou fainetai xaxaxaxa. Afou eheis blexei me to black tha gineis kai biblikas min aghonesai xaxaxaxa. Mias kai milame gia black kai biblikia, tsekare an then to eheis akousei, to With No Human Intervention apo tous Aborym.
    January 22 08:23 AM
  • YUJOS To Memoria Vetusta to 2 Mano opote boreis akouse to! Den einai sto industrial styl ton proigoumenon album tous... Pistevo tha patheis plaka.
    January 21 09:36 AM
  • YUJOS Oso gia tous Kovenant, tous eiha prolavei stin epohi tous. Poly sproximo leme to album. Full 9aria epairne sta periodika. Kalo einai alla oso kai an sou fenetai periergo mou aresei poio poly to Animatronic.
    January 21 09:35 AM
  • YUJOS Ela kalispera Mano. Oxi den einai i idea sou... Ehei kanei patsa o Bourosagka...Poly kaki xronia kanei mexri tora krima. An den paixei kai o Singleton mesa stin vdomada pou mas erhetai den ta vlepo kala ta pragmata...
    January 21 09:32 AM
  • YUJOS Poio Memoria Vetusta eheis akousei man? Giati ehoun vgalei 3
    January 20 08:18 AM
  • YUJOS Einai san ton Gentile oi Terra. Allo paremeneis na deis kai allo vlepeis xaxaxaxa.
    January 20 08:16 AM
  • YUJOS Tous Terra ego tora tous anakalipsa, prosfata. Akousa to teleftaio tous kai mou arese arketa kai tin epsaxa meta ligo me tin discografia tous. An sou aresei afto to stylaki kati psilo paromoio se atmosfaira paizoun kai oi Blut Aus Nord se merika tous album. An den tous exeis tsekarei aftous pes mou na sou po album tous na rixeis mia aftia.
    January 19 11:44 AM
  • YUJOS Xaxaxaxaxa. Pos den ginontai afta. Afou mono emeis ta kanoume! I aek sovareftike kai pire diplo sto Veligradi. Ti na po. Amarties off season paidevousi opadous...
    January 19 11:41 AM
  • budgie i take all that back. just listen to their track "disengage the simulator". if that works for you then check out the rest
    January 18 02:20 PM
  • budgie i'm only mentioning because, when i was 15, i worshipped vovin and nexus polaris, and those two cky albums.
    January 18 02:13 PM
  • budgie if you have the time, jam through vol 1 and infiltrate.destroy.rebuild they're not beloved by most folk in the metal community but hey.. maybe..
    January 18 02:12 PM
  • budgie did you ever jam CKY when you were younger?
    January 18 01:34 PM
  • YUJOS A vlepo akouses Terra Tenebrosa! Tzamaro arketa tin diskografia tous to teleftaio diastima. Pos sou fainontai?
    January 17 03:16 PM
  • YUJOS Fainetai na ehei xathei I balla me tin Barca. Vasika ehei ginei ena magma I omas me paixtes pou thelei o idios o coach kai me paixtes pou den tha ithele pistevo oi opoioi omos ehoun symvolaio h' tous egine ananeosi to kalokairi, vlepe Tomic, Doellman. Kala xeberdemata diladi. Edo glentise o Bogris ton Tomic re Mano, ti na leme tora. Ti skata ton kratane afton ton paixti tosa xronia, eilikrina den to katalavaino. Vale kai ton Claver stin exisosi kai kleinei I triada ton looser...
    January 17 03:14 PM
  • YUJOS Alla an vroume kana pg me playmaking skills kai sovoro tripontaki borei na kollisei kai me tous 2 amerikanous mas guard sta guard. Poso na adexei aftos o Xanthopoulos. Eidi mas ehei dosei arketa fetos dedomenis kai tis ilikias tou alla kai ton ikanotiton tou.
    January 17 12:03 PM
  • YUJOS Den haneis kai tipota xaxaxaxa. Kalytera kai gia ta matia sou xaxaxaa. Edaxei plaka plaka ehei symmazeftei ligo I omada ton teleftaio kairo, borei na kanoume kamia koulamara me kamai megali omada alla pros to paron den eimaste gia polla polla. Ektos kai ana geinoun tipota metagrafes... O Cummings assos einai Mano kai sto 2 ehei dipla tou ton Jenkins.
    January 17 12:01 PM
  • YUJOS Me ton Buckner na sou po tin alitheia den polykatalava ti paixtike. Itan pantos gia souti. Parousiastike kai I prosfora tis Bekri Meze kai to xefortothikame to palto! Xthes diavaza oti o Sani borei na gyrisei ton Martio! Episis leei paizei na kanoume kai kana 2 metagrafes, stis theseis 1 kai 5. Makari na paroume kanan asso pros to paron giati den polyantexei o Xanthopoulos.
    January 17 07:34 AM
  • Mythodea To suzhtas re man? Kalh sunexeia ;)
    January 16 01:14 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Na sai panta kala file kai na xeis panta empneush sta daxtula sou na grafeis tis foveres kritikes sou.
    January 16 11:58 AM
  • YUJOS Sas perimenoume ston teliko etsi? Kanoniste simera! Tora pou fyge kai o Buckner pame gia megala pragmata!
    January 16 10:20 AM
  • Ebola Gotta check out the new Lancer, man. Rules
    January 15 04:37 PM
  • budgie i was going to say you should review court in the act, but 2.5, wow!
    January 14 11:07 PM
  • FullOfSounds Oooo haven't heard em myself, added to my check list!
    January 14 12:33 PM
  • FullOfSounds Wouldn't say accessible haha. Dude rules hard tho
    January 14 12:18 PM
  • EvoHavok I love it when avant-garde metal manages to include a degree of accessibility.
    January 10 05:24 PM
  • budgie check
    January 8 03:18 PM
  • Alastor 'Thangorodrim' - I'm surprised someone always finds a LotR name that wasn't already in use. Music sounds decent, albeit very short on original ideas - which I guess is the whole point, pure DS worship. I'll look out for more of his releases, he seems to be a rather productive individual.To rec you something in return: A DS artist I really like is EMGLEV /
    January 4 05:19 AM
  • budgie haha yeah. it was a looong time ago, but i remember playing ace frehley stuff with him, pretty much exclusively early kiss stuff. it's how i got into playing anyway
    January 3 10:32 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Unfortunately people get baited way too easy, have a very small temper or have nothing else in their life going on so they spend their time eating up dat drama so I think that won't happening.
    January 3 09:32 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah it's pretty ****ed. It's really easy to avoid drama though, but isn't it always been like this? Just a few bad apples kinda ruining it for everyone. Take care :]
    January 3 05:12 AM
  • budgie yo you should check the earthless/harsh toke split EP. jam stoner rock. the first band's guitarist is my old guitar teacher and the second band's guitarist is my favorite skater. the EP rules front to back. m/ m/
    January 2 11:30 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Hey manos, please read and look at the links on my post. Post on it as well make some backing for me and others there if you like, this is disgraceful behavior by the mods:
    January 2 06:47 PM
  • ksoflas Kalh xronia bro, me ygeia dhmiourgia kai apeirh mousikh.
    January 1 11:14 AM
  • YUJOS Thymizei profiteia Paisiou... Tha pazetai monoi sas alla den tha eisaste protoi xaxaxaxa. Ta xronia mou polla episis na sou efhitho, kali xronia na eheis Mano, me ygeia kai eftyhia kai oti kalytero esy epithymeis.
    January 1 07:26 AM
  • budgie you have to prioritize, from that list, weyes blood's album the innocents. it's this magical 70s throwback record that i can't believe sounds as good as it does
    December 31 05:35 PM
  • YUJOS Na ton thavmazeis san paixti kai na lypitheis pou den ton pires sto manageraki :P
    December 30 01:22 PM
  • danielcardoso Oh i'm sorry, i meant had you seen their Christmas game lol. But yeah, Cavs have sort of a clear path en route to the final atm. Golden State are winning games but they're not as strong as i figured they'd be at first, they have a good chance but not if Curry and Durant keep choking whenever it matters lol. Haven't seen Utah much lately, they've been good?
    December 28 02:54 PM
  • danielcardoso So happy for Harden and Westbrook since they're firmly my favorite players atm. Kyrie and LeBron are playing amazing as well and Love's recent form is sick. The finals rematch - you seen it?
    December 28 02:31 PM
  • danielcardoso Westbrook is just too much man lol. MVP no doubt, ain't nobody but Harden and James got a chance against him.
    December 28 12:05 PM
  • YUJOS En to metaksy ehei pesei kai mourmoura sto antipalo stratopedo... Vlepeis eseis peirate enan Gentile. Aftoi peirane ton Waters... Ama itane toso kalos o Waters giati den ton epairne persy o Sfairo oeo??? xaxaxaxa
    December 26 05:15 PM
  • YUJOS Goustaro trela Mano! Foveri kinisi kanate. Makari na sas vgei kai na ton kratisete kai gia ta epomena xronia. Sas leipei enas go to guy fetos. Se kathe paixnidi ehete kai diafoertikous paixtes na paizoune kala analoga ta match up. Afto veveai einai poly kalo, alla apousiazei o killer (entaxei kalos kai agios o Rivers alla akomi enas den vlaptei :) )
    December 26 05:14 PM
  • budgie no that definitely makes sense. i still listen to the diablo 1 and 2 OST all the time. and the elder scrolls ones.
    December 26 03:06 PM
  • budgie is that like, people trying to do burzum's hlidskjalf stuff? i really like hlidskjalf but i don't think i could listen to other stuff like it haha
    December 26 01:54 PM
  • YUJOS Xronia sou polla Mano! Na xairesai tin giorti sou kai oti kalytero sou efhomai se prosopiko kai epaggelmatiko epipedo!
    December 26 01:37 PM
  • budgie ah that makes sense. the monotony is a big appeal for me, with atmospheric black metal
    December 26 01:23 PM
  • budgie 2.5 on hermodr though, ew!
    December 25 02:45 PM
  • budgie that falkenbach album is so rad. i used to jam the baldurs death song all the time, haha.
    December 25 02:44 PM
  • RunOfTheMill Merry Christmas manos!
    December 25 12:23 PM
  • Titan Merry Christmas manos, to you and your family....hope you guys have a great one!!
    December 25 11:43 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Merry Christmas you beast :3
    December 25 10:55 AM
  • Sabrutin Merry Christmas Mano! Be safe and have great holidays!
    December 25 08:54 AM
  • EvoHavok Merry Christmas!
    December 25 05:29 AM
  • YUJOS Efharisto Mano! Na se kala file mou! Kales giortes sou efhomai!
    December 24 01:36 PM
  • EvoHavok Tbh, I initially forgot about The Gathering, but seeing your list reminded me of it, so I made a quick edit replacing the 10 (which was Alcest) and shortly after figured it deserved an even higher place, haha. Nah, nothing industrial dominated Meta, but Thy Catafalque is a really odd band, so it's hard to classify it, and the avant-garde metal tag doesn't exist.
    December 20 08:23 AM
  • EvoHavok Cool year's end list. Glad to see The Gathering there :).
    December 20 05:10 AM
  • budgie right on i see your post. feel bad for not listing arctic thunder haha.. i'll check all your listings out though. didn't realize fates warning was still releasing.
    December 18 12:33 PM
  • budgie is there a stickied thread somewhere? i don't see anything.
    December 18 12:11 PM
  • budgie, for the vansire album.
    December 18 11:31 AM
  • EvoHavok I haven't jammed From Afar, actually; just the first three and Dragonheads EP. Also, no, I've never listened to Caladan.
    December 15 03:44 PM
  • EvoHavok Oh, just a 3.5 for the Ensiferum s/t? :P
    December 15 01:00 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman Dave Mustaine's "most underrated album ever", you might like it. Opener synths hard
    December 14 01:35 PM
  • budgie you're the man for the dope rec's. let me hit you back: Electric Octopus - This Is Our Culture, Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip
    December 12 09:20 PM
  • Atari yeah that movie's hilarious!! definitely one of my favorites
    December 12 05:45 PM
  • Atari That's cool man, his voice really is timeless. I think it's my favorite xmas album as well. I don't remember you liking christmas music before! Haha
    December 12 11:02 AM
  • Atari Nice Bing Crosby rating bro :)
    December 12 08:40 AM
  • Sabrutin It's the reason why I haven't checked the debut properly. The "EP" is easier to digest. It's also the kind of album for which I'd like an option between 3 and 3.5. Derivative music, covers, a slightly edited old track, only three new tracks (one of which I'm not crazy for)... I like it but I'll stay low for now!
    December 6 04:17 PM
  • Sabrutin Just letting you know that I ****ed up and removed your last shout from my profile
    December 6 11:51 AM
  • Sabrutin Yes, especially the artwork haha. The music is solid but nothing new. Not necessarily a bad thing though. The cover of Flaming Telepaths is cool
    December 6 03:16 AM
  • YUJOS Logika nai tha anevei kai go to pistevo. Isos kai kamia allagi perivallontos odos ton voithisei. Alla aftos o paparas den itane pou ithele metagrafi se alli omada to kalokairi giati leei varethike na xanei? Paixe re pousti mou tote. Edaxei eihe ton travmatismo alla to mentality tou me provlimatizei Mano.
    December 3 11:13 AM
  • YUJOS Isos an kanoun kamia traba kapoion apo tous pitsirikades kai paroun kana kalo veterano, isos allaxoun ta pragmata. Gia ton Rubio pantos man ego egkataleipo elpida fetos. An eheis kanan psilo gia skotoma steile mou mipos kanonisoume kamia traba. An oxi pali xtypan ton apo to waiver giati ton eho gia skotoma.
    December 1 03:43 PM
  • YUJOS Oxi oti den tha ton glentagane argotera ton Bjelica ta ypoloipa triaria tis ligkas an synexize me afto to sxima o Thibos, alla leme tora. Einai afto pou sou eiha prin ligo kairo pou me rotises gia to an tha boune fetos oi Lykoi sta play off kai sou eiha pei oti eihane provlima me to spacing. Pantos sto arthro pou sou steila grafei endaferonta pragmatakia gia tin omada genika.
    December 1 03:38 PM
  • YUJOS Sinagonizetai leei ton Covington xaxaxxa! Kalo! Vasika kai o Butler ores ores touvla petaei, alla Wiggins den ton les se kamia periptosi. Vasika kai tous 2 tous den tous voitha to ypsos tous pistevo. Eidika gia ton Wiggins oses fores ton ehei valei sto 2 ta hei paei kala. Gia ligo diastima pou kotsare sto 3 ton Bjelica o Thibodos pigaine kai oi 2 poly kala.
    December 1 03:36 PM
  • YUJOS Sas antigrafoume stous travmatismous fetos! Parton 3 mines exo ton Buckner. Allo pou den thelame na kanoume metagrafes xaxaxa. Gia ton Wiggins re file giati eho mia ypopsia oti tha apedeide kalytera aftos an ton vazane gia shooting guard poio poly?
    November 30 03:42 PM
  • budgie thanks man! i was actually listening to wicked lady the other day. i'm gonna check all these out
    November 30 02:48 PM
  • YUJOS Tsako kai afto Mano gia tous Lykous.
    November 30 12:26 PM
  • YUJOS Pos antidras otan arhizoun oi travmatismoi Noemvri mina.
    November 30 11:25 AM
  • budgie hey man are there any standout albums in the same vein as dust's hard attack you could rec me? i really haven't spent too much time with that early 70s heavier rock sound
    November 29 04:11 PM
  • EvoHavok Oh sure, I can dig some black metal. From 2016 I checked Deathspell Omega, Saor, Inquisition, Sojourner, Dark Funeral, Hyperion.
    November 28 04:09 PM
  • EvoHavok Yes, the sound-off. To be fair, it's cleaner and has more mellow tunes compared to their older releases which I enjoyed more, so I can understand why you wouldn't like this one much or consider it maybe too commercial. Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood is my favourite of theirs; maybe you'll like the grittier sound:
    November 28 03:33 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Symfwnw mano, kai gw den mporw na apofasisw xaxaxa. Eimai metaksu tou 3 k 3.5. To album exei arketes kales stigmes alla to megalutero meionekthma tou einai to legomeno longevity. Pes to kai replay value. Dystyxws, afou katalagiasei o arxikos enthousiasmos, den se kanei na thes na to ksanakouseis. Kalopaigmeno heavy thrash men, teleios "perastiko" de...
    November 28 03:04 PM
  • EvoHavok It seemed like a joke/satire at times, not to mention some of the lyrics. Also, you really didn't like the last Volbeat, eh?
    November 28 02:53 PM
  • EvoHavok Oh wow, that Metal of Satan EP made me facepalm and chuckle a few times. Hilarious stuff.
    November 28 10:43 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Mano, tlk pou kathetai h bilia gia to Hardwired ?
    November 28 07:16 AM
  • YUJOS Nai bravo! Mallon logo Manning tha ton eihan soutarei. Megalo talent alla den exelihthike. Ton Perry pou ton thymithikes re thirio!! xaxaaxa. Ola ta lefta oi kaltses odos! Gia ton Mario Elie den se adiko file! Trelo vromohero o poustis! Ton pigaina para pollly!
    November 21 02:33 PM
  • YUJOS Mias kai aneferes ton Ceballos re Mano, eilikrina den katalava pote giati ton soutaran oi Suns. Ton thymame pitsirikas, trelo pistol o dikos sou. Itan kai oi Suns tote asta na pane. Kanane kai kati epiloges sta draft an thymamai kala kai pernane pistoleros. Nomizo prepei na eihane kanei kai draft to Finley, (alli paixtoura aftos sta niata tou) eno ypirhan idi sto roster Kevin Johnson, Majerle kai o Barkley.
    November 20 03:45 PM
  • YUJOS Megalo magkas o Walton file. Tin ehei strosei tin omada,kai paizei kai oraio basketaki. Tamam irthe kai sas ekatse o Walton. Ante kai play off tora na goustaroume. Fantasou na boune tipota paly off oi Lakers kai na pesoun pano stous Warriors glentia pou ehoun na ginoun!
    November 20 03:42 PM
  • Voivod Katalavaino ti les! Vasika ego den perimena na vazo kommatis sto repeat!
    November 20 02:18 PM
  • budgie just trying to have fun :)
    November 20 01:13 PM
  • budgie hey man, what's been happening?
    November 20 12:33 PM

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