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  • pissbore can't wait to see the art bro
    April 19 02:50 AM
  • pissbore how goes the sketching bro
    April 18 11:47 AM
  • pissbore also check out my band http://globalchernobyl.bandcamp.com
    April 18 12:17 AM
  • pissbore you should add me in the meantime bro
    April 18 12:17 AM
  • pissbore add me on fb bro http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 18 12:12 AM
  • pissbore sup bro
    April 18 12:04 AM
  • demigod! thanks br0! Yeah i might have to 5 that necker album i can't find any flaws within it
    April 16 12:32 PM
  • adr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v1T9uo78Zg sounds like Ulcerate gotta listen the full thing hard :x
    April 16 08:33 AM
  • pissbore so stoked to see some of those drawings man
    April 15 10:03 AM
  • Rowan5215 did your customers attain the next level of pure blissed out transcendence
    April 15 06:45 AM
  • Rowan5215 the atmos is just so ****ing nice
    April 15 06:35 AM
  • Rowan5215 that Jose Gonzalez is the loveliest thing
    April 15 06:01 AM
  • Cygnatti Yeah it's kinda complete s***e man I don't get the hype at all :/ also high school musical [greater than sign]
    April 14 02:13 AM
  • manosg Thanks man, much appreciated.
    April 13 08:14 AM
  • Atari http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=157661
    April 10 04:37 PM
  • pissbore also if you could put underneath the pentagram "ORGANIC SLUDGE" that would be superb
    April 10 09:17 AM
  • pissbore lets have fungus in the corners and sort of dripping sludge onto the pentagram, with sludge demons gathered around the pentagram and a good old katana somewhere in the mix
    April 10 09:16 AM
  • pissbore hows the art coming bro
    April 9 11:07 PM
  • bach Lol I'm mobile now had to bounce
    April 9 06:10 AM
  • bach https://plug.dj/hard-jammers come thru
    April 9 05:35 AM
  • evilford Proportional to its obscurity. Anything more than 5 pepole have heard is for plebes
    April 9 02:18 AM
  • evilford It's just entertaining watching his behavior. Goes for his elite points by declaring the quality of music is directly
    April 9 02:17 AM
  • evilford I hope he keeps pushing this, it's pretty easy going on about how much of an ass snox is
    April 9 01:53 AM
  • evilford Ah gotcha thank u
    April 9 01:16 AM
  • evilford hey dude dumb question but I know you won't judge me...did I forget how to dig albums, or did sput just get rid of that feature? lol
    April 9 01:01 AM
  • evilford I look forward to that day also sweet I'll check
    April 8 01:58 AM
  • evilford Ikr but man those guys blow
    April 8 01:46 AM
  • Arcade there's one where Bart meets his double and it's basically just that gag from 'Fear of Flying' where Homer finds his double stretched over 20 minutes and not funny
    April 7 06:45 AM
  • Arcade i'll watch the new ones occasionally but they almost always make me cringe. they do make me put classically bad episodes like 'The Principal and the Pauper' and 'Kill the Alligator and Run' into perspective tho
    April 7 06:35 AM
  • Arcade s9-11 are pretty great too tbh
    April 7 06:29 AM
  • Arcade best episode of the simpsons
    April 7 06:13 AM
  • Arcade Could you lend me a jar of love?
    April 7 06:11 AM
  • pissbore add me on fb http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 5 07:39 PM
  • evilford Dude you 3'd through silver in blood. Ford is :[[[[[[[[[[[
    April 4 04:24 AM
  • YakNips king kunta put a bitch out like walken
    April 4 12:12 AM
  • JokineAugustus I'm getting bored of potsy tbh. He used to make me laugh whenever I read his posts, now it seems like he's just trying too hard.
    April 3 11:04 PM
  • JokineAugustus Dude this is the best final matchup I could have hoped for. Congrats on getting this far, but I think demi has you beat.
    April 3 10:46 PM
  • evilford Yeah lol I think he's actually really butthurt
    April 3 05:43 PM
  • demigod! smae bro may the best man win
    April 3 11:07 AM
  • Arcade might jam that if im in the mood for some bonivercore
    April 3 12:19 AM
  • Arcade smh tbh
    April 2 11:31 PM
  • Arcade check Liturgy m/
    April 2 08:28 AM
  • pissbore http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 1 11:20 AM
  • nakedwesmile cool profile pic
    April 1 08:42 AM
  • Hawks Bro check my new review and jam the album. m/
    April 1 01:49 AM
  • OvDeath hey yo i know you're into some cool power electronics/industrial/noise/ambient/drone stuff so i reckon you'll dig my new album. johnnyonthespot gave it a sweet review as well that you should read: https://lostsaltbloodpurges.bandcamp.com/album/the-voids-we-all-long-for
    March 31 12:09 AM
  • YakNips if u dont beat sowing i will flip s***
    March 30 11:59 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman I'm afraid you're mistaken, my name is... uhh... Barbara Logan-Price!
    March 29 09:45 AM
  • pissbore cant wait bro feel free to do like a concept sketch with low detail or whatever
    March 27 11:20 AM
  • Phlegm ..FK ! What album should I check first
    March 27 03:47 AM
  • PotsyTater nope its just a really dope really short bm/dm ep and i wanted to share it with someone
    March 25 03:22 AM
  • PotsyTater https://sheidim.bandcamp.com/album/amidst-the-ashes-of-consciousness-in-the-light-of-the-dying-stars
    March 25 03:17 AM
  • Vetimus What do you mean alt?
    March 24 02:44 AM
  • pissbore its for an antichristianity flier
    March 23 09:00 AM
  • pissbore make sure there is evil fungus dripping doom somewhere in the picture
    March 23 09:00 AM
  • pissbore Ok as long as it's blasphemous as **** I'm cool with waiting
    March 23 08:59 AM
  • demigod! dude get on that and let me know how it goes! we could write some awesome dm together
    March 23 08:58 AM
  • demigod! nothinbutcats...dont have much on it now but things are cominng
    March 23 07:28 AM
  • demigod! dont toy with me ponyboy ;)
    March 23 07:21 AM
  • demigod! follow me on deviant art :))))
    March 23 07:18 AM
  • Vetimus So the best ways to get noticed around here are commenting? I would like to be part of the Wiz, Hawks club.
    March 23 06:04 AM
  • ComeToDaddy Gorement has such a perfect atmosphere, wish I'd checked this sooner
    March 23 04:01 AM
  • demigod! Can?t we have one meeting that doesn?t end with us digging up a corpse?
    March 23 02:56 AM
  • demigod! Looks like you've come down with a serious case of Jebeditis
    March 23 02:52 AM
  • demigod! yay, someone got it! It's a perfectly cromulant avatar, don'tcha think?
    March 23 02:46 AM
  • pissbore What's the word
    March 22 09:40 PM
  • BigPleb Somebody's gotta be the resident plebe bb!
    March 22 08:00 AM
  • ComeToDaddy Already heard all that except for Antedeluvian and Rippikoulu but will jam \m/
    March 22 07:59 AM
  • ComeToDaddy I'm as disappointed in myself as you are in me. Reading your review spurred me to start filling the holes in my death library, haven't spun God Macabre or Depravity either :s
    March 22 07:51 AM
  • Cygnatti Currently my aoty by a large margin!
    March 21 12:31 AM
  • Cygnatti I actually am rather enamored by it. Not a 5.0, but close enough! :D
    March 21 12:26 AM
  • Cygnatti It's goin' down forreal *sax solo*
    March 21 12:08 AM
  • pissbore Any on le art
    March 20 01:29 AM
  • CaptainDooRight http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=188144
    March 17 04:05 PM
  • Rowan5215 goddamn you half-japanese girls, you do it to me every time, that redhead said you shred the cello, AND I'M JELLO BABY
    March 13 06:08 AM
  • controlled get in here nigga u need a lecture. https://plug.dj/metal****ers
    March 13 04:55 AM
  • pissbore sounds good mayne. doesnt even have to be in color for the initual concept sketches. do whatchu gotta do
    March 12 01:22 PM
  • pissbore any on that? cant wait to see it bro. keep me posted.
    March 11 08:50 AM
  • deathschool You forgot to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning and I literally starved to death at work. Thanks.
    March 10 12:40 PM
  • Crysis Email sent
    March 8 09:12 AM
  • Frippertronics aight man, I definitely remember your Fetor (i think that's what it was called, still need to check that out) review. Only heard this album, Noir Noir's album "VITRIOL". If you can't find a download, I'll upload it onto Soundcloud since my LP came with a download card.
    March 8 12:04 AM
  • Frippertronics yo are you the user who's really into power electronics? can't seem to remember. if so, I found something you may dig.
    March 7 11:57 PM
  • LordePots nice talking man lets do it again some time
    March 7 11:51 PM
  • LordePots ya bronie lyfe 4evur bud
    March 7 11:49 PM
  • LordePots yeah dude sweet accomplishment bro really moving on up in life big guy
    March 7 11:47 PM
  • LordePots i remember when u had a sense of humour, that contrib tag really got to your head 'm8'
    March 7 11:44 PM
  • LordePots you do realize that i am very aware that jake is mindlesticks and that you are super hypersensitive and clearly take yourself way too seriously right?
    March 7 11:43 PM
  • pissbore pretty much just for visual therapy but realistically for fliers to scare christians with and probably an album cover or two
    March 6 07:19 AM
  • BigPleb Idyllic Utopia is what is should be called.
    March 6 05:53 AM
  • BigPleb Stoked for new Ulcerate?
    March 6 05:50 AM
  • BigPleb Best band to start with for DM, riffs aren't to complicated but those solos are p difficult haha.
    March 6 05:47 AM
  • BigPleb Nice man! Ibanez always have that sweet thick tone, always good for m/
    March 6 05:43 AM
  • BigPleb Oh s*** swee! What model? :]
    March 6 05:35 AM
  • pissbore https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.244374502320506.55260.244294442328512
    March 5 07:03 PM
  • pissbore i want it to be centered around the most fungal pentagram your twisted little mind can sledge together
    March 5 07:02 PM
  • Wizard Everything is great with the family, hope everything is going well in your life as well. I will check out that noise too!
    March 5 04:22 PM
  • Kusangii So, so sorry for giving you a response, must have been traumatizing as hell
    March 5 04:10 PM
  • pissbore https://globalchernobyl.bandcamp.com/album/endtime-demo
    March 5 02:19 PM
  • pissbore picture it as an album cover of sorts
    March 5 01:57 PM
  • pissbore claws*
    March 4 11:25 PM
  • pissbore yes. pentagrams, dripping fungus, goats, amazing colour bursts, cigarettes, joints, chemical blotter stains, crack rocks, white ambiguous lumps of substance, whatever you interpret a "meat lamp" as (hint: a grill), the color spectrum, destructive technology, meditating dragons with clars of wu-tang sharpness, sharp teeth from all dimensions
    March 4 11:23 PM
  • Flugmorph Thats nice :)
    March 4 05:24 AM
  • Flugmorph Love your little bird. Chilp chilp.Our birds could be friends
    March 4 12:40 AM
  • pissbore wanna do some artwork for me bruh
    March 4 12:03 AM
  • Kusangii Dude, I just saw your comment on my RYM profile, just about 5 months late with the reply though haha. Yeah it's my profile but it shouldnt be taken seriously since I'm not very active there at all, and my ratings are super inaccurate. Pretty cool that you found me though!
    March 2 04:11 PM
  • Cygnatti damn had wraiths on my rym wish list for forever. guess i should rly hop on that huh?
    March 2 11:07 AM
  • tempest-- maybe it stands for Juicy Penis
    March 2 01:25 AM
  • tempest-- ah, I was like "your surname doesn't start with P"
    March 2 01:25 AM
  • tempest-- J.P.?
    March 1 10:15 AM
  • Rowan5215 **** I guess we just won't talk anymore bye
    March 1 06:10 AM
  • Rowan5215 Maybe you should've added me on facebook so I could disagree with him
    March 1 06:01 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot so this chris hipgrave album is nice
    March 1 06:01 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot n-no u
    March 1 05:58 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I wonder what he thinks I look like. tell that greazy vagabond to finish that sputnik users IRL list
    March 1 05:55 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot grab some popcorn
    March 1 05:52 AM
  • FearThyEvil I really hope dm picks it up this year for sure because the past two years have been pretty damn solid imo.
    February 28 06:26 PM
  • FearThyEvil Will do, man. Been hard with work kicking my ass lately but just seeing what I'm behind on so far.
    February 28 06:24 PM
  • FearThyEvil I'm already really behind on 2015 listens so any good recs lately? Any underrated dm you hear lately?
    February 28 12:09 AM
  • lalchimiste You will dig this :https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t
    February 26 03:38 PM
  • ASnideReturns Ah dude that sucks. Well, life's been pretty hard for me lately due to a lot of situations but I'm taking it day by day ya know?
    February 26 02:18 PM
  • ASnideReturns Haha hey man how's it going?
    February 26 02:16 PM
  • Ponton Hey dude, love you're pikabird.
    February 21 02:02 PM
  • SowingSeason You were discussed a bit, which I hope doesn't make it harder to accept. But basically it was felt that you still have some areas of growth that we'd like to see before entrusting you with the staff tag. That's as specific as I can be via shoutbox, but if you feel like that explanation doesn't suffice or you aren't sure what I mean, feel free to email me: sowingsputnik@gmail.com and I'll happily elaborate to whatever extent I can.
    February 21 08:24 AM
  • Jom jom dot sputnikmusic at gmail dot com -- thanks! If it's something that requires the group response, give them a few days and I'll try to consolidate everything.
    February 20 10:53 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Thx man, and [2] what Gyro said
    February 20 09:55 PM
  • Gyromania man, you seriously got robbed. maybe they'll do a ghost promotion though
    February 20 07:42 PM
  • cryptside Bummed that you didn't get promoted to staff, you're definitely the top contrib in terms of writing though.
    February 20 10:38 AM
  • Ryus hahah just havent jammed it enough, ill almost certainly bump that rating
    February 18 09:07 AM
  • Frippertronics babbymetulz 2015 i can see it now
    February 17 12:59 AM
  • Frippertronics omg my undead skeletal brethren, the cycle for the applications are nearing its end. who's gonna get the Big P?
    February 16 06:39 PM
    February 16 02:49 AM
  • Frippertronics a nice, cozy and damp dirt bath six feet under - cost: an eternity
    February 15 02:28 AM
    February 15 02:13 AM
  • Frippertronics You knew all along....yet, the skeleton is controlling you RIGHT NOW, EVERY DAY, FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. You are just a subconscious of the skeleton, a puppet. There's no other way...
    February 15 01:56 AM
  • Frippertronics that skeleton is spooking the everloving **** out of me....FUN FACT: There's a skeleton inside you RIGHT NOW
    February 15 01:50 AM
  • Frippertronics sick for listening to interviews, damn... you got me, you slayed me, rest in pieces
    February 15 01:46 AM
  • Frippertronics jokes on you, i'm underage and don't own it in any way possible
    February 15 01:41 AM
  • Frippertronics pfft you didn't even 5 Deceit what a LAME NERD LMAO - it's all greek to me
    February 15 01:37 AM
  • Frippertronics sleep sleep go to sleep
    February 15 01:24 AM
  • Dancedrewdance I cum blood
    February 14 09:58 PM
  • Arcade gonna post my application in a little bit, good luck bud, you're p much guaranteed for a promo
    February 13 08:59 PM
  • Nocturnalize u just got schooled son thats wat
    February 12 03:26 AM
  • Nocturnalize http://ivaliance.bandcamp.com/album/the-reject-of-humanityGods Mouth or Thrown To Belial 4 starters
    February 11 01:01 PM
  • Frippertronics http://www.sputnikmusic.com/forums/image.php?u=687851
    February 9 01:12 AM
  • deathschool Jacquibim blinking pony will be back eventually omgFebruary 6 11:11 PM Not soon enough
    February 8 07:21 PM
  • Phlegm new avatars such an improvement fam - best of luck for the promotion cycle x
    February 8 01:23 AM
  • DrMaximus Can't wait to see "staff" under that cute ass bird. You'll get it for sure big boy
    February 7 11:37 PM
  • Judio! I think I'm gonna, but idk how good my chances are haha. Hope you make staff yourself bro, you definitely deserve it.
    February 7 02:06 PM
  • DrMaximus RIP pony. End of an era.
    February 7 01:13 PM
  • Futures ur new av is a bit to spooky for me change it now
    February 6 10:00 PM
  • Gyromania your recent autechre, floyd, and diasuke reviews were all top-notch imo. what did you end up going with? i'm guessing you already submitted your app
    February 6 07:52 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah buddeh
    February 6 11:30 AM
    February 6 06:22 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you will totally get it
    February 6 05:51 AM
  • Frippertronics be like me bud, stay on topic WHILE being off topic - do both at the same time !
    February 5 01:54 AM
  • TalonsOfFire I don't know why some staff like plane and daveyboy etc. aren't emeritus, lots of them are just as inactive as those demoted contribs
    February 5 01:14 AM
  • TalonsOfFire People'd be pissed for sure, at least you've been writing consistently. So many of them are barely active any more, it was certainly justified in some cases
    February 5 01:13 AM
  • TalonsOfFire At least you didn't get automatically demoted like your 15 peers, s***s getting ruthless
    February 5 01:05 AM
  • Frippertronics but jac, you just gotta belieeeeeeeve
    February 5 01:03 AM
    February 5 12:32 AM
  • TalonsOfFire If you're not promoted to staff I don't know what contributor would be
    February 4 10:31 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges YOU CAN DO IT I BELIEVE IN YOU
    February 4 05:59 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges plz jac
    February 4 05:55 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges DO WHAT GYRO SAID
    February 3 05:55 PM
  • Gyromania you should definitely apply for staff if you haven't already
    February 3 11:54 AM
  • danielito19 yeah i'm pretty much the luckiest man alive. /cheese
    February 3 10:25 AM
  • danielito19 listened to it w my girl the other night, had to whip out the ol' 5-star rating
    February 3 12:25 AM
  • danielito19 LP5.0
    February 2 10:52 PM
  • BigPleb But, but I-it's Napalm Death. You know...riffs and stuff? :[
    February 2 09:26 PM
  • BigPleb Jam the new Napalm Death you, stop slacking!
    February 2 09:20 PM
  • TalonsOfFire Aww I liked the humorous combination of brony avi with you being the most knowledgable dm staffer on the site haha, but I guess this is more fitting
    February 2 06:01 PM
  • Frippertronics thanks man, and good luck to you
    February 2 03:58 PM
  • Arcade where's the staff application at
    February 2 08:44 AM
  • tommygun woo yes! i'll read thru em all again and get back to you this week :] off the top of my head errthang is fire and lp5 were some of yr better ones but will let you know! also sup!
    February 2 06:04 AM
  • Frippertronics sup jac, we've never really talked much but good luck on this upcoming round of promotions
    February 2 03:02 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ah whatever doubt those dudes really care haha but maybe I'll edit it tomorrow
    February 2 01:46 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah that confield review looks snazzy. btw if my application looks funky to you please lemme know lol, never applied before so :X
    February 2 01:43 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot thanks dude lol, hope you nab a rung up the ladder as well
    February 2 01:40 AM
  • Flugmorph hahaha i'm glad you like it. paint can do stuff ^^
    January 31 07:18 AM
  • blotha No , you're like candy sweet and tender. I want to livk you -
    January 31 06:27 AM
  • blotha enjoy! mweeah
    January 31 06:22 AM
  • blotha why? am I attracting you enough,? enjoy mweah
    January 31 06:10 AM
  • tommygun on it
    January 28 04:23 AM
  • tommygun smh they always turn out crazy :[ nevr felt so alone~~~
    January 28 03:55 AM
  • tommygun nice one man how did things go with that girl u were talkin bout in plug last time
    January 28 03:03 AM
  • Ryus hmm i may check it out then
    January 27 09:58 AM
  • adr also Tri Repetae is really good, but i think i can't get into Confield :/should i check LP5 next?
    January 27 09:54 AM
  • adr not fair man RYE-iss have like 50 5's s m h :(
    January 27 09:47 AM
  • Ryus hahaha yes thanks dude. should i check out kveikur if i didn't really dig () or agaetis byrjun?
    January 27 09:44 AM
  • adr but.. but, Liquid Swords and FA !! also Kveikur, EIF and Program Music are hard 4.5's, still need to check Tim Hecker i've heard he's good tbh
    January 27 09:40 AM
  • RadicalEd late to the party, but thx for reviewing krusseldorf. Awesome stuff.
    January 27 05:50 AM
  • BigPleb My laptop was playing up the other week, will Czech if it's ok now.
    January 27 05:37 AM
  • tommygun sup bb :]
    January 27 05:24 AM
  • Futures aren't you a tennis fan or nah?
    January 26 10:42 AM
  • Torontonian ya, maybe i got off on the wrong foot with them..... If i'm looking for something different i'll be willing to give them another try. THANKS!
    January 25 12:22 PM
  • SowingSeason He has been chastised and will correct the issue this week ; )
    January 25 10:27 AM
  • Torontonian oh, i have literally only heard the first 5 minutes of confield, lol. I'm sure its a good album but it just doesn't appeal to me. You did a great review on it though!
    January 24 02:04 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah I'll include Viet Cong and Ariel Pink for sure, might have to revisit the other ones to tidy them up a bit. your Pure review was dope and I remember liking your Swallowed rev also. I'll have to give your stuff a skim over and get back to you, I feel like I missed a few of yours
    January 24 08:05 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot ah. do you have any suggestions for which reviews you think I should put up?
    January 24 07:50 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot On that note, any idea when applications start? figured it woulda been underway by now
    January 24 07:34 AM

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