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  • pissbore bro do you wanna make the album cover for the Abominations of Desolation bootleg i'm gonna release?
    May 26 12:17 PM
  • DrMaximus And 4.5 for Joanna Newsom? Jacquibim, you've made the happiest person alive :]
    May 26 12:34 AM
  • DrMaximus Check his other stuff like Cyborg and Mirage specifically. I think you'd like that.
    May 26 12:33 AM
  • pissbore lil somethin i'm workin on http://i.imgur.com/M1OhuBA.jpg
    May 25 11:54 PM
  • dannyboy89 I'm back man.
    May 24 11:10 PM
  • deathschool Good user. Ponies are cool. Death Metal is cool too.
    May 24 08:23 PM
  • DrMaximus What's your problem with Irrlicht?
    May 24 12:24 AM
  • Crysis Yes he acknowledged receiving it. Just hang tight.
    May 22 05:30 PM
  • LivingThrowaway I'll give it a read.
    May 20 07:46 AM
  • LivingThrowaway My long-windedness has been an issue for a long time, not just here, but externally; I remember in primary school I wrote a 6 sentence page, that whilst grammatically correct, was incredibly tough to read. The teacher called me Kafka minus the artistic flair. Didn't really understand it until years later, but when I did, it made me cringe.
    May 20 07:31 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Thanks a bunch for the critique. I didn't re-read it before putting it up, so some of those errors were pretty sloppy. Anywho, you did a great job and I've cleaned it up a bit... I've always had issues with verbosity, however, I'm slowly trying to remedy this. If you want a good laugh you can read my s***ty Gorguts review... Thankfully I don't need a critique for that one, I've been schooled there already.
    May 20 07:13 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Go for it, I can take it.
    May 20 05:55 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Oi, coloured sands is the worst Gorguts by a country mile and you know it.
    May 20 05:42 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Yo, I just posted a quick write up for Rectal Hygienics new one. Would you mind giving me some feedback and constructive criticism? I'd really appreciate it.
    May 20 04:56 AM
  • SoccerRiot Thanks for being so understanding, dude. I do feel really bad for all the crap I did as Necrotica, but I've already been fixing things, and I knew a new profile was inevitable after my stupid antics :]
    May 20 12:26 AM
  • SoccerRiot And now, I just want to focus on my reviewing and stuff
    May 19 11:08 PM
  • SoccerRiot Did you see my comment on the thread? I didn't get banned. I just wanted to leave all of the Necrotica nonsense and have a fresh start on the site. I got so tired of being so obnoxious, and even though my behavior improved a lot in recent times, I just knew I'd never dig myself out of the hole that my Necro account dug. So I'm done with it altogether :]
    May 19 11:07 PM
  • Rowan5215 man haven't written anything in yonks but http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/67141/The-Early-November-Imbue/
    May 19 07:35 AM
  • Cygnatti Tru tru tru tru!
    May 18 12:37 AM
  • Crysis Done. Expect to hear something soon I guess haha
    May 17 07:38 PM
  • Cygnatti lol i found mo*te on youtube. in fact a lot of the noisy bulls*** i come across is on there. ^_^
    May 17 02:29 PM
  • Crysis Hey Jac, looks like Howls of Ebb sent our Facebook page a message requesting your email so they can send you a promo for their new EP. If you're interested shoutbox me a contact email and I will send it to them.
    May 17 01:16 PM
  • Cygnatti I would but I dun wanna be a cheater, well not again anyways. :x you should jam my dig, it's one of my favs from this year. ^_^
    May 17 10:09 AM
  • LivingThrowaway ****, I'll see if I can track it down for you...
    May 17 12:19 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Oh no.... Have you checked mediafire?
    May 17 12:12 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Nice. Didn't think there'd be any other Australians on this site. It's good to know that I'm not alone.
    May 16 05:03 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Yeah, live in NSW. You an Aussie too?
    May 16 03:28 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Cheers, it's probably a while off yet (got my HSC this year; Australian high school grad. qualification), but if I need any help, you'll be one of the first I go to.
    May 16 02:38 AM
  • LivingThrowaway Thanks man, this is actually my second account. I used to have one back in 10, when I was 13/14 (and my taste was s***) and I eventually got trolled off by Frankie (frankredhot). But hey, second times the charm. I just want to share my music taste, and hopefully when school finishes, start reviewing and maybe make my way up the ladder. Only time will tell with that sort of thing...
    May 16 02:33 AM
  • pissbore It is glorious and wonderful and shines with the sacred light of blatho. Thank you bro, from my heart
    May 13 08:04 AM
  • pissbore Oh my. Huiuuaaaaarrrrrkkkkkk chrooootttttt eeeeeaaaammmmmsss
    May 13 08:03 AM
  • pissbore omg can u post scan plzzz?!?!?!?
    May 13 01:18 AM
  • pissbore ???
    May 13 12:48 AM
  • pissbore chrrrooottttt?????
    May 13 12:36 AM
  • pissbore how long u think??? right now it's 11:40 here, i have court at 8:30 so im leavin at 7:00 AM to get there in time. think you'll be home by 7 hours from now??
    May 12 11:40 PM
  • pissbore I don't have court til tomorro morning
    May 12 07:43 PM
  • pissbore Bro can't you just take a scan now??
    May 12 07:40 PM
  • pissbore Eagerly awaiting my next glimpse into the mouth of baruklinting, the gateway to the dark sewer dimensions of za'ag
    May 12 01:35 PM
  • SowingSeason Your review was excellent too! It's just that Klap is more of a Tallest Man authority...
    May 12 10:02 AM
  • pissbore I wont share it with anyone this time
    May 12 07:58 AM
  • pissbore Yes plz!!!
    May 12 07:57 AM
  • pissbore m/
    May 12 02:41 AM
  • pissbore can't wait to see the flier bro
    May 12 01:57 AM
  • pissbore Oh of course he was there, he is alwayz there. But this was his dark side coming out
    May 11 03:13 PM
  • pissbore so then they put me in a different cell, this time in handcuffs and shackles, and i painfully used the cuffs to carved "Supreme MURDA" and "Global Chernobyl" and "Cops R **** Losers" and some other apocalyptic messages into the cell wall
    May 11 01:18 PM
  • pissbore it was honestly like something out of a movie bro, very surreal, couldn't tell if it was actually happening or if i was just dreaming
    May 11 01:18 PM
  • pissbore did some graffiti over the walls with my own blood n s***
    May 11 12:49 PM
  • pissbore it was pretty nuts the sheer amount of damage i was able to inflict, clogged the toilet with insulation from the ceiling, flooded the cell, almost got murdered by the cop who found me who was about to taze me when i was standing in the water as the cell was flooded, it was a good time
    May 11 12:49 PM
  • pissbore stupid s***, back in feb i got put in "Protective Custody" for drinking in public, and they neglected to feed me or give me medication and left me to rot for like 8 hours, so i tore apart the jail cell with my bare hands and now have 3 felony charges
    May 11 12:48 PM
  • pissbore Do you think you could have it finished by Tues?? I have court on Wednesday and it would be awesome to see it before I potentially might have to go to jail for a bit
    May 10 12:29 PM
  • pissbore Progress scan??
    May 9 11:25 AM
  • pissbore Update on artwork ploxx??
    May 9 03:09 AM
  • pissbore Chrooooottttt
    May 8 10:11 AM
  • pissbore hows it coming bro??
    May 7 10:29 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah it's like 90minutes long but thankfully quite a bit of variety, yup yup
    May 6 07:05 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot the leap to a bigger label worked well. It's refined, but there's plenty of power electronics and w/e. it'll be divisive because it's Prurient but IMO it's his strongest album
    May 6 06:51 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yessir
    May 6 06:42 AM
  • pissbore m/ 36 chamberz of death
    May 4 08:37 PM
  • pissbore did you get dem colorz yet bruh
    May 4 07:09 PM
  • deathschool I've thought it over, and I think I'm ready to move back in with you. Changes need to be made, sure, but I know I need to make just as many amends as you do (if not more). We can get through this. I'm not about to just give up.
    May 4 06:13 PM
  • BigPleb I live.
    May 3 07:38 AM
  • pissbore any on dem pencils
    April 30 07:14 PM
  • Mongi123 Thanks dude! Yea I'm not perfect so I could use the help.
    April 30 06:49 AM
  • ShadowRemains yeah it does the whole obscura/from wisdom to hate/ulcerate thing without overdoing it
    April 29 03:50 AM
  • pissbore Hows it coming bro
    April 28 08:44 AM
  • DrMaximus Yo beef is mine
    April 23 09:29 PM
  • DrMaximus "lol I'm not going to start altering my ratings to influence my chart lol who am I DrMaximus?"I beg your pardon. My pie chart right now is as accurate as it will ever be. :3
    April 22 01:17 PM
  • pissbore might also end up on a beer label for my buddy's brewery down the line once we get our new line of beers rolling
    April 22 07:14 AM
  • pissbore it's going to be the cover of Organic Sludge Attack Vol. 1, a Magazine/CD sampler for my label i'm hopefully gonna have ready for late May/early June
    April 22 07:13 AM
  • pissbore It is iak sakkakth, it is the gate.
    April 22 06:42 AM
  • pissbore absolutely glorious bro! the extra detail really makes it pop. cannot ****ing wait to see it colored in
    April 22 05:32 AM
  • Graveyard Hope you enjoy my new album man. I asked JohnnyOnTheSpot if he could do a review of it, but unfortunately he said his schedule is pretty tight at the moment. If you like this enough, could you perhaps do a review?
    April 21 08:12 AM
  • Cygnatti oh well if you hate wall noise then you maybe you won't dig! idk i found this completely captivating in the same way ambient is but like in an opposite way abrasive way. also, i plan on jamming endo either today or tomorrow. :]
    April 21 07:46 AM
  • Cygnatti alos you should cezch my dig, it's like my favorite noisey bull except for fetor bc fetor is like whoaaaa
    April 21 07:39 AM
  • Cygnatti lol i know, i just got bored one day and wanted to test out the differences between the two charts (remember when we had the two different charts in our profiles?).
    April 21 07:38 AM
  • Cygnatti quick tips regarding the chart of pies: any album you give a 3.5 or higher will contribute to the chart (it was 3.0 or higher in the old one), only the first two of three tags on a band will be counted (previously only the first one), and the higher the rating the more effect it will have (think of it like a 3.5 is 1 point towards a total, whereas a 5 is like 4 points. i believe it is something to that a effect. the old chart had everything counted equally, i think).
    April 21 07:29 AM
  • Cygnatti but but i have to john coltrane albs 4'd! idk man, i just can't get into black saint no matter how hard i try, but i won't quit, just keepin' on tryin' again every few months!
    April 21 07:26 AM
  • Cygnatti lmfao, i know right. i was like when did that get there?! ...oh lol.
    April 21 07:20 AM
  • Cygnatti smae. i replaced it with indie rock (which is cygnificantly better imo) but somehow that disappeared too. oh well!
    April 21 07:15 AM
  • Cygnatti damn, my condolences. you get pass, then! i know that feel tho, back when the charts changed alt rock was my biggest slice, became my mission to get rid of that thang, everything else in my pie was nice tho. :]
    April 21 07:10 AM
  • Cygnatti ur piechart is perfect. except it has prog metal. g-r-o-s-s~
    April 21 07:03 AM
  • evilford sweet thanks dude I'll check em out. gotta go to bed now peave out dude you rule
    April 21 02:56 AM
  • evilford sweet same m/. ad nauseum = band?
    April 21 02:45 AM
  • evilford ilu jac you're my dm bro 4 lyfe plz don't think less of me for the opeth list. guess I can't control it if you do so w/e I guess do what you will! I heart opeth and I'm not afriad to tel people. m/ on bro that is all
    April 21 02:42 AM
  • YakNips do it!!!! ur reviews are always fire and id like sputnik hype around some dm i can actually get into
    April 20 11:38 PM
  • pissbore fair enough. keep me posted on the finished version with the outlines though
    April 20 09:29 PM
  • pissbore i know dude i cant wait. think you'll get the chance to start coloring it this week??
    April 20 03:34 PM
  • pissbore holy s*** this is coming out amazing bro
    April 20 03:24 PM
  • pissbore omg omg omg progress scan soon pplz????
    April 20 03:17 PM
  • pissbore how dem lines comin bruh
    April 20 09:36 AM
  • YakNips that ad nauseam album ****ing rips jesus christ
    April 20 01:12 AM
  • Gameofmetal Jesus christ I thought this monster was dead coming out of the womb but it just keeps getting back up. Sputnik confounds me sometimes.
    April 19 11:17 AM
  • pissbore do me a favor and definitely scan it when its done inking before you add color. wanna have a nice b/w version for cheaper fliers, and then the full color version for the all out cardstock and laminated versions
    April 19 08:43 AM
  • pissbore i can already see it in my head, so excited man. i launched a gofundme campaign to raise money for various things i need like food and cigs and s*** and if i make enough im gonna print out a bunch of the finished version, laminate them, and nail them into telephone poles all around my area
    April 19 08:04 AM
  • pissbore omg will you please scan me another progress shot whenever you finish your current session
    April 19 07:48 AM
  • pissbore s***'s sexy af so pumped bro. i give you full creative control on where to put what, just make sure the mushrooms growing off the tree are demonic as **** and try to throw a demonic pistol in there somewhere too. maybe a few skulls with weird s*** growing out of them if you can fit it
    April 19 07:26 AM
  • pissbore ok but i'm literally fiending for it like a crack fiend fiends crack so do you think you could give me a rough timeframe as to when i can expect it??? btw not sure if i mentioned this but i'm quite excited
    April 19 06:20 AM
  • pissbore omg omg can u send me a progress shot just lil sneak peak plz
    April 19 05:27 AM
  • pissbore can't wait to see the art bro
    April 19 02:50 AM
  • pissbore how goes the sketching bro
    April 18 11:47 AM
  • pissbore also check out my band http://globalchernobyl.bandcamp.com
    April 18 12:17 AM
  • pissbore you should add me in the meantime bro
    April 18 12:17 AM
  • pissbore add me on fb bro http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 18 12:12 AM
  • pissbore sup bro
    April 18 12:04 AM
  • demigod! thanks br0! Yeah i might have to 5 that necker album i can't find any flaws within it
    April 16 12:32 PM
  • adr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v1T9uo78Zg sounds like Ulcerate gotta listen the full thing hard :x
    April 16 08:33 AM
  • pissbore so stoked to see some of those drawings man
    April 15 10:03 AM
  • Rowan5215 did your customers attain the next level of pure blissed out transcendence
    April 15 06:45 AM
  • Rowan5215 the atmos is just so ****ing nice
    April 15 06:35 AM
  • Rowan5215 that Jose Gonzalez is the loveliest thing
    April 15 06:01 AM
  • Cygnatti Yeah it's kinda complete s***e man I don't get the hype at all :/ also high school musical [greater than sign]
    April 14 02:13 AM
  • manosg Thanks man, much appreciated.
    April 13 08:14 AM
  • Atari http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=157661
    April 10 04:37 PM
  • pissbore also if you could put underneath the pentagram "ORGANIC SLUDGE" that would be superb
    April 10 09:17 AM
  • pissbore lets have fungus in the corners and sort of dripping sludge onto the pentagram, with sludge demons gathered around the pentagram and a good old katana somewhere in the mix
    April 10 09:16 AM
  • pissbore hows the art coming bro
    April 9 11:07 PM
  • bach Lol I'm mobile now had to bounce
    April 9 06:10 AM
  • bach https://plug.dj/hard-jammers come thru
    April 9 05:35 AM
  • evilford Proportional to its obscurity. Anything more than 5 pepole have heard is for plebes
    April 9 02:18 AM
  • evilford It's just entertaining watching his behavior. Goes for his elite points by declaring the quality of music is directly
    April 9 02:17 AM
  • evilford I hope he keeps pushing this, it's pretty easy going on about how much of an ass snox is
    April 9 01:53 AM
  • evilford Ah gotcha thank u
    April 9 01:16 AM
  • evilford hey dude dumb question but I know you won't judge me...did I forget how to dig albums, or did sput just get rid of that feature? lol
    April 9 01:01 AM
  • evilford I look forward to that day also sweet I'll check
    April 8 01:58 AM
  • evilford Ikr but man those guys blow
    April 8 01:46 AM
  • Arcade there's one where Bart meets his double and it's basically just that gag from 'Fear of Flying' where Homer finds his double stretched over 20 minutes and not funny
    April 7 06:45 AM
  • Arcade i'll watch the new ones occasionally but they almost always make me cringe. they do make me put classically bad episodes like 'The Principal and the Pauper' and 'Kill the Alligator and Run' into perspective tho
    April 7 06:35 AM
  • Arcade s9-11 are pretty great too tbh
    April 7 06:29 AM
  • Arcade best episode of the simpsons
    April 7 06:13 AM
  • Arcade Could you lend me a jar of love?
    April 7 06:11 AM
  • pissbore add me on fb http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 5 07:39 PM
  • evilford Dude you 3'd through silver in blood. Ford is :[[[[[[[[[[[
    April 4 04:24 AM
  • YakNips king kunta put a bitch out like walken
    April 4 12:12 AM
  • JokineAugustus I'm getting bored of potsy tbh. He used to make me laugh whenever I read his posts, now it seems like he's just trying too hard.
    April 3 11:04 PM
  • JokineAugustus Dude this is the best final matchup I could have hoped for. Congrats on getting this far, but I think demi has you beat.
    April 3 10:46 PM
  • evilford Yeah lol I think he's actually really butthurt
    April 3 05:43 PM
  • demigod! smae bro may the best man win
    April 3 11:07 AM
  • Arcade might jam that if im in the mood for some bonivercore
    April 3 12:19 AM
  • Arcade smh tbh
    April 2 11:31 PM
  • Arcade check Liturgy m/
    April 2 08:28 AM
  • pissbore http://www.facebook.com/organic.sludge
    April 1 11:20 AM
  • nakedwesmile cool profile pic
    April 1 08:42 AM
  • Hawks Bro check my new review and jam the album. m/
    April 1 01:49 AM
  • OvDeath hey yo i know you're into some cool power electronics/industrial/noise/ambient/drone stuff so i reckon you'll dig my new album. johnnyonthespot gave it a sweet review as well that you should read: https://lostsaltbloodpurges.bandcamp.com/album/the-voids-we-all-long-for
    March 31 12:09 AM
  • YakNips if u dont beat sowing i will flip s***
    March 30 11:59 PM
  • MrSirLordGentleman I'm afraid you're mistaken, my name is... uhh... Barbara Logan-Price!
    March 29 09:45 AM
  • pissbore cant wait bro feel free to do like a concept sketch with low detail or whatever
    March 27 11:20 AM
  • Phlegm ..FK ! What album should I check first
    March 27 03:47 AM
  • PotsyTater nope its just a really dope really short bm/dm ep and i wanted to share it with someone
    March 25 03:22 AM
  • PotsyTater https://sheidim.bandcamp.com/album/amidst-the-ashes-of-consciousness-in-the-light-of-the-dying-stars
    March 25 03:17 AM
  • Vetimus What do you mean alt?
    March 24 02:44 AM
  • pissbore its for an antichristianity flier
    March 23 09:00 AM
  • pissbore make sure there is evil fungus dripping doom somewhere in the picture
    March 23 09:00 AM
  • pissbore Ok as long as it's blasphemous as **** I'm cool with waiting
    March 23 08:59 AM
  • demigod! dude get on that and let me know how it goes! we could write some awesome dm together
    March 23 08:58 AM
  • demigod! nothinbutcats...dont have much on it now but things are cominng
    March 23 07:28 AM
  • demigod! dont toy with me ponyboy ;)
    March 23 07:21 AM
  • demigod! follow me on deviant art :))))
    March 23 07:18 AM
  • Vetimus So the best ways to get noticed around here are commenting? I would like to be part of the Wiz, Hawks club.
    March 23 06:04 AM
  • ComeToDaddy Gorement has such a perfect atmosphere, wish I'd checked this sooner
    March 23 04:01 AM
  • demigod! Can?t we have one meeting that doesn?t end with us digging up a corpse?
    March 23 02:56 AM
  • demigod! Looks like you've come down with a serious case of Jebeditis
    March 23 02:52 AM
  • demigod! yay, someone got it! It's a perfectly cromulant avatar, don'tcha think?
    March 23 02:46 AM
  • pissbore What's the word
    March 22 09:40 PM
  • BigPleb Somebody's gotta be the resident plebe bb!
    March 22 08:00 AM
  • ComeToDaddy Already heard all that except for Antedeluvian and Rippikoulu but will jam \m/
    March 22 07:59 AM
  • ComeToDaddy I'm as disappointed in myself as you are in me. Reading your review spurred me to start filling the holes in my death library, haven't spun God Macabre or Depravity either :s
    March 22 07:51 AM
  • Cygnatti Currently my aoty by a large margin!
    March 21 12:31 AM
  • Cygnatti I actually am rather enamored by it. Not a 5.0, but close enough! :D
    March 21 12:26 AM
  • Cygnatti It's goin' down forreal *sax solo*
    March 21 12:08 AM
  • pissbore Any on le art
    March 20 01:29 AM
  • CaptainDooRight http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=188144
    March 17 04:05 PM
  • Rowan5215 goddamn you half-japanese girls, you do it to me every time, that redhead said you shred the cello, AND I'M JELLO BABY
    March 13 06:08 AM
  • controlled get in here nigga u need a lecture. https://plug.dj/metal****ers
    March 13 04:55 AM
  • pissbore sounds good mayne. doesnt even have to be in color for the initual concept sketches. do whatchu gotta do
    March 12 01:22 PM
  • pissbore any on that? cant wait to see it bro. keep me posted.
    March 11 08:50 AM
  • deathschool You forgot to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning and I literally starved to death at work. Thanks.
    March 10 12:40 PM
  • Crysis Email sent
    March 8 09:12 AM
  • Frippertronics aight man, I definitely remember your Fetor (i think that's what it was called, still need to check that out) review. Only heard this album, Noir Noir's album "VITRIOL". If you can't find a download, I'll upload it onto Soundcloud since my LP came with a download card.
    March 8 12:04 AM
  • Frippertronics yo are you the user who's really into power electronics? can't seem to remember. if so, I found something you may dig.
    March 7 11:57 PM
  • LordePots nice talking man lets do it again some time
    March 7 11:51 PM
  • LordePots ya bronie lyfe 4evur bud
    March 7 11:49 PM
  • LordePots yeah dude sweet accomplishment bro really moving on up in life big guy
    March 7 11:47 PM
  • LordePots i remember when u had a sense of humour, that contrib tag really got to your head 'm8'
    March 7 11:44 PM
  • LordePots you do realize that i am very aware that jake is mindlesticks and that you are super hypersensitive and clearly take yourself way too seriously right?
    March 7 11:43 PM
  • pissbore pretty much just for visual therapy but realistically for fliers to scare christians with and probably an album cover or two
    March 6 07:19 AM
  • BigPleb Idyllic Utopia is what is should be called.
    March 6 05:53 AM
  • BigPleb Stoked for new Ulcerate?
    March 6 05:50 AM
  • BigPleb Best band to start with for DM, riffs aren't to complicated but those solos are p difficult haha.
    March 6 05:47 AM
  • BigPleb Nice man! Ibanez always have that sweet thick tone, always good for m/
    March 6 05:43 AM
  • BigPleb Oh s*** swee! What model? :]
    March 6 05:35 AM
  • pissbore https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.244374502320506.55260.244294442328512
    March 5 07:03 PM
  • pissbore i want it to be centered around the most fungal pentagram your twisted little mind can sledge together
    March 5 07:02 PM
  • Wizard Everything is great with the family, hope everything is going well in your life as well. I will check out that noise too!
    March 5 04:22 PM
  • Kusangii So, so sorry for giving you a response, must have been traumatizing as hell
    March 5 04:10 PM
  • pissbore https://globalchernobyl.bandcamp.com/album/endtime-demo
    March 5 02:19 PM
  • pissbore picture it as an album cover of sorts
    March 5 01:57 PM
  • pissbore claws*
    March 4 11:25 PM
  • pissbore yes. pentagrams, dripping fungus, goats, amazing colour bursts, cigarettes, joints, chemical blotter stains, crack rocks, white ambiguous lumps of substance, whatever you interpret a "meat lamp" as (hint: a grill), the color spectrum, destructive technology, meditating dragons with clars of wu-tang sharpness, sharp teeth from all dimensions
    March 4 11:23 PM
  • Flugmorph Thats nice :)
    March 4 05:24 AM

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