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  • Evokaphile ah hell, im gonna review it anyway!
    September 21 11:26 PM
  • Evokaphile alright ill spare myself the trouble then hahah
    September 21 08:54 PM
  • Evokaphile You rev'ing the new archspire? If not, I got one half done already
    September 21 07:50 PM
  • Xenophanes That new Coma Cluster Void is an interesting listen. No context with this band but it's p coo.
    September 21 05:37 PM
  • Astral Abortis Though so! The songs I heard definitely felt waaaay more listenable than their last. I'm quite looking forward to it now
    September 18 11:33 PM
  • Astral Abortis It's hard to come back with an informed opinion from a Youtube video and I imagine you might have got an advance copy or at least heard a good quality version of the new Archspire. It sounds like their production on the new one is actually quite dynamic and not at all as brickwalled and complete trash as the Lucid Collective, what do you think?
    September 18 10:53 PM
  • AdolfChrist ill never stop, not until everyone has the CORRECT rating *wink wink*
    September 2 05:08 PM
  • AdolfChrist lmao no, just sharing my opinion mate, dont take it personally.
    September 2 04:56 PM
  • cryptologous you tryina tell me wat to do lil punk ass birb
    September 1 07:19 AM
  • cosmopazz http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/polo-youngings-has-died-in-a-car-crash
    September 1 06:34 AM
  • Spacesh1p Finally back in my account. Thanks - I went ahead and bumped Confield... might go back to 4.5 but I don' think so. Ballade is probably my favorite BM album although I've been jamming Inquisition ahrd lately too and their first two are amazing.
    August 26 10:20 AM
  • zakalwe Love ya
    August 22 02:16 PM
  • Flugmorph good new birb, only scritch
    August 7 01:59 PM
  • Evokaphile Malware on phones? From this site? Yoooo wtf
    August 5 07:55 PM
  • Evokaphile hey Jac I've noticed some band's pages arent loading their albums. Is there a place to the seemingly growing list of broken band pages?
    August 1 10:00 PM
  • Panzerchrist Yeah it's not going to be to everyone's taste. The production is flat out bad, and the vocals are so ****ing muffled that they might as well not be there. I can't help but get down to some Decrepit Birth though. One of the first bands I ever saw live. Incredible stuff.
    July 26 06:24 PM
  • Gwyn. Oh? am I part of the hip tastemaker club that people flock for recommendations now? Well I'll be... Anyway, uhmmm I don't really keep up with stuff yearly, most of what I listen that's new is just for hype and me wanting to see what all the fuss is about. I do have a couple of stuff, let's see if it tickles your fancy... 1982 - Chromola, Richard Dawson - Peasant, Endon - Thru the mirror, Lettres intimes by Quatuor Voce (bartok's first quartet, janacek's second, Erwin Schulhoff's five sq pieces)
    July 24 01:58 PM
  • Panzerchrist Those covers on the end of that Decrepit Birth CD are bonus tracks, just so ya know. Not sure why they aren't listed as such in most places.
    July 24 07:19 AM
  • Theophilos Based on your taste in metal, check out Serpent Column: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jorufSx0zao
    July 23 11:36 AM
  • Gameofmetal 464,330 question marks is an interestingly specific payment but I won't question it if it's fulfilling for u
    July 20 08:26 AM
  • Gameofmetal aight how much is jari paying you, come clean
    July 19 09:20 PM
  • Evokaphile Times change and so do we as people! The earworm riffs wouldnt leave my head so I 5'd er
    July 19 07:28 AM
  • ThumbNail Jac ily
    July 17 07:01 PM
  • cryptologous http://m8.i.pbase.com/u37/ronhrl/upload/24328328.BirdandNo.jpg
    July 17 12:20 AM
  • pjorn shave
    July 1 06:07 PM
  • Shadowmire i started working on that earlier today and had no luck adding an artist to the database. discorders said it would show up later
    June 27 07:41 PM
  • Idontevenlikemusic don't think too much of it
    June 26 03:43 AM
  • Idontevenlikemusic luv u
    June 26 03:41 AM
  • Idontevenlikemusic agreed, birby xD
    June 26 03:35 AM
  • Idontevenlikemusic nice ulcerate 5s gaylord who are you trying to impress?
    June 25 06:54 PM
  • zakalwe ive heard good things, my taste is all over the show as long as it's not pop punk or 'ska punk' I'll give it a go.
    June 25 12:40 PM
  • zakalwe Ello dude. That forest swords album worth a whirl?
    June 25 12:29 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot tbh I'm over it, it's not v good imo
    June 20 04:20 PM
  • Archelirion 4.0 is the new 3.5-4.5 my sweet birb
    June 19 04:21 PM
  • SoccerRiot Jac Birb
    June 6 07:07 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot i'll probs review new lambkin and unami but i'll let you know if i don't (?) in case you want to
    May 30 10:30 PM
  • FullOfSounds ye sorry i didn't like it. you'll catch me dead before you get your hands on me tho
    May 29 10:55 AM
  • cryptologous https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g274873-d1117784-Reviews-Hot_Horse-Ljubljana_Upper_Carniola_Region.html
    May 29 10:22 AM
  • cryptologous http://news.vin.com/apputil/image/handler.ashx?imgid=1877590
    May 29 09:40 AM
  • wub i have been to the depths of the youtubes and remained halfway sane. i can show you things.
    May 29 02:36 AM
  • wub i have been to the depths of the youtubes and remained halfway sane. i can show you things.
    May 29 02:34 AM
  • wub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wruqMKjVdRg
    May 29 01:49 AM
  • Idontevenlikemusic Dude wanna feature my recent weeb list?
    May 27 03:41 AM
  • Flugmorph dude wanna feature my recent weeby list?
    May 21 03:45 PM
  • CaptainDooRight *thumbs up* also I love the profile pic, spent like 2 hours the other day being entertained by the cutest birds on YouTube
    May 19 10:26 PM
  • CaptainDooRight hey bro just released my new trvth album, hopefully the technicality level is enjoyable to you - https://trvth.bandcamp.com/album/arcane-sages
    May 19 02:42 PM
  • SoccerRiot p.s. Shave
    May 16 10:02 PM
  • pjorn shave
    May 16 02:30 PM
  • SoccerRiot no more peanut butter sandwiches, yes I'll pay for the damages
    May 16 02:30 PM
  • SoccerRiot Jiffy didn't die for this!!!
    May 16 02:28 PM
  • Aberf shave
    May 16 02:06 PM
  • Flugmorph shave
    May 16 11:42 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot oh and i think new Lambkin / Unami collab
    May 13 10:58 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot new Jlin, Loke Rahbek, Visions Congo, Tsunxmi. idk. there's a couple
    May 13 10:57 AM
  • UndineParty Lol
    May 11 11:03 AM
  • UndineParty once the mods see that you're getting a depromotion
    May 11 03:14 AM
  • UndineParty http://imgur.com/a/y5IID
    May 11 03:11 AM
  • UndineParty Why are u so angry? You always seem really angry when people don't agree with you, it makes me rather uncomfortable
    May 10 06:07 PM
  • UndineParty Wow you're staff? Don't you think you hurl insults around a bit much? I remember you calling people retards
    May 10 06:06 PM
  • UndineParty Have you considered not fkin ponies?
    May 10 05:42 PM
  • UndineParty Shave what?
    May 10 05:26 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa shave
    May 10 05:18 PM
  • UndineParty Ty, I enjoyed myself, I am glad you are too
    May 10 04:57 PM
  • Tyler. shave
    May 10 03:42 AM
  • nocuffin bump up that perverse recollections rating
    May 9 10:55 PM
  • betray m/
    May 9 08:15 PM
  • hasan thank you bro it is good to do a nice post
    May 6 08:23 PM
  • FullOfSounds don't ever talk to my dad like that
    May 4 06:53 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa Any particular reason or just because
    May 2 09:46 AM
  • MillionDead Thanks, I just really got into them over the weekend. Goddammit they're the truth. Probably the best active death metal band, right now. If not that, close.
    May 2 02:20 AM
  • wacknizzle i liked the new ingurgitating oblivion on the first few listens. it's a pretty daunting album, 53 minutes over 4 songs, one of which being 22 minutes long. i'd definitely say to atleast give a listen, maybe people are thinking it's overly ambitious ulcerate/gorguts worship and ends up being nonsense, but i haven't jumped to that yet. if i don't flop on it it's definitely atleast a 3.5/4
    May 1 09:13 PM
  • Evokaphile It wanders around like Bitches Brew trying to mimmick ulcerate. Wasnt impressed despite the solid musicianship.
    April 30 11:44 AM
  • evilford did u wipe some of ur ratings? u used to have more than me
    April 30 12:10 AM
  • evilford I can't hold a grudge against u bby.
    April 29 09:44 PM
  • evilford "The Chasm The Spell of Retribution3.0" U FKN WOT M9
    April 29 08:49 PM
  • kingdedethefifth Let them all know and fear me lol
    April 28 10:16 AM
  • wub Sick and tight. You like taffy?
    April 27 11:31 PM
  • wub If Plaster is the name of a friendly farm animal, yes.
    April 27 11:24 PM
  • wub Do u sk8, m8? Don't be sad :D
    April 27 11:19 PM
  • wub Don't haze me, bruh.
    April 27 11:10 PM
  • kingdedethefifth That's cool then man, if anyone gives you s*** for it though I got you. Like I will dropkick a bitch including my passive-aggressive lover Zip.
    April 27 10:55 PM
  • kingdedethefifth There's nothing actually wrong with being a brony (assuming you are one, i'm guessing that's why you chose the avatar) like just don't fill the s***ty stereotypes and you're good. The way I view it is I may not understand your life but I can't control it, ya know?
    April 27 10:35 PM
  • kingdedethefifth I'm not sure I really get online "shticks" like I try to emulate my real personality online instead of becoming a whole different person, you know? I've also always found it annoying that people act douchey but then it's cool because it's "shtick". I mean i'll take your word for it because maybe he's much cooler in real life. I'd say you're pretty cool yourself (to the point where I won't even make obligatory brony jokes about you)
    April 27 09:14 PM
  • kingdedethefifth Is that so? I've never really seen him act quite so aggressive with others. Although obviously if he gives you that amount of s*** for a pony avatar then perhaps he is lol
    April 27 08:56 PM
  • hasan that was beautiful for sure on the page that made me happy bless you live a good life
    April 25 10:01 PM
  • Snide It got changed to Snide a couple hours ago, I requested the name change considering Black Malachite isn't my only project anymore.
    April 24 02:02 AM
  • Rowhaus from brony to birby ur still da best
    April 22 02:00 AM
  • TVC15 Also, it seems you didn't rate L'Ordure according to RYM. If you thought Ballade was crazy, L'Ordure is them going even further off the deep end. Like Mr. Bungle's debut mixed with folky elements of viking metal, and the avante gardeness of Ballade with some drum machines and Oi! thrown into the mix for good measure
    April 20 12:15 AM
  • TVC15 Peste seems to be a pretty consistently excellent band
    April 19 11:56 PM
  • TVC15 So it is said, so shall it be done
    April 19 08:28 PM
  • TVC15 I've only heard Peste Noir's debut and when I looked through your 5s to choose the album I'd pair you with for the yearbook, I got interested by the Peste album you 5d. Quite better than the debut and excited by this discovery :)
    April 19 06:20 PM
  • Spacesh1p Much appreciated. Just needed someone/something to narrow it down a bit.
    April 19 04:39 PM
  • Spacesh1p Yeah that's the problem. Don't know where to start. Any suggestions? I don't even know what I like lol.
    April 19 04:27 PM
  • Spacesh1p Sweet profile pic lol. Also do you have any classical lists you worked from to explore the genre? Been trying to get a grip on it lately but I never really know where to look.
    April 19 04:14 PM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=174557 \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 04:54 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/go-daylight \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 04:54 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa Local Pone doesn't get on discord enough
    April 18 11:09 PM
  • Flugmorph check discord for the vocaroo recording
    April 18 09:58 AM
  • FullOfSounds ily
    April 18 07:27 AM
  • Rowhaus that new pic is lit
    April 17 10:59 PM
  • famousghost reaaaaaaaaaally?
    April 17 06:19 PM
  • EphemeralEternity hmm it's a bit of a redundancy but i'll give that to you
    April 17 10:37 AM
  • EphemeralEternity hey i understand. that was catechresis btw pls don't mock my profound username.
    April 17 10:31 AM
  • EphemeralEternity Rodger that. sorry boss
    April 17 10:28 AM
  • famousghost you think i'm trying to be discerning?
    April 17 08:24 AM
  • Flugmorph hes a dog of pavlov. He can only eat when a cute cockatiel sings him a sweet song.
    April 17 06:44 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot nah, i'm not one to share the limelight. the loser's review fades into obscurity and all that
    April 15 05:10 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot forgot it was in the review request section : /
    April 15 05:08 PM
  • Keyblade "what's power electronics, is that like a drill?" - lloyd
    April 15 11:14 AM
  • Keyblade hallowed times
    April 15 07:17 AM
  • Keyblade aw snap, gonna check. miss the days when i could just autopos ur revs
    April 15 07:14 AM
  • mindleviticus Hey Jacquibim! You're the only one for me girl =]. That much is clear, but did you know that... you're cute? =O Well baby it's true XD. Please respond for more flattery. Yours truly, mindleviticusPS: do u lick the dickPPS: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/soundoff.php?albumid=249132
    April 11 07:02 PM
  • Xenophanes You diggin that new Artificial Brain?
    April 11 03:23 PM
  • Flugmorph ffs jac u wanna kill me?
    April 8 02:50 AM
  • ZippaThaRippa Lmao, no mercy. But seriously what a loser, he's become such a burnout. He reminds me of my stupid ****ing brother, which is probably why I hate him so much honestly.
    April 7 07:50 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa Nah he just sucks
    April 7 05:10 PM
  • evilford :D
    April 7 05:06 PM
  • evilford I thought u legit didn't care if I called u Jack I thought that was my thing w/ u but I can stop if it bothers u bby
    April 7 05:03 PM
  • evilford will try
    April 7 04:52 PM
  • evilford sweet insta 4.5. still gotta 4.5 LC
    April 7 04:48 PM
  • evilford lucky
    April 7 04:42 PM
  • evilford new artificial brain??? :O
    April 7 04:34 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa I was gonna post some snarky s*** but then I saw your argument with Crazy Old Man Hep and I had myself a little chuckle. What a ****ing relic
    April 7 03:23 PM
  • ZippaThaRippa Lol what the ****
    April 6 11:25 PM
  • Hep Kat Deleting comments is for chumps btw
    April 3 03:39 PM
  • Hep Kat So you're going with the "lolurmad" argument. That all ya got? Damn, you really DO need to try harder!
    April 3 03:31 PM
  • Hep Kat Try harder. Like hard as a diamond in a rhinestone world
    April 3 03:27 PM
  • Hep Kat Being a cock juggling okc thunder**** is kinda bandwagon-y brah, but if you finna roll like that, dump dump
    April 3 03:23 PM
  • Hep Kat Yeah I rounded up Round. The one person. Because he wrote the other sound off. And is not an idiot. Meanwhile, you have a gay pjorn star holdin' you down. Okay.
    April 3 03:17 PM
  • Hep Kat Does deliberately misunderstanding things in a cutesy, coy manner work for you, Mr. Macktastic? Ain't slippin' on no banana peels, ay?
    April 3 03:04 PM
  • Hep Kat Try harder, goof troop
    April 3 11:28 AM
  • pjorn goddamnit
    April 3 12:55 AM
  • pjorn you were about to catch these hands but we cool
    April 3 12:52 AM
  • pjorn are you happy now
    April 3 12:42 AM
  • Willie That promo you requested is in edited into your request post.
    April 2 09:55 PM
  • Sniff Sunless goes hard! Also that's some praise ford gave you!
    April 2 12:23 PM
  • Flugmorph read that comment and found it to be mediocre tbh
    April 2 12:06 PM
  • Flugmorph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16W7kpnHkIo
    April 2 08:49 AM
  • evilford Idk how in the s***ting hell is beat u btw. You're like a more interesting/articulate version of me
    April 1 04:37 AM
  • evilford Thanks bro same to u I'd follow u into mordor
    April 1 04:04 AM
  • evilford thanks. I look forward to seeing justice served
    March 30 03:52 PM
  • evilford word :D but yeah clearly reich didn't want two dm dudes in the final four. racism
    March 30 03:49 PM
  • evilford and I'll prob still lose to you but it's kool, you're a good dude to lose to
    March 30 03:43 PM
  • evilford I guess voting for yourself is pre lame I admit that lol. not sure what I was thinkin
    March 30 03:31 PM
  • Evokaphile Hey man i just posted a new review for an album that one else has listened to. Anyway doe stuff like that ever get featured?
    March 29 08:42 PM
  • ScuroFantasma https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_6Q-PLAcBVw - you seen this yet? Eddie from Infant's hard rock side project, cool stuff
    March 28 07:29 AM
  • Frippertronics ala don't he's the highlander dude is ****ing doomed to being penniless, virginal AND an immortal bitch boy
    March 27 02:07 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist gonna hang myself now
    March 27 02:05 AM
  • Frippertronics let's tax the ****er into poverty
    March 27 02:01 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist whats "intersectional x" tho
    March 27 01:59 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist making the tumblr now.
    March 27 01:58 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Fripp told me to consult you about my taxes. Where should we start?
    March 27 01:49 AM
  • Frippertronics i'm gutted i missed that list absolute ****ing madman bless him
    March 27 01:48 AM
  • Frippertronics here's a goodie "what does a vagina feel like". consult doof since he's the ala-ism authority
    March 27 01:45 AM
  • Frippertronics "unleash the floodgates"
    March 27 01:43 AM
  • Frippertronics "gettin dat pussy yo" - ala in bizarro world no. 5019
    March 27 01:40 AM
  • Frippertronics "he took down that bitch ala with him - truly a god undeserving of the fate bestowed upon thee"
    March 27 01:37 AM
  • Frippertronics what should I put on the tombstone? "here lies the greatest manhorse known to man"
    March 27 01:35 AM
  • Frippertronics how are you faring against BOSS PIDGEON
    March 27 01:20 AM
  • Frippertronics where art thou, my pone companion
    March 27 12:06 AM
  • DoofusWainwright This is a comedy website than moonlights as a music database. They genuinely believe it's the other way round. Ah well.
    March 26 09:00 AM
  • DoofusWainwright The man don't give a...
    March 26 07:16 AM
  • Frippertronics it will never be over, friend. this is just the beginning (of me getting to writing verklarte nacht)
    March 22 04:08 AM
  • Frippertronics i haven't told you that metal is for children, BUT i don't **** with /pol/. ****in weird board
    March 22 04:02 AM
  • Frippertronics a rite of passage by the god emperor long gone, get learnt ****
    March 22 03:57 AM
  • Frippertronics also gonna point out your comment-wiping self ain't s*** but u still my poneboi
    March 22 03:55 AM
  • Frippertronics he 5d DK Jams, i would gladly allow myself to be SMASHED into pieces by the thrax
    March 22 03:54 AM
  • Frippertronics please i got connections with the hottest niggas up in olympus you don't **** with my boys unless you wanna be murked wayne brady style
    March 22 03:51 AM
  • Frippertronics inb4 you should consider it anyways
    March 22 03:49 AM
  • Frippertronics after i consider euthanasia after i get this snide rap album ofc
    March 22 03:49 AM
  • Frippertronics brb gonna review all the iannis xenakis works i can find
    March 22 03:48 AM
  • Frippertronics please dude, you ain't s*** without my insight. i'm playing 5D chess with your sorry ass and you don't even realize it
    March 22 03:47 AM
  • Frippertronics shoutout to the non-existent jac classical reviews
    March 22 03:43 AM
  • Frippertronics jac, you think you got what it takes when you can't take on BOSS PIDGEON and repping metal on the daily. by the time we're done here, there ain't gonna be no pone left behind
    March 22 03:42 AM
  • Frippertronics boy you think this is a game? this is war
    March 22 03:34 AM
  • Frippertronics It's BOSS PIDGEON you fool
    March 21 02:42 PM
  • Frippertronics *blocks your path* http://imgur.com/a/Y5Db2
    March 21 02:00 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot https://philippemeyohas.bandcamp.com/album/a-arte-do-retorno could you take a gander at this? got a message from the composer and his description sounded promising enough, *shrug emoji
    March 20 08:40 PM
  • Flugmorph extremly sm0l. like your new profile picture!
    March 18 04:24 AM
  • ScuroFantasma Thanks man!
    March 18 01:21 AM
  • hal1ax yo --- https://venenum.bandcamp.com/
    March 17 09:29 PM
  • hal1ax oh and i heard new Planning for Burial LP is good, if u are into that gazey drone metal shi. uhh and i'm actually listening to new Pallbearer right now and it's pretty deceee. LP is titled "heartless" if u wanna peep
    March 17 03:28 AM
  • hal1ax i haven't heard that, gonna dload it now, along with that new kassel jaeger i see in your rates
    March 17 03:22 AM
  • hal1ax but ya i've hardly heard anything yet. u might be into new Amnesia Scanner~Truth
    March 17 03:19 AM
  • hal1ax maaan i'm actually severely behind on new music. grad school has been unrelenting. i have a spring break coming up next week tho and i'm gonna listen to like a thousand '17 records so i'll keep u posted baby cakes
    March 17 03:17 AM
  • Toad im in disguise
    March 16 03:09 PM
  • Flugmorph melting every time
    March 16 09:25 AM
  • BigPleb Its my kinda cheese duder
    March 13 01:12 AM
  • Flugmorph i love it
    March 12 07:48 PM
  • Flugmorph very birb heavy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f78_Tf4Tdk
    March 12 07:37 PM
  • Frippertronics verklarte nacht / streichtrio review soon tbh
    March 12 06:19 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot caught a typo: "sound like a too bad an idea"
    March 11 08:42 AM
  • Flugmorph yes but im going to the gym soon
    March 11 08:23 AM
  • Flugmorph get on discord rn
    March 11 07:50 AM
  • Flugmorph watch toradora
    March 11 07:47 AM
  • Flugmorph its not like i like you or anything...
    March 11 07:37 AM
  • Flugmorph well then idc what YOU THINK OK?
    March 11 06:24 AM
  • Flugmorph oh that... its weeb s***
    March 11 06:01 AM
  • Flugmorph lol what conversation, its just a gif
    March 11 04:26 AM
  • Gameofmetal i might cover it, but I kinda expect it to be pretty bad and not worth talking about. fit for an autopsy has a record out the same day so that might be a better option. Excited to read your article tho
    March 10 05:18 PM

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