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  • evilford sweet thanks man, that sounds like pretty good advice actually. more than I had to go on lol. I'll probably start working on a rev sometime this weekend.
    August 22 10:15 AM
  • evilford sup dude hey I think I'm gonna write a review. kinda nervous about it, can ya gimme some tips/pointers on reviewing? think imma review sororicide - the entity
    August 21 05:20 PM
  • TheMoreira What oh man, put on Destroyers of All like 10 mins ago, for like the 8th time. Proof listening, i'll grant it a 3. Still gotta check the rest man, next will be Everything is Fire like u rec'd. I just have been a bit busy with recording our new EP so yea : /
    August 21 01:28 PM
  • BigPleb No-one hates you, everyone has a bit of Jac in them :DD
    August 21 11:00 AM
  • BigPleb I wanted you in the thread tbh, its funny seeing the butthurt flow cos it flows HARD in Beatles threads.
    August 21 10:49 AM
  • BigPleb Needs more 'idyllic utopia' lines.
    August 21 10:46 AM
  • tommygun god dam
    August 21 08:31 AM
  • tommygun he fixed that first line thing after i called him on it tho :D why the fook do so many reviewers do that now
    August 21 07:57 AM
  • tommygun shiii i don't envy you dude prob best to drill a hole in your skull and pour some bleach in there to wipe the memoriez
    August 21 07:57 AM
  • tommygun couldn't get past the first five or six sentences dude
    August 21 07:54 AM
  • SeedsofNone will u be the lmao to my ayy?
    August 21 12:44 AM
  • R3fl3cti0ns I read your list of favorite death metal albums. I couldn't agree more with Everything Is Fire as #1. Ulcerate is a criminally underrated band.
    August 20 10:27 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Sounds good. And I understand. I'm not aware of what was conversed on the Kiss thread. I merely saw a comment in your shoutbox so I felt I'd ask. But take care, regardless.
    August 20 09:52 AM
  • evilford dude soulseek is the greatest thing ever made
    August 19 10:34 PM
  • BigPleb Ah sput, a place of such wonder!
    August 19 07:10 PM
  • CaptainDooRight not a problem. I don't mind waiting until you're satisfied with a final project. That is, if I finish first. I'm estimating maybe another week before I'm done. Regardless, I won't do anything, going forward, without your consent. Hey and how have you been lately. I think I saw somewhere you were a little depressed. Everything ok mate.
    August 19 09:58 AM
  • oltnabrick just watched him make a peanut butter sandwich for ten minutes.
    August 18 11:59 PM
  • evilford it did but we sorted em out
    August 18 11:19 PM
  • evilford good ideas. oh and idk if you saw us tear that dude to shreds in the KISS thread but it was pretty ****ing funny
    August 18 11:03 PM
  • evilford cuz I've been there. still there lol, for a long time.
    August 18 10:57 PM
  • evilford right on dude, I hear ya. good luck to ya. it's cliche but seriously, you ever need anyone to chat w/ or just use to get s*** off yer chest just lemme know man.
    August 18 10:57 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Yeah. I don't want to dwell on it, because it's obviously a really sensitive subject for a site like Sput, but........ Take care, ya hear? We lost a good man recently.
    August 18 10:51 PM
  • tommygun dude are you revving the new opeth or not gonna bother cos of the sea of terrible revs already popping up?
    August 18 08:39 PM
  • dannyboy89 Yeah man, just a bit unplugged from music these days. Been watching movie after movie.
    August 18 07:18 PM
  • CaptainDooRight album: I have two tracks left to complete. I know I was gonna send you some previews but since I'm so close to being done I think I'd have you obtain the full lp. I literally have no idea what you're gonna think about it but I'm excited to show you nonetheless
    August 18 05:20 PM
  • evilford depressed? I have chronic depression and anxiety. I'm on your side!
    August 18 01:59 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'll be entirely honest: I've stuck by Noct even after he's said some dumbass s***. But I gotta agree with Pleb this time. That was a special kind of stupid. The kind of stupidity that breeds false and dangerous ideas into people. And I feel like I owe you an apology for being with that dickhead for so long.
    August 18 01:54 PM
  • evilford ayy didja see my post jac
    August 18 01:50 PM
  • BigPleb Ye, removed that last little segement cos don't want peeps using it for troll bait at some point. Gonna avoid that KISS thread like the plague now.
    August 18 01:30 PM
  • BigPleb I'm still on the waiting list for another 6 weeks, hence why I joined the gym to keep me occupied. Some days it really gets you down and others don't seem so bad. Its like it comes in real horrible droves then you find a release for a small period of time. I think my problem points more towards bipola but I'm not sure, hence why I wanna see somebody fast. You'll pull through dude, doing something about is the first big step you take on the road to 'normality', as it were.
    August 18 01:17 PM
  • BigPleb Ye but that kind of thing is hard to maintain, people are found out eventually. Its just a matter of people being insensitive about it. Unfortunately, people who don't understand depression will never understand. Its a goddamn disease.
    August 18 01:11 PM
  • BigPleb The internet really annoys me sometimes, depression isn't a laughing matter when put forward in an awful way such as Gene. People die from this stuff, don't let anyone tell you what you are/aren't, **** em. Man its really infuriated me.
    August 18 01:07 PM
  • BigPleb **** some users in that KISS thread, legit awful human beings.
    August 18 01:03 PM
  • evilford dude are you going to MDF 2015???? I probably am w/ a buddy and also, third wave of bands announced includes adversarial, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN, cianide, morpheus descends, and inverloch playing a goddamn disembowelment set. I'm so there.
    August 18 12:26 PM
  • tempest-- http://i.imgur.com/yp6mcTc.jpg
    August 17 12:44 PM
  • tempest-- the most brendany picture that ever brendan'd
    August 17 12:43 PM
  • evilford the mixing is a little odd but they slay pretty gud
    August 17 01:19 AM
  • evilford hey jac how you feel about lvcifyre? I'm getting a humongous ulcerate vibe from them
    August 17 12:58 AM
  • Wizard Gonna give a full read tonight but I ****ing approve 100% with all of your picks. And the beauty with this list is they could all be interchangeable and still top out a dm list. I've thought about doing a list like this but I might cry when everyone rips apart my favourites hahahaha.
    August 16 07:23 PM
  • theacademy thats me *5s a buncha false post-hardcore and nu metal albums*
    August 15 12:12 PM
  • evilford outre's close. it's probably another one that'd be in the 101-115 range
    August 14 09:41 AM
  • evilford I'm happy with that, I know ur prob upset that eif isn't higher
    August 14 06:45 AM
  • evilford How's my list score on the jac-ometer?
    August 14 06:40 AM
  • deathschool Ayy
    August 14 03:39 AM
  • Futures interpol- turn on the bright lights
    August 14 02:54 AM
  • DrMaximus Genocide Organ? Ramleh? Sick s***, dude. Check Male Rape Group.
    August 12 10:04 PM
  • tommygun rip?
    August 12 07:55 AM
  • Crysis ...reviewing frequency (which was a big thing in our last round of promotions), whether you're easy to work with, etc etc. So, it's not simply just quality of reviews. That said, you've definitely improved in your writing a whole lot so if you keep at it I see no reason why your reviews would not be staff quality, it's just those other things you really want to work on to make yourself a frontrunner.
    August 12 06:22 AM
  • Crysis Yeah constructive criticism is hard to find around here nowadays so I understand your frustration there. It's difficult for me to answer your question for sure since the staff selection process is more of a democracy thing where we all kind of "vote" for who we think would be a good fit, and that often brings us to discuss more than just quality of your writing. It's about site persona, types of albums you cover, whether or not you review new releases...
    August 12 06:20 AM
  • fromtheinside hey lovely what you up to
    August 12 12:37 AM
  • OmairSh http://m.memegen.com/7zm2fm.jpg
    August 12 12:25 AM
  • BigPleb hahahahha headphones killed it! wow, that was daaaaamn funny hahhah
    August 11 10:43 AM
  • TbhSmh for you I will be myself forever, together we lighten up sputnikmusic from bigoted mods agreeeedddd!!!!!! greetings from my village \m//
    August 11 10:16 AM
  • TbhSmh loppphhh you glorious horse ihihihihihi, see you soon maybe ihihihihihi
    August 11 06:55 AM
  • CaptainDooRight apologies for any offense. Had way too much vodka and cran last night
    August 10 11:46 AM
  • fromtheinside plug is up, but it's the old site now, it's gonna take 8 days for the new one. me rosa and calc are jammin
    August 10 02:00 AM
  • fromtheinside GUESS WHAT'S BACK UP!?!??!??
    August 10 01:29 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges *then. fuk.
    August 9 09:10 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'll finish them up in that order, them. Gracias.
    August 9 09:09 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Lol, in all seriousness, it was pretty good stuff. How would you rank them, personally?
    August 9 08:40 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Yes. I am now in the spirit world with spooky.
    August 9 08:32 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I finally decided to check Ulcerate.
    August 9 06:04 PM
  • Xar Why can't pleb have gud taste like you. D:
    August 9 09:45 AM
  • lalchimiste I know you dig Marston's production job and the bands associated. Here's a song from an upcoming album he produced you might dig : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gSVoTNYRLYI added them on the database. Cheers
    August 8 07:38 PM
  • fromtheinside and i called him out for it.
    August 7 08:15 AM
  • fromtheinside i could fill you in
    August 7 08:13 AM
  • Kman418 would i like unwound
    August 7 05:53 AM
  • Kman418 listen to car bomb with me
    August 7 05:52 AM
  • Kman418 wow that was rude
    August 7 05:50 AM
  • Rowan5215 tbh imo?
    August 7 05:49 AM
  • Rowan5215 Nah he's cool don't be mean
    August 7 05:47 AM
  • Kman418 hows your day been
    August 7 05:46 AM
  • Rowan5215 **** I just wanna jam its been soooooooo long
    August 7 05:43 AM
  • Rowan5215 dude let's jam
    August 7 05:41 AM
  • Futures "annihilate" hmmmmm
    August 7 03:52 AM
  • SaneTBP Yup that's pretty much my thoughts about it
    August 7 03:49 AM
  • SaneTBP Heh yes I am! Hope you'll dig it and nice Zombies rating
    August 7 03:41 AM
  • CaptainDooRight If it's not a problem. I just want to appear what you wish in the drawing.
    August 7 12:15 AM
  • CaptainDooRight I understand. If I may make a small request. Because most sites accept only square images, is there any way to keep the dimensions within that realm. I'd hate to shrink or cut anything from the original. I see that as being kind of disrespectful.
    August 6 09:50 PM
  • Phlegm i love ur pic X
    August 6 09:12 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Wow! Well, I'll leave that up to you. I'm less experienced in what to look for in visual art. With that being said, I fully appreciate what you've done thus far. Your art is your art and surely your name is at stand. So, if 'you' wish to, I'd be more than happy to partake with your offer. Album - I'm currently 6 tracks in with the album and am very happy with its progress.
    August 6 12:01 PM
  • BMDrummer creepy af profile pic
    August 5 10:01 PM
  • thelastsignal Dude, your profile pic is creepily awesome. Where did you find it?
    August 5 12:42 PM
  • tommygun excellent dig :]
    August 5 08:52 AM
  • Keyblade Get happy soon xo
    August 5 08:45 AM
  • gypsyrick And I have Odessey
    August 5 05:54 AM
  • gypsyrick WHAT? that's cruel! I was just trying to have fun. It was fun, until I was banned. And that made me sad so... isn't that bad? It really did.
    August 5 05:54 AM
  • TheSpirit Okay, thanks man, I'll definitely give it a shot.
    August 4 07:19 PM
  • YakNips LOL im proud of u
    August 4 02:12 PM
  • fromtheinside ulcerate,
    August 4 01:05 AM
  • YakNips lol alright i'll be gone by the time u come back so take screenshots for me
    August 3 11:30 PM
  • YakNips lol damn, are u gonna play harsh noise at least?
    August 3 11:24 PM
  • YakNips how is ur venture into the deathcore land going
    August 3 11:20 PM
  • evilford also your rating on sleepers kinda surprises me, I thought that was fairly boring but nice eructation rating that thing s***s riffs
    August 3 01:55 AM
  • evilford lol. I got em but I bet we still can't get a connection
    August 3 01:52 AM
  • evilford what's that classical hm??? btw if you haven't heard any Dr. Shrinker, check them out dude...really early dm from Wisconsin, they only recorded a few demos but they're awesome
    August 3 01:49 AM
  • evilford sup bro
    August 3 01:45 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Well, if I make contrib, I'll be the first contributor with a fruit in their name.
    August 2 11:41 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges You will officially be the first Brony staff member. Well, as far as I know.
    August 2 10:07 PM
  • BigPleb This one dude: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Line-Spider-IV-Watt-Amplifier/dp/B002MEQAN8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8
    August 2 10:05 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges It can't hurt to try. I think you'd totally deserve it.
    August 2 08:32 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges You thinking about applying for staff in 2015?
    August 1 09:26 PM
  • BigPleb jam bb?
    August 1 10:35 AM
  • BigPleb Dude like does brickwall even matter? I mean, when Fallujah do it they SUCK but DC is like the Great Wall of China so BEST ALBUM EVER!
    August 1 08:16 AM
  • BigPleb Not avin it, overrated twaddle.
    August 1 08:15 AM
  • headphones I like youuu... I love youuu... I like youuu... I love youuu.... and thank youu!!! and thank youuu!!!
    August 1 07:32 AM
  • tempest-- you missed it rip
    August 1 12:56 AM
  • tempest-- seaeric on cam omg http://tinychat.com/sputnik
    August 1 12:17 AM
  • BigPleb Its riffs time, no Chariot tho pls.
    July 31 07:03 PM
  • BigPleb I wanna jam and I always get what I want.
    July 31 07:01 PM
  • Hawks I don't. :[ It's cool dude I'll find one. m/
    July 31 06:05 PM
  • Hawks Damn I just did couldn't find one. Gonna try again lol.
    July 31 06:02 PM
  • Hawks Dude do you have a d/l link for that new Impetuous Ritual album?
    July 31 05:57 PM
  • deathschool Look, if you wanna rec me something, you can do it like a civilized human being.
    July 31 12:00 AM
  • deathschool Lame tunes? Bitch plz
    July 30 11:31 PM
  • deathschool Youtube
    July 30 11:28 PM
  • deathschool How did you find me? ? ?
    July 30 11:18 PM
  • aok convince me to listen to Sigur Ros Kveikur and Tim Hecker Ravedeath, 1972 . readyyyy go
    July 30 04:57 PM
  • Wizard Where did he have a meltdown so I can torture him some more?
    July 29 07:40 AM
  • TheMoreira Oh i think so, even though i think cleaner production still gets me better! Btw i left a rec here the other day, Vinterbris - Solace. Do you know them? I really feel like you would dig it!
    July 28 08:19 AM
  • TheMoreira RIP awesome dm list, you will be missed :'
    July 28 07:48 AM
  • Futures little japanese girls is the future of metal ditch all your death metal its obsolete
    July 28 02:45 AM
  • Futures necro about BABYMETAL fvck man fvck STAFF
    July 28 02:22 AM
  • TheMoreira Dude you totally took down that DM list you had made for me, i used to recur to it often. I died a bit today.
    July 27 07:02 PM
  • Futures This is the future of metal right here. Ten years from now, we'll all look back on this record and view it as a pivotal turning point in heavy metal's evolution as a genre OH MY GOD HELP ME
    July 27 06:16 PM
  • tommygun sorry man after 5ing the meadowlands i couldn't in good conscience keep the krusseldorf 5 like it's v v good but y'know
    July 27 05:34 PM
  • DrMaximus RIP
    July 27 03:03 PM
  • DrMaximus What room do the jammers jam in? Every time I check the rooms are empty
    July 27 02:53 PM
  • Futures ye i got them all written down. swee sounds like i need that stuff haha.
    July 27 01:21 PM
  • Futures that album man. heaviest thing i've ever heard no joke. the riffs are relentless
    July 27 01:14 PM
  • Futures dude that sounds cool as fvck
    July 27 01:02 PM
  • Futures aight but what album tho
    July 27 12:58 PM
  • Futures if it sounds like artificial brain then i'm in
    July 27 12:52 PM
  • Futures will do man! is it cause they're from straya
    July 27 12:49 PM
  • Futures ahhhh s*** will do man. but really man that album. riffs so HARD. need more s*** like that.
    July 27 12:45 PM
  • Futures lmao. dude artificial brain was so good. might be my aoty
    July 27 12:40 PM
  • Futures artificial brain OMG HOLY s***
    July 27 02:19 AM
  • Futures just finished my 2nd. SHOULD I THO
    July 27 01:01 AM
  • tommygun this weekend's edition of club snaps from pleb: http://i.imgur.com/kqlI4JO.png
    July 27 01:00 AM
  • Futures dude swee thats on the JAM list. and yeah this album man. wtf have i been missing out on. t/t is like the best thing ever created i think.
    July 27 12:59 AM
  • Futures dude i just jammed wish you were here ...fuk
    July 27 12:19 AM
  • TheMoreira I'll be jamming Destroyers again for now! Bro u seriously gotta check Vinterbris - Solace. ****ing awesome BM newcomers
    July 26 06:07 PM
  • BigPleb Didn't you 2 that dude? So disgraceful ;_;
    July 26 02:09 PM
  • BigPleb hahahah, just jam Starless and ponder the mysteries of the universe.
    July 26 02:07 PM
  • BigPleb Dang dude, I would give u some cos just found some whiskey and beers from Thursday night m/
    July 26 02:05 PM
  • BigPleb Lol so glad he's back! Why are up so late bb?
    July 26 02:03 PM
  • BigPleb LOL wtf is that?
    July 26 02:02 PM
  • TheMoreira Hm i felt like it was a bit samey i think the riffs weren't that hard hitting. But i feel like that a lot on my first couple of listens of stuff in this strain, so 1 listen wouldn't be enough anyway.
    July 26 02:01 PM
  • TheMoreira Jammed Destroyers Of All yday, didn't do much for me tbh. But i will give it a good chance still!
    July 26 01:49 PM
  • Futures ye dude i love gorguts. will check immolation.
    July 26 05:06 AM
  • Futures well ya but i mean in general. never listened to much dm for some reason.
    July 26 05:00 AM
  • Futures fook that sounds great. also im gonna jam the new dead congregation and behemoth as well! starting to explore true death metal finally.
    July 26 04:53 AM
  • Futures heard the t/t track it was so good man. gonna check it now since its jac approved!
    July 26 04:47 AM
  • Futures dude have you ever jammed inferi?
    July 26 04:27 AM
  • true i'm just postin oldd reviews on here but hey you never know if this doesnt get nuked
    July 25 05:42 PM
  • evilford wow sounds pretty gay
    July 25 05:37 PM
  • evilford dang. who do you have to kill to get on what.cd?
    July 25 03:30 PM
  • evilford so if soulseek is your last resort, what are your first resorts?
    July 25 02:53 PM
  • evilford hey man so where do you get stuff you can't find on soulseek? I'm getting a lot of stuff but there's also a lot of stuff that I can't get there...please be specific since I am a retard noob :]
    July 25 02:18 PM
  • Keyblade Sweet, thanks yo
    July 25 09:23 AM
  • Keyblade LOL I'm dead. Actually made the list, any help would be appreciated :3
    July 25 09:01 AM
  • Keyblade Need to start on it still ;_;. Gonna make a list asking for motivational tips/tricks brb
    July 25 08:27 AM
  • Keyblade lol really? Lotta Fetor fans nowadays huh lel. But yeah I'd love to see more. Your LP5 review was awesome. I really need to start reviewing too, there are a lot of albums that need more exposure.
    July 25 08:24 AM
  • Keyblade It's impeccable as per usual. Love how you painted the review against the backdrop of the current trends of how we consume music. Really puts it into perspective
    July 25 08:10 AM
  • Futures im ded
    July 25 01:55 AM
  • Futures the riffs are crushing my skull i don't have much longer!!!
    July 25 01:36 AM
  • Futures halfway through everything is fire. ...fuk
    July 25 01:32 AM
  • fromtheinside lol, it doesn't really matter. c'est la vie
    July 24 11:57 PM
  • fromtheinside you'll be ok. :) i was joking! but you and clim started it lol
    July 24 11:46 PM
  • fromtheinside bae i'm right here and in your fallujah cd
    July 24 11:31 PM
  • TheMoreira You're scaring me stahp b4 i start peeing bad meme-y jokes about Fallujah's new album cus very scariness.
    July 24 01:53 PM
  • TheMoreira Wtv, i will check that to see how right you are about that lel
    July 24 01:45 PM
  • TheMoreira music = creativity = subjectivity/personal interpretation/taste
    July 24 01:45 PM
  • TheMoreira And btw today is checking new Fallujah day round these parts, so ****ing stoked
    July 24 01:37 PM
  • TheMoreira Oh i will then. Damn man 1 year that's a lot. But i can relate to that, bands/albums falling under the radar for a while happens more often than we'd usually expect
    July 24 01:36 PM
  • Futures expecting a lot TBH. but ya new fallujah was swee prob a 4 idk. felt a little samey. but i guess thats all tech death. the atmospheric parts were swee
    July 24 01:29 PM
  • Keyblade my love of power electronics!!![2]
    July 24 01:28 PM
  • TheMoreira I mean mostly the mood and atmosphere, if you catch my drift.
    July 24 01:28 PM
  • TheMoreira thanks bro. As always drowning in jams but i will SURELY give one of those a listen today. I like some depressive s*** as post metal goes like Cult Of Luna, and on that BM post hybrid i really like some Alcest stuff and Deafheaven. Can i expect something like that (more dm of course) within any of these albums (or on a specific one in special)?
    July 24 01:27 PM
  • Futures fook man. fook.
    July 24 01:25 PM
  • Futures i expect to get it right away! i loved the songs in plug actually. o ya new fallujah i jammed it. its p cool i like it.
    July 24 01:19 PM
  • Futures aight im gonna do it tonight man. everything is fire. gonna jam it.
    July 24 01:15 PM
  • DrMaximus Lmao, no way. That needs a review hard. I look forward to reading your interpretation :]
    July 24 01:12 PM
  • DrMaximus A Fetor review would be fantastic. i need a place to discuss my love of power electronics!!![2]
    July 24 01:02 PM
  • MO yea that's fair dude. I mean ultimately you like what you like, there is just quite a bit of the genre I see as doing it to see how fast you can play (rings of saturn...ugh). in all honesty, I'm damn surprised I'm digging it as much as I am. I think it's because they're a touch more progressive and have some nice airy parts to their songs.
    July 24 11:11 AM
  • Futures swee. i need a place to discuss my love of power electronics!!!
    July 24 11:05 AM
  • Futures awwwwww sheeeeit. what albums?
    July 24 10:56 AM
  • MO Part 2. Now as a musician I completely appreciate how hard some of the stuff is that they're doing in the more mainstream cook-cutter stuff, but it's just sort of lifeless. Anyone can learn to play fast and do only that if they put in the time. But to actually create good songs and utilize the strengths of speed where they're necessary is what ultimately divides the tech death scene for me.
    July 24 10:53 AM
  • MO I'm a fan of a decent amount of tech death, but not the stuff that's a more conventional/mainstream sound. The genre is completely over-saturated with bands that are simply going through the motions, playing as fast as possible and using production as a way to make themselves sound even more fast. They do it for the speed and simply blurting out as much s.hit as humanly possible. Bands like Gorguts, Augury, etc find ways to slow it down at times and make their music breath quite a bit.
    July 24 10:51 AM
  • Futures rev fetor u bitch
    July 24 10:51 AM
  • tommygun dude every time a new rev appears on front page and it isn't krusseldorf i die a little inside
    July 24 12:35 AM
  • Xar ah i suppose so. i don't mind much, i love rerating s*** and that comment count was getting a little embarrassingly high. all good. :]
    July 24 12:15 AM
  • Xar nm just got banneded
    July 24 12:05 AM
  • Xar should be pretty obv mate :]
    July 24 12:00 AM
  • climactic http://tinypic.com/r/194m5d/8
    July 23 11:42 PM
  • climactic lol dudeeeeee we're in plug
    July 23 11:23 PM
  • tommygun yes bowie and eno invented ambient :D nah i jest... excited for review and will bump daily cos alb rules and more people should get it in their ear holes
    July 23 09:24 PM
  • tommygun smh have u even heard low
    July 23 09:21 PM
  • tommygun omg omg u better use one or all of the following words: 'icy', 'fracture', 'bowie'
    July 23 08:09 PM
  • cmanno1 Production is phenomenal on the new Fallujah... I'm a huge audiophile, also into sound engineering, and don't get me wrong I love dirty old school death or low-fi blackened w.e if it aids the atmosphere and the genre. For what Fallujah are going for production, mixing, and mastering seem spot on. So ya I'm just curious what annoys you about it?? Love your taste in music btw :)
    July 23 06:58 PM

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