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  • Arcade i'm liking that gy!be rating
    March 27 02:52 AM
  • Gyromania awesome soundoff! 10/10
    March 26 11:23 PM
  • DaveyBoy Funnily enough, not only did I come across this lineup a week or so back, but I noticed Givers on there and looked up when their next LP was coming out. Couldnt find any reference to it at all. Really unsure what they are doing tbh.
    March 26 06:11 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot thanks for the snox-y blast from the past
    March 24 04:05 PM
  • RadicalEd wow, would love to go to vegas once in my lifetime. Watching some sick basketball games would be nice as well. Good for you. Now go back to writing reviews and s*** ;)
    March 23 03:40 PM
  • RadicalEd vegas huh? For fun? Must have been great. Wasn't a huge fan of her earlier stuff, but i think this album is a bit of a gem, it's more direct and less meandering than her other stuff. It's still a bit boring at times, but pretty engaging most of the time.
    March 23 03:15 PM
  • RadicalEd Hey klapster, have you heard the new Laura Marling album? If so what did you think of it, if not what are you doing with your life. I think it's way better than her last two albums.
    March 22 05:10 AM
  • DaveyBoy So, what did you make of that Tobias Jesso LP? Oddly captivating, isn't it?
    March 10 07:55 AM
  • psandy nice! yeah the LPs look sweet. perhaps i'll bring myself to indulge. also, you digging Daughter lately? Very powerful performers, despite the subdued nature. I got a chance to meet them once, actually. Elena has a super thick European accent, it was surprising.
    March 10 01:19 AM
  • psandy got my brother that Father John Misty rec for his birthday, you should definitely check out the physical CDs. Tons of stuff in there, even a "guide for listening".. its hilarious. Tillman really can't stand being sincere.
    March 9 09:04 PM
  • Ponton my name is rod and i like to party
    February 21 11:13 AM
  • StrangerofSorts chuurs ssir
    February 20 01:30 PM
  • theacademy sounds like the right idea... just kill the mbe and the essays and youll be aces
    February 16 10:15 PM
  • theacademy read the outlines and do a few q's if you can but don't read too much into how insanely difficult they seem b/c theyre such a small portion. i guess see if u can leverage learning distinctions for ur essays into studying for the MC (?)... def devote more time to ny essays than mc
    February 16 09:17 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot cool, thanks man
    January 30 07:36 AM
  • SowingSeason I was thinking about a 3.5 so it'll actually end up about the same then...I think there's songs on here I like better than anything on Carrier, but that was a better album overall.
    January 29 03:49 AM
  • SowingSeason So Individ...I think I might actually like a Dodos album more than you.
    January 28 10:52 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot :]
    January 28 08:25 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot yeah good points and bad points if you notice any. cheers man
    January 23 06:20 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot hey rudy, any chance you could glance at my Viet Cong review and lemme know what you think? I've been working to improve quite a bit so I'd be curious to hear an unbiased perspective
    January 23 06:05 PM
  • psandy They're playing it safe. Average for them but still a great record honestly.
    January 21 09:29 PM
  • psandy Nice. I don't think its anywhere near Carrier atm, but Dodos records are growers for me. The quality of it is hard to discern because they have such a distinct signature sound. It feels like every song could fit easily on Carrier or Visiter, though, and thats a bit troubling. I like the standout riff in Competition, nice and choppy.
    January 20 09:19 PM
  • psandy I hope you've got Individ dibbed.
    January 20 07:16 PM
  • fromtheinside i'll hide in my corner til we don't quack in big games.
    January 19 12:59 PM
  • AliW1993 Given the record a few listens. Wasn't overly keen on that one, but I loved Daffodils and the Mystikal track (Feel Right?)
    January 19 12:57 PM
  • fromtheinside SOMEHOW USC IS #4 OMG!!!!
    January 19 01:02 AM
  • SowingSeason Oh ok I'll definitely write something for it then. I was looking forward to reading your thoughts about it, but thanks for thinking of me because I love Meloy and co. and will have plenty to say about the new album
    January 16 07:06 PM
  • RadicalEd Check the new Sleater-Kinney rudy. Do it. Do it nau.
    January 13 11:38 AM
  • aok did you listen to deadmau5's latest lp? i was pleasantly surprised with it
    January 5 04:51 AM
  • Arcade where should i start with Caribou, Our Love or Swim?
    January 5 12:25 AM
  • aok oh mayyn i just chekd sputnik for first time in long time ushouldatextedmemayyyn
    January 1 07:43 PM
  • theacademy or u can ask downer or andy for it if thats easier. i work midtown pretty close to times sq
    December 23 03:26 PM
  • theacademy dude beers dude which is ur email ill send u my #
    December 23 03:25 PM
  • Hep Kat http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=170418
    December 23 08:45 AM
  • theacademy out east for xmas, back fri (i think), where u stayin
    December 22 11:45 PM
  • aok u hittin nyc soon?
    December 19 10:12 PM
  • SeaAnemone give her the o
    December 19 08:56 PM
  • Hep Kat like not even ****in around, "best deli" is soty
    December 18 04:44 PM
  • Hep Kat oh yeah it's on spotify too
    December 18 04:31 PM
  • Hep Kat and if you fancy, purchase one of the last 4 copies of the first press from new york's coolest label, katorga works: http://katorgaworks.bigcartel.com/product/weed-hounds-s-t-lp
    December 18 04:31 PM
  • Hep Kat https://soundcloud.com/weedhounds/sets/st-lp
    December 18 04:30 PM
  • Hep Kat s
    December 18 03:48 PM
  • Hep Kat because that should be amended onto the staff list because you guys eat that s*** up like hagen daz
    December 18 03:47 PM
  • Hep Kat have you even heard the weed hounds LP man
    December 18 03:47 PM
  • theacademy not to exaggerate tho but ive listened to it like 14 times so far
    December 10 05:49 PM
  • Athom It wore out in May.
    November 18 06:41 PM
  • theacademy swee.. im finally getting to sylvan esso
    November 13 08:23 AM
  • theacademy *finally infiltrates olympus* *looks for dibs thread* *ctrl f charli* fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    November 10 11:41 PM
  • theacademy new restraining order smh
    November 9 10:38 PM
  • Rowan5215 Ahh ok, dunno how I missed that leak but I've been busy with exams and such. I agree, not much stood out in the first half and the fact that Conrad is still taking most of the vocals when Jason is the way way superior vocalist still astounds me. Agreed on Bus Lines, the 7-minute one right after it and the closer are early picks for me. Also that's nice to know, you can thank VheissuCrisis for being the one who turned me onto that, best surprise of the year. I highly recommend the new Damien Rice
    November 4 11:47 PM
  • Rowan5215 Oh s*** I forgot about staff privileges and all that, damn. I only just heard it for the first time today, I really dig the second half but the first seems a bit lacking. Bus Lines is an easy standout, also (as I've said for every single ToD album ever made) it needs more Jason. What do you think of it?
    November 4 08:53 PM
  • Rowan5215 The new Trail of Dead is streaming, I believe you're contractually obliged to review it (pls)
    November 4 07:27 PM
  • Green Baron i find it funny that in one leagues, i have palmer and reed and you have rainey, oliver and fitzpatrick while in the other it's the exact opposite
    November 2 02:17 PM
  • Green Baron ayy i hate u for benching romo
    November 2 12:10 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Dat Taylor Swift soundoff
    October 27 08:16 PM
  • SgtPepper im secretly hoping that boardwalk's finale shows nucky and eli getting murdered, with mickey doyle then taking control of AC. and the final scene just mirrors house of card's season two finale as mickey stands in nucky's old office in the ritz but instead of banging the desk in the end like underwood, he just looks at the camera and gives one last stupid giggle.
    October 17 11:24 AM
  • SgtPepper yeah, i know. i'm still excited to see the ny/nucky war play out though. i can see eli going, maybe even mickey doyle (although he's kind of a master of getting himself out of the noose). nucky could go either way, but i cant see him getting out of this alive. whatever the direction, i have faith it will end on a great note.
    October 16 10:07 PM
  • SgtPepper i know! had my doubts initially, but it's a really solid season. these last 2 episode especially. i love how it?s focusing more on al capone and new york. kind of gay that van alden and chalky got killed off so soon though. i was hoping chalky would kill narcisse and go off in a blaze of glory against his henchmen, but the direction it took made for a more poetic send off. van alden's situation has been lol too, RIP. what are your thoughts? how are you feeling nucky's origin side-story?
    October 13 02:23 PM
  • Green Baron No one said I'm trying to be fair
    October 10 10:41 AM
  • Green Baron accept my trades you asshole
    October 9 11:40 PM
  • Deviant. You need to inform me of your reading habits then sir
    October 9 03:15 AM
  • Deviant. http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=15810 - now this is how I feel about Our Love
    October 9 02:32 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Goddammit, I can never finish a review in one sitting.
    October 8 04:56 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges You wrote the whole thing in one night? Dude, it took me practically three days to finish just two paragraphs!
    October 8 04:40 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges You beat me to the Caribou album, haha.
    October 8 03:10 PM
  • Deviant. I was talking to potsy about it not too long ago, but basically I think it's a great album. I just don't know if it's a great Caribou album. Swim was definitely him taking influences from house music, but kind of warping it into his own sensibilities. This feels very straight-forward and almost "light" for an album with that moniker attached to it. Reminds me more of his Daphni side-project. It's cool that he's all like "hey guys, let's freaking dance"...
    October 7 12:50 AM
  • Rowan5215 Fadeouts should be the enemy of any self-respecting band though
    September 26 01:15 AM
  • Rowan5215 oh that was great, will give them a download now
    September 26 01:14 AM
  • SeaAnemone klap = sowing cocaine, basically
    September 24 09:15 PM
  • mhart8 So I hear that you're currently digging tennis and literature? That kind of combination might have gotten you beaten up in high school.
    September 23 11:36 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Cheers. FYI this album is super droney, so if that's not your bag then I'd highly recommend departure songs. And if you have any criticisms on the review itself I'd be happy to hear
    September 22 12:08 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot really? huh. anyway, fantastic post-rock/ambient stuff. idk if that's your sorta thing though. at any rate, I just reviewed their new album, so maybe that can convince you to give them a peek
    September 22 12:02 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot are you a hammock fan?
    September 21 11:55 PM
  • Omaha i'm listening to Little Girl right now and mmm. Surprised you didn't coerce me to hear this before now.
    September 16 12:38 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot gotcha, thanks for the response man
    September 15 07:31 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Hey man what your general thoughts on a 'personal' approach to reviewing? Like, I know guys like Channing and Athom (and sometimes you I think) utilize some personal thought in their reviews... What are a couple Dos and Don'ts with this?
    September 15 02:28 PM
  • theacademy ...OR i could give that dog.'s discog the ol' staff treatment...
    September 11 04:56 PM
  • theacademy hmm i could 'cover' riotfest for the blog provide many, many hot takes
    September 11 04:55 PM
  • theacademy loved the source tags writeup btw (in case you needed the validation haha)
    September 11 12:48 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot Cool thx
    September 11 06:03 AM
  • Irving Hahahaha I know I was just pulling your leg =) However I notice that you gave the new U2 a 2.9 so we need to talk
    September 11 03:42 AM
  • Rowan5215 Yeah not a bad tune for sure but his vocals don't sound nearly as good as with the Trail of Dead songs. Not so much his voice changing as much as he just doesn't have that passion
    September 11 03:10 AM
  • Rowan5215 Oh shiiiiit its with the bassist of Dot Hacker as well sign me up for life
    September 11 03:07 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Aww, snap. Well, I'm looking forward to it, man!
    September 10 09:01 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Indeed. Any big plans for review number 200?
    September 10 08:29 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges where is the metuhl
    September 10 05:07 PM
  • Irving Did you plan it such that DFA 1979 would be your 200th review???
    September 10 01:56 PM
  • Voivod Don't mention it man, I just browse albumstreams.com from time to time, and I happened to be aware of the Ryan Adams album stream.
    September 9 01:33 PM
  • Voivod The Ryan Adams album is streaming at NPR (although I'm not sure for how much longer) you can put the link to your introductory comment in the review for everybody to see and listen - http://www.npr.org/2014/08/31/343973366/first-listen-ryan-adams-ryan-adams?autoplay=true
    September 9 03:44 AM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot I suppose my two more recent ones... the Yo Kojima as well as the Grey Gordon one (preferably this one as I haven't gotten much feedback). thanks
    September 8 08:39 PM
  • JohnnyOnTheSpot sup Rudy, idk if you ever critique user reviews but if so any chance you could peek at a couple of my recent ones and offer input? imo you're one of the best reviewers on here so it'd be cool to get a couple tips. you're probably busy though so it's no big D if you don't, but much appreciated if you do
    September 8 08:34 PM
  • deathschool Hey! I actually found it. Your secret is safe with me. ; )
    August 29 11:47 PM
  • deathschool Got something special in mind for your 200th?
    August 29 11:19 PM
  • DecayingMajesty fav artist?
    August 29 05:56 PM
  • DecayingMajesty hello
    August 29 04:49 PM
  • SowingSeason I think you might dig The Rentals' new album.
    August 29 06:30 AM
  • SowingSeason I'm not trying to treat you like a rookie, just wanted to throw a reminder out there that the draft is tonight 5:30 PDT / 8:30 EST
    August 28 01:50 PM
  • Brostep will listen to that too then
    August 27 10:06 PM
  • Brostep just downloaded rooty cause I haven't even listened to that yet lol. if I get around to it then sure but freshman orientation is this Friday so chances are no
    August 27 09:10 PM
  • SowingSeason I know you play fantasy football. I'm doing a staff and contributor league hopefully to draft this week if you want in. If so let me know your email, or type it in the thread I made in Olympus
    August 24 09:15 PM
  • SowingSeason I thought you'd like to know that Lost in the Dream hit me really hard. I can finally hear it.
    August 8 02:05 PM
  • SgtPepper I will. thanks, Rudy.
    August 7 07:16 AM
  • SgtPepper I listened to the one you recommended and "i turn my camera on" afterwards - both are great. i'm going to get gimme fiction now, but what other two albums would you recommend checking out to get into these guys.
    August 7 01:28 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Lol. Favorite bands: All of the bands,
    August 6 09:56 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges I'm stuck between a 4 and a 4.5 for the new Spoon album. What do you think it lies closer to?
    August 6 08:57 PM
  • fromtheinside you sexy sexy mo.therfu.cker. with your words and your words. UGH! (that spoon review)
    August 6 05:27 AM
  • SowingSeason If it's the vocals that turned you off in the past, he's reigned his cracking voice in a little...his solo material is also a little more melodic.
    August 5 11:10 PM
  • SowingSeason The new Rosebuds is really nice, glad to see you gave it a 4.1. Have you checked out Owl John? I forget if you even like frightened rabbit...
    August 5 02:35 PM
  • tommygun certainly will download when i'm home from uni tonight, really really enjoying the voyager on first listen... dig her style, almost like conversations set to music
    August 4 09:47 PM
  • theacademy dude im assuming i should be wishing u good luck this week. dont sweat that s*** bro it cant touch u
    July 28 02:08 PM
  • SowingSeason Ok I will. What do you think of the new album? It was way too fuzzy and noise rock-ish for my taste...
    July 24 11:58 AM
  • SowingSeason I liked Observator but before that I didn't listen to them at all really
    July 24 08:32 AM
  • SowingSeason I know how you feel man. I've been way too busy to write anything or even keep up with listening to new releases until a few days ago. This past school year was crazy - I never knew how much demand was placed on teachers until I became one. Good luck on your bar exam though.
    June 17 02:30 PM
  • SowingSeason I took a stab at writing about Familiars. It's summer break for me and I just felt like getting back into the game, even if I stop again for another 4-6 months afterwards lol. I hope you don't mind - just kind of assumed when I saw your comment that you no longer intended to cover the release.
    June 17 09:58 AM
  • tommygun thanks pal, means a lot coming from you. digging blind pilot, will acquire the debut
    June 13 03:06 AM
  • theacademy christ
    May 14 02:40 PM
  • JJwins Hey what's up man. I have an issue I need handled. I did a review and created an artist page for an artist called "taste tester" on here a few years ago. He contacted me and wanted to erase the review and the artist page as he's trying to his google search results and doesn't want old material to pop up. Anyway you can erase that review and artist page for me, along with this account that I don't use anymore? Thank you for your help.
    May 2 03:11 PM
  • aok when's summer freedom?
    April 29 08:37 AM
  • aok hey bay b. how's the mezz/sputlife been treatin ya?
    April 28 11:18 PM
  • Brostep electrolatino and electrogospel sound pree cool
    April 26 10:20 AM
  • Aids do you like my new avatar 8)
    April 22 07:23 PM
  • silentstar just saw that you rated bbc - would have been happy to see a ~3.8 but 3.5 is better than 3.4. anyway, I found this band called Everything Everything. you might dig them. they have a song called Cough Cough
    April 15 11:49 AM
  • theacademy blonde. fire.
    April 8 11:30 PM
  • PurpleBottle bitc ima killl u
    March 28 01:28 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy i really shouldnt beat you though tbh i dont know whats happening
    March 26 07:05 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy so what ur saying is if you dont lose any rounhjds, you will be the champion????????
    March 26 07:05 AM
  • Brostep also true
    March 25 11:39 PM
  • Brostep dude almost at 10k comments, premature congratulations from me
    March 25 02:58 PM
  • theacademy i got my tix for april 7... source tags on fri tho
    March 23 08:08 PM
  • oltnabrick easily dead
    March 21 10:33 PM
  • SeaAnemone such power. such terrifying, unbridled power over us lowly peons.
    March 21 09:50 PM
  • psandy wonderful, I like it a lot personally!
    March 17 10:08 PM
  • Aids Me too. It definitely started falling off a bit towards the end for me, but something about it kept me really intrigued (probably the bass). It's like a 3.8 kinda deal for me but yeah super great record. You never steer me wrong.
    March 17 08:10 PM
  • Irving I wrote that on my phone at like midnight - my brain has usually long-deserted me by then T.T
    March 16 09:11 PM
  • Insurrection no problem man it was long overdue. ive only heard red eyes so far and it was excellent
    March 16 02:25 PM
  • psandy i would love to hear your opinion on foster the people's new album.
    March 16 12:45 PM
  • robin summed up the new men for me right there
    March 4 12:43 PM
  • SgtPepper by the way, I'm completely caught up now. I've been home with a cold for the past few days so I pretty much spend the entire time watching it.
    February 28 07:36 PM
  • SgtPepper I hope it gets big. definitely one of the better dramas out there for me right now. I've grown tired of dark dramas that focus on antiheroes with family issues, because it's a dynamic that everyone is doing, but The Americans do it in a way that, isn't necessarily different, but just happens to work for them so well. Throughout season 1, I was just as invested in their missions as I was about Elizabeth and Phillip's relationship. The writing and acting is just phenomenal, man.
    February 28 07:31 PM
  • Lucid I want to feel like this forever too
    February 27 12:58 AM
  • SgtPepper That last comment was me, by the way. There was a minor bug when I pressed 'post'.
    February 26 12:58 AM
  • Hey, Rudy. Hope you're well. I started watching The Americans last week by the way. I'm on episode 5 right now- and it is amazing. I'm loving both the plot and the characters. I love how they depict a more realistic and old fashioned style of espionage rather than the 'flashy' Bond style (not that there's anything wrong with Bond.) It's such a well-rounded show. Thanks for telling me about it. I'm hoping to finish season 1 so that I can get synched with the new one.
    February 26 12:55 AM
  • DaveyBoy Yep, just posting it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
    February 17 05:44 PM
  • ferociouslettuce yoo . skipped bruno mars and brian adams to get to burial . you still all over brian adams?
    February 16 06:33 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Hey, thanks for all your feedback on my reviews in the past! It definitely helped me get promoted!
    February 14 02:45 PM
  • Curse. You listen to the Cheatahs album? Idk but it seems like something you'd like
    February 13 06:22 PM
  • Deviant. Taking bets on how many times I'm going to be watching this over the next few hours
    February 13 12:49 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh kewl, thx m8 eh
    February 11 12:00 AM
  • GnarlyShillelagh ayee never listened to sun kil moon seems like they're tough to get into if you start with the new album should i listen to somethin else by them first or fuk it?
    February 7 10:38 PM
  • Hep Kat finally something worthwhile on tumblr
    February 7 01:59 PM
  • theacademy well im in for the brooklyn show for sure, so let me know if u win the lotto
    February 6 10:21 AM
  • theacademy wait... "was $318" as in u threw down aand r coming to ny orrr "was $318" damn too much : ( sad face
    February 5 08:45 PM
  • theacademy two shows!
    February 5 08:24 PM
  • Deviant. Suicidal?
    January 24 10:09 PM
  • Deviant. http://glorybeats.com/bibio-the-green-wap362/
    January 24 09:57 PM
  • Hep Kat well let me ask you this: are there not dumb ****s in the world?
    January 24 02:36 PM
  • Hep Kat hey dude just dropped by to say i expect your support in getting some PUNX staff members this year. jom told me to do this btw. so yeah like remember that one time i showed ya that jc brooks album? well im callin that marker brah. i came to you 4th, after adam thomas, hanson, and sobhi. be an Hero rudy P/
    January 24 12:56 PM
  • aok omg whenn????
    January 22 01:10 PM
  • aok i guess even you saw it before me
    January 21 08:16 PM
  • aok yea yea yea
    January 21 07:12 PM
  • SgtPepper Hey Rudy. Have you heard Beck's new track yet? The new album is sounding really promising.
    January 21 05:03 PM
  • aok heyman - can you help me with getting a profile picture that isn't super blurry? thanks
    January 21 10:13 AM
  • Hep Kat dam nice, nice. yw
    December 31 02:39 PM
  • Lucid misinterpretations can be beautiful
    December 20 03:38 PM
  • Hep Kat yeah ive been into these guys for a couple years now. got to catch them when they were touring for their last LP. JC is an incredible performer
    December 16 10:45 PM
  • Hep Kat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt-D1wBVKGw
    December 16 10:37 PM
  • Hep Kat in all honesty, i think you could really get into jc brooks' howl. made my top 5 for the year which is NO SMALL FEAT
    December 16 10:34 PM
  • theacademy stop im just a man listening to pantera by the fire
    December 14 08:06 PM
  • robertsona shut it nerd
    December 12 02:51 AM
  • XingKing Your avatar is unbearable levels of cute. Please stop :3
    December 4 11:29 AM
  • tommygun done! thanks matey
    December 4 03:08 AM
  • SgtPepper I normally hate Eli, but he really came alive this season. It was really interesting to see him under Agent Knox's thumb (who was a real asshole). Van Alden was another highlight of the season for me too. He kind of went through a Walter White thing in the end, it's going to be great seeing him as a full-fledged gangster working with Capone and Eli. Those 3 together could be like a sitcom.
    December 3 09:21 PM
  • SgtPepper I don't know too many people who watch Boardwalk either. It's a shame, it's a very good show in my opinion. I'm excited to see more of Hoover as well, the scene with him and Narcisse was amazing. How did you feel about Eli surviving the season? I was hoping he was going to get a Fredo Corleone-like fate. but the fight scene with him and Knox was intense. Almost as good as the Chalky one.
    December 3 07:14 PM
  • SgtPepper Hey Rudy, I didn't know you watched it. but yeah I loved it. It was a little slow at first, but it has become my favourite season as well. I loved Narcisse and agent Knox (dat fight!). And yeah, the finale was heartbreaking. That last scene was painful to watch.
    December 3 02:56 PM
    December 2 01:35 AM
  • Irving Yeah okay that's fair enough I guess...and I did have Local Natives and Yo La Tengo on there till like the very last minute so you do have a point. That said, surprised to see no love at all for JT up your end haha.
    December 2 01:35 AM
  • Irving Klap we have like five albums that are similar wtf lol remind me never to trust you again hahaha
    December 2 01:27 AM
  • Irving My interest is officially piqued. Hurry up and post yours! Also remember to guard my back when everyone else lampoons me for s*** taste hahaha.
    November 27 08:54 AM
  • Irving Eh what really haha. I'd have thought that you, of all people, would hate that list. I mean - The Strokes in the top ten??!? =S =3
    November 26 10:35 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures ~rudy rates rap~
    November 17 10:45 PM
  • SeaAnemone dude don't talk s*** on pitchfork's and absolutepunk's taste in music that's not cool
    November 16 07:15 PM
    November 13 09:03 AM
  • SeaAnemone how does the new cut copy compare to their others?
    November 4 04:15 PM
  • Atari Sounds good, I'll shoot you an email in a bit with the review, but no rush at all. Thanks a lot!
    October 16 02:05 PM
  • Atari Hey man I've been following your reviews lately and I really enjoy them. If it's not too much trouble do you mind giving me some feedback on my latest review? I'm not writing as much as I was a few months ago and I'm feeling kind of rusty so any constructive criticsim would be helpful - plus you're a great writer so I figured you might have some good advice. If you don't have time it's cool but If so I'd appreciate it.
    October 16 12:21 PM
  • Deviant. You gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage Billy
    October 4 12:10 AM
  • SeaAnemone klap4.1music
    October 3 03:36 PM
  • Omaha He is as much of a human being as Lil' Wayne is at the end of the day!
    October 3 02:37 PM
  • Deviant. You far away from your Lorde review? Gonna need to feature something soon
    September 30 11:32 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. And I agree that for someone with as excellent lyrics as her, I should have gone into them more than just mention they were good. I think maybe I just assumed people knew that from her love club Ep, which not everyone would be familiar with. Also, agree that the review is probably a little too hyperbolical. I'll keep all those things in mind for my future reviews though (I.e. Elaborating more on ideas/claims). Thanks again!
    September 29 01:50 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Thanks! I appreciate it!
    September 28 03:06 PM
  • YourDarkAffected Yo could you give me some constructive feedback on my Lorde review? I figure you'd know what you're talking about more than most
    September 25 12:49 PM
  • Anthracks Or dance or bop
    September 19 10:18 PM
  • Anthracks It's also the first of Montreal album that is passive, or easy, listening. Usually oM is very much an active listening band. So it's definitely weird to just sit and listen and not really sing along (too much)
    September 19 10:17 PM
  • Anthracks I mean I've listened to it 42 times already :X
    September 19 01:59 AM
  • Anthracks It's weird that a lot of people say that it sounds like older oM...I don't think it does. I don't think it's much of a progression in sound either. It almost feels like a hibernation...it's the least impressed I've been with Kevin so far, but obviously I love it because I have it as a pretty strong 4.5
    September 19 01:57 AM
  • Trebor. Are you seeing this guy have a meltdown in the breaking bad thread?
    September 17 08:39 PM
  • someguest [size=2] [/size]
    September 12 03:20 PM
  • DecayingMajesty Really good review of carrier dude, awesome profile pic to :D
    September 7 09:06 AM
  • NightmareCinema16 Cool. Keep it up. Your reviews are pretty awesome.
    September 6 07:09 PM

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