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  • wtferrothorn Thanks!
    March 20 11:10 PM
  • wtferrothorn I listened to their latest album and it sounded pretty good. What other Of Montreal albums would you rec?
    March 20 04:29 PM
  • wtferrothorn Holy s***. Over 23,000 plays of Of Montreal. That's quite the devotion; I gotta respect that.
    March 20 10:02 AM
  • insanedrexl1 No prob dude.
    March 1 06:01 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Check it out. It sounds pretty awesome.
    February 26 09:59 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Hey, have you heard Goreinhaled's new album?
    February 24 01:35 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh I didn't even know it was released? I thought that was later this year.
    January 27 10:03 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh WHAT I'm jealous
    November 9 04:40 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Now I'm curious about this kickstarter haha. You could have been sashaying in Kevin's robes!
    November 6 09:11 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh You can win clothes worn by Kevin:
    November 3 11:03 AM
  • AmericanFlagAsh I'll get to them eventually
    October 27 01:58 PM
  • Voivod Hi man, I recently came across this Austrian dm outfit and I think you will enjoy their last album -
    October 24 03:57 AM
  • AmericanFlagAsh It is not. I'm sorry to disappoint. I listened to False Priest once and really didn't like it so I was scared away from post Fauna stuff. (Which is amazing)
    October 23 04:27 PM
  • CWBrown Hey if I could ask a favor of you. Since I noticed your of montreal love, I also noticed your death metal love. I'm not exactly new to metal, but not exactly up to date either. Could you head me in the direction of the best dm albums of the last ten years possibly?
    October 20 09:55 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh That's true. They have a pretty big discog. I've only fully listened to like 5 albums.
    October 12 03:47 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Kevin really is something.But I'm not sure I'll ever get that many scrobbles with one artist. That's amazing.
    October 9 09:28 AM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Holy tits, 22 thousand of Montreal plays?!
    October 8 11:16 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Hey, have you ever heard the band Foul Body Autopsy?
    September 3 03:15 PM
  • CWBrown You are one of few I have seen to give Paralytic Stalks the praise it deserves. Perfect album.
    August 24 08:58 PM
  • Voivod Indeed, both bands are great! I recently came across two other great Greek dm bands, Crucifiction with a great 2010 album -
    August 17 04:23 AM
  • Voivod Hey, noticed you are in the brutal death metal thing, I think you will like Cease of Breeding, somehow they sound a tad better than the average brutal death metal band -
    August 16 04:15 PM
  • evilford thanks sir, I'm sure you have. wasn't really meant to be a super informative list but everything there I've listened to a lot and love and endorse as multiple-listen quality. shadow put up a ****in' death list too that got featured, lots of lesser known stuff in there. I'm gonna do one of those eventually with stuff that's actually not too well-known. I'm sure you know most of this s*** just figured I would throw some dm lists at you since you brought that up lol
    August 15 12:50 PM
  • evilford
    August 15 12:39 PM
  • OmairSh Nice rack
    August 9 02:49 PM
  • TheNotrap lol what are you talking about?
    August 4 04:19 AM
  • insanedrexl1 Yeah, my favorite is probably also Reduced to Ashes.
    April 30 11:47 AM
  • insanedrexl1 What's your favorite Deeds of Flesh album?
    April 29 11:32 AM
  • lancebramsay I wrote a review for the Demon Queen album. Check it.
    October 1 08:13 AM
  • lancebramsay Demon Queen hype begins here
    October 1 06:54 AM
  • Veldin Do you happen to know what years Young Froth and Early Four Track Recordings are from?
    September 20 01:21 AM
  • klap yeah i wouldn't say it's a progression either. maybe it just reminds me of his older stuff bc it's so removed from his last few records
    September 19 03:26 AM
  • klap how bout that new of montreal? i'm liking it - sort of a throwback to some of his older stuff
    September 19 01:16 AM
  • Sleaper true, i agree. A good sadness is a pretty big experimental mess. definitely the weakest on it. Theres just so many cool influences in this album, im happy! (Mind you, i had almost no expectations for it), so that could be why im so surprised.
    September 9 08:15 PM
  • Sleaper haha yeh.. its refreshing to hear something similar though. Vanwyngarden is certainly trying to imitate aveytares vocals in alot of tracks.. but thats fine with me!
    September 9 06:53 PM
  • Sleaper yeh fair enough. I actually heard "I love you to death" first and was freaking amazed, it reminds me of some early ANCO stuff.
    September 9 06:47 PM
  • Sleaper i think its psych pop..theres plenty of tracks that are catchy.. it reminds me of an experimental beatles. I really really like it haha. Your no fan?
    September 9 06:29 PM
  • elbaliem yea,they are awesome.
    September 9 04:19 AM
  • Trebor. I look at your favorite bands, I look at all the indie threads you post in, 41% death metal, wut
    September 9 02:56 AM
  • elbaliem props for you dude.have you heard their new album?
    September 7 06:02 AM
  • elbaliem wow,never thought that i'll find someone who 5'd jasad.
    September 7 01:25 AM
  • Veldin That's awesome! I've yet to see them live and unfortunately, they aren't coming to my state in the upcoming dates. The sound they're going for on Sylvianbriar is sweet, eh?
    August 13 05:13 PM
  • Veldin New song from Lousy:
    August 13 02:45 PM
  • AfricanCowboy its all good then, I can upload things to mediafire! Are you missing any thee oh sees albums I have them all.
    July 31 04:03 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Do you have a dropbox by any chance? Its easier to trade music
    July 30 11:32 PM
  • AfricanCowboy Can I trade you music for Cyclops Reap?
    July 30 12:08 AM
  • AfricanCowboy Hey man do you have White Fence- Cyclops Reap?
    July 25 02:18 PM
  • Calc Good :] I'm not surprised you've heard of it. They are having a vinyl sale that's how I heard of them yesterday.
    June 4 07:14 AM
  • Calc have you heard of Demon Queen?
    June 3 09:51 PM
  • bach Sorry to hear about your break, man.
    May 25 05:06 PM
  • Xenophanes Tough break bud. My guy and I are about to split too. Feels bad :(
    May 25 02:24 PM
  • ViperAces dude, what does anthracks mean?
    May 25 11:10 AM
  • Veldin sending me a link to where I could dl the album. Like I stated before, if you don't want to, I completely understand.
    May 9 09:37 PM
  • Veldin Howdy! Seeing as you're one of the biggest fans of Of Montreal on Sputnik, I was wondering if you'd be willing to 'hook me up' with "Coquelicot...". If not, I understand, just let me know. thanx
    May 7 06:11 PM
  • Wizard Tbqh, I thought you were just being a dick but I see the ways now. Sorry for the years of turmoil.
    February 28 07:49 PM
  • Wizard "i'm aware it's exciting to people. do you not notice that i've been talking about that? i'm saying that excitement comes from an artificial place, i'm not talking about how real it feels."I have to give you props for that comment, couldn't have said it better myself about anything new this site gets it's hands on.
    February 25 09:26 PM
  • 666Micrograms thanks for the lyric upload braddah
    January 24 07:44 PM
  • nofunman did you like ataraxy
    December 26 07:00 AM
  • nofunman can you rec me god dm from 2012 please ill give you 3 dollars
    December 26 06:35 AM
  • BSX ke$ha friends!
    December 11 07:58 PM
  • JokineAugustus Good favourite bands.
    November 30 04:37 PM
  • Pestiferous That is one interesting as hell chart sweet
    October 28 09:57 PM
  • InvertTheInverted I was on the 'As Semen Blends With Rot' page and you mentioned that the album was cancelled. I wanted to know if you could shed any more light as to why this is? I really was looking forward to hearing if they had improved.
    June 22 11:04 PM
  • klap make a post in the moderator forum, Jom will usually all of that when it's something obvious like that
    June 18 03:16 AM
  • klap glad someone is listening to that new hot chip, i'm not a huge fan but it's really good. surprised it's flown under the radar here
    June 14 10:22 PM
  • klap *high-five* my taste is not limited to pitchfork ballwashers you know
    June 6 04:15 AM
    June 4 10:12 PM
  • BallsToTheWall There we go Adonis
    May 21 12:48 AM
  • BallsToTheWall How do I know that sexy stud is you and not just some sexy stud?
    May 21 12:31 AM
  • BallsToTheWall You do know how to make a girl blush...But don't mistake me for being easy...because i'm not...i'm a person...with emotions and feelings. I need a dinner and movie just like any other classy broad.
    May 21 12:03 AM
  • BallsToTheWall omg u r so kinky
    May 20 11:50 PM
  • BallsToTheWall tee hee hee you're so dirty
    May 20 11:11 PM
  • luschlotz Chile to Brazil?? hmm lets see... a couple thousand dollars. can't do :( Thanks a lot for the heads up though, hope they miraculously add a new date.
    May 10 04:53 PM
  • qwe3 rlly like your band thracks
    May 7 03:39 AM
  • MuhNamesTyler Pretty legit dude
    May 6 02:34 AM
  • MuhNamesTyler Is that really your band?
    May 6 02:00 AM
  • ZedO Also, Siksakubur will release their 6th album, St. Kristo, in Bandung Berisik metalfest...
    May 4 03:50 AM
  • ZedO Jasad postpone again their new release :( However, I already guessed it coz this May there is regional metalfest called "Bandung Berisik 2012". I think they will take this good opportunity, coz metalfest is one of the best chance to promote new release where they can open booth for merch, cd, etc, on the day of metalfest is held (Many Idn bands since long have taken this approach. I bet Burgerkill will also take this metalfest moment to release their documentary live-concert DVD.
    May 4 03:49 AM
  • foxxxy wow ****
    April 29 01:55 PM
  • Parallels yeah im not digging the new marina either.
    April 28 01:29 PM
  • foxxxy hey ****ass whats your deal rating the new eve 6 so low
    April 27 04:07 PM
  • ZedO Whoa, they design T-Shirt, perhaps, it's merchandise for their new album...
    April 23 11:54 AM
  • ZedO wow you changed your profile pic!
    April 10 03:37 AM
  • ZedO okay mate, here it is :"Do you want the insider news from Jasad's new album? This week, Man will be in vocals recording session."
    April 10 03:33 AM
  • Anthracks i really wish i could change my avatar but some jerk banned me from the forums
    April 5 11:34 PM
  • ZedO Yeah, in some idn indie-webzine i know both Bleeding Corpse and Asphyxiate still working on their new material album, i don't know exactly when they released new LP, perhaps this 2012, yeah i wish it will happen in this year. In early March of 2012, in Surabaya city, East Java, Bleeding Corpse has performed their three new should be a good sign. lol
    April 1 02:47 AM
  • ZedO dude, in Jasad facebook wall, they wrote : [i]Mudah-mudahan album Jasad bisa rilis bulan April...[/i]--in English : "May it happen that Jasad will be able to release new album in April..."link post : [A][/A]
    March 29 06:13 PM
  • ZedO I don't know man, when Jasad will release new album, I've browsed some idn news on the net, they should release new album in early 2012. Anyway, in Indonesia, non-mainstream artist always concern with 'postpone syndrome', it's common thing. My best guess; probably around August or September...
    March 29 08:13 AM
  • Vesper Haha, true. It's fun making people look like idiots when I argue with them, anyway. Also, thanks for filling up my shoutbox with naked man chest, mmm.
    March 23 09:44 PM
  • Vesper Yeah, it usually doesn't get to me, but, admittedly, sometimes I just want to rage-quit this site, because it never seems to get better.
    March 23 08:46 PM
  • Vesper Well, of course, it's what's 'cool' on this site. And if you get upset, then you're being oversensitive and PC. I think my favorite is when users call me a Nazi feminist **** or some variation of it, lol.
    March 23 08:36 PM
  • Vesper DEM GUNS. But, yeah, tell me about it - I receive the sexist and racist insults on here since I'm Asian and female, but a site full of mostly privileged, straight, white boys seems to bring out the homophobia and all sorts of s***.
    March 23 08:11 PM
  • Vesper Is that really you. And it's nice to see someone else who objects to the homophobic language on here.
    March 23 07:33 PM
  • CaptainDooRight the new sop is actually growing on me now, might bump rating to 3.5-4, it's actually really good
    March 22 01:51 AM
  • CaptainDooRight finally found that brutal dm band I was telling you about, they have only two ep's out which prolly why it was so hard to find, here's the post on one of their songs, band is Dysmorphic, let me know what you think. I think they sound similar to Decrepit Birth but have their own style.
    February 17 12:22 AM
  • couch 666 stay brutal 4ever
    February 7 11:23 PM
  • bloozclooz oh my what a nice looking man in that profile picture
    February 1 12:31 PM
  • Anthracks Add me on FB:
    January 24 02:59 PM
  • seedofnothing spawn of possession latest cd is def their best
    April 14 01:40 PM
  • seedofnothing i def agree with you about the high ratings for deeds of flesh, prob my fav brutal band, and their newest cd didnt bother me one bit, in fact i really enjoyed it and it has good replay value for me
    April 6 05:49 PM
  • couch
    March 23 03:58 PM
  • InHumanForm Dude Disentomb ****s my s*** up.
    March 20 10:21 PM
  • JizzInMyPants never took you as a raidohead fan u fag
    February 22 04:27 AM
  • EyesoftheAborted hey found this band call, hate division. Would like to know what you think of them.
    February 12 12:11 PM
  • TheSpirit coming at me for a comment count? getting desperate?
    February 4 03:09 PM
  • BSX ^_~
    January 26 02:39 PM
  • BSX You live on the edge. . . let's be friends! =D
    January 25 12:35 AM
  • BSX Tickets went on sale this morning (the 22nd) at 10am. I don't know if my friend got them or not because he got drunk and hurt his ankle. Ummm anyway you should get one! I got family in ATL so you don't have to worry about getting raped or robbed
    January 22 11:23 PM
  • Wizard Curious as to why you don't like new Ulcerate when you pretty much praised 'Everything is Fire'. Just wanted to hear your thoughts considering you listen to more of that style of metal than most on this site.
    January 21 08:45 AM
  • BSX Me too! A friend and I are planning on seeing in Atlanta this May
    January 20 09:58 PM
    January 18 11:31 PM
  • AtavanHalen Yes, but essential Xtina is Back to Basics. Oh, and Keeps Gettin' Better.
    January 18 07:38 PM
  • couch no idea :( o well
    January 17 09:59 AM
  • couch howdy im here whatsup, sputnikd all of my ratings idk y
    January 16 06:52 PM
  • AtavanHalen I like you already.
    January 16 05:08 PM
  • AtavanHalen I'd consider it. Wanna see Burlesque with me?
    January 16 07:31 AM
  • witchxrapist i dont like deeds because nu metal sucks bwo
    November 30 09:59 AM
  • couch yez
    November 10 07:36 AM
  • DeafMetal Is new Pathology worth listening to?
    November 9 05:01 PM
  • Oceans Yo listen to Cerebral Bore-Maniacal Miscreation pretty sweet bdm
    November 6 12:30 PM
  • couch hi anthracks
    November 5 07:29 AM
  • coneren HOLY SHIIT YOUR RSTING CHART IS VERY AWESOME...fuking caps lock...too drunk look up, but do you like Suffocation or Edge of Sanity
    October 4 02:07 AM
  • EyesoftheAborted Disentombed came out with a full length and since you rated their demo a 4 i thought you'd like to check it out and share your opinion on it maybe.
    September 29 11:27 PM
  • WARisalliknow91 I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you, I have been rating albums and it seems like every brutal death and tech death band you put up including Short Bus Pile Up who I know appreciate it.
    June 18 02:22 AM
  • Zip You like Jeffree Star? Wouldn't expect that from you
    June 5 04:10 AM
  • akirawwwrr hai u bith
    April 18 05:41 PM
  • JizzInMyPants wouldn't happen to know any other DM bands that feature heavy use of tremelo picked riffs like FGA and Mass Infection without vomit vox do you?
    April 2 03:39 AM
  • Brokenjewel Well, since you ask so pusillanimously...
    March 10 09:52 PM
  • Brokenjewel I admire your crazy pedanticism.
    March 10 09:34 PM
  • couch nope, not really! decrepit birth are finally recording that album tho... so you may want to check back on them often. other then that there is nothing really mang.
    February 12 03:25 PM
  • Wizard I bet you're loving the new Immolation album hahahahaha. So good.
    February 8 08:10 PM
  • couch get arkaik's new album... just came out today! its ****ing amazing!!
    January 26 09:44 PM
  • WvaSkittle dude you listen to some heavy ****ed up s***. haha. i have only like and have heard of a couple of bands you know (ie suffocation, cannibal corpse, dying fetus). any recs.
    January 21 10:45 AM
  • Wizard Dude, most people who listen to metal are the complete opposite of me hahahaha. No worries though, I don't specialize in any particular sub-genres and obviously you know your death metal better than myself. Hence why I trust your word. I tend to love everything about metal, except for the horrendous displays of homosexuality in the form of power metal hahahaha.
    January 13 06:54 PM
  • InHumanForm dude..the new defeated sanity song is ****ING SICK...the new album is going to be a bdm masterpiece
    January 12 09:41 PM
  • Wizard Picked up some Deeds of Flesh this weekend. Really enjoying 'Paths of the Weakening'.
    January 12 09:36 PM
  • couch pretty pumped for these guys off of unique leader : ://
    December 19 03:58 PM
  • couch nice ****ing list mate.
    December 12 07:16 PM
  • qwe3 OH its timothy olyphant
    December 11 12:40 PM
  • rasputin i know right, but i guess it totally groo on you
    December 10 10:45 AM
  • InHumanForm that asphyxiate album is the s***.
    December 8 06:09 PM
  • InHumanForm i can't get over Erase the insignificant, its epicness
    December 3 04:01 PM
  • couch i agree- people just aren't brutal enough around these parts... well except for a few good people ;)
    November 29 12:51 PM
  • couch yo, i just looked at the ratings for Reduced to Ashes, and i cannot believe that some people rated it a 2 and a 2.5. what gives?
    November 28 09:46 PM
  • InHumanForm new embryonic is sweet, though the vocals are meh lol
    November 28 01:06 PM
  • InHumanForm new septycal gorge is ****ing epic, holy s***
    November 28 12:35 PM
  • InHumanForm will do
    November 28 12:10 PM
  • InHumanForm devolved -calculated is pretty damn boring, another release off unique leader
    November 26 02:32 PM
  • InHumanForm is there any reason i should listen to dawn of azazel
    November 23 10:15 PM
  • InHumanForm damn harsh ratings on sepsism lol
    November 23 10:14 PM
  • Zip good call on Azazel, they suck ass
    November 22 02:55 PM
  • InHumanForm check out sepsism
    November 19 09:13 PM
  • InHumanForm im about to listen to mass infections new s*** tommorow, what bands would you compare it to
    November 15 09:04 PM
  • Zip well I really enjoy the neo-old school cuz the production is leaps and bounds better than the actual old stuff. It's hard to listen to Convulse and Pestilence cuz it's so quiet. Try Disparaged's new album, best DM all year.
    November 12 06:12 AM
  • Zip well you obviously hate old school too. Claws was one of the best this year.
    November 12 05:54 AM
  • Zip not really, but I don't understand your love for slam
    November 12 05:34 AM
  • couch now i know this won't happen but what if deeds' second vocalist was AJ Magana
    November 11 10:06 PM
  • Zip your wheel is looking a bit unbalanced thar...
    November 11 04:56 AM
  • couch new vomit the soul any good?
    November 10 02:50 PM
  • WatchItExplode You can't cut the throat of every cocksucker whose character it would improve.
    November 4 01:15 PM
  • couch WOW Brutus is sick.
    November 3 03:17 PM
  • InHumanForm the only slam band i really enjoy is devourment, mainly because molesting is like the first proper slam release and they sort of innovated the sound, but besides that slam is basiclly garbage.
    November 1 02:04 PM
  • InHumanForm i know you've heard cephalotripsys first cd, it ****ing sucks
    October 31 10:13 PM
  • InHumanForm why do you hate devourment man? lol s***s barbaric as ****
    October 30 08:59 PM
  • InHumanForm i suggest you re listen to procreating an apocalypse, 4 for sure
    October 30 06:33 PM
  • couch ;)
    October 30 10:05 AM
  • InHumanForm omnicide just gets really week towards the end and the vocals just downright suck. epoch is a lot longer and every song is good, and the vocals don't suck as much.
    October 29 06:59 PM
  • InHumanForm deeds of flesh is getting a 2nd vocalist, just read it on unique leader
    October 28 10:58 PM
  • InHumanForm yo i reviewed ctf
    October 28 06:37 PM
  • InHumanForm dude check out goratorys - orgasm induced diahrrea, that's their best cd.
    October 28 04:57 PM
  • InHumanForm lol you like Ne-yo?
    October 28 04:54 PM
  • couch where do u keep finding this brutal s*** dawg?
    October 27 06:45 PM
  • InHumanForm well judging by growing seeds it's probably gonna be a 4, since i can't erase my rating..great. don't search it erase the signficant yet because you wont get the real album.
    October 27 03:16 PM
  • InHumanForm lol nevermind the blogspot i got wasn't erase the significant, ****in japanese blogs..
    October 27 03:13 PM
  • InHumanForm na i dont have a last fm account, and i have heard bits and pieces from their new album and it isn't very good, the actual whole album isnt out yet, but its a 3 at best.
    October 27 02:52 PM
  • InHumanForm I think it's funny how rasputin and stagno gave psalms a 1.5
    October 25 11:46 PM
  • InHumanForm that gorepoflesh album is the s*** lol, awesome stuff
    October 25 05:08 PM
  • InHumanForm yeah i still need to check out bordequin
    October 25 04:50 PM
  • InHumanForm check out cemetery, there not bad
    October 25 12:33 AM
  • InHumanForm that goreinhaled album is ****ing AWESOME
    October 24 11:21 PM
  • InHumanForm Im blogspotting goreinahled now.
    October 24 11:01 PM
  • couch also, Deeds of Flesh luv
    October 20 09:57 PM
  • couch i strongly agree with InHuman... the extreme violence album rules.
    October 20 12:20 PM
  • InHumanForm that extreme violence album is ****ing great.
    October 19 10:10 PM
  • InHumanForm Broken Hope - Loathing
    October 15 09:32 PM
  • Benzum u r so angry and I don't like it
    October 9 07:51 PM
  • rasputin ignivomous rules ****
    October 3 10:37 PM
  • couch sick ratings bro.
    September 24 10:49 AM
  • DBlitz hey neighbour
    September 1 01:23 PM
  • DBlitz u gay for cowboys? LOL
    August 15 11:01 AM

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