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  • Titan im pretty pumped up, tired of NY, and have a nice gig lined up for work......cant wait!
    March 23 08:31 AM
  • Titan going to the Tampa gig....not the NYC shows now
    March 22 09:04 AM
  • Insignia7 Do I REALLY have to give you my password or is this just a plot to get me off this website?
    March 16 01:06 AM
  • KILL hahahaha dudes hes ****ing insane
    March 14 10:47 PM
  • Hep Kat srs bizness riffs:
    March 14 11:47 AM
  • KILL this guy rules does he go to your school?
    March 12 10:25 AM
  • KILL damn dude abhor makin the rounds
    March 12 07:46 AM
  • KILL dude you seen this?
    March 6 08:59 PM
  • KILL yea i was surprised how low he put signals, i thought that was his baby but i guess in retrospect he prob feels the synth was overbearing or some s***
    March 2 03:31 AM
  • KILL you see ged on the metal show? was pretty cool despite the retard presenters
    March 1 05:39 AM
  • KILL cant watch atm internet is almost dead, do they get booed?
    February 22 08:19 PM
  • KILL sweet could be seein wilson next month maybe not **** it
    February 20 12:33 AM
  • Titan Different Stages, Disc 3, Track 6.....just sayin
    February 8 08:18 PM
  • CatDICKawakening hey u checked out that kanye west album i told u 2 yet?
    January 29 05:13 PM
  • Titan brand new alex, doesn't reveal much but it's always a good listen
    January 26 06:15 PM
  • Titan
    January 26 06:14 PM
  • Chin what time
    January 23 07:09 PM
  • Chin fight me u chode
    January 23 07:05 PM
  • Titan Neil is the limiting factor....that or alex's health
    January 23 06:56 PM
  • Titan you worry about neil i hear ya.......but they will strike again. they already have a 'ton of great material' for a new record, gonna have to tour it dude
    January 23 06:52 PM
  • Titan honestly I'm content with 1. i'll end up kicking myself if i don't go to the prudential center in newark though but its a little bit of a bitch to get to from where i is on a saturday though so i have no excuse!
    January 23 06:06 PM
  • Titan it was so hard dude, i had 19th row and kicked them back because i wanted to get closer but then kept getting pushed back to the point where i didn't feel the price was worth it (like row 40 and s***). i still don't have tix yet but whatever, as long as I'm in the building - not like i haven't seen em before :D
    January 23 06:00 PM
  • Titan yeah they probably will seats at MSG are 225 including the fees.......ive never seen Rush that high
    January 23 05:46 PM
  • Titan freakin tix are pretty expensive this time around
    January 23 05:42 PM
  • KILL damn congrats on atlanta dates, i gota wait till next year i guess
    January 23 01:21 PM
  • Titan haha i'm pretty pumped too and am happy it's not in support of an album. we will probably get the songs they really love to play and ones that they frequently play but haven't on the last couple of tours. jacobs ladder is probably a lock and who knows, maybe Hemi????
    January 22 08:46 PM
  • Titan i don't blame you
    January 22 04:47 PM
  • Titan you can buy presale tickets tomorrow at that link, no password required
    January 22 04:26 PM
  • Titan
    January 22 04:25 PM
  • Titan yeah man, i have to be patient and wait a while before they get to me
    January 22 03:45 PM
  • Titan earlier than anticipated
    January 22 02:59 PM
    January 22 07:44 AM
  • Titan they like opeth and devin better damn
    January 18 08:10 PM
  • Titan not too many dudes Rushin hard nowadays outside of the 'Big 3'
    January 18 10:43 AM
  • Titan those are in arenas too......not outdoors.....makes you wonder
    January 17 03:21 PM
  • Titan yeah, based on those 'rumored' dates anyway
    January 17 02:20 PM
  • Titan looks like they will be near you around 7/5 - 7/15 or so
    January 17 08:09 AM
  • KILL never heard of it holy **** how many fast food chains do you have in america. and yea bands rock but do you mean a real band or sithis kinda s***
    January 16 03:16 PM
  • KILL sweet where at chunkys chicken? i worked the post office again but its closin down so i'm once again on my ass
    January 15 10:55 AM
  • KILL i bet he would if he could hes either busy doin other s*** or he cant get the rights but yea he needs to remix hounds of love i bet he could bring that s*** to life hard with some tweakz
    January 9 06:30 PM
  • KILL dude the new wilson record could rule he said hes rippin off the dreaming
    January 7 02:10 AM
  • KILL i got another damn pantera shirt lol my aunt still thinks i'm 14 its crazy
    December 26 10:09 AM
  • KILL merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    December 24 10:42 AM
  • Titan you have plenty of time. if i could do it again, i would choose a very specific field of something I had a lot of interest in.
    December 24 08:37 AM
  • Titan English teacher until you start your own business
    December 24 08:23 AM
  • Titan nobody has skills at first
    December 24 08:11 AM
  • Titan careers change, do what you LOVE......
    December 24 08:05 AM
  • Titan good're a smart dude and stay at it.
    December 23 07:45 AM
  • Titan sweet man, what are your plans dude? College?
    December 22 07:53 AM
  • deathschool Idk. Can you fix my toilet? I tried to drown a hedgehog in it.
    December 14 11:41 AM
  • Titan how's it going dude? you're not around much anymore......
    December 14 06:38 AM
  • deathschool rip KILL
    December 13 11:47 PM
  • KILL rip megadeth
    November 27 02:50 PM
  • KILL dude its crazy, so much more clarity it almost sounds as good as fragile now, btw you seen this?
    November 7 08:12 PM
  • KILL i'm right here dude been rockin to the relayer wilson mix god damn it rules
    November 7 11:04 AM
  • OmairSh From the youtube videos I watch the guitar sounds pathetic, and the performance overall seems really uninspired. But maybe that's just me
    October 16 08:11 AM
  • OmairSh 3.5 for the new DT DVD? Someone got laid last night :-P.
    October 16 12:34 AM
  • KILL dude the new exodus is sweet
    October 12 07:39 PM
  • melonade Piss off moron
    September 24 08:26 AM
  • melonade not a single good band or pre-2000 group on lastfm? check. gay indie albums rated highly? check. bad sense of humor and general sputnik attitude? check.
    September 23 07:39 PM
  • melonade static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot static you stupid idiot
    September 23 05:39 PM
  • KILL lol god damn, the fact theres dudes who dig this s*** and call ride the lightning gay is hilarious
    September 19 05:13 PM
  • KILL yea i'm like half way through i actually think its an improvement over 7, they brought back some of the documentary style s*** and corey rules. but yea it aint no season 3 but it never could ****in be
    September 15 09:07 AM
  • KILL dude give this a 1
    September 13 09:17 AM
  • Trebor. Dude I'm reading through that big 4 of modern rock thread or whatever and damn your writing skills are impressing me. You should get into screenwriting or write a book or something
    September 2 07:01 PM
  • eyehategod but can run for a long time with 2 people in a gay wagon behind you
    September 2 05:33 PM
  • eyehategod i believe in yer wang
    September 2 05:21 PM
  • eyehategod are you sure you can handle that much jew
    September 2 03:47 PM
  • eyehategod you just know he did piledriver only to her in jury
    September 1 07:20 PM
  • eyehategod id lose everythingonpurpose because i know im never gonna win. id ony go for the free liquor and hot hot chicks
    August 31 04:08 PM
  • eyehategod i keep forgetting to try and get on big brother canada fuuck i need to do this once and get kicked out for racism
    August 29 09:06 PM
  • eyehategod hes on par with andy i hope they hook up after the show i love how loved he thinks he is then they got an overwhelming no last night i laughed hard
    August 29 08:54 PM
  • eyehategod devin would have been amazing that big ol enner tearin shiit up him and brokeback mountain would have been great rivals
    August 29 08:44 PM
  • eyehategod fuuckin pao jesus christ why are all the fagits on the show so unbearable
    August 29 08:09 PM
  • eyehategod hes such a dink worst cast of all time
    August 29 07:51 PM
  • eyehategod id laugh hard if victoria won as long as frankie christine or cody lose thats a gr8 time
    August 29 07:19 PM
  • eyehategod maybe the worst 2 weeks of all time
    August 29 07:15 PM
  • eyehategod gay episode last night wow
    August 29 07:06 PM
  • KILL damn i didnt even know it was a viral thing i'm out the loop on this gay internet s***
    August 21 06:15 PM
  • KILL god damn this is the s*** the boys dude in their time off?
    August 20 11:13 PM
  • KILL hes retarded yea
    August 20 09:51 PM
  • KILL he couldnt resist our charms
    August 19 09:40 PM
  • BMDrummer trve
    August 16 09:47 PM
  • BMDrummer aw s*** c*nt is censored on this site?
    August 16 08:49 PM
  • BMDrummer whole album rules
    August 16 08:28 PM
  • BMDrummer agreed hard, Silly Girl is so damn heartwarming
    August 16 07:50 PM
  • BMDrummer you gave it a 4.5 and said **** you to all the people giving it 3.5s
    August 16 05:35 PM
  • BMDrummer your soundoff for I Don't Want To Grow Up is so true
    August 15 01:50 AM
  • KILL damn you checked post keys part 2 helloween? ur a braver man than me
    August 6 04:24 PM
  • KILL dude you should post on an alt or some s*** if dev is spyin on ur ass, the metals dyin again we need you
    August 1 12:03 PM
  • KILL he hates our asses, also abhor and biblos dildo gotd i'm pissed
    July 26 01:55 PM
  • KILL damn dude gotd faster than i thought
    July 25 08:49 PM
  • KILL dude i forgot how retarded that refused review was
    July 25 07:20 PM
  • true its up dude i hope dev lets it stay at least a day!!!!!!
    July 25 05:15 PM
  • true lol dude shall i post our collab reviews
    July 25 05:06 AM
  • true hard
    July 24 01:18 AM
  • KILL bro 1 the new fallujah record
    July 23 11:22 PM
  • aok bro u play star wars cardss??
    July 21 12:54 PM
  • KILL dude dino playin london next month, gota get a turd to go with me but holy s***
    July 10 05:52 PM
  • KILL its its still 70s prog worship i guess but bigger balls, i mean the single is hardly prog but the leaked opener is prog as s*** dude check it
    June 4 08:13 PM
  • KILL dude do you dig the new opeth tune
    May 30 05:28 PM
  • KILL yea dude whenever you wana, just link my ass
    May 26 01:12 PM
  • KILL dude its gay cos i look in the mirror and see a fag now but everyone in my life is sayin how much better i look i cant win! **** it i'll probably grow it back anyway but i guess its sweet havin short hair for the summer, well english summer anyway lol
    May 19 11:05 AM
  • KILL haha nah dude my newest list
    May 17 02:29 AM
  • KILL dude i sold out
    May 16 02:42 AM
  • KILL sweet i'm jammin too much old s*** but i'll get round to it. new opeth out next month too
    May 6 10:20 PM
  • KILL sweet i should check their other s***, apparently the first record is just autopsy worship tho
    May 1 05:15 AM
  • KILL oh and the new war on drugs is like dire straits meets my bloody valentine its sweet
    April 30 08:39 AM
  • KILL dude i havent heard s*** either, the one albums that rocks is morbus chron - sweven check that dude its the only modern dm ive actually really dug in years
    April 30 08:39 AM
  • KILL dude thats like half of sput now
    April 26 12:54 PM
  • KILL just another hard jammer who likes to jam m/ hard
    April 26 11:17 AM
  • KILL lol yea not the sharpest tool in the shed old pleb
    April 26 11:04 AM
  • KILL dude post more! i keep talking to myself on thrash records and s*** its retarded
    April 26 09:58 AM
  • BigPleb ah ok then dude. welcome back to posting your life away then!
    April 24 09:04 PM
  • BigPleb ahhhhh, alt then i take it?
    April 24 08:58 PM
  • BigPleb holy s*** dude sup, welcome back!
    April 24 08:55 PM
  • KILL lets say in the craziest off chance she does a one off show in dalton would ire travel all the way from mexico?
    March 30 09:02 AM
  • KILL and dude the new chevelle record has a 4.2 ratin! sputs gone to ****in diltch
    March 29 06:49 PM
  • KILL i hope she does tour the US but man i dont know considering 98% of her fanbase is in the UK
    March 29 06:49 PM
  • KILL dude i dont even think i can see kate cos i got like no cash and no fag will go with me. fly your ass over here and get me a ticket i'll pay you back :D xx
    March 26 03:15 PM
  • OmairSh The vocals dude
    March 17 07:04 PM
  • KILL yea its crazy even the pop tunes are technical. and yea dude ive seen all his vids no joke haha im gay
    February 24 11:05 AM
  • KILL
    February 23 08:22 AM
  • ferociouslettuce sonictheplumber STAFF m/ m/ m/ . most obvious staff choice ever
    February 22 08:42 AM
  • BigHans Dude peep my latest list, best list ever
    February 22 12:56 AM
  • KILL Ah, The Trees. The song makes me think of the Kurt Vonnegut short story "Harrison Bergeron", which presents a world where absolutely social equality is enforced by crippling those with special abilities so they are at the same level as the lowest common denominator. It's essentially a clever retelling of the "tall poppy syndrome", where people want to cut people with more money, talent, better looks, or whatever, down to size. I'm not sure if at the end the maples have arranged to have the oaks
    February 13 01:22 PM
  • KILL lol i still post on here quite a bit but yea i aint addicted anymore, the hard jams inc days are well and truly gone. and dude i 5'd permanent waves, a big step in my sputnik life
    February 9 06:33 PM
  • KILL and like im thinkin dudes like lakes and darth were just posers pretendin to like em cos they wanted our dicks cos so many dudes who 5'd hemispheres dont even talk about it or put em in their fav albums lists im like damn more fool me
    February 8 06:15 AM
  • KILL lol true its still the same 5 people listening to it sadly. honestly since we stopped goin around tellin bitches to check rush in every thread the band doesnt get much attention anymore, just from the usual nerds like me and martin talkin about the true meaning of entre nous
    February 8 06:14 AM
  • KILL and dude signals got a 4 average life is finally complete
    February 6 03:44 PM
  • KILL he got sick of bein called a bitch i guess he couldnt handle the truth like tom cruise
    February 6 03:43 PM
  • KILL with andcas gone theres no one to make fun of rip
    February 4 03:17 AM
  • KILL yea kinda
    February 3 01:37 AM
  • aok dealin with some personal bulls***. i have a week of sick time built up so i'm dipping into that a bit unfortunately. keep at it with the sonictheplumber character and don't let the man break you down
    January 28 12:00 PM
  • aok ey bud. hope your well. hit me up if you ever in nyc
    January 23 07:02 AM
  • KILL only one i got is rip dime its gay but hey gota pay my respects
    January 11 02:58 PM
  • KILL it was the band pic from the awake record **** that s*** just keep it plain or put the band logo there or some s*** who wants to wear a shirt with dudes on it?
    January 9 04:13 PM
  • KILL dude hell yea i was gonna get 1 but the back was gay
    January 8 08:17 AM
  • metalheadmaster11 Check out my Rush review :D
    January 1 10:08 AM
  • KILL its weird how much plug sucks if you aint playin rush bootlegs
    December 30 05:54 PM
  • KILL dude join were proggin hard
    December 30 05:42 PM
  • KILL dude almost passed andcas's ass in comments damn metal will reign
    December 30 05:12 PM
  • KILL tobacco i cant stand that s*** **** joints
    December 29 06:27 PM
  • KILL damn dude no backy? sounds sweet i'll get the plane tix
    December 29 05:06 PM
  • KILL damn dude is it styled in the old fashion british dude pipes? i need to get me one of those puppies
    December 29 05:00 PM
  • KILL honestly nothing i think my mums gettin my drivin lessons but i got some money prob buy a new guitar but yea i need more shirts, and dude a crack pipe? man i aint done drugz in so long
    December 29 04:49 PM
  • KILL dude the who are like my fav band now omg
    December 29 01:46 AM
  • KILL sweet dude do you get free pizzas
    December 20 01:48 PM
  • KILL damn i ruined it but yea the metal never dies i can listen to music it rules was jammin tommy while stackin parcels
    December 19 11:06 AM
  • KILL more like sellin out but yea its either that or live in the slums
    December 18 10:47 AM
  • KILL dude i got a job at the post office i'm like a british fenriz
    December 17 12:16 PM
  • KILL dude im panickin
    December 7 10:48 AM
  • KILL dude post more!!!!!!!!!!!
    December 4 08:51 PM
  • KILL yea hes tryin to get mod on there or some s***, i guess he doesnt realise gettin mod is just means you can kick retards from a room
    November 25 09:13 PM
  • Realm new review maybe??
    November 24 03:38 PM
  • KILL dude thats crazy and authors get chicks too
    November 24 12:38 PM
  • Parallels add me in your paranormal romance story
    November 23 10:09 PM
  • KILL dude sweet where you workin
    November 23 07:12 AM
  • KILL i aint plugged in months damn but yea link me
    November 22 09:39 AM
  • OmairSh Yo Sonic check my latest list, you might enjoy
    October 27 02:12 PM
  • KILL dude cum back
    October 25 06:40 PM
  • KILL lol dude its all about the yolo swag and skele :D nowits still enjoyable dude just call people homos
    October 18 01:07 AM
  • DecayingMajesty But your staff
    October 14 02:18 AM
  • DecayingMajesty Do u know why my ratings were wiped?
    October 13 12:48 PM
  • DecayingMajesty Sup
    October 13 12:48 PM
  • Parallels i can understand that. darn though i dont know when a review will ever appaer for it tho
    October 11 02:28 PM
  • Parallels dude plz tell me that you at least like earthshine, one little victory, nocturne, or freeze
    October 10 07:29 PM
  • Parallels dude whos gonna review rush vapr trails remixd?
    October 10 04:04 PM
  • KILL new fates leaked dude!
    September 27 07:05 AM
  • theacademy i totally ****ing owned u in the worst users thread. 1-0. im a bad mother****er
    September 26 09:52 PM
  • Lerxstbutt sput @ skool
    September 17 01:33 PM
  • KILL dude!
    September 14 12:38 PM
  • FearThyEvil Yeah, every episode is the s***.
    September 6 09:07 AM
  • FearThyEvil I just saw Weepings post on your page about Fawlty Towers. I'm loving the show since my uncle showed me not too long ago. I got 3 episodes left and I can't stop laughing at each episode.
    September 6 07:29 AM
  • KILL i was in germany sup
    September 4 07:52 AM
  • Lerxstbutt 12XBoone
    September 2 08:15 PM
  • Lerxstbutt new list dedicated to the one and only boone mackaye
    August 24 09:22 PM
  • WeepingBanana just finished watching Fawlty Towers, thinking about watching Blackadder. how do they compare?
    August 24 03:15 PM
  • DegausserGuernica24 dont be rash
    August 18 03:03 PM
  • Lerxstbutt gonna **** with kujoalt on lerxstbutt
    August 17 09:28 PM
  • Lerxstbutt nationalmidnightstar aint got nothin on me
    August 17 10:39 AM
  • KILL yea she aint hard to work out
    August 16 11:39 PM
  • Lerxstbutt guess whos back
    August 16 09:53 PM
  • Lerxstbutt not a retard
    August 16 09:52 PM
  • porch yea i've used it before but not with sputnik users, it's good. some guy came in yesterday and played half a deftones song
    August 12 07:51 PM
  • porch was in plugdj earlier, just checkin if you were around
    August 12 09:17 AM
  • porch you online?
    August 11 10:48 PM
  • KILL haha james labrie
    August 11 09:35 PM
  • KILL dude!
    August 11 04:14 PM
  • KILL hahaha
    August 11 03:40 PM
  • KILL cant find zen arcade t's
    August 11 02:36 PM
  • KILL dude gettin this too
    August 11 02:35 PM
  • KILL yea i know but it was on japanese tv the quality sucks dick
    August 11 02:35 PM
  • KILL
    August 10 12:32 AM
  • NationalMidnightStar hey babe
    August 8 09:11 PM
  • NationalMidnightStar the bitch is back
    August 6 12:26 PM
  • LilLioness The title I saw said what I wrote. O_o Anyway, yeah, but the prog lists tend to be packed with like 80 bands. So much to go through....
    August 3 01:06 AM
  • LilLioness XD O rly? You really were playing with me. I have never been a big Rush fan which may have something to do with it. I am not really up to date on early 70s prog. I just today learned who wrote "I'm your Captain (Coming Home)"
    August 2 08:37 PM
  • LilLioness :-3 Yeah, nothing against Blue Oyster Cult. There have just been several releases lately that get talked up, like Clockwork Angels, that didn't move me much when I listened. I can see how Rush fans love it, but I found myself feeling the same way I do when I listen to a 70 minute album by newer prog bands (struggle to stay awake during most of the record while a couple songs are really good).
    August 2 08:11 PM
  • OmairSh Dream Theater in Sept, then FW in Oct m/.
    August 1 10:02 PM

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