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  • clercqie Hello Jom, just letting you know that my master dissertation is in its final phase atm. Because of that, I don't really have the time for writing reviews I'm afraid. I should be able to pick up my writing from June onwards though. Regards.
    April 22 12:46 PM
  • CaptainDooRight aha u sneaky devil you, love you man thx!
    April 19 12:55 PM
  • CaptainDooRight Trying too add this art, sput won't let me, to the album called 'Exit' on the Complete Freedom band page. Please halp.
    April 19 12:35 PM
  • Hep Kat sweet finnish jams: and from the maailmanloppu side: also ****ed up's year of the dragon is pretty cool. keep an ear out for more skinfather tracks from their upcoming debut, i have a feeling that'll be one of the better dm albums of the year.
    April 15 04:54 PM
  • thelastsignal Thanks, Jom. I appreciate your time!
    April 13 05:23 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey man, I was wondering if it is in bad taste to make a list that includes all the reviews that I have done recently, if some of them are on external sites. I have just been very active in the past month or so, and wanted to bring more attention to those albums. No worries either way, just wanted your thoughts on it.
    April 13 02:18 PM
  • Insurrection Thanks man
    April 6 03:22 AM
  • pedro70512 Any word on whether the higher court will see my case?
    April 4 08:00 PM
  • pedro70512 So what you're saying is we need the forum exorcist.
    April 3 02:01 AM
  • pedro70512 Email sent. Sorry to clog up your shoutbox lol.
    April 2 06:52 PM
  • pedro70512 My forum username is anewt72690, but that's linked to my pedro70512 account for some reason. I lost the original email that I signed up with but I don't know what effect that had. I can't sign into the forums under pedro70512.
    April 2 03:05 PM
  • Josh-D thanks bro, you're the jomb
    March 20 02:29 PM
  • Avagantamos thanks a bunch
    March 20 12:15 PM
  • Avagantamos ah ok, it's just I had seen others post requests that seemed successful in the thread before. my apologies.
    March 20 11:07 AM
  • Avagantamos I've posted on the meds thread a couple time to get my username changed. Could I please get it changed to "Avagantamos"
    March 20 12:15 AM
  • Kris. lol noob! i always first day i'm human go out and grab as many masks as i can and do a bunch of sidequests. makes some stuff a lot easier. bunny hood is essential.
    March 17 12:52 PM
  • Kris. super easy with the bunny hood im jus sayin like a monkey could do it with the bunny hood
    March 17 10:11 AM
  • Kris. i've heard good things about the VC version, actually! also N64 emulators are easy peasy to run.
    March 16 05:59 PM
  • Kris. yeah dude. google project64 download it and you can find a rom on like emuparadise or coolrom. but you really need a controller for N64 emulators. doesn't really work well with keyboard
    March 16 01:10 PM
  • Kris. majoras mask 3d maybe this/next year maybe including a master quest maybe pls nintendo
    March 15 11:09 PM
  • Kris. majora's mask is best game ever made, you put it behind ocarina of time, you are a dirty peasant, jom. it's the truth, i'm sorry :/
    March 15 01:27 PM
  • Atari *a link to the past
    March 15 12:24 PM
  • Atari I never played spirit tracks but I was kind of disappointed with phantom hourglass tbh. I'd recommend a link between worlds depending on how much you enjoyed a link between with past. I just remember u making a comment to me about the game back when I made a list about it which is why I was asking. Always cool finding fellow Zelda fans (I'm a little obsessed with the series lol)
    March 15 12:20 PM
  • Atari hey Jom you ever get around to playing a link between worlds on the 3DS? If so, just curious what you think!
    March 14 04:16 PM
  • Insurrection Hey, was wondering if you know of any good sites to find out what new releases are coming out and when? All I know is metal storm but thats only metal ofc
    March 5 09:53 PM
  • Hovse i've wiped my ratings so no need for that,thanks sir!
    March 5 06:38 PM
  • Hovse Dude if you don't mind wipe all my ratings cuz i forgot my password's forum.
    March 5 10:48 AM
  • Greyvy i appreciate the work you do as a mod and just wanna say thank you
    February 28 10:16 PM
  • Insurrection Posted my review by the way. I'm always appreciative of more critiques if you find any other errors. Cheers.
    February 27 10:05 AM
  • Insurrection Yeah Scream With Me is awful, easily the worst on the album. I think you should give it a shot though - a good amount of songs have a heavy TEOATTC vibe, and they went back to their LD50 interlude formula (except combining them with the songs as intros and outros). 1000 Mile Journey, Closer, I Can't Wait, and Beyond the Pale would be my picks. And I saw that blog post, havent got around to checking it out yet. Ryan and Matt definitely deserved an outlet while Greg and Chad piss away in Hellyeah
    February 24 09:34 PM
  • Insurrection Ah gotcha, that sounds like a pain. Btw do you listen to Mudvayne anymore? I know you despised The New Game, understandably, and your review was actually one of the first I remember reading on this site. How do you feel about their other stuff, namely their new one?
    February 24 09:23 PM
  • Insurrection Hey Jom, just read your post in the forum about using e-mailing as a last resort, sorry about that lol. I'm still interested in the parts of the review you wouldn't include though, I'd like to keep it concise. Once I finish the edits I'll go ahead and post it in the contrib proofreading forum to polish it up if need be. Thanks again.
    February 24 08:02 PM
  • TMobotron Right, I figure as much. I know YOU do as much as you can and it's appreciated. Aren't most suggestions in that thread kind of the same way though? I figured that's still the the best way to bring it up but IDK.
    February 23 11:27 PM
  • pedro70512 hey Jom, just giving a nudge about the Alaskan review. thanks :)
    February 23 09:33 AM
  • fromtheinside oh btw thanks jom youre the best ;)
    February 22 04:40 AM
  • fromtheinside lol do you know how close the m and n are???
    February 21 01:30 PM
  • fromtheinside never mind, posting the link in medz
    February 21 12:17 AM
  • fromtheinside well what are the procedures? lol i want my current one
    February 21 12:15 AM
  • fromtheinside So Jon bbz, for my birthday can I have a large av? Maybe hmmm?
    February 20 01:51 PM
  • Jacquibim Not really sure what happened but I tried to submit a news article and it came up with "URL not found" or something, now I have two articles with blank titles on the front page. Would you be able to sort it out? Sorry for being a nuisance.
    February 19 11:19 PM
  • Pheromone Cheers, much appreciated!
    February 19 04:54 PM
  • Pheromone That'd be great man. I'd like to use the name "Pheromone" because that's been my Plug username for quite a while now. I don't think it's taken.
    February 19 11:06 AM
  • Pheromone Hey, would it be possible if I could go about changing my name on sput because my one now is pretty terrible.
    February 19 09:55 AM
  • iswimfast Hey Jom. I've done something stupid and tried to change my email. The email they sent me to change it takes me to the create a profile page and now I can't post on the forums. Any help? Thanks a ton.
    February 15 11:02 PM
  • Jacquibim Hey man, any idea if contributors will one day get 0.1 increments like staff?
    February 15 09:46 PM
  • dimsim3478 Hey Jom, can I get your email? I'm not sure whether it's still relevant but I wanted to ask for some feedback on my promotion application. Thanks.
    February 15 06:47 PM
  • Insurrection How about something like this? . Thanks again, Jom.
    February 14 07:25 PM
  • Insurrection Hey Jom, I'm having trouble changing my avatar. When I go to the edit av page it doesn't show the custom av options, it just shows the default ones. I tried with other accounts and didn't have this problem, seems to be this account only. Any way to fix? Cheers.
    February 13 11:03 PM
  • Mongi123 Good to hear I passed lol thanks for the slight change. Carry on Jom with your Jomlyness.
    February 12 01:56 PM
  • clercqie I just sent you a mail. No rush for answering though, I'm patient. :] Cheers
    February 12 12:44 PM
  • clercqie Hi Jom. First of all a big big thank you for the promotion. Next, my question: is it still possible to get feedback on my writing, even though I'm a contributor now? Always handy to improve, I'd think. If you are too busy with other stuff, I completely understand though. Much appreciated. :]
    February 12 11:57 AM
  • Trebor. Thanks Jom :)
    February 11 07:59 PM
  • Azn. Hey Jom, I shot you an email; just letting you know!
    February 11 07:47 PM
  • Trebor. Hey Jom for some reason I'm not able to post in the forums. I would have posted this in the meds thread, but well, yeah
    February 11 06:04 PM
  • Mongi123 I sent you an email. Eager to hear what you have to say. Thanks!
    February 11 04:18 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey, I sent an email over to you. Thanks for all of your help, per usual!
    February 11 02:41 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey Jom, I don't know if you can help, but I tried to change my email address on file, and it won't allow me to. Let me know if I should go to someone else about this issue, thanks! I just wanted to get some feedback from you on what I could do to improve my chances in the future.
    February 11 12:42 PM
  • MeatSalad sup jom. i've been trying to find a good new avatar and failing miserably, would you mind setting this back as my avatar?
    February 9 06:46 AM
  • Atari nvmd it seems to be working now ;) not sure if it was you, but thanks for your time!
    February 6 02:17 PM
  • Atari Hey Jom, not really sure if this issue is worth posting in the forums, but I recently realized the album I'm "currently digging" doesn't show up in the threads like it does for other users. Unless I'm the only one who can't see it? Definitely not a huge deal...just curious if you know how to fix that?
    February 6 01:52 PM
  • jagride namechange to jagride would be swell
    February 6 05:05 AM
  • fromtheinside i think all i need to say again, is pete is yelling, finally......
    February 4 12:58 AM
  • fromtheinside jom babe i know that new chevelle song has u excited. COWBELL? RIFFS? OMG, SCREAMS?
    February 4 12:27 AM
  • pedro70512 Hey Jom, sorry about posting Ulver early (staff vs. user rules I guess). I'll go back through the posting date guidelines to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    February 2 12:00 PM
  • idkpokeit Thanks for unbanning me
    January 28 03:24 PM
  • DikkoZinner No prob, thx for the ban lift.
    January 27 12:59 PM
  • DikkoZinner Any reason for my ratings wipe? Also, pls unban me on the sputnik message board forum, not sure why banned in the 1st place.Had damn near 1000 ratings and can guarantee there were no tr.
    January 27 10:58 AM
  • BigPleb Ok man, thanks for the query. Yeah I guess so, gives me something to do in the meantime if your query isn't successful or whatever.
    January 27 10:38 AM
  • BigPleb No problems Jom, thanks for clearing that up. I would obviously like them back but that isn't possible, just one of those things I guess. I kinda guessed it was a coding error as I can't recall any troll type ratings, ah well. Thanks again.
    January 27 10:32 AM
  • BigPleb Any reason for my ratings wipe? Or are you not responsible?
    January 27 09:42 AM
  • Winsomniac Yeah the light skin has definitely made my eyes water a little bit when switching back tabs in the wee hours. Oh well. Fingers crossed I guess
    January 26 08:19 PM
  • Winsomniac Oh hey, maybe this is a completely moronic suggestion/place to suggest, but has mx ever considered making a dark mode for Sputnikers who use the site after dark? I'm not sure how the logistics would work out, but it'd be a nice little addition that would maybe be helpful
    January 26 08:10 PM
  • aok aright thanks for getting back to me anyhow. tryina get back into the swing of reviewing more in the mean time
    January 26 07:24 PM
  • aok heyman - any way to get a clearer profile picture? every time i try to upload something it comes out super blurry? thanksman
    January 26 09:33 AM
  • iGuter This is an odd glitch, the Of Mice
    January 24 08:52 PM
  • wabbit Also happy New Years Jom, hope all is well
    January 24 05:39 PM
  • wabbit Just change it to Hanz (repeating z's until availible) plz
    January 24 05:38 PM
  • BigHans Not really. That sucks. Oh well. Thanks for looking.
    January 24 03:39 PM
  • BigHans Jom I want to drop the "Big" from my name and just roll with "Hans" as my handle. How do I do that?
    January 24 03:20 PM
  • thelastsignal Okay, it went through for me now, I'm not sure if you did anything but I appreciate you looking into it, Jom!
    January 24 02:55 PM
  • thelastsignal Thanks, man. It's appreciated, just let me know if it's user error haha.
    January 24 01:44 PM
  • thelastsignal Hey Jom, I hate to bother you, but I was thinking of putting in an application for the contributor status, but I can't log into the forums to post a reply at all. I double-checked my password by logging out and back into the review site, and I was wondering if you could check this out for me when you have time.
    January 24 01:29 PM
  • theacademy i was such a responsible, well-behaved staffer... like professional and all that. thinking of putting it on my resume
    January 24 12:23 PM
  • Hep Kat my god man, does this mean the hiatus is ending?!?
    January 24 11:55 AM
  • Hep Kat do me a solid and add sum punx staff kthxbai
    January 24 11:06 AM
  • fromtheinside what is this ban? am i on punkd? i was in the middle of a semi (somehow, but finally) popular tennis thread.............. i'm not even sure what it constitutes since i think i'm going to comment on your page...?
    January 24 05:28 AM
  • fromtheinside i wanna be just like you when i grow up
    January 23 01:20 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 No worries mate. I'm really busy with work at the moment so I don't really have the time right now, but I'll try organize something in the next couple of months. Thanks.
    January 20 12:15 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 I haven't really though to deeply into it at this stage to tell you the truth. I honestly think that using the same sort of structure as the user end of year list would work fine (although I haven't even voted on a sput end of year list at this stage!) Perhaps everyone could just vote for their top 20/25 albums and then construct the list based on that, releasing perhaps 10 day over the course of 10 weekdays. Sorry if that's not much help, but you're the expert: what do you think?
    January 19 02:55 AM
  • Jacquibim Thanks mang
    January 19 12:23 AM
  • avonbarksdale221 Hey Jom, I was thinking that it would be really cool if we could compile a users greatest albums of all time list similar to the yearly best of lists. not only would it be great to have our own unique greatest albums list like the legions of other music websites and publications, but it would start some interesting debates and discussions and hopefully improve on the quality of the content and posting, even for just a little while. anyway I'd love to here your thoughts, thanks!
    January 18 11:34 PM
  • Jacquibim Hey Jom, I'm just hoping that my recent bans wouldn't have affected my chances if I were to apply for contributor? I know a lot of people in the past have been declined because of behavior, regardless of writing chops.
    January 16 11:11 AM
  • StormChaser Sorry it seemed that way, really didn't want it to turn out like that. I'll just keep quiet from now on :P. Thanks for everything, cheers!
    January 15 09:40 AM
  • NocteDominum Sent, it's all yours now.
    January 14 08:43 PM
  • StormChaser Hey Jom, just droppin' by to ask if you've remembered to ship the prize or not. You seem not to be answering to my mails so I thought I'd go ahead and write here. Sorry for bugging you. Cheers, Filip
    January 14 05:57 PM
  • NocteDominum You online Jom? I have an unusual query that's hit my webzines main email. Maybe an email address to forward it to? It will make more sense when you see it.
    January 14 04:23 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy actually its kleptomaniac spiderman (featuring machete) teehee not much just hanging out at work hows the fam
    January 14 08:51 AM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy hey jom long time no bomb whats up
    January 14 08:04 AM
  • Frippertronics Understood. If anyone needs help, I'll contact you. Thanks.
    January 10 06:33 AM
  • Frippertronics Hey Jom, plans for a site-wide collaborative album are a-go, and I'm inviting everyone to participate. Would you like to participate? 17 of the planned 25 participants are currently working on their respective tracks, and I'd be happy to make you one of the 25. If so, shoutbox me for more details...
    January 9 04:32 PM
  • FearThyEvil9 Thanks for featuring it man. Really appreciate it considering it's my first feature. Hope you liked it too.
    January 5 05:11 PM
  • Gyromania Hey Jom. I just wanted to send you a message explaining my inactivity. I've been working upwards of 50 hours for the past four months, as well as dealing with some major family issues. The family issues persist but my hours have been cut back to 14 a week. If you demote me I'll understand, but writing is my passion and I plan to pursue it more now that there aren't as many hindrances. I'll have a review up in the next few days of a new album. I'm sorry for not informing you sooner about this.
    January 5 02:00 PM
  • FearThyEvil9 Hey Jom, I'd really appreciate it if you check out my best of 2013 list when you get the chance.
    January 3 10:55 PM
  • osmark86 of course, your writing is amusing and concise at the same time. btw, see that you like The Horrible Crowes. ace man! listening to Gaslight Anthem atm, might put that LP on.
    January 3 11:20 AM
  • osmark86 great list you put together for 2013. made me very curious about Darkside and Black Sky Black Death for two. maybe you'd dig Son Lux - Lanterns or Halls - Ark (2012, still great). peace and love and I hope you've recovered from that new year's hangover.
    January 3 09:45 AM
  • ThrashTillDeath94 Hey Jom I if I could bother you for a moment of your time and get a name change you would make my day. I used to be called ThrashTillDeath 94 and would like to go back to that for good.
    December 28 01:27 PM
  • DaveyBoy Rate something you lazy bastard.
    December 27 07:58 PM
  • VeryDoge Hey Jom this is Devastator, I was wondering if I could have my main account unbanned? It's been a few months.
    December 20 12:12 AM
  • greg84 Regarding your post in the forums. I think you may like these guys:
    December 19 03:59 PM
  • Omaha hey Jom! I just wanted to make sure that my blurbs will be posted as what I have up now, i.e. that my unedited / previous versions won't be uploaded. There are a few subtle (but important!) word choices I've amended in there. Thanks man! (just accidentally posted this on MX's profile, hmmm)
    December 15 10:24 AM
  • Green Baron Can I edit my picks for the Year End contest? Just realized I left off one vital album
    December 2 05:30 PM
  • Scoot troll ratings
    December 2 02:42 PM
  • osmark86 Looks like Obliteration - Black Death Horizon is being troll-rated by a couple of new accounts fyi.
    December 2 12:02 PM
  • DrHouseSchuldiner Hey sir,i forgot my forum's password and i wanna wipe my ratings so plz help : )
    November 29 07:49 PM
  • clercqie Oh it's absolutely not about getting the other website promoted (it's in Dutch so that wouldn't work out anyway). It's just that writing for two sites is very time consuming, so I wouldn't be able to contribute regularly here. Applying is pretty pointless in that case then, imo.
    November 5 11:38 AM
  • clercqie Hey Jom, couldn't help but noticing Will's shout about the contrib rule of no cross-posting. I'm wondering, how would you feel about (loosely) translated reviews? If that is allowed, maybe I'd consider applying in the next round. Maybe. Thanks for a response in either case.
    November 4 06:18 PM
  • evilford splendid. it's settled sir. pleasure doing business with you and I bid you good day!
    October 30 11:35 AM
  • evilford I won't fail you!!!!!!!
    October 30 08:20 AM
  • deathofasalesman - Album art got messed.
    October 28 07:23 PM
  • Brostep Hey Jom! I meant to ask this earlier, but with the new contrib rule of no cross-posting would it be possible to get some sort of "staff perk" as well? Something like contrib reviews posted on Metacritic/Wikipedia if a staffer doesn't review the album, or limited access to promos if contribs are interested and no staff take it? Thanks in advance for considering
    October 25 08:48 AM
  • Voivod Hi Jom, I saw you posting at the blog thread for the new releases, unfortunately there is a bug in there that keeps the blog comments from showing up.
    October 21 04:46 PM
  • FiveLeavesLeft I forgot to logout from my account at school, so someone may have gone on and messed with it. I'll make sure to logout next time. Sorry about that
    October 21 03:41 AM
  • Avagantamos Are you the guy to ask about a name change? If so I'd like to change it to Avagantamos
    October 18 06:42 PM
  • Omaha jommy, y'kno, my DGD review is also not showing up on the front page. if it doesn't get a feature, what will my view-hungry whorish self do? sorry to continuously break this here website.
    October 16 06:21 PM
  • tempest-- Received my CD today, and I would just like to say again, thank you so much. I really appreciate what you and the other mods do for the site, and this is just the cherry on top. Much love!
    October 9 05:31 AM
  • GiaNXGX hi Jom! can i be allowed access to the forums on this account? i do not usually harrass unless i'm logged in as somnolence and will limit my post count as necessary, tbh i just want to change my profile picture c:
    October 7 10:53 PM
  • zaruyache Oh, I stopped blasting 1's after my ratings got nuked the first time
    September 28 10:37 AM
  • Owantjaaaa Hey, it would be coolif you could change my username to Owen Thanks in advance :)
    September 28 05:59 AM
  • zaruyache Jom my ratings all got nuked and I have no idea why. Is there some staff log somewhere to explain what admin took offense to something?
    September 27 06:38 PM
  • joomisy I submitted two Diorama albums to the database, but they somehow managed to disappear. I had already rated both of them, and now they aren't in the database anymore? Could you help me with this?
    September 22 08:45 PM
  • BigPleb Thanks for the name change Jom, much appreciated :)
    September 16 06:10 AM
  • NocteDominum Fair point, but at least this one's not the result of being drunk signing up to the site and holding an ipod... : ] Thanks man.
    September 14 12:41 AM
  • NocteDominum Hey Jombomb! Of course this is out of the blue, but is there at all any chance of a username change? I know it's an out of the ordinary request, but if it's at all possible, "NocteDominum", one word?
    September 13 10:41 AM
  • Flutterbro Hey there Jom since my accounts are consistently being banned and the reviewsd, any chance you can unban one of my older alts that has an established comment and review base - maybe my blacktheripper account? im trying to be a good user here and Dev is disregarding it completely.
    September 10 09:46 AM
  • Gwyn. Alright i have no idea if I should go to a mod or to the meds thread so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place or am I an annoyance, but can I request a name shortening? from "Gwynbleidd" to "Gwyn"? just that?
    September 1 07:54 PM
  • MegaMetalHeadBro hey jom, consider this for a feature please.
    August 25 08:35 PM
  • sideburndude hmm, the problem persists no matter where I access the Control Panel from.
    August 6 11:34 PM
  • sideburndude Hey man, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I have encountered an error in the site that prevents me from uploading an avatar, here's a screenshot , using predefined avatars are the only option, anyway to fix this?
    August 5 02:07 AM
  • Kris. dammit jomby you're just the best person. thanks bro :3
    July 25 06:49 PM
  • Kris. d'aww prolly not. i dunno how to edit a gif. thanks though brosef!
    July 24 07:44 PM
  • Brostep Just letting you know I'll probably be taking a month- or two-month-break from Sput, so if you don't see any activity from me that's why. See you soon(ish)!
    July 23 10:03 PM
  • Jacquibim Sorry about pestering you and the other mods before, but I've managed to remake the gif so it's 100x100 pixels, and the file size is less than 30kb. Would you or Willie be able to upload this as my avatar please?
    July 21 09:37 AM
  • evilford hey please ignore my name change request, if you haven't already. thanks! :D
    July 18 02:54 PM
  • Permabanned hello, i am taking the time now to pre-emptively state that on this account i have not been "spamming", "trolling" or engaging in willie music recommendations... hoping i dont get banned out of the blue again
    July 18 10:15 AM
  • doggnecros re-added the album to the db and i think willie was the one who approved it that time so i thought all was well then i got spontaneously trollbanned again and the album wasd again
    July 15 12:35 AM
  • doggnecros well to make a long story short, lakes tried to report my album for being a "joke album" even though it isnt at all, and i saw it and tried to intervene and my the time i left my comment in the meds thread, the album wasd from the database, the band wasd, and i was banned... and sputnik due process ensued
    July 15 12:35 AM
  • pribosse dude do you have any idea why my band/album gotd from the database? it honestly, seriously, is not a joke album and some loser reported it as such in the meds thread and now it's gone...
    July 14 01:22 PM
  • pribosse Cool bro don't forget to check out necro Dogg!
    July 14 10:49 AM
  • pribosse let me know what you think bro
    July 14 10:01 AM
  • pribosse here you go jom, special tasty treats for your hungry ears!
    July 13 08:05 AM
  • Jacquibim How do I go about getting a gif avatar? I understand it needs to be uploaded by a mod, and are you able to resize it if it's too large?
    July 12 01:28 PM
  • pribosse honestly dude this is getting out of hand, ive been banned once again for no reason whatsoever with no explanation out of the blue and my comments keep vanishing from the meds thread when i inquire about it... you can at least understand why this seems fishy to me, right??
    July 9 08:23 AM
  • FictionalFlames It could be a section under the "best new music" tab, but obviously it would need a convincing review from the a staff/contributor member.
    July 2 03:38 PM
  • FictionalFlames Because there's a 'Best New Music' category, I think there should be a 'Bust' category dedicated to albums that were recently released that proved to be an extreme let down. I wanted to tell you personally, so sorry if I bothered you.
    July 1 02:23 PM
  • Chrisjon89 hey man, if an artist has several self titled albums in their catalogue which would show up as identical in the Sputnik database, do I just differentiate them with the year in brackets after the album title?
    July 1 09:29 AM
  • greg84 Thanks. Any word on when/if 'hard rock' and 'traditional metal' will be implemented?
    June 30 11:50 AM
  • greg84 Hey. Do you mind taking a look at the ratings for this? My guess is that some overly religious person/people are troll-rating the entire discography of this band, probably without even listening:
    June 29 08:15 AM
  • Iluvatar I don't even know what that means besides the fact OLYMPUS OFFICIALLY TAKES ME AN EXTRA TEN SECONDS TO GET TO NOW
    June 28 07:34 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Of course, if you think that it really is 1/1.5 territory, I will shut up and learn to write better music :P
    June 27 12:45 PM
  • johnnydeking29
    June 27 12:38 PM
  • johnnydeking29 Hey man, could you let me know what the deal is regarding troll ratings? My releases got hit, and whilst I'm fine with genuine negative criticism, I am not okay with a couple of trolls dictating the average ratings and thereby putting other people off. Sorry for whining; I only brought this up because the average rating affects my ability to market my album
    June 27 12:06 PM
  • DragonHeartstring hey man any chance of fixing up my aproval dude
    June 25 04:39 AM
  • Mad. Hey, I requested a name change in the forums a week or two ago but there was no reply, I asked Deviant and he directed me to you. You got any say in the matter?
    June 20 07:27 AM
  • Captain North Kind of. I think it's that it took so long to make it became a chore rather than a passion. He said the first copy he got he burned. I don't know if he hates the production or the songs, he didn't really elaborate on that. So I guess it'll be interesting to see if he does a world tour on this and then ditches the songs.
    June 16 03:49 AM
  • Captain North Yeah I did enjoy it. Trash also commented that he hates the album which I thought was interesting. Setlist was something like: You're Not One Of Them / Walls / Streets / It Is As It Was / Fall of Rome / a song I didn't recognise / Dead Children / Dead Adults / Hong Kong / Encore: Silverchair cover / Wasps / The Revolution is Never Coming. Feed the Wolf may have been in there too
    June 15 01:17 AM
  • Captain North So I saw Red Paintings tonight. Very aggressive set, they avoided almost all of their quiet songs. You were right about Hong Kong, it was the last song before the encore and that last pause they extended to a full minute which was kinda douchey
    June 14 12:23 PM
  • Hep Kat cool JEW review mane
    June 11 05:34 PM
  • conesmoke also, the album artwork can be found here on their facebook page,
    June 10 10:06 AM
  • conesmoke thanks man, here's the info,Lepers and Crooks are a young band from Sydney, Australia. Their sound can be described as dynamic and catchy alt-rock with a splash of psychedelic jazz.Album Title: This Must be Make BelieveAlbum Release Date: 19/4/2013Tracklist:1. Sex Emotion2. Lady Luck3. Her Kiss4. Wonder Woman5. Malfunctioning6. Jack7. A Naked Dream8. City Streams of Consciousness9. The Autumn Man10. This System11. In Denial12. Fooled Me Again
    June 10 10:05 AM
  • conesmoke Hey Jom, i'm still having trouble uploading an album to the 'lepers and crooks' band page. Would you please be able to help me upload a picture?
    June 10 02:13 AM
  • KritikalMotion why were my comments about the rating of your TRP review removed?
    June 8 07:35 PM
  • MO Cheers Jom thanks again
    June 6 08:56 AM
  • MO hey Jom. I was wondering if it was possible to change my username to MO (or if that's too short/being used MO. or M.O). i figure i've had this terrible name long enough and am due for a change, thanks in advance. if it's not possible than don't worry about it. cheers man
    June 5 02:20 PM
  • YoYoMancuso I just wanna say a big thanks to you or whoever featured my Alice In Chains review. It means a lot.
    May 28 04:38 PM
  • DragonHeartstring What he wrote where?
    May 28 04:55 AM
  • DragonHeartstring Thank you Jom. I wasnt asking you to clear it up to 100 anyway dude, just getting rid of the troll voted. Thanks :) can you also please consider one of the demi lovato reviews for the new album that came out last week for a feature please ? Its a good album (not just me being biased, ost people said it was a step up) but it seems to have been slept on on this site.
    May 27 11:54 PM
  • DragonHeartstring Jom can you please fix my approval rating man?
    May 27 10:51 PM
  • andcas in less than a week I've had 15 ghost negs on multiple reviews and my approval dropped from 95 to 90. if you could please look into and fix it I'd greatly appreciate it jom.
    May 26 03:22 PM
  • aok lookin to shorten my name to aok. would be very much obliged
    May 20 10:19 PM
  • DragonHeartstring Couple of things id like to ask please Jom1/ Can you please clear up the troll negs on my reviews so far. Literally, i got 3 from nowhere on my Elision Of Animus one (it had either 5/5 or 6/6 and now it has 6/9 i think,, all three came within 30 seconds of each other aswell.) I asked dev to fix them but obviously given how much of a twat i was Dev wouldnt fix em.2/ Please can you read the 4 reviews of the new Demi Lovato album that i did and consider 1 for a feature? It genuinely is great
    May 20 11:55 AM
  • ViralOblivion Thank you so much
    May 18 11:45 PM
  • ViralOblivion Could I remove the oblivion part and just have my name as Viral?
    May 18 09:53 PM
  • DragonHeartstring Jom, is Dev even technically allowed to permanently ban me for NOTHING (which he admitted he did)?
    May 14 05:36 PM
  • conesmoke Hey Jom, cheers for fixing up that band profile for me. Unfortunately i'm still unable to upload the album to the profile page. The album is called 'This Must Be Make Believe"
    April 29 10:50 PM
  • SgtPepper Just wanted to say thanks for the avatar. It looks great. Thank you.
    April 27 11:56 PM
  • conesmoke Hey Jom, Just wondering if you can help me out with putting up a band profile? the band is 'Lepers and Crooks'. I accidentally created multiple profiles on sputnik, and none of them will allow me to add their first LP. Thanks.
    April 27 10:43 PM
  • porch would appreciate an unbanning of this account, it's been a few years:
    April 27 09:44 AM
  • Brostep Hey Jom - just warning you that I may want to post two reviews on Monday. They're both of albums I've gotten an advance download of on Muzik Dizcovery, but since neither comes out until then I won't be able to post the review of them till Monday. One's done already and the other one I should be able to do tomorrow, so just letting you know. If this isn't OK I'll just post one late Sunday and one Monday instead. Thanks!
    April 27 08:08 AM
  • HSThomas Thanks for the help yesterday Jom. Sorry about being a bit of a dick towards you in the past.
    April 27 05:08 AM
  • SgtPepper Sorry, i thought i'd ask if you were cool with doing it first before getting my hopes up and settling on a name. Waste of text upon reflection, im sorry man. But anyway, i'd like Lazarus or SgtPepper if the first is taken. I checked on google to see if any users had those names before asking and nothing came up, so i assume no one has them. Thanks for your time, jom.
    April 21 03:50 PM
  • SgtPepper Hey Jom. I couldn't help notice that you've been helping users change their usernames lately, and I was wondering if you could change mine as well. I know this question is best fit for the forums, but I thought I'd ask if it was okay before officially requesting it there. If you're busy or are annoyed with everyone bothering you about this, I'll understand completely and live with being paperback.
    April 21 05:47 AM
  • GiaNXGX ugh, this please, thread is turning sour.
    April 19 09:16 PM
  • Atari Cheers : )
    April 17 07:23 PM
  • Atari i'm speechless thanks so much for this opportunity i know it's just a tag but it means a lot to me and i can't wait to write my first review as contributor :)
    April 17 06:57 PM
  • Atari damn lol. and i'm obviously kidding but if there's anything I can do that would help me move up the ladder to contributor please let me know
    April 17 05:27 PM
  • Atari make me staff so i can rate in .1 incriments ;)
    April 17 04:50 PM
  • sixdegrees hi jom, could I trouble you to my ratings please?
    April 17 10:10 AM
  • Insurrection's it for now. Thanks again jom
    April 13 12:41 AM
  • Insurrection Oh no it would only be about 4-5 max. Just a few I feel were very sloppily written and I would like to possibly rewrite in the future. I guess ill send over one a week to your email if that's convenient. Thanks again
    April 11 04:15 AM
  • Insurrection Thanks and I completely understand that. Time to go back to my lowly user privileges. One more question, can mods d elete user reviews if they're just not happy with them? Because I have a few reviews I find awful now and id rather they be gone
    April 11 12:07 AM

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