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  • zakalwe Opening para about atomic weapons, mog review....class mate.
    January 12 05:44 PM
  • zakalwe GOOD LAD!!!! I bloody love that album. You 4ing it?
    January 12 05:39 PM
  • TVC15 Yeah man. I actually still like those acoustic versions from the deluxe edition more than the originals.
    January 11 04:39 PM
  • TVC15 Oh I thought you were implying it was going to drop sooner or something lol. I totally think it'll drop on Valentine's Day tho
    January 11 04:34 PM
  • TVC15 Spit it out, what're tryna say???
    January 11 04:24 PM
  • Flugmorph https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChVYP3cXEAAw_E8.jpg
    January 11 03:53 AM
  • TVC15 OH s*** https://s24.postimg.org/nxg1rel05/image.png
    January 7 09:16 AM
  • Flugmorph Nah man, i like the cold sometimes but i dont like the constant darkness
    January 5 01:42 AM
  • Flugmorph Im good rn. Feeling the spring approaching lol
    January 4 07:12 AM
  • TVC15 Ooooh boy getting so excited for the new Manson to drop. I remember buying the deluxe edition of The Pale Emperor the day it dropped
    January 1 05:33 PM
  • zakalwe TUNA!!!!!!! Ello mate. If you ain't got time to sput then the system has well and truly crippled ya. What are you up to now? Uni? How's it going? Bunch of arseholes no doubt. Smoggie one luv! xx
    December 7 05:26 PM
    October 7 04:24 PM
  • FullOfSounds The new Alcest is incredible, I'm considering 5ing it.
    October 2 02:45 PM
  • FullOfSounds just chillin
    October 2 02:06 PM
  • FullOfSounds bruh
    October 2 12:22 PM
  • Angelboros OMG, still never thought I'd see the day when the mighty Tuna Sandywiches would shout me. Real talk, amusingly enough, the first RC video I saw was his Top 10 Best Nu-Metal Bands list. It was all history after that.
    September 25 11:43 AM
  • Angelboros Indeed I did. Been watching his videos lately and he's actually pretty good. Your thoughts, man?
    September 25 11:05 AM
  • BlackMalachite Hey dude, my new album's out if you wanna jam it! - http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1075139
    September 22 11:43 AM
  • AtomicWaste FWIW I did not ban you, though I did that comment.
    September 14 01:13 PM
  • zakalwe Wasp Factory is unbelievable. Bleak as hell, darkly funny, raises questions and makes you think. All time classic!!!!!!
    September 11 08:29 AM
  • Flugmorph ye true man
    September 9 05:05 PM
  • zakalwe I was writing off their last album prior to its release. They'd reached their peak etc. etc. But it was amazing. Best band of the past 10yrs without question. The electronic slant is probably just to keep the press nibs inked. Let's see.
    September 9 04:41 PM
  • zakalwe Big time. For twenty years I've been saying that but as each year passes it becomes even more striking. Sign of true genius.
    September 9 04:13 PM
  • zakalwe I scratch my head about that one. Who gives a **** about dystopian futures at that age? It's all about who puts the fat **** in goal and possibly doing that science experiment with the substance that ignites like ****.
    September 9 04:04 PM
  • zakalwe All the stuff at school I binned. Animal Farm, 1984, Lord of the Flies are just classic. Best of the best. Spose it's being young, rejecting anything and you can't be told otherwise.
    September 9 03:59 PM
  • zakalwe By the way bruv I bought The Wasp Factory yesterday. I'm halfway through. It's ****ing unbelievable!!!!!
    September 9 03:50 PM
  • Flugmorph worry aside, funny how you knew exactly what i meant by "the reason" lol
    September 9 03:44 PM
  • Flugmorph aw shiet. hope he gets better soon
    September 9 03:36 PM
  • Flugmorph tell me the reason maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
    September 9 03:15 PM
  • SnakeDelilah yup
    September 8 09:10 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah, that would have been nice.
    September 7 03:33 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'm so used to the disappointment of missing fav bands from having no friends to go with or from exams I kinda don't care. Hope the new album will be good.
    September 7 03:06 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity During exam season, can't go. Simple as that.
    September 7 02:56 PM
  • Flugmorph thats always a good mood
    September 7 06:26 AM
  • Flugmorph rip humankind
    September 6 06:08 PM
  • Flugmorph the good old days.
    September 6 05:07 PM
  • Flugmorph ye man just watched that last week. great coming of age story
    September 6 03:50 PM
  • Flugmorph try princess mononoke and nausicaš boi
    September 6 02:57 PM
  • Flugmorph thats prob as good as it gets tho so good for you heh
    September 6 12:39 PM
  • Flugmorph i see. some science fiction stuff. started to watch fullmetal alchemist today. rocks really good that one!
    September 6 12:10 PM
  • Flugmorph ****ing revi i tell ya. she LOKO
    September 5 07:42 PM
  • Flugmorph ok. mainly watching stuff. lately black lagoon and legend of korra some days ago. gonna watch the two last episodes of black lagoon tonight. such a good anime. and you?
    September 5 05:24 PM
  • Flugmorph hugh
    September 5 04:20 PM
  • Flugmorph is that so
    September 5 04:10 PM
  • Flugmorph pls just... the sweet release
    September 3 06:32 PM
  • Futures yeah rumored heavily with james and koulibaly.
    August 26 06:19 PM
  • Futures yeah big chelsea fan and usmnt of course. how do you feel about the season? you guys are looking pretty good! made some good business in the transfer window
    August 26 06:03 PM
  • Futures you're a boro fan?
    August 26 05:10 PM
  • danielcardoso I quoted a rage lyric in the summary that felt fitting for the release but it may be a little extreme lol, what do you think my man?
    August 26 08:50 AM
  • LepreCon Leeds is great, been to the festival there a few years running!
    August 25 12:18 PM
  • LepreCon 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland on Dec 10th!
    August 25 08:19 AM
  • Futures thanks man. just gives me a whole new outlook on life. just gotta do what you love while you're here for how ever long that may be.
    August 21 03:56 PM
  • Futures thank you man i really appreciate it. i have currently been in remission for about 4 months now luckily.
    August 21 03:52 PM
  • Futures i mean you already really hurt me by blatantly telling me i'm faking it. yes i have cancer i don't know why my history has anything to do with it. it's a rare cancer and had to do like 7 months of chemo along with radiation and a surgery where they cut open my chest and neck.
    August 21 03:44 PM
  • Futures what's the question?
    August 21 03:36 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah good luck with it, plus with dropping one of them you'll have more free time to study at will.
    August 19 07:08 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Basically me in year 12 that is.
    August 18 02:09 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Sure thing, we will be. Hope today went fine.
    August 18 01:20 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity This can run on a potato, I ran it with one which was 6 years old.
    August 18 12:53 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity My boi you up for this? http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?memberid=1040187
    August 18 10:36 AM
  • zakalwe One thing that truly baffles me is what is wrong with a stiff upper lip? Oh it's not getting in touch with your emotions and sweeping things under the carpet. **** off it was a strong arm on your shoulder letting you know things were going to be alright.
    August 17 03:45 PM
  • zakalwe People lost the fight. They'd been suppressed, mollycoddled, told and sold to a point where everyone just goes along existing on tweets, lies and greggs bakery pies.
    August 17 03:39 PM
  • zakalwe It's an impossibility not to be in this day and age son. Everyone's a ****.
    August 17 03:26 PM
  • zakalwe Love ya tuna dude
    August 17 03:14 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow :] Will be up for Dubbin' tomorrow too.
    August 17 12:28 PM
  • Sinternet I'm sure it is a real condition, and not reflective of a tendency to become addicted to irrelevant music sites :^) Sorry for the late response anyway, I'm doing good, trying to pack for holiday atm, how have you been?
    August 14 10:23 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I think you'll be fine, if you're up for it tell me how you've done on Thursday. Either cheering in happiness or worrying in self pity I think a Dub session is in order ;)
    August 14 06:07 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Much easy going but the stakes are bigger than ever. Now you're paying for education and your mark in your degree is by far the most important mark you'll have. There's so many societies here, including a film society so you'll most likely find what you're seeking.
    August 14 05:56 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity You'll probably stick with more and be around more people than me since I'm hopeless at socializing. First year is mainly getting your bearing and getting to know people, easier than year 13 definitely.
    August 14 05:40 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity That's basically me, I'm such a s***ebag. I joined a bunch but I only stuck with anime club, great for cooling down on a Friday night after a week of work.
    August 14 05:38 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Uni is basically do what you want, so it's maximum independence. There's a very large change you'll find a society where you feel like you belong, I just like it because I'm constantly busy and can do what I please.
    August 14 05:28 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'd get proper down regardless of age, always want the best experience and loudness helps. If you do bad in year 12 it isn't the end of the world, I got C,C,D,D in year 12 and look where I am now so you're doing the right thing. Uni is the best, wouldn't want to do anything else and hopefully you'll feel the same.
    August 14 05:16 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity I'm gonna be deaf by 40 due to the concerts I watch lol. Good luck for year 13, it separates the men from the boys. Nothing is worse in the summer than wondering what the **** to do, I have 4 months off from uni and it's gah. Plus I can't buy any more music until October.
    August 14 05:08 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity God that ****ing blows dude :[ I hope it isn't anything serious, you in year 12 or 13 now?
    August 14 05:04 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Trust me the slightest thing can ruin my head while listening, why I don't wanna **** up listening to it. I do miss Uni, main problem is I'm at home so much I never want to do anything while I'm Uni I'm so busy I am happy when I'm finally jamming something new.
    August 14 04:51 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Still have it on my computer to listen to, sorry I haven't gotten around to it. Just that I can't enjoy anything I jam atm because I'm at home :/
    August 14 04:25 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist same i'm just not excited by the other stuff at least on the outside looking in
    August 14 04:11 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist What stuff have you checked? I'm not really that excited about checking Lullabies or Era, just their debut tbh
    August 14 01:18 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Dude I know! I haven't checked their debut, Era, or Lullabies to be fair. but still...like clockwork is my favorite of theirs. Rated R second.
    August 14 01:10 PM
  • TVC15 But when I want the m/ Kyuss has the better songs
    August 14 11:26 AM
  • TVC15 Nicotine valium vicodine marijuana ectasy and alcohol... C C C C C CO CAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE
    August 14 09:52 AM
  • TVC15 Oooh Vampyre of Time and Money
    August 14 09:48 AM
  • TVC15 User Friendly by Marilyn Manson
    August 14 09:45 AM
  • TVC15 Wow I really just butchered the lyrics
    August 14 09:41 AM
  • TVC15 I don't love you but I'm gonna find someone better. Sorry bro, don't know how else to put it
    August 14 09:27 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Dude nice 4.5 rating dude! Like Clockwork is killer.
    August 14 03:33 AM
  • Flugmorph story of my life fam
    August 13 06:53 PM
  • Flugmorph not much into horror films tbh
    August 13 05:36 PM
  • Flugmorph honestly it looked interesting since the first time i saw the trailer. its on my "to watch-" list
    August 13 05:17 PM
  • Flugmorph was it that bad tho? always looked like a semi comedy to me
    August 13 05:06 PM
  • Flugmorph ye its a pretty grim look on life
    August 13 04:28 AM
  • Flugmorph yeah me too man. be prepared for bojack tho man, its pretty depressing stuff.
    August 12 06:33 PM
  • Flugmorph ye full on man. also binge watched season 2 of bojack horseman just now. and im crazy about that new faunts record
    August 12 05:59 PM
  • FullOfSounds No prob
    August 12 12:57 PM
  • Flugmorph didnt do much tbh
    August 12 12:17 PM
  • FullOfSounds Ah gotcha. Well welcome back!
    August 12 10:37 AM
    August 12 10:33 AM
  • FullOfSounds Where have you been lately?
    August 12 10:33 AM
  • Flugmorph hahaha exactly
    July 27 11:23 AM
  • Flugmorph come jam with us when you're home brah. https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/sput
    July 27 11:15 AM
  • Flugmorph ye its pretty sucky but i got used to it mostly. those invasive adds tho. they **** my up every time
    July 27 11:15 AM
  • Flugmorph i use sputnik on my phone all the time tbh
    July 27 11:00 AM
  • Flugmorph well ok. thanks m8
    July 27 10:49 AM
  • Flugmorph lol on my profile it sais 'Last Active 12-30-15 8:19 am' for me. same with you there?
    July 27 10:09 AM
  • TVC15 That performance was so pathetic but I can't stop laughing
    July 26 12:12 AM
  • TVC15 "He looks like Nicholas Cage after bing drinking" -hilarious comment in the vid you posted on the MM article
    July 26 12:09 AM
  • BlackMalachite Hey dude, where did you get the news about Nails going on hiatus?
    July 25 08:40 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Unfortunately I'm a pussy and no matter how suicidal I am it would take a lot for me to kill myself. I hate it becaue it's like "the boy who cries wolf", what's the point of talking about suicide if you can't even do it? But oh my god i'm so happy now and I hope that it lasts longerr.
    July 25 05:30 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Uh....why did you care lol. But thanks man. I'm so much better holy s***. Love can do a lot for you(cheesy im sorry)
    July 25 05:24 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist I'm so good dude i'm great somethings come up and I'm just......so happy. I don't know why I even deserve to be this happy but I am.
    July 25 05:07 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity Ah I said I think it's a cool song but the video is the true winner there, they've done far better songs in my eyes.
    July 25 11:37 AM
  • Flugmorph yes exactly
    July 25 09:14 AM
  • Flugmorph ye probably. i would like a little more variety. his newest album served me much better than AS
    July 25 08:26 AM
  • Flugmorph well as i said back then. i was a little underwelmed overall. still need a few more listens to form a concrete opinion
    July 25 07:49 AM
  • Flugmorph thats great
    July 25 07:07 AM
  • Flugmorph you're overdue boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    July 25 06:55 AM
  • BigPleb Seen em live before and I'd definitely recommend, wild show.
    July 24 02:35 PM
  • BigPleb Ye man!
    July 24 02:30 PM
  • Flugmorph We may be
    July 24 09:37 AM
  • Flugmorph Ye i was a little underwelmed on my first listen tonight. Surely it will grow on me thow. Sounds like a grower
    July 23 08:54 PM
  • Flugmorph im listening to antichrist superstar tonight. how about your intends hehe
    July 23 07:34 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Although, judging from feedback on his live shows, I think he's reverting back to 2009 Manson again. So glad I saw him back to form before he went back to this slob again.
    July 23 03:24 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 No, what's he been doing now? haha Last time I checked on him was when he was pissed up at that AC awards.
    July 23 03:21 AM
  • Flugmorph Is a privilege. Never rush it bud ^^
    July 22 09:03 PM
  • Flugmorph Ye im not even finished listening to all their main releases myself.
    July 22 09:00 PM
  • Flugmorph Just realized that their compilation 'the singles collect' is the best place to start out with skinny puppy for sure hehe.
    July 22 08:55 PM
  • Flugmorph Didnt knew that actually. Hope that it will change things up a little more than usual.
    July 22 08:52 PM
  • Flugmorph Ye man would be aoty no doubt
    July 22 08:48 PM
  • Flugmorph Agreed. All i need from the old opeth is there. Progressing is the way.
    July 22 08:32 PM
  • Flugmorph ye best artwork i saw in a long time honestly.prob gonna be a lot of hammond shredding involved lmao
    July 22 08:23 PM
  • Flugmorph goddamn the hype is ever building hehe
    July 22 08:21 PM
  • Flugmorph exactly my dilemma in life.
    July 22 08:16 PM
  • Flugmorph ye same here man. 15 albums on my agenda from this month to listen to atm.
    July 22 08:11 PM
  • Flugmorph well be a hell of a ride for sure.
    July 22 08:02 PM
  • Flugmorph but in terms of actual songs that are memorable at first listen vivisectvi is prob the best starting point.
    July 22 07:54 PM
  • Flugmorph well if you really want to commit to it then last rights is the way to go. there they perfected their sound till that point. the whole production and sound of the album is accessible while the music itself is pretty ****ing out there at times hehe. gotta love the 10 minute sound collage of download man. thats the track that really made me love them.
    July 22 07:52 PM
  • Flugmorph thats a serious question because stuff like that can affect you on an unknown deep level
    July 22 07:47 PM
  • Flugmorph im officially hyped. wanna get my advice on where to start?
    July 22 07:46 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Thanks!
    July 17 03:15 PM
  • Hawks They're never gonna catch that type of magic again bro lol.
    July 17 10:38 AM
  • Hawks I mean I guess it's possible, but I don't see it happening. At least not for me.
    July 17 10:12 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hay bud the only thing I've listened to from David is Ziggy, where should I go next? I love Ziggy, it's almost a 5.0
    July 14 05:43 PM
  • MillionDead I agree 100%. Love
    July 10 01:02 PM
  • MillionDead I saw new footprints in abandoned pathways!
    July 9 07:32 PM
  • Rastapunk Thanks mate :)Tell me if you like it!
    July 9 02:21 PM
  • BigPleb Hang on, new song?!
    July 6 08:49 AM
  • ZackSh33 yo tuna I forgot that you were the one to review the kidz bop album with such integrityprops mate
    July 5 04:11 PM
  • TVC15 Wait, but your last review was like at the end of last month right?????
    June 26 05:43 PM
  • TVC15 I've never saw you that mad before... was that post directly referencing a struggle you're facing right now on posting more than one review?
    June 26 05:26 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity The courses themselves will keep you busy :P
    June 26 11:15 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity They'll adore how much there is to do here, so many societies and stuff to do. Don't know how good the department for that is so they'll find out.
    June 26 11:02 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Yeah I do Maths, at Liverpool. My friend loves York so try your arse off to get there. 1st year will be a break compared to Six Form, so if you get into York enjoy it :]
    June 26 10:36 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity My friend went there actually, believe doing History. What grades you need?
    June 26 10:16 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity It's over until October now, I get my results for this semester 4th July. I really don't like summer so it starting sooner rather than later would be nice. You at Uni?
    June 26 10:05 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity Btw I haven't seen you rate anything from them, it'll be your first album by them you'll listen to?
    June 26 08:35 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity I doubt no one will take it so take your time, I brought it from there when I first got into the band. Now I imported the Special Blu Ray Limited Edition from Japan (which looks even better and has a bunch of extra stuff on a Blu Ray :D) and I gave my limited edition to EvoHavok since in his country there's no Diru albums in stores. I can't wait for Arche's live, since the DSS Budokan live is still my favorite live show.
    June 26 08:32 AM
  • Hellscythe indeed it is!
    June 24 07:59 PM
  • zakalwe Democracy in full effect. We have shown ourselves as one of the greatest nations on the planet. Take pride in that as we are paying £90 for our next Mogwai album bro.
    June 24 11:42 AM
  • zakalwe Don't be scared Tuna dude. It's all good.
    June 24 11:26 AM
  • zakalwe Too true. captivating stuff.
    June 21 05:20 PM
  • Rastapunk Thanks mate :)
    June 19 12:12 PM
  • MercuryToHell Unfortunately so, it really depends how the young ones have come together - although there's an unhealthy trend of ignorance and bigotry amongst all ages so I really wouldn't like to call it...
    June 18 03:22 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 From listening to the single, I did get the feeling it was very reserved. You gonna review it?
    June 18 03:40 AM
  • AtomicWaste I've been giving it some thought. I've been sick so I haven't had my normal time to kinda get something put together. I am enjoying the hell out of it right now though.
    June 17 10:26 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Oh yeah! The new single was sweet. Not a massive fan of theirs, but that single perked interest. You big on them?
    June 17 12:25 PM
  • oltnabrick what? lol
    June 13 01:57 AM
  • Sinternet Ooh tough. I'm not too knowledgeable on the Russian side but I think we have a good amount of talent, if lacking a bit in experience. I'll say 2-0 England. Your thoughts?
    June 11 01:54 PM
  • TVC15 Yeah man, all because of a joke review smh. I'm not too bugged tho since my ratings weren't wiped I'd rather have my comments wiped than have my ratings wiped
    June 6 06:34 PM
  • zakalwe I think you'll find tuna 'ol son people will wake up and take it for what it actually is. My crusade will be over, I'll log off for ever and die happy
    June 3 09:46 AM
  • Muppelope Homogenic, debut, medulla
    June 1 01:30 PM
  • Muppelope Eh, not a big fan of Nightwish or symphonic metal in general. I have a few Bjork albums, which I like, but I haven't been able to get into her as much as most people here seem to.
    May 31 11:12 PM
  • Muppelope Hey man, I've been looking for some darker sounding girl-fronted artists/bands lately, preferably with some catchier stuff too, like PJ Harvey, Chelsea Wolfe, The Kills, etc... Maybe you can help me, any recs?
    May 31 05:27 PM
  • Flugmorph i think its their best album since last fair deal actually
    May 30 07:46 PM
  • Flugmorph jamming new katatonia...again haha
    May 30 07:07 PM
  • Idleness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZY2Ry-YuEk
    May 30 05:07 AM
  • TVC15 Havent heard Supercollider yet but I accept your challenge ;)
    May 11 08:11 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Hey man I listened to Blackstar last night and loved it so much I didn't realize we had almost the same profile pic. Lol, mind if we share?
    May 9 08:59 AM
  • CaliggyJack Yo is The Big Sputnik Lunch done? Just wondering cause nothings been added.
    May 9 08:59 AM
  • JJKeys okayyy 1 is a little harsh - I'll listen to it again, but I cant see it swaying me above 2.0. It was one of the most disappointing listens for me given the hype, I just don't get it
    May 8 06:26 PM
  • DoofusWainwright Yeah, those drums and that swirly underwater feel
    May 8 06:06 PM
  • JJKeys Life isn't worth living without that Cut a Hole (which sounds -exactly- like Oath to Order from Majora's Mask)Ngl I second Doofus - TWFM is one of the most dull albums I've ever heard
    May 8 06:05 PM
  • DoofusWainwright You have the correct 'trouble will find me' rating
    May 8 06:01 PM
  • DoofusWainwright It feels up to 'In Rainbows' quality and I have that 4.5'dEarly days though
    May 8 05:58 PM
  • LotusFlower sing a song on the jukebox that goes?
    May 8 03:41 PM
  • AmericanFlagAsh Still can't believe it's here
    May 8 02:58 PM
  • zakalwe It's exciting innit
    May 8 08:25 AM
  • JigglyPDiddy So... you're made of tuna right? 95 little tuna boys?
    May 2 09:29 PM
  • JigglyPDiddy Lol okie
    May 2 11:49 AM
  • JigglyPDiddy I'll accompany you with my tofu pita and some glutten-free chips!
    May 2 08:45 AM
  • iloveyouall shore
    April 22 08:38 PM
  • iloveyouall that's what you get for being a little bitch
    April 22 07:42 PM
  • DoofusWainwright With every year you age you'd expect there to be a general increase in the number of famous people you know dying but I agree 2016 is taking the piss. Part of the problem is modern music/modern film really kicked off in the 60's and 70's so a lot of the recognised classic artists are getting really old. Look at sput ratings - a fair few 60's and 70's but little pre then. Think how many great singers/musicians/actors/authors are now over 70 years old. Things might slow down a bit but not much.
    April 21 01:39 PM
  • Hawks WHAT IS THAT REAL.....
    April 15 08:07 PM
  • ChoccyPhilly I listened to it after his death and was surprised by liking it, as I had never been a fan of his previous work. Revisited last night when I felt more in the mood for it and yeah, magical experience
    April 9 10:38 AM
  • Flugmorph its really great yeah.
    April 9 09:19 AM
  • Flugmorph Wait. Wait a second. I cant contain myself right now. I came millions of times when I just heard cygnus again
    April 8 08:27 PM
  • Flugmorph Yeah im not sure about that weezer rating right now. Not really my type of band ya knaaaaaaw
    April 8 07:21 PM
  • DrGonzo1937 Excellent. Would you be up for giving it a review if you have time? (an honest one)
    April 6 01:36 AM
  • Rowan5215 Thanks tunaman!
    April 5 10:22 AM
  • DrGonzo1937 Cheers man. I actually forgot I sent you this. haha On holiday, dude?
    April 5 10:15 AM

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