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June 7th, 2006 | 17 replies

Release Date: 1989 | Tracklist

The album Conspiracy is Kim Bendix Petersenís (better known as King Diamond) fourth full-length solo-album following the 1988 íThemí. The assembly of the band hasnít changed a lot from the previous album:

King Diamond - all vocals
Andy La Rocque - guitars
Pete Blakk - guitars
Hal Patino - bass
Mikkey Dee - drums
Roberto Falcao - Keyboards

Again, every King Diamond-album is conseptual, telling a horror story (at least the albums after íFatal Portraití do) which I think is a big part of the whole experience. Conspiracy is like a sequel to the story in íThemí. So, to understand the album better, listening to íThemí first is recommended.

The main characters of this fictional story are King Diamond, his dead sister Missy, his mother, Dr. Landau and íThemí, which are ghost-like creatures or spirits, whatever. At the beginning, King has returned from the insane asylum he was sent during the events in íThemí...

- Donít get confused! In the review I use "KD" for King Diamond (the singer), and "King" for the main character of the story.

1. At The Graves

Starting with some piano, Kingís sad voice comes in singing about his sister Missy, who was killed by íthemí on the previous album. King misses her very much, and he wishes for her return. The freaky intro ends with the lyrics "Rise from your grave, little sister..."
Now the song truly explodes into the awesome chorus. Heavy guitars, KDís high pitched voice...itís great. Missy, as a spirit, has returned from the grave wtih íthemí. The verses are actually dialogues between King and Missy. King is glad that ítheyí all have returned, and hopes he could hear íthemí sing again. Missy has to return to the graves, but she promises that she will return. The song itself, being about 8 minutes, kind of jumps into every direction. Fast guitar solos by Andy and Pete change into slower riffing sections and in to the main theme again. The song ends with a fast riff with the keyboards in the background.

2. Sleepless Nights

Starting with fast guitars and pinched harmonics. During the acoustic verses, the story continues. King cannot sleep at night cause heís thinking about Missy all the time. To see her again, he has the give his house back to íthemí and not to let any outsiders in the house. The solos by Andy and Pete are pretty much just shredding, though there are also great melodic parts in them. The dialogue-alike lyrics are still present. When King speaks, his voice is helpless and desperate. But when ítheyí tell King about the deal to give ítheirí house back, the music changes into meanly pounding guitar riff and much angrier singing by KD. This is funny because all of the characters voices are done by one man, King Diamond. While he changes his voice from the sound of a little girl into the sound of a mean ghost, it gives the album a schizophrenic-feel, like heís talking to himself.
But back to the music...

3. Lies

Heavy guitars again during the intro. KD starts to sing about King meeting Dr. Landau, who was his shrink in the asylum. King tries to convince him that heís not insane anymore, and lies that ítheyí donít exist. Itís all just an excuse to see his mother again. The song is pretty straightforward, fast riffs, KDís screaming and some weird keyboards near the end. Nothing special, but itís still a good song.

4. A Visit From The Dead

A beautiful intro, acoustic solos by Andy and Pete. In a dream, King is playing with Missy in the garden. Itís very peaceful and stays that way about two minutes. Electric guitars enter as King suddenly wakes up. The feeling of the song changes completely, fast lyrics by KD and mean guitars. The chorus is very catchy. Missy is in the room with King, standing in the darkness. Sheís warning King that something bad is about to happen. Some people say this is one of the worst songs on the album, but I donít understand why. At the end, Missy is singing "I will send you a dream...", which is of course the next song.

5. The Wedding Dream

Starting with a wedding-jingle, King sings about his mother, that he sees in his dream. His mother is wearing a wedding-dress and walking down the aisle with Dr. Landau beside her. Suddenly the doctorís gone, and Kingís mom is lying on the ground. King has a bloody axe in his hands. He tries to escape the dream, but fails. Putting the story aside, the song is worse than the ones before it. The chorus with the jumping riff just doesnít fit in to the feel of the song. I donít hate or like this song, itís just a part of the story.

6. "Amon" Belongs To "Them"

A more typical intro again, heavy riffing and drums. King is finally about to see his mother again, as she and Dr. Landau comes to visit. King canít let them in, because of the deal he made to íthemí. King tries to explain it, but Landau thinks heís become crazy. This is another story-based song, it didnít stick into my mind because itís not that great musically. At the end, Kingís mother sticks a needle at King, making him unconscious.

7. Something Weird

King being out of the game for a while, this is an instrumental by Andy La Rocque. The name of the song fits it well actually. Starting with a distant guitar sound, the song is very weird from start to finish. Acoustic guitar gives it a kind of happy feel in the middle, before it returns to the menacing guitar sound at the end.

8. Victimized

King is left lying on the ground, as his mother and the doctor go to a local church to see the reverend Sammael. Landau tells him about King, and converts the preacher to the conspiracy with them. The preacher becomes sure that King is controlled by Satan himself, or some demonic force at least. The only thing that can be done, is to get rid of him.
For the music, it has some ominous guitarwork and soloing. Still nothing special.

9. Let It Be Done

Only keyboards and some weird effects with the vocals here, this song ends the story. The priest puts King in a coffin, while Kingís mother and the doctor set it on fire with a torch.

10. Cremation

The last song is one of the best songs in the whole album. The starting riff plays throughout, and the song has a very aggressive feel in it. This would be amazing if heard live. There are no solos and itís pretty much the same from start to finish, but itís still very cool. The song is almost an instrumental, only with couple of "happy" lines from King at the end:

"Whenever the dark is near
I will return from the grave
to haunt you...Godforsaken whore"


This was my first review, now it may seem kind of short. I had to decide to review either this or "Them", but I took this cause I like this more. The album has some very good moments (which "Them" has less) but then again couple of little more insignificant tracks (which "Them" has more). The story of the album is not as interesting as in Abigail, so itís a shame that there are some tracks that concentrate more on the story than the music itself (The Wedding Dream, Victimized). Some songs succeed in combining these two things, like At The Graves, which is the best song on the album. Abigail is King Diamond's best (from the ones I've heard), but Conspiracy doesn't fall behind remarkably

Recommended stuff:
At The Graves
Sleepless Nights
A Visit From The Dead
Something Weird

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June 7th 2006


pretty good first review, pretty good album. I take a fancy to King Diamond and his music.

June 7th 2006


Your first review? Wow.

Only album I have from KD is Fatal Portrait, but I'll definitely checking out this, Them, and Abigail due to their frequent mentions in your review.

Awesome job, especially for your first time.

south_of_heaven 11
June 7th 2006


Hey man, nice work for a first time.
I dont know much about King Diamond. I almost bought of his abulms a few weeks ago, but didnt have enough cash. Maybe I should now though...

June 7th 2006


I crack up whenever I hear this dude's voice.

July 20th 2006


Excelent review, especially for a first timer!

I really need to get an album with King Diamond.
Love the thought of storytelling lyrics.

October 28th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

the arrangements and Andy's playing push this to a 4.5 in my book. andy larocque is god.

July 26th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

In my opinion Conspiracy is King's best record just after his debut and Abigail.
Cool record.

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December 10th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off


December 11th 2011



September 29th 2012


Amon Belongs To Them

Mister Twister
September 29th 2013




August 19th 2014


still no love for the king on this site

August 19th 2014



August 19th 2014


this album's review has been up for over 8 years and hasn't cracked two pages yet


August 19th 2014


everyone just praises them and abigail

August 19th 2014


dude I just bought a King box set, first 5 albums m/

Digging: Jake Kaufman - Shovel Knight Original Soundtrack

August 19th 2014


his show sold out in under an hour where i live

prob because it's been so long since he's been here

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