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by Jawaharal USER (33 Reviews)
February 21st, 2006 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

I like sleep. So, it would seem almost natural for me to like Cerberus Shoals' Homb. It borders the line of music that makes you want to sleep and music that you want to listen to while you go to sleep. Beautiful, yes. Boring, a little.

I'll be straight forward and say that this album doesn't really stand out from the kajillion other beautifully boring post-rock/ambient albums. It has some originality, like the tribal groove and progressive guitar doodling on Myrrh (loop), that I don't find frequently in this genre. And variation isn't exactly hat Cerberus Shoal use. They go nowhere fast, and keep a riff until its been milked dry. But aside from the use of tribal beats, Homb is just a shimmering collage of overdone guitar beauty and mellow horns.

Cerberus Shoal do excell in the ways of a hypnotist. The hazy guitars and aimless mumblings act as a mind masseuse and melt you down to a sack of lazy skin. The floating glimmering guitars and random windchime notes on Myrrh (Waff) are muscle soothingly good.

Homb's short track length isn't very forgiving either. Only 5 tracks, one being a 6 minute noise filler (Harvest). But don't worry, there is still enough enjoyable material to deserve your unconscious attention. The echoey jazz of Omphalos is very relaxing and almost very similar to Celtic music, with pipes softly blowing a chill beats a beatin. And Homb's strongest point comes in during the final 2 minutes of Myrrh (reprise), where noisy space sound effects join in with some cymbal crashings and haunting guitar feedback to make a very enjoyable ambient moment.

If you've been needing to catch up on sleep, then this is the stuff for you. With each track clocking over 8 minutes, there is alot of snoozing coming your way.

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February 21st 2006


Pretty good review, but much too short, your other short ones are better.

February 25th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Some how I missed this review, my bad. I think that this review is good, yet brief. The music is not very hard to describe either, because it isn't very complex. I have to disagree with you because I don't use to album to sleep, it actually wakes me up. This is a solid album, especially the three 'Myrrh' tracks. I'd give it a 3.5/5.This Message Edited On 02.25.06

December 7th 2013



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