Sailing the Seas of Cheese



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Release Date: 1991 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Come with us we'll sail the seas of cheese. The quriky seas of cheese.

Primus is a funk rock band.With Les Claypool, Larry "Ler"LaLonde, and Tim "Herb" Alexander. They are all great musicians. Especially Les. One of the best bass players in the world! He is very humorus and definteantly an oddball. Larry was a Metal Gutarist for Possesed. Tim was a heavy metal drummer for Laundry. Now look at them! They killed their other genre and met another one! That Les introduced to them. Though in some songs, they can introduce their powerful metal genre. Depending on the way Les writes the song. Most songs are tall tales. The meanings are very hard to describe. It is the way Les's humorous imagination writes it. This album was their best selling and most popular and famous. The songs are completley humorous. A very funny album. The album is a 90's classic. You can not miss out on the quriky strange unneccasary, and funny and catchy sounding riffs. If you miss out on this. You are not in luck at all, Here are our songs!

1. Seas of Cheese (0:42)
A catchy tune played by Les on his stand up bass. The lyrics are about puking. In some way I find that disturbing. But it is still catchy. Usually short songs like these don't get ratings. But I give this a rating. Defineantly. 3/5

2. Here Come the Bastards (2:55)
Here they come. Here they come. Yep here they come. This song is short but it is a classic. Somewhat popular in the Primus history. They continue to play this live. This song is not really about anything pacific. Even though it didn't get released as a single (probably because of its length), itis still popular in the Primus history and fun to listen to! 4.5/5

3. Sgt. Baker (4:16)
Sgt. Baker is my name, Ima teach you how to play the game of warfare.This song is amazing. The opening is very soft. And hard to hear. Then the bass riff and gutair riff come in. With tim on the drums. The riff is very catchy. It is hard to skip it. 5/5

4. American Life (4:32)
This song is abotuliving life with freedom. And being an American, of course. This song isn't crazy alot of the other Primus songs and albums. Though defineantly worth listening to. This song is mostly bass. Not a lot of drums or gutair. The gutair simply colors the music. And their are small beats on the drums. It deserves a good rating though! 3.5/5

5.Jerry Was A Race Car Driver (3:11)
Jerry was a race car driver.Yes he was. This is Primus's most popular. This song is about a retired race car driver named Jerry who was amazing at race car driving. It also features a dog who hunts for cheese. Just like in the music video. A guy drops his nachos and cheese. The dog goes and eats it. The song is very catchy in the beginning with Les's fretless bass. And Larry's riffs. And Tim's pounding drums.This song is amazing. If you skip it. You hate Primus! 5/5

6. Eleven (4:19)
This song isn't crazy either. The lyrics are also dark. The opening is much of snare drums, octobans, splash cymbals, then the bass drum. At one point in the beginning their is the same opening drum tune as in Tommy the Cat. Then the bass comes and the gutair colors the music. Again, this is a classic. 4/5

7. Is it Luck? (3:27)
Is it luck? Is it luck? It is luck if you listen to this whole song. The storyline is hard to explain. But I like this song! it can't be missed! 3/5

8. Grandad's Little Ditty (0:37)
This song is uber boring. Just sounds of showers and a sound like fat grandpa singing a song I don't even get. Sorry but this does not get a good rating. 1/5

9. Tommy the Cat (4:17)
One of Primus's biggest tracks in their history to! It cannot be missed. It is about a cat who hangs out behind an alley called O Malley's Ally. Les sings very fast.The pening is awesome to. You can't really understand what Les is saying due to the lack of speed he sings. If you skipit, you hate Primus. 5/5

10. Sathington Waltz (1:42)
This song is not that long but it is a fun instrumental. Sounds of yodels and acoustic and small drumming. And little bit of bass. 3/5

11. Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers (5:20)
Those damned blue collard tweekers they are runnin this here town. This song is about drug reference to workers. This song is kind of a popular track in Primus's history. There is alot of bass and some gutair. With catchy drums. Can't miss! 4.5/5

12. Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles III) (7:45)
Fish on is the longest song on this album. About Les and Larry fishing. The lyrics are dark. And their are constant repeating of the words, "Fish On!". This song is a classic and cannot be missed. 4.5/5

13. Los Bastardos (2:39)
This is a short reprise of "Here Come the Bastards". Wth constant repeating of "Shut Up you Bastards!" 3/5

This album is Primus's most popular and well known. Cannot be missed! Goout and buy it now! All uber primus fans love this album and already have it! I gurantee you!

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April 1st 2012


This song is uber boring

lol no

April 1st 2012


wtf is with these track by track reviews today

April 1st 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Track by track reviews are how I review. You might just review an album without track by track. I do. So don't hate.

Lol no? Kay whatever. Listen I am getting hates from SputnikMusic. You don't like how I type things. Keep it to yourself. I don't want to know it!

People these days are negative. >.>

April 1st 2012


Uhm, okay then. But for the most part, no one wants to read TBT's

They want to read formulated reviews with an actual intro, description of the album, maybe some history, and a well-thought out conclusion.

I'm not saying you have to do it, though. Just my 2 cents

April 1st 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Well kay I'll do one or so. But I am just saying a lot of people read TBT's. And alot of people write TBT's.

April 1st 2012


boy with spinning turbines powered by electricity

Digging: In Flames - Clayman

May 27th 2012


"This song is about a retired race car driver named Jerry who was amazing at race car driving".

I thought a retired race car driver would be amazing at knitting...people are stupid

May 27th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Do I look like I care?

May 27th 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

>.> Back off!

January 16th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0


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