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Trust No one



by Sam Cowen USER (17 Reviews)
February 15th, 2012 | 33 replies | 6,400 views

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Curse of the sophomore slump strikes again.

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Dubstep is literally everywhere. It seems that even metal, in its various forms, cannot escape its clutches. Bands such as We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack have been mixing dance with their Metalcore sound since inception, and recently these bands have become among the biggest in the scene. This has led to more conventional bands joining the bandwagon. For instance, Bring Me The Horizon had a whole remixed dance album, and Asking Alexandria soon followed suit. Even seasoned veterans Korn got sucked in, with their horrendous last album a few months back.

The latest band to incorporate dance and dubstep is Italian Post-Hardcore mob Hopes Die Last. Their debut ‘Six Years Home’ was released 3 years ago and is one of the scene’s best kept secrets. Now, they return for their second album, ‘Trust No One‘.

It starts off well, with opener ‘Never Trust The Hazel Eyed Girl’ exploding out of the gates and sounding just like how ‘Six Years Home’ left off. As the bridge begins, some vocals that sound remarkably like Korn start, before they get chopped up heading into the breakdown, but overall, however, the song works and is one of the best songs on the album.

First single, ‘Unleash Hell’, see’s the band going for a more Metalcore like approach. At first it sounds like a good attempt, with bassist Marco Calanca’s cleans in the chorus combining well with Daniele Tofani’s screams. Half way through, however, the roman band make a big mistake. “Let’s get the *** out!” screams Tofani before an electronic breakdown takes over entirely, destroying all momentum the song previously had. Even some stellar vocal work by Calanca cannot save this song from being a cliché, generic waste of time.

One of the most refreshing moments in ‘Six Years Home’ came in the form of the instrumental ‘An Endless Serenade’, which led into ‘Under This Red Sky’. The instrumental let each instrument shine and led into the song perfectly, so it was nice to see Hopes Die Last try this again. ‘The Blue’ starts with a piano before electronics take over. Sadly this has it has no connection to the next song, but does serve to break up the record.

Track nine is a cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. Not only is this far, far worse than the original, it features screams by Tofani that genuinely sound like vomiting at points. The chorus is nicely done, however they felt the need to add yet another breakdown, which only adds to the mystery of why this was included in the first place. Penultimate track ‘Icarus’ is a piano led ballad, although again, electronics take over halfway through this overly long track.

Up until now at least Hopes Die Last contained their dubstep influences, however for the last track, ‘Keep Your Hands Off’, they got Drum And Bass artist Netsky to give them a hand. The result is a song that would have sounded at home on Korn’s latest release, and generally just sounds a mess. This should have only been released as a B side, and as a result of being the final track, leaves the album ending on a sour note.

This release is not just disappointing due to the electronics, Hopes Die Last have gone backwards in other area's since their debut. The lyrics have gotten so poor they have started including A Day To Remember style breakdown calls such as in the aforementioned ‘Unleash Hell’ and when they do try and emulate their first record, the songs sound like the B sides to ‘Six Years Home’. Instrumentally their over reliance on breakdowns mean they end up having no effect.

If it seem's like I am being harsh it's because I was looking forward to this and feel let down. This isn't a terrible album, it's just hopelessly generic. As for the electronics, hopefully it's just a fad that bands will give up when they realise how bad the idea is. For now, we can just hope.

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February 15th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

By the way, just want to draw more attention to the album art. I mean, who actually looked at this and thought it was a good idea?

February 15th 2012


Good review,

Your face down now is their best imo

February 15th 2012


lol album art

February 15th 2012


forgot these guys were around. i thought they disbanded. from what you said in the review i dont think theyll survive much longer though. good review btw. and that artwork is gross...

February 15th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

A few decent songs I guess

February 15th 2012


thought of the lana del rey album when I saw that cover.

what the fuck.

Staff Reviewer
February 15th 2012


When did dubstep become all dance music?

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February 15th 2012


Album is okay. They remind me of blessthefall.. everything they do sonds okay but it's just sooooooooooooooo generic. These bands are like the definition of a 2.5

February 16th 2012


"Your face down now" was good, but ever since they got the new vocalist they went to shit. This sounds even worse then "6 years now", which was already bad.

Digging: Monarch - Sabbracadaver

February 16th 2012


Album Rating: 3.0

Meh. Some parts of it are good but it seems like they're about to jump on the dubmetal bandwagon which I saw breaking through in the next few years in my Korn review. Korn did it better. Though that's probably cos this song sounds just like they heard Korn's album just after they finished this album, thought "we gotta get in on this" and quickly pieced something together to shove on at the end.

February 16th 2012


I'm actually checking this out because i've jammed this band for years now. I'm actually really enjoying their EP at the moment as well as their less known 2005 EP (which was a bit of a different genre).

I have a feeling this will disappoint.

Staff Reviewer
February 17th 2012


jump on the dubmetal bandwagon

Away with you

February 19th 2012


wow... that "dubmetal" song is atrocious. probably one of the most annoying things in a while.

I want to like this, and while I do enjoy some moments it has absolutely no staying power.

Give me the rawness of Aim for tomorrow or the youthful sound of YFDN. They sound like an overproduced rise band now... just listen to Becko's cleans.

March 18th 2012


Yeah it was damn good for the genre

March 18th 2012


the album art is ridiculous

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March 18th 2012




March 30th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

Track 8 atm and not one single dubstep element so far.
I don't know what you listened to dude. The 'electronics' in "The Blue" are cleary ambient ones and only there to present an interlude that is diverse from the original guitar-driven sound of the band. They are no disturbance whatsoever as this interlude is not half bad.
Anyway I'll wait until the album finishes and maybe give it another spin before the final rating.

Ps: I don't see where a song with 3:21 (!) length can be "overly long", wtf. It is the last but two in length out of 11 songs.
Ps2: Nekso =/= Netsky...

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April 21st 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

I have to completely disagree with most of the reviews here. I dont know whats going on with kids these days, but everyone loves the same cliche sound now. I think this album is a 4.5/5. I am so glad these guys came back with a real album that reminds me of the early 2000's. Every song has me singing the chorus in my head after hearing it. They brought the old style and mixed it with a little new. As far as the dubstep comment goes I also disagree. There really isn't a huge amount of dubstep in the album. Granted a few songs do have a lot involved big deal. They wanted to experiment a little and they did. This album in my opinion separates itself from the mass amount of bands that all sound the same these days. I and all of my friends which are 25 plus agree this may be the album of the year for us. I think it all depends on age as far as reviewing albums and bands go. So for me this is a keeper and I am far more than impressed.

April 21st 2012


"I think this album is a 4.5/5." Album Rating:5 ????

Also this album is atrocious. Bands like this are why people think metalcore sucks entirely.

April 21st 2012


yeah these kind of bands are fucking ruining the genre

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