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March 8th, 2010 | 12 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist


Part 5/50

Monsters & Robots is the fifth release by the eclectic shredder Buckethead. Throughout Buckethead’s discography up until this release, he has already been exploring and experimenting with a plethora of sounds. We have his signature experimental metal washed with campy samples found on Bucketheadland and Giant Robot. Also, we have the rave/electronica experiments heard on Day Of The Robot. Last, but definitely not least, Colma, which is a softer affair which dabbles in dreamy and delayed acoustic riffs. The great thing about all these records is Buckethead (for the most part) has managed to remain quite consistent in quality up until now in his different styles. Other than Day Of The Robot, the fans have been treated with pretty sweet albums. What does Buckethead have in store for us here?

One could consider Monsters & Robots an album where Buckethead returns to his roots. However, one could also disagree with this and say Buckethead has developed yet another new niche for the listeners. I, in fact, disagree with both parties. Monsters & Robots takes some elements from his first two albums, it also maintains a unique identity by introducing new ideas to the table. This album is also a lot more refined than his first two records (which could be considered a good or bad thing). There is a lot of variety throughout the tracks along with new sounds and dynamics, and of course, there is some great shredding on this record. The album is definitely one of Buckethead’s more musical albums; however, it lacks a concept which made his first two records really interesting.

As previously mentioned, Monsters And Robots introduces a lot of new elements to Buckethead’s mixing pot of experimentation and technique. As an example, “The Ballad Of Buckethead”, a track used to promote the album, is one of the first and few of Buckethead’s songs to prominently feature vocals. In the track, Les Claypool raps about Buckethead’s life’s story and about how he was raised in a chicken coop. Also, “Sow Thistle” kicks off with what is quite possibly one of the weirdest beats I have heard from Buckethead so far, and he uses a lot of really weird effects and I think he even uses his killswitch to produce this extremely odd sound. You really have to listen to this song as it is so hard to explain. There is also some philosophical commentary from Bootsy Collins (I think) in “Sow Thistle”. Lastly, “Stun Operator” is a standout track in the fact that it is more based around some really swell bass solos as opposed to Bucket’s guitar playing because there isn’t as much guitar soloing.

Of course, like most Buckethead records, there is some really great guitar soloing in Monsters & Robots. There is a re-recorded version of “Jowls” on this record. “Jowls” was previously a Giant Robot song on their album Giant Robot (NTT). The song features a lot of dissonant sweeping, an awesome main riff that uses pinch harmonics. At one point, the song just breaks down with just drums and bass so Buckethead can let loose with a ridiculous solo. A great factor about this record is that he really stepped up his game riff-wise compared to his previous heavier outing. For example, “Nun Chuka Kata” has a fast alt picked riff that is intertwined with a riff that plays octaves of itself. The drums start to pick up as the song goes on and Buckethead rips an awesome solo. It is one of my favorite songs on the record. “Jump Man” also has some great tapping parts.

Although a lot of the tracks on Monsters & Robots show Buckethead picking up his game, there are songs on this record which really hurt the quality of this record. “The Shape Vs Buckethead” has some low pitched voice that sounds like an aurally-altered Bootsy Collins. The dialogue is funny at first, but the song is way too long to keep my attention. “Night Of The Slunk” falls flat on its face by sounding like an outtake of “Jump Man” that was just slapped on the album with a different title. “Who Me?” is a cute ballad, but it is a little boring and sort of breaks up the more intense and urgent feel Buckethead seemed to be going for with this album. Lastly, while the album tends to be very consistent and musical, it lacks much of a concept or a story which Bucketheadland and even Giant Robot kind of had. Hell, even Colma had a bit of a story because it was an album for his mom in the hospital. Monsters & Robots is more of just a collection of songs. This isn’t a major issue, but it would have been cool if Buckethead weaved a concept into this album somehow because it could have really worked.

Overall, Monsters & Robots is another consistent and high quality entry in Buckethead’s discography. There are some great new ideas, there is shredding at breakneck paces, and there is even some sweet bass leads. Only being deterred by a few lousy tracks and a lack of a concept, Buckethead has managed to release another great record for his fans.


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March 8th 2010


Good review. Big undertaking though, kudos.

March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

haha thanks!

Contributing Reviewer
March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Even though Buckethead has a long discography, it's quite diverse (some albums more guitar orientated, some are almost like house records [Bermuda Triangle comes to mind]) so, you'll probably have a lot of fun with this endeavor. Good review, but personally I'm not a giant fan of this album, even though i would still give it a 3.5

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March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Yeah, this was a generous 4 from me. I was originally gonna give it 3.5 but I had a lot of trouble deciding.

March 8th 2010


yea this one is just a 3 for me...but has some killer tracks. I am going to read every one of these reviews so mad props.

March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

if u were able to review all of this, that would be incredible

March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Good review. I need to fully listen to this, what I've heard from it is great.

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March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

Thanks guys! And another thanks to the mods for fixing the review. I decided to bump my rating down to 3.5 although it was really tough to make a decision. I might change my mind later if I listen to this again soon.

March 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

I bumped it back up to a four. :S I Just can't make up my mind. It's around a 3.8 I think lol.

March 21st 2010


got this and it blew my mind

March 22nd 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

This is pretty good, but unfortunately kinda hit and miss

November 4th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0


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