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Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If Weirdo Ripper was their announcement of arrival, Nouns is No Age's grand coming our party that shows they make sure everyone knows that they're here to stay. When you think lo-fi noise-rock, think No Age.

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The success of Weido Rippers was surprising, to say the least. No Age, a guitar and drum duo, burst from the LA art-punk, DIY scene in 2007. The Smell, a mecca for the LA’s local music scene, was home for No Age. With crazy live shows and crazier fans, it wasn’t too long before their appeal grew from blog to blog and eventually to listener. Nouns is No Age’s sophomore effort, and they continue to grow upon the noisy and thick sound, except now it’s even noisier and thicker. Nouns is a fantastic example of a band sticking to their guns and adding to an already fresh sound. There was nothing necessarily wrong with the hazy, shoegazy, borderline punk sound on Weirdo Rippers, but Nouns reveals the duo lending a fresh coat of paint and clamor to their dirty noise rock trademark.

Nouns begins in typical fashion with “Miner,” an allusion to the fact that guitarist Randy Randall famously helped to trench the floors of previously mentioned club, The Smell, to add an extra bathroom. Dense and hazy, with a plethora of homemade samples and slow vocals over top, “Miners” provides a taste of what’s to come. From there, No Age brightens the mood with “Eraser,” a sunny little ditty that grows and twists, knocking traditional song structure on its behind, much like the rest of the record. By the time “Teen Creeps” begins to blast, the listener has a an idea of what to expect. “Teen Creeps” provides what’s expected in this facet, but they go above and beyond the expectations and limitations set up in the previous songs. The fuzzy waves of guitar and percussion come and go, crash and recede, and it becomes easy to lose your mind in the great atmosphere. The lyrics mimic this, and sound somewhat numb to reality, “Wash away what we create / My sins like funny calls you make / Teen creeps I've seen you on my street / Teen creeps get what they want and me / I won't end up like them at all.” Even with its short span of 3:26, the longest on Nouns, “Teen Creeps” leaves a distinct impression. And while it may be a bit tiresome, the next three songs give the listener a brief respite while managing to stay interesting as No Age slow things down and let the thick, fast atmosphere take back seat to a more subdued undercurrent. Nouns continues in similar fashion, and whether it’s through the meticulous and trudging feel of “Keechie” or the energetic, distortion-filled, franticness of highlight “Ripped Knees.”

When you think lo-fi art-punk or noise-rock, think Nouns. If Weirdo Rippers was No Age making themselves a little more widely known, Nouns is the grand coming out party where they let everyone know that No Age is at the forefront of their sound and scene. With very little filler or bland material, aside from the power-chord happy pop-oriented “Here Should Be My Home,” Nouns is a well-constructed and fun-filled journey that won’t disappoint. With their thick, hazy tunes on Nouns and always energetic live shows, No Age is here to stay; and the entire noise-rock scene, not just LA’s The Smell, is definitely better for it.

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Staff Reviewer
November 9th 2009


god i hate the smell

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Staff Reviewer
November 9th 2009


good album

November 10th 2009


saw them play with mika miko.
I'm pretty sure the whole pseudo punk scene is over.
its a good thing there latest single "Your a target" is so freaking good.

oh and btw weirdo rippers was just a best of compilation of all there early stuff. so no wonder its as
good as it is.

November 17th 2009


^ didn't know that, thanks. rarely does a 1 or 2 poster show that much viable knowledge.

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March 16th 2010


It's comparable, sure. Just not as accessible... or fun.

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October 18th 2010


Album Rating: 2.5

I don't know, I can't really get into this one. I know it's noise rock, but there's just too much noise for me. I prefer Japandroids.

October 19th 2010


yeah I get that I guess... if that's the case you probably like No Age's new album a lot

August 11th 2011


i just cant get into them. they seem like theyre lazily making money off the times

February 12th 2012


beast of an album

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March 13th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

172 ratings and 9 comments i dont get this site sometimes wasnt this band hyped to hell

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April 10th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

yea this is pretty solid but they don't really have a vocal fanbase in this type of music like wavves or even teen suicide

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