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very poor


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August 10th, 2009 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Can I get a bass note, PLEASE?

Disclaimer: This review is for those of us who have the dreaded A.D.D. syndrome while listening.

Often times I find myself rummaging through my iTunes library trying to bring back a little bit of the memories from the 'Good Ole Days'. It mostly consist of the same bands that got me to where I am today, and I usually just go through remember why I don't listen to the album any more and simply proceed to Underoath albums. Case in point, Pillar, the Christian Hard Rock veterans who were the savior to all the little boys whose mothers had told them that all bands that produced that vile Rap/Rock we're spawns of the devil, (oh how they were right). Sadly, the fad eventually died and bands either had to evolve or get gone, (though Hollywood Undead hasn't received the memo yet), and Pillar is a band that chose to "evolve".

I started by giving each track a minute time frame to grab my attention, and get a feel for the album. I figured if I came out with less than two songs that did so this album could score no higher than a 2 due to lack of depth. (See rating if one has yet to do so). Seeing as how my musical tastes had evolved immensely over the last 6 years, I was weary on the effect the guys would have on me. I thought to myself, this album came out at the peak of a time where I can still recall myself, sitting in a room outraged at my parents because they wouldn't buy me the new Cap' N Crunch cereal, and feeling that them along with everyone else, just didn't get me. Much to my surprise though, I was not prepared for what I discovered.

Singles Bring Me Down and Frontline were huge, not only on the CCM stations, but also secular stations receiving heavy requests for the former. Sadly, the originality and distinction between the two is non-distinguishable. Frontline is a mere imitation of the heavier Bring Me Down just by another name, its simply more clever in its meaning. Instead of blatantly screaming, "You can't bring me down, Do you hear what I'm trying to say" we get, "We drive and don't look back, This doesn't mean we can't learn from our past". Alas, because angsty teens don't have the time in their busy lives to decipher meaning in a song, Pillar interject just seconds later in the chorus, "Everybody with your fist raised high, Let me hear your battle cry tonight". In short we learn that Pillar have tricked us by selling the same song twice. (But I digress, cause the kids love it!)

Aside from album opener, more on that in a bit, the rest of the album suffers from the brutal "Filler" disease. The same formula is applied to numerous songs like, Dirty Little Secret, Holdin' On, Aftershock, and (count em!) Underneath It All. We'll start with an unnecessary distorted intro, leading into the entire band starting an onslaught of noise on their respected instruments for the verses, then quickly shift to a monotone chorus. What are these songs about, you might be asking? Pretty much the same thing, and I'm sure you can guess for the most part just looking at the titles, and really where's the fun in that?

Can I get a bass note, PLEASE? That being said, it should be noted that the bass and guitar are tuned to sound identical for the duration of this album. And for the majority of the album I believed there were three guitarists and a drummer. Good ol' Wiki though surprises me, and I'm told that there is actually only one guitarist, bass player, drummer, and vocalist. I then had to search for proof, and found it in the album opener Hypnotize and other standout Simply. Both of these tracks take a stab at the quiet/loud/quiet/loud/loud/loud/loud/areweheavyyet? dynamic, and if this this is your first time listening to music, you'll enjoy it.

Last Word: Six years ago I would have recommended this album to anyone with ears. Now I can't say any of these songs belong on your iPod. The only other positive note to be found on this album, is Robs vocals and sometimes uplifting/digestible lyrical content. The bands intentions here are clear, they want you to reflect on your life and the people around you. You may indeed have a revelation like I had and learn something new, but most likely the only thing you'll come away from this album with is knowing what to make for dinner later; as this is not an A.D.D. friendly listen.

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August 10th 2009



What a terrible album. Good review.

August 10th 2009


lol, so true...
also the first song i listened to. not as good as i had quite remembered it.

August 10th 2009


I liked it...

but thats just my mainstream christianese coming out lol.

review was good though

edit: oh yeah, their cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday was prty good too.

Digging: CZARFACE - Every Hero Needs a Villain

August 10th 2009


agreed, the christian in me can enjoy it, but the critic in me typically wins.

August 10th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

I remember this album. Got it right after Kutless, and led me to Demon Hunter. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for it.

That being said...it ain't as it good as I used to think it was. "Underneath It All" is one of my favorites from the album, though.

August 10th 2009


these guys are always the 'heaviest' band at CreationFest so I cant hate too much.

August 10th 2009


^ does emery do that?
just wondering.

August 10th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Everything after Fireproof has been a slippery slope down, but this isn't that bad. The lyrics are pretty lame though. I would still have a blast at a concert of theirs moshing to "Frontline" though.

Staff Reviewer
August 10th 2009


good review man, I just think that this ain't that bad, for me it's a 2-3, depending on the day I listen to this album. Sometimes I think this is good, the other time, I think this is poor, but it's not under a 2 for me.

August 10th 2009


Emery played like once 2 years ago then before that like 5 years ago.

August 11th 2009


i enjoy, listening to pillar, like i said earlier though, the critic in me always wins.
they're later stuff is better though, i'm finishing up a review on 'the reckoning', much more satisfied.

December 6th 2011



July 10th 2014


"if this this is your first time listening to music, you'll enjoy it"

Best line ever, Lmao!

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