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July 14th, 2009 | 40 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Classic, interrupted - a dissapointing mid-trio of tracks hang ominously over an otherwise classic album.

With Graduation, the final part of what seems like a quasi trilogy of albums; Kanye redeems the average awkward second album and produces an album that is in actual fact stronger than the much lauded College Dropout in some respects.

The opener, admittedly, is not promising - the slow pace, simple beat and Kanye still moaning about the education system is not the best way to open an album of such quality - but don't judge a book by its cover, and don't judge an album merely by it's opener, for the rest of the album proves to be Kanye's most consistent of them all - even typical braggadocio heavy cuts such as "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and, to a lesser extent, "Drunk and Hot Girls" outweighing their far more annoying counterparts on The College Dropout.

He's also cut out the skits, which means in theory playing the album without skipping anything is actually an option now. Tracks like "Champion" are as strong as any of the album tracks on previous albums, utilising an uplifting sample and motivational message, again giving the impression that this will be a fairly low key affair compared to some of his previous efforts - although subsequent track, monster single "Stronger" stomps that lingering thought out of existence, with the prominent Daft Punk sample serving to highlight Kanye's favourite person - himself - in a song that is equal parts dance floor classic and radio rap behemoth.

Near every song on here is a classic, and the track "I Wonder" starts with a warming, whimsical intro, with the touching, sentimental sample following on throughout the song - and adding a personal, emotive touch without delving into the kind of open mind/open heart content that characterises the latest chapter of Kanye's career. T-Pain, and his distinctive autotune dominated vocals are drafted in for album's other massive track, "The Good Life", which uses a sample of Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)" to colour the tracks fairly basic beat, the vocal on the sample being raised higher to produce a track that is just as boastful as much other maligned mainstream rap - but Kanye carries it off with a sweetness and fun that allows him to get away with it.

The album does have a couple of forgettable tracks, most notably the plain "Barry Bonds", a misdirected bass heavy track that really doesn't fit onto the much lighter nature of the album - and a track that feels like filler on an album otherwise heavy in quality tracks. Although previously mentioned tracks "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Drunk and Hot Girls" were lauded for being less annoying than Kanye's previous tracks of a similar ilk, one feels that if Kanye steered clear of such tracks in general, and realised he is at his best when he is at his most fun, or most honest - not when hiding behind the same facade that many of his contemporaries do - and indeed, it is Kanye's difference to his peers as opposed to his similarities that have bought him his success - and he would do well to exploit it. That being said, one feels that Kanye will do what he wants, and as such, tracks such as the aforementioned may be a necessary evil on Kanye's future albums (assuming 808's was a detour as opposed to an entirely new route for him).

"Flashing Lights" starts the resurrection of the album after the average to poor mid section, with the music being top notch - the stuttering synths being a nice touch. The following track is a real highlight - Kanye at his most touching, and most relatable. A track that will strike a chord with anyone who isn't what people expect they should be, Kanye muses on the differences from his peers that was mentioned early on - the slow, piano led beat providing the backdrop for Kanye's introspective masterpiece. After the wondering, pondering "Everything I Am" comes the triumphant "The Glory" - an awesome one-two that definitely picks up the momentum after the sub-par mid section of the album, "The Glory" is a song marked by victory at every turn - from the lyrics, to the uplifting, positive beat and just the quality of the track in general, Kanye again using his trademark vocal sampling to great effect.

Another classic track in "Homecoming" comes after - Coldplay's Chris Martin lending his vocals to the tribute to Kanye's home town - Martin's yelps towards to end of the song adding to the undeniable emotion Kanye puts into the track - no one is pretending Kanye has the "best flow in the game" or anything like that, but this is a perfect example of it working, his songs being more about the emotion, the feeling and the glorious beats above razor sharp delivery. The album's closer, "Big Brother" is another emotional track - essentially Kanye's tribute to his mentor Jay-Z, he urges listeners to let the people they admire know it. Personal and individual whilst sending a message to the population at large, Kanye knows how to touch his audience, even when they have no reason to care about his friendship with Jay-Z - the themes being so universal that everyone can understand. Kanye has evolved, in some way, from the Kanye found on The College Dropout - less obsessed with college and all the "evils" it apparently entails, the strongest tracks here are those that strike a chord with the average listener, whilst still being very specifically about Kanye West - and as those tracks make up roughly half the album, with the two major singles adding to the list of quality tracks, this album comes highly recommended.

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July 14th 2009


Album Rating: 3.0

Great review, but I disagree strongly with what you said about many of the songs being classics...

July 14th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

To quote Kanye:Bitch is you smokin reefer?

July 14th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah, I dunno if it's just me, but basically all but the obviously inferior tracks click with me for some reason, I just rate this album quite a bit and saw the default review was pretty negative so I decided to stick up for the album a bit.

July 14th 2009


stove on my waist turn beef to patties

July 14th 2009


I never really liked Kanye so much, he has some great songs though and he is a damn good producer too.

July 14th 2009


good producer but king of douchetardom

Staff Reviewer
July 14th 2009


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

good album

July 14th 2009


homecoming is brilliant i need this album and his previous one too

July 14th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

lol!... meh

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

an album that is in actual fact stronger than the much lauded College Dropout in some respects.

outweighing their far more annoying counterparts on The College Dropout.

Kanye has evolved, in some way, from the Kanye found on The College Dropout

Seriously, you've gotta be on something.

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Well songs like Get 'Em High and Breathe In, Breathe Out Are terrible...as is the fact that about a fifth of the tracks on it are skits...but that said it's obviously stronger in some aspects as he manages to make a lonegr album with just as many good tracks, although some are pretty average as well eg. Workout Plan and School Spirit (even though I kind of liek that track), whereas here the songs are either bad or really good. I don't see how you can't like tracks such as Everything I Am or The Glory tbh.

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

Not as good as Late Registration, but still very good. I'm not a rap fan, but since I rated Kevin Federline, I'm balancing it with a couple hip hop albums I like.

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

songs like Get 'Em High and Breathe In, Breathe Out Are terrible

Get 'Em High completely owns anything on this. Same with the other two tracks you mentioned.

I don't see how you can't like tracks such as Everything I Am or The Glory tbh

Cause they're lazy, uninspired and boring?

July 15th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

How can you call Everything I Am uninspired? It's got more weight to it and means more than most of his other songs.

April 23rd 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

so underrated

Digging: Clarence Clarity - No Now

November 4th 2012


Album Rating: 4.0

best album ever agreed

November 4th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

track 2 is one of my favourite kanye songs

February 8th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

I think this is yet another good Kanye album. It's different - for the better. I like how he has adopted a more synth-driven production style, in particular I really enjoy "Flashing Lights".

Kanye may not be the greatest lyricist, but he's doing okay and besides - those productions are sick as hell!

The only songs that I really dislike are "Drunk & Hot Girls" and "Barry Bonds"

March 2nd 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Review is spot on, Barry Bonds and Drunk & Hot Girls drag the album down but it's still fantastic.

March 19th 2013


scuse me, was u sayin somethin?

Digging: Wretched Excess - Anxiety Suite For Broken Speakers

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