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December 11th, 2008 | 18 replies

Release Date: 2008 | Tracklist

Review Summary: BOSSSS

Rick Ross is one hell of a personality in hip hop. Whether his claims are true or not, he’s been a drug dealer in Flordia for many years, and he’s got many of people in many places. Supposedly, he even knows he the real Norega (and he owes him a hundred favors!). However, despite this entire drug trafficking story, this isn’t even the best part about Rick Ross. The one thing that makes Rick Ross a huge persona in hip hop is that he’s big. He’s HUGE. His voice is incredibly deep, and any fake nigga would be scared by this really big guy. I’m not saying he’s talented as a rapper, but his voice just makes everything so hood, gangsta, and cliché word I can use in the rap industry, it applies. Trilla is a continuation of Rick Ross, after his highly regarded single “Hustlin” and highly anticipated Port Of Miami, Trilla is a rapper evolving somewhat, to a more grandiose sound.

With Trilla, Rick Ross has put together a winning team, beat makers, guests, and all that. Bouncy synth beats on most of the ballads and sex songs, while horns dominate the average street banga. “This Me” sounds like the modern hip hop orchestra, with digital horns, violins and such, perfectly fit for Ross’s materialistic and ego happy rapping, while “Here I Am” is a keyboard-laden island anthem for the beautiful girl that Ricky loves (if she exists). Guests include a wide variety, everything from Nelly to Jay-Z all the way R. Kelly, making each track diverse and interesting, even it deals with similar topics. “Maybach Music” may just be another sleezy and sleepy drug anthem, but the average Jay-Z verse brings the track up to a level enough for listenability.

As mentioned earlier, Rick Ross’s deep voice helps the album become somewhat unique, this is true with this album, and with the heavy amount of guests, it allows Ross to stand out, even it isn’t with his lyrical performance. Production, as usual with the poppy hip hop of today, is done in an over-the –top way, but since this album is more oriented towards larger than life beats, it works really well on Trilla.

Rick Ross has the right ear for the beat, and the right eyes for talent, but what he doesn’t have is the right hand for the pen. His lyrics are, if anything, below average for the mainstream rap genre, doing nothing to add to these lyrics to make them more than just generic, boring lyrics. You can pretty much guess from each song title what Rick Ross is going to rap about, and you’ll be right.

“I'm the biggest boss that you seen thus far (Ross!)
Got the biggest cars, Spanish broads, no bra
Call that other lame for the walks in the parks
I ain't come to play games, I just wanna play my part”

As a songwriter, Rick Ross does make most tracks enjoyable, but some songs just falter behind. “Money Make Me Come” is an odd song, using a sample from Trina saying “Money Make me cum” while Rick Ross uses a generic Jeezy beat to raps about bitches. As you’d suspect, the track fails, and just sounds unnatural. Anything after “Luxury Tax” pretty much falls flat on its face and reminds you that even the most fun albums have filler.

Trilla is a surprisingly diverse hip hop album, especially for the environment Rick Ross works in. However, it still has its short comings, mainly from rapper Rick Ross, and at times his songwriting. Still, this is an enjoyable hip hop album if you love grandiose, poppy beats, tons of guest rapping and singing, and a nice deep voice roaring “GET MONEY”. A fun hip hop album indeed.

The Good Songs:
“This Me”
See above.

“The Boss feat. T-Pain”
The single from the album, it gave me the image that Trilla would be an excellent beat and production album. JR Rotem takes a sample from a 50s horror film, and manages to make it an exquisite and accessible beat. All of this and another work of T-Pain’s magic and we get an excellent hip hop song.

“Luxury Tax”
This one is the star studded track, featuring Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy, and *gasp* Lil’ Wayne. The beat on this track is similar to that of “This Me”, but more fitting for Young Jeezy and Wayne than it is for Ross, but it still works for Ross as well. Glorious Cash rap at its mainstream star studded height.

The Bad Songs:
“Money Make Me Cum”
Anything after “Luxury Tax”
Both the intro and interlude (provided by hip hops most annoying DJ Khaled (‘WE THE BEST’)

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December 11th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

So I tried out a new format, tell me how i did.

December 11th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

lol whut?

December 11th 2008


You may want to proof-read your opening paragraph, other than that the format is cool. Very readable. This album is absolute trash though.

December 11th 2008


Don't do formats, unless your format is somehow cool and related to a concept which is related to the album.

December 11th 2008


Concept reviews don't have a deed to formats.

December 11th 2008


As heyseuss said, re-read your opening paragraph, there are various words out of place. I also don't get the "fake nigga" bit. Actually, proofread all of your review, there are various words missing.

Otherwise, it looks to be a decent review. You should extend information wherever you can. For example, you mention "The Boss" featuring a sample from a horror film. What horror film?

As for your format, you could get away without the subtitles and turn into in a normal looking review.This Message Edited On 12.11.08

December 11th 2008


don't say "nigga" in your reviews, come on. it's not a matter of racism, it's just tact. the format thing is unnecessary... i found myself skimming due to length (which is probably artificially induced due to the format).

December 11th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

I edited out most of that subtitle schit.

I'll probably proofread this during my next free period.

December 11th 2008


I'm glad Hip-Hop is actually getting recognition on sput, good review too.

December 11th 2008


decent review

i don't think this Ross is a drug dealer, but he basis his songs / raps / or whatever on a real dude who's in jail who has a similar name. he also basis his persona on him. the guy is a legend and was responsible for a lot of the cocaine and crack that hit the streets of Los Angeles (and elsewhere) in the '80s. he came to fame because of the CIA's supposed involvement in trafficking during Iran / Contra, and he was one of the guys they used to distribute the drugs once here. unbeknownst to him. i mean he knew he was trafficking, but not through the CIA until his name started coming up here and there after the fact

he considered himself an "American success story," according to him. living the American Dream of going from rags to richesThis Message Edited On 12.11.08

December 12th 2008


Fuck that shit, if I found out the CIA was trafficking drugs I'd be at the White House door every damn morning. He deserves to be in jail, he killed too many of his own people. Fuck the american dream.

December 14th 2008


Nelly, R Kelly and Jay Z. So we have an R&B Rapper, an R&B artist, and a commercial rapper. Wouldn't be my choice to highlight the breadth of guests on the album.

December 14th 2008


Album Rating: 3.0

well who would you rather have for r&b rapper, r&b artist, and commercial rapper?

cuz those are among the best choices for those particular fields of work. R Kelly is the fuggin' hook master, or he was.

December 15th 2008


what I meant was that if your point is a wide cross section of talent is represented, using those examples isn't really showing that. I liked the review though. This isn't my kind of hip hop but thats a personal opinion and not a reflection on the review.

March 28th 2009


"50 eatin' you boy", although I haven't heard any songs from this album I still think it probably is below avarage, Rick Ross is another southern rapper who sounds exactly like all the other mainstream southerners.

Staff Reviewer
March 28th 2009


HAHA, sup hollow, btw I haven't got a Rick Ross beard, no way in hell, my beard is full m3tal

December 11th 2009


Nice review, album looks like crap.

January 8th 2012


Album Rating: 2.0

'he’s been a drug dealer in Flordia for many years'

how true that turned out to be

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