August 2016 Filter:
4.3Twelve Foot Ninja Outlier4.2Plini Handmade Cities
3.7Necromancing the Stone Jewel of the Vile3.2Destroying the Devoid Paramnesia
3.1Scientist (IL) 10100II00101
July 2016
4.3Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane Re:lived4.2Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane Re:mixed
4.2An Abstract Illusion Illuminate the Path4.0Fates Warning Theories of Flight
3.9Jason Richardson I3.9Black Crown Initiate Selves We Cannot Forgive
3.9Invent, Animate Stillworld3.8Witherscape The Northern Sanctuary
3.8Silent Planet Everything Was Sound3.8Wolverine Machina Viva
3.7Despite Synergy3.6Defeated Sanity Disposal Of The Dead // Dharmata
3.6Novena Secondary Genesis3.6Forevermore Integral
3.5Dir En Grey Utafumi3.5Periphery Periphery III: Select Difficulty
3.4Jinjer King of Everything3.4Hammers Of Misfortune Dead Revolution
3.2Kamelot Where I Reign: The Very Best of the Noise Years3.2Loathe (UK) Prepare Consume Proceed (Reissue)
3.2Assignment Closing the Circle3.2The Apprehended At Arms Length
3.1Third Ion Biolith
June 2016
4.6Dir En Grey Arche at Nippon Budokan4.1Be'lakor Vessels
3.8Astronoid Air3.6Kayo Dot Plastic House on Base of Sky
3.6Gojira Magma3.6C.B. Murdoc Here Be Dragons
3.3Astrakhan Reward in Purpose3.3Heaven's Cry Outcast
3.1Deceptionist Initializing Irreversible Process3.1Ghoulgotha To Starve the Cross
3.0Withem The Unforgiving Road3.0Zirakzigil Worldbuilder
1.9Trvth Fossil
May 2016
4.5Josh Middleton Project Hollowed-Out Planetoid4.4Vektor Terminal Redux
4.0Gorguts Pleiades' Dust4.0Winterhorde Maestro
4.0First Fragment Dasein3.9Cyborg Octopus Learning To Breathe
3.9Katatonia The Fall of Hearts3.9Napoleon Newborn Mind
3.8Sithu Aye Set Course for Andromeda3.8In Mourning Afterglow
3.6Architects All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us3.5Shades of Black The Gates
3.3The Healing Elevate3.1Wings Denied Voyager
April 2016
4.2Novembre Annoluce4.0Iron Maiden Empire of the Clouds
4.0Zealotry The Last Witness3.9Slice the Cake Odyssey To the West
3.9Haken Affinity3.9Novembre Ursa
3.9Slice the Cake Odyssey to the Gallows3.8Opeth Book of Opeth EP
3.7Entheos (USA) The Infinite Nothing3.7Braindamage The Downfall
3.7Fallujah Dreamless3.6The Room Colored Charlatan The Veil That Conceals
3.5The Zenith Passage Solipsist3.5Aliases Derangeable
3.5ERRA Drift3.5Northlane and In Hearts Wake Equinox
3.1Emphasis (Estonia) Revival3.0Bleeding Skies You Can (Not) Die
2.7Humanity's Last Breath Detestor
March 2016
4.3Stam1na Elokuutio4.0Ihsahn Arktis.
4.0Atlantis Chronicles Barton's Odyssey4.0Deviant Process Paroxysm
3.9King Goat Conduit3.9Xenophile Systematic Enslavement
3.8Odd Logic Penny For Your Thoughts3.8Protest the Hero Pacific Myth
3.8Oceans of Slumber Winter3.7Hope For The Dying Legacy
3.6Obsidian Kingdom A Year With No Summer3.6Save Us From The Archon L'Eclisse
3.6Polyphia Renaissance3.5Anup Sastry Bloom
3.4Eternity's End The Fire Within3.3Falseta Thought Process
3.2The Word Alive Dark Matter3.1Circus Maximus Havoc
3.1Pyrrhon Running Out Of Skin3.0Defecto Excluded

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