February 2017 Filter:
3.9Soen Lykaia3.8Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems
3.4Cynic Uroboric Forms3.0Ghost Iris Blind World
January 2017
3.9Pain of Salvation In the Passing Light of Day3.9Need Hegaiamas: A Song For Freedom
3.7Rob Scallon The Scene Is Dead3.7Pregnant Whale Pain Blank
3.4Theory In Practice Crescendo Dezign3.2Riviere Heal
3.1The Northern Solstice3.1Aviana Polarize
2.8Lancer Mastery
December 2016
4.1Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive2.9Through Lucid Eyes Transient
November 2016
4.7Leprous Live At Rockefeller Music Hall4.5Noise Trail Immersion Womb
4.1Oni (CAN) Ironshore3.9Deathspell Omega The Synarchy of Molten Bones
3.9Riverside Eye of the Soundscape3.9Animals As Leaders The Madness of Many
3.8Gotsu Totsu Kotsu Where Warriors Once Dreamed a Dream3.8Khonsu The Xun Protectorate
3.8A Sense of Gravity Atrament3.8The Ritual Aura Taether
3.7Protest the Hero Pacific Myth3.7Dark Tranquillity Atoma
3.6Furia Ksiezyc milczy luty3.5Trvth Grief and Justice
3.5Brutai Born3.4Enslaved The Sleeping Gods – Thorn
3.4Boreworm Entomophobia3.3Joseph A. Peragine Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
3.3Dusks Embrace Reawakening3.2Scattered Extrospection
3.1I Built the Sky The Sky is not The Limit3.1Maschine Naturalis
2.9MindAhead Reflections2.8Eternal Deformity No Way Out
2.5Binary Creed A Battle Won1.8Light and Shade The Essence of Everything
October 2016
4.0öOoOoOoOoOo Samen3.9Theocracy Ghost Ship
3.9Mithras On Strange Loops3.9Mammoth Deviations
3.8Aenaon Hypnosophy3.8Disillusion Alea
3.8Anciients Voice of the Void3.8Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason
3.7SUMA The Order of Things3.7Watchtower Concepts of Math: Book One
3.7Kylver The Island3.6Departe Failure, Subside
3.6Destrage A Means To No End3.6Wardrum Awakening
3.6The Chronicles Of Israfel A Trillion Lights, Tome II3.3Altered Perceptions From Rise to Ruins
3.2Devin Townsend Iceland3.2Foreclosure Of A Dream Ogden
2.7Foes The Summit Lies Skyward2.3Dark Millennium Midnight In The Void
September 2016
4.1Lizard Professor Eccentricity4.0Imminent Sonic Destruction Triumphia
4.0Insomnium Winter's Gate4.0Mare Cognitum Luminiferous Aether
3.9Virvum Illuminance3.9Crator The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy
3.9Obscure Sphinx Epitaphs3.8Between the Buried and Me Vertical Beta 461
3.8Devin Townsend Project Transcendence3.8Allegaeon Proponent For Sentience
3.8Hannes Grossmann The Crypts Of Sleep3.8An Endless Sporadic Magic Machine
3.8Negura Bunget ZI3.7Dysrhythmia The Veil Of Control
3.7Evergrey The Storm Within3.7Auras Heliospectrum
3.7Oddland Origin3.7In The Woods... Pure
3.6Shokran Exodus3.6Moanaa Passage
3.6Source Return to Nothing3.5Barishi Blood from the Lion's Mouth
3.4Fractal Cypher The Human Paradox3.4Tardive Dyskinesia Harmonic Confusion
3.3Brain Tentacles Brain Tentacles3.3Bhavachakra Bhavachakra
3.3TesseracT Errai3.3Northlane Node (Deluxe Version)
3.2Opeth Sorceress3.0Carcer City Infinite / Unknown
3.0Burn After Me Aeon3.0Dirty Wolves Creation & Chaos
3.0Invoking the Abstract Aural Kaliedoscopes2.9Inanimate Existence Calling from a Dream
2.7Kurushimi Shototsu2.2Operation: Mindcrime Resurrection

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