November 2015 Filter:
4.3Turbid North Eyes Alive4.2Intronaut The Direction of Last Things
4.0Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II3.8The Mire Vice Regalia
3.7DVSR D.V.S.R3.7Good Tiger A Head Full Of Moonlight
3.5A Dark Orbit Inverted3.4Novelists Souvenirs
3.2Spectral Lore Gnosis3.2SEES Three Winters
3.2Solution .45 Nightmares In The Waking State Pt. 1
October 2015
4.4Opeth Deliverance & Damnation Remixed4.2Elision of Animus Contrition
4.1Wild Throne Harvest of Darkness4.1Kardashev Peripety
4.1Horrendous Anareta3.9Caligula's Horse Bloom
3.9Earthside A Dream In Static3.9Frontierer Orange Mathematics
3.8Teramaze Her Halo3.8Gorod A Maze of Recycled Creeds
3.8Sadist Hyaena3.7Queensryche Condition Human
3.7Heart of a Coward Deliverance3.5Powermad Infinite
3.4Sithu Aye Senpai3.3Born of Osiris Soul Sphere
3.1Bauda Sporelights3.0Cloudkicker Woum
2.9Make Me A Donut Bright Side
September 2015
3.9Iron Maiden The Book of Souls3.9Amorphis Under the Red Cloud
3.8Sound Struggle Rise3.8Stratovarius Eternal
3.8Pulo Reve e3.8Riverside Love, Fear and the Time Machine
3.6Scale the Summit V3.6Reflections The Color Clear
3.5Novallo Novallo II3.5TesseracT Polaris
3.4Lonney(s) Kind Self3.1Annihilator Suicide Society
2.8Mentally Blind The Perception2.6Operation: Mindcrime The Key
August 2015
4.2Demetori 愧人贖悪 ~Evil People as the True Object of Salvation~4.0Theory In Practice Evolving Transhumanism
3.8Rivers of Nihil Monarchy3.8Johari Pale Blue
3.8Dumbsaint Panorama, In Ten Pieces3.8Black Fast Terms of Surrender
3.7Stories (AUS) The Youth to Become3.7Nile What Should Not Be Unearthed
3.6Tad Morose St. Demonius3.6The Ritual Aura Laniakea
3.5David Maxim Micic ECO3.5Kekal Multilateral
3.5Modern Day Babylon The Ocean Atlas3.3Dyssidia Children of Aether and Earth
3.2Abigail's Ghost Black Plastic Sun2.0Atlas Entity Enceladus
July 2015
4.1Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors Comes to an End4.0Alustrium A Tunnel to Eden
3.8Death Angel A Thrashumentary3.8Raising the Veil Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena
3.8Sea In The Sky Visions3.8Death Angel The Bay Calls For Blood
3.7...From the Deep The Absurd Horror3.6Symphony X Underworld
3.6Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic3.5David Maxim Micic EGO
3.5Northlane Node3.1Sirens (USA-IN) Surge
June 2015
3.8The Great Discord Duende3.8Save Us From The Archon Fear Eats the Soul
3.8Abnormal Thought Patterns Altered States of Consciousness3.8Deadly Circus Fire The Hydra’s Tailor
3.8August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places3.8Tempel The Moon Lit Our Path
3.8Rosetta Quintessential Ephemera3.7Kingcrow Eidos
3.7Vitalism Causa3.7Next To None A Light in the Dark
3.6No Consequence Vimana3.6Pyrrhon Growth Without End
3.5Sunset In The 12th House Mozaic3.5Darkology Fated To Burn
3.56:33 Deadly Scenes3.5Voices from the Fuselage Odyssey: The Destroyer of Worlds
3.3Kardia Symbiotic3.0Elitist Elitist

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