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1997 RadioSuicide01/15/14
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Comics PsychoP12/11/13
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Stout PsychoP12/10/13
Terror PsychoP12/10/13
Notorious PsychoP12/10/13
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Russia Exposed TheIbar12/08/13
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Usernames. Aids11/09/13
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:D Frippertronics10/20/13
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Cuz Any Time Is Cumin' Time grish10/12/13
Best Albums Of The 2000s 30secondstocydonia10/11/13
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Hardcore And Hip-hop Rec apert09/07/13
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20 Greatest Hip-hop Producers lou100009/06/13
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Top 50 Favourite Albums KrazyKris07/03/13
Listening To Clutch random07/02/13
5's Ranked (thievery) dsroka00506/12/13
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Recs? teslabarrier05/21/13
Cd's I Need To Get Sometime coocoocachoo05/20/13
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Nba Finals Predictions dathvada32105/17/13
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Where Is My Jerry At RangDang05/08/13
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Albums I Dig grizz04/28/13
Plug.dj ViperAces04/27/13
Favorite Lyrics HillaryClitTounge04/20/13
Ba-ba-ba-ba Who Loves The Sun cuki9204/19/13
Attending Five Festivals NightProwler04/14/13
This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0 philmj04/13/13
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10 Most Influential Albums That I've Heard LPFTW03/05/13
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Album Titles grish02/24/13
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So Its Almost Pooping Time Again pissbore02/19/13
??? Takin' A Sweet Dump ??? 70sPriestIsBetter02/18/13
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100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
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Middle School Jams 02-05 elephantREVOLUTION01/25/13
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) BaselineOOO01/22/13
Nostalgia, Shit I Listened 10 Years Ago VermicideReloadead01/20/13
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5 Passable Mainstream Pop Acts TheSmashBro01/15/13
Stuff I Listened To In 1999 Minus.01/15/13
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Favorite Bands (top 15) Slipping Away02/10/10
My Top 50 Of 2009 PoodleRapist02/08/10
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Best Albums chrisgopher200302/03/10
Hip-hop Ive Been Listening To Urinetrouble02/03/10
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Oh! To Be Young And Tastless Again! cleary2101/31/10
Hip Hop Albums On My Shelf Apoc9301/29/10
Best Songs Of The Past 27 Years trailofdead9101/26/10
Morning Wood Urinetrouble01/26/10
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Should I Check These Out Urinetrouble01/24/10
Which Album? random01/23/10
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Just Made A Profile BumpyourBump01/14/10
Personal Top 100 ShineOn7501/13/10
Miscellanous Digs random01/12/10
The Most Influential Musical Geniuses Of Recent Times arctic1monkey1leeds01/10/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
Branching Out SCREAM!01/08/10
Top Hip Hop Albums Of The Decade somberlain12/29/09
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6:50am's Attempt At Boredom Relief Knott-01/05/09
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Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Favorites Of 2000 McP300012/15/08
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Guantanamo Bay Fm Boognish12/07/08
100 SynGates11/29/08
Fav. Bands Of All Time Lostandfound211/26/08
my favorite stuff of the year Lostandfound211/22/08
Puke Out Your Emotions Red Cap Brain11/13/08
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My Top 10 Iam13804/15/08
2008's most anticipated albums (100% Chinese Democracy Free) Big Baby Jesus04/12/08
When Bad Albums Happen 2 Good Artists.... Big Baby Jesus04/08/08
You Hate 'em, I Love 'em Masochist04/05/08
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Shuffle Part 3. BroRape03/13/08
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The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 3 Iai02/19/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
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Album's I Have Been Getting Into Lately Cornelius12/14/07
Top 15 Hip Hop 5am12/11/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (deel 2) Keverzwijn09/30/07
Best Hip Hop Dave de Sylvia09/27/07
My Favorite Rappers tbaby08/23/07
Intensity Brain Dead08/06/07
Cds I Just Got Right Now CowGlue07/31/07
Albums Im Digging Right Now GenuineImitation06/18/07
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10 Non-rock Albums That I Like Sauvik04/02/07
Top 30 Albums Ever Iai02/14/07
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Jacaranda's Albums Of This Decade... So Far. Jacaranda12/30/06
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I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
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Whoah what the hell Iluvatar11/04/06
Top 10 Rap Albums Street Spirit (Fade Out)11/03/06
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06
Favorite Songs. Ever. hummer11/01/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
Should've Been Great Brain Dead10/08/06
Songs For The Gym LiveWire42010/06/06
Favorite rap songs hummer09/28/06
Fraps fav. Hip-Hop acts Frapacino08/31/06
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking Iluvatar08/20/06
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Top Ten Eminem Songs Brain Dead08/17/06
Worst Albums I Have Bought Muisee08/02/06
Albums that have found their eternal resting place in my stereo Laafe07/26/06
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Iluvatar's Best Songs EVER Iluvatar06/24/06
My All-Time Favorites NEDM06/19/06


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