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Indie Labels Pt. 3 mttgry05/08/14
My Last.fm turns 10 today. Skoj01/20/14
Top Punk Albums Of 2008 jackboblamont10/14/13
Best Albums Under 10 Minutes Blackbelt5410/08/13
Need New Tv Shows To Watch iwasnvrurbf10/01/13
I Too Use Drugs And Alcohol Balarag09/26/13
Modern Hardcore theripsaw08/29/13
Gimme Black, Gimme Core, Gimme Death, Gimme Punk, Whatchu Got? ZippaThaRippa08/14/13
Favorites Of This Is Hardcore extranoisy6508/13/13
Grind(y) Stuff PsilocybeDreamer06/12/13
First List In Over Two Years Animosity05/23/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Need New Music Asap! Nikkolae04/08/13
Just Bought My Tihc Tickets Hep Kat04/03/13
Hardcore 2013 Spec03/22/13
Explore Contemporary Punk bungy03/18/13
3rd Sputversary taxidermist03/07/13
Best Of 2012 halloway02/03/13
Up Teh Punx iwasnvrurbf01/12/13
70 Great Hardcore Albums wanderlust01/09/13
Least Played Albums skippingboy12301/03/13
Bungy 2012 bungy01/01/13
Instagram? AdamK12/31/12
Ataventytwelve - 50 Best LPs AtavanHalen12/31/12
2012 List whatshisname12/25/12
Anchors Does 2012 OnlyAnchors12/24/12
My Year According To Deathwish Inc. Nikkolae12/12/12
Good, But Not Good Enough: 2012 djunior12/11/12
2k12: Weak Adabelle12/10/12
Ataventytwelve - 100 Best Songs Of 2012 AtavanHalen12/05/12
Saw Ceremony Last Night witchxrapist12/04/12
Wish You Were Me? intotheshit12/01/12
Top 50 Of 2012 McMegaMountain11/25/12
Favorite Closers HitlerIsPissed11/23/12
Recent Digs ForeignFilm11/14/12
Hardcore Life. skippingboy12311/13/12
Hardcore And Stuff AdamK11/07/12
How Was Everyone's Fest Weekend? AFunFrolic10/29/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
Concerts In 2012 (part One) steadyriot09/29/12
Anchors Summer Of Punk Rock OnlyAnchors08/28/12
Hep's 2012 Vinyl Purchases Hep Kat08/24/12
Leeds Fest AliW199308/23/12
Anybody Here A Skater? InFiction07/23/12
Digs (Recs Welcome) skippingboy12307/22/12
2012: The Year Of The Reunion Deafcorejr07/20/12
2008 mttgry07/12/12
2006 mttgry07/09/12
2005 mttgry07/08/12
Twentytwelvatavan AtavanHalen07/03/12
Converge Sucks Bags Of Dicks blackzombie06/26/12
Get Fucking Pessimistic HitlerIsGod06/11/12
Seeing Ceremony Tonight skippingboy12306/04/12
Top 100 Albums skippingboy12306/02/12
Jamming To The Max skippingboy12305/30/12
Four Years sniper05/28/12
Top 100.. Adabelle05/18/12
I Just Want To Break Stuff (no not like Fred) TheJackal05/16/12
Awesome Giant List #2 BlueW05/09/12
Spin's Top 100 Guitarists, Why I Lost Faith In Humanity... TwoMonthsInTheCold05/03/12
Check Out My 12 Inch AbyssalCreation04/25/12
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums immortalizepain04/10/12
First Quarter Favorites Monsterpoptart04/03/12
2012 Is One Fourth Over. Damus04/03/12
20 Punk Albums From My Life. Damus03/27/12
Favourite Deathwish Artists? Owantjaaaa03/21/12
Sometimes I Feel Outdated Musically Or That No One Is Listening To The Music I Listen To. Damus03/18/12
Top Played Albums Of Last 12 Months skippingboy12303/17/12
Power Violins OnlyAnchors03/07/12
Bought But Never Listened Til Now AbyssalCreation03/07/12
Andrew Wk And A Retrospective Feburary cvlts03/05/12
Hardcore Porn Hawks02/29/12
Fucked Up Story Scoot02/14/12
Fat 2012 Pt. 6 Hep Kat02/14/12
10 Albums For Valentine's Day botb02/14/12
Thank You Very Much Sputnik! immortalizepain02/11/12
New Ceremony Leaked Hep Kat02/09/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
Hardcore fuckjoey66602/07/12
Hardcore Recs List accompliceofmydeath02/03/12
50 Punk Albums I Love skippingboy12301/29/12
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales Of H.p. Lovecraft Auschwitz01/20/12
Shit Night Rev01/15/12
Felt Like Listening To Some Punk fulgrim12/28/11
Anchors Top 54 Of 2011 OnlyAnchors12/13/11
Rec Me 2011 Hardcore OnlyAnchors12/08/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Are You Dead Yet? Valerius11/24/11
Ceremony Killed It Yesterday OnlyAnchors11/07/11
Trains Are Ok TheseRuins11/04/11
Music Overload OnlyAnchors11/03/11
Botb's Top Music Of 2010 botb10/03/11
A Totally Rad Playlist! bungy10/02/11
H to the C MightyMaus09/26/11
Vinyl CrackTheSkye09/17/11
The Walking Dead ARuinedEmpire09/16/11
Things Are Different Now chambered8909/01/11
Are You A Metalhead? xenocide.08/22/11
Who Hates Their Boss? OnlyAnchors08/22/11
Fun Fun Fun Fest? OnlyAnchors08/16/11
666 Ratings.. And I Still Ain't Relevant TrapThemAlive08/16/11
Hardcore I enjoy. Some of its bad. Antipunk08/16/11
Bands To See Live Before I Die combustion0708/14/11
Fits In Your Mouth FrankRedHot08/03/11
Don't Be A Twat FrankRedHot08/02/11
Happy Bastille Day, Sputnik Cerbyrus07/14/11
New Music For Kimm! KimmsightMatters07/11/11
Stuff I'm Digging (recs) SeanScud06/29/11
Top 10 Most Anticipated Games chambered8906/20/11
Hevy Music Festival Adabelle06/12/11
Chaos In Tejas thunder1506/08/11
Sputnikmusic Revolution Spec06/07/11
Anger Ain't A Mood DougTheRanter06/06/11
Hardcore Recs? SeanScud06/05/11
Just Got Interviewed At Activision Detriment06/01/11
How Do I Like It? Hardcore! dnor05/26/11
Give Me Hardcore Antipunk05/25/11
Here's To Feeling Good All The Time Spec05/25/11
Shoot Em Up Spec05/23/11
Bungy Song Digs Do Not Comment bungy05/21/11
Obscure and/or underrated black/death metal albums (pt 1) BathoryHordes05/11/11
Hey Guys, F U bungy05/08/11
I Hate Everyone, And Every... Fuckin' Thing Cutsman8x05/05/11
Happy Record Store Day iarescientists04/16/11
Bungy Report (essential Reading) bungy04/13/11
Albums Ive Listened To Most In The Past 6 Months Iluvatar04/09/11
No Love No Hope SlightlyEpic04/04/11
List For The Sake Of A List Adabelle03/30/11
100 Faces Of Sputnik TheEnigma03/29/11
The Monday Blues ThePrisonGuard03/28/11
How To Conquer Last.fm eternium03/17/11
Papa Don't Preach... Nach003/10/11
My Hardcore List/recs DougTheRanter02/26/11
My Top 25 Hardcore Albums Blackbelt5402/21/11
Digz Yall MusicinaBox02/15/11
50 Of My Favorites Antipunk02/09/11
F***ing Bust It B****! Spec02/05/11
MMX by Srightry SlightlyEpic01/31/11
Need Aggression!!!! MusicinaBox01/25/11
My Favorite Hardcore For The Decade... dong chavez01/14/11
Hardcore: 2000-2010 TheItalianStallion01/13/11
Djr.'s 100 Of 2010 djunior01/05/11
2010ofmydeath accompliceofmydeath12/30/10
2010: The Year In Honorable Mentions Inveigh12/27/10
Top 25 Albums Of 2010 UnderDaIce12/20/10
Disappointing 2010 TheItalianStallion12/19/10
2010 emmy12/13/10
Top 20 Albums Of 2010 lukempls12/10/10
Mark's Top 25 marksellsuswallets12/07/10
20 For '10 danjenkins123412/05/10
Fantastic Bassists All Around! MusicIsMyFavorite11/19/10
Your Daddy Didn't Want You... Mewcopa11/17/10
Am I Scene? awhiteguy11/17/10
Sat's 2010 Pt. I: 60-31 Satellite11/16/10
Pit's Top 25 Wrestlers KevinGarnett11/09/10
No Shavember SpottedTrout11/07/10
Why Kanye West Sucks Inveigh10/28/10
Everybody Look At Me I Want Attention!!!! Mewcopa10/25/10
2010 Has Been One Of My Favorite Musical Years HaloDude44210/24/10
I Consume Massive Amounts Of Spaghetti Mewcopa10/23/10
Digs:jams:recs?:beiber! Antipunk10/21/10
A Revised Hardcore 2010 awhiteguy10/20/10
I Think You Forgot Something SlightlyEpic10/12/10
Rec Me 2010 Records kitsch10/11/10
Anger!!! MrBirdoWordo10/08/10
The Metal Digs Eskate8710/07/10
Sexy Albums Heysatan10/05/10
Help Me With 2010 SlightlyEpic09/26/10
Sup Guys Heysatan09/20/10
Fight Music Intothepit09/13/10
The Hardcore List For Recs eternium09/09/10
Currently Listening garyhann09/08/10
If These Albums Are Hardcore ieatpuppies4dinner09/07/10
Bands I've Seen In The Last Few Months RyanDonahoe09/05/10
The "Must-Haves" of Hardcore Intothepit09/01/10
Summer Listening List Bleekill08/23/10
MX 4 EVAR 2muchket!08/18/10
Need Metal Recs EuphoricDysphoria8108/13/10
Kickin' It Old School Today accompliceofmydeath08/05/10
Yea Bro huffndoback08/01/10
Beshiing Prowess BlueW08/01/10
Leaving For The Beach SpottedTrout07/30/10
I Wish I Was Part Of The Sputnik In Crowd Mr. Lizard07/26/10
So The Suburbs Leaked DoubtGin07/23/10
The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends... Buccaneer07/18/10
Inception ant4tbc07/16/10
Pissed Off SomewhereBetween07/10/10
What Cds Should I Burn For Driving? witchxrapist07/09/10
!! I Have Standards !! Sheeple900007/09/10
Tmf Will Not Die buckfutter06/15/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
500 Ratings IRAI06/09/10
Sup Bros SlightlyEpic06/02/10
Two Thousand And Ten SlightlyEpic05/09/10
Auditory Masturbation nastynick05/07/10
Essential Hardcore intothepit8304/13/10
Listening To Black Metal In The Dark FreePizzaDay03/30/10
Power And Violence Oh My! combustion0703/17/10
Angry Fucking Music SlightlyEpic02/25/10
Indie Pop Please EasternLight02/24/10
New Albums To Really Be Excited For kitteezrfunnieslawlz02/23/10
Yes, I Am New Here, But Don't Flame Me Too Bad irobbedyourhouse01/21/10
What I've Been Fellating Over Recently SlightlyEpic01/16/10
Songs Currently Listening To At The Moment TheSorrow80501/08/10
Favorite Bands TheSorrow80501/03/10
Pissed Off..... intothepit8312/29/09
I Have A Confession To Make pointcounterpoint12/10/09
Explosions And Rabid Tigers And Guts Strewn All Across The Floor And Last.fm SlightlyEpic11/10/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
Albums That Make Me Feel SlightlyEpic11/02/09
Saw Vi... marksellsuswallets10/22/09
Last.fm SlightlyEpic10/02/09
Top Albums Of 2008 Six Foot Revolver10/01/09
My Daily Commute guitarplaya9109/30/09
A Walk Through A Forest SlightlyEpic09/22/09
._. SlightlyEpic09/14/09
Bada Bing! Phantom09/13/09
Pointless List, Enjoy SlightlyEpic09/12/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Punching Babies SlightlyEpic09/03/09
Positive Mental Attitude SlightlyEpic08/26/09
There Is No Happy Here SlightlyEpic08/23/09
A Musical Hole Has Been Dug SlightlyEpic08/19/09
Been A While... nick96208/04/09
Brb Making A List SlightlyEpic07/26/09
Just Just Just Just Repeating The Word Just SlightlyEpic07/13/09
Summer Playlist '09 guitarplaya9106/26/09
Hardcore Bro combustion0706/25/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
Recommend Me SomeKindOfChampion04/10/09
Some More Diggs Essence03/06/09
-core SomeKindOfChampion01/24/09
The Story Of A Murderous Top Of 08 List fireaboveicebelow12/31/08
Top 20 Albums Of 2008 CoreySzn12/26/08
My Top Albums Of 2008 guitarplaya9112/22/08
Destroyed In Seconds: Top 33 Albums Of The Year SomeKindOfChampion12/15/08
The Best And Worst Of 2008 rasputin12/11/08
Top 25 Of 2008 Doppelganger11/01/08
Best Of '08 honourosis08/05/08
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 Iluvatar01/08/08


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