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A Yeti Storm! AggravatedYeti11/25/09
Bad Album Covers ninjacat1111/22/09
Underrated Albums Bandido11/20/09
That Was A First Down!!! DanE300511/16/09
Favorite Albums From Different Genres rhcpkp1511/10/09
Rec Me Songs In Drop C Tuning handoman11/08/09
Favorite Album Openers rhcpkp1511/06/09
My Favourite Bands As Of Now barns11/06/09
10 Best Albums (mostly 90s) ndspitt91411/06/09
Artists On My Mp3 Player Lakes.11/02/09
Ipod Was Stolen From My Car.... LareBear11/01/09
The Weezman Cometh Two-Headed Boy10/30/09
Bitches I'm Back Titan5010/30/09
What I've Been Listening To Recently blumpkin69610/27/09
Ethics Of Punk Chewie10/19/09
Favorite Albums When I Was Immature Teen handoman10/18/09
Top 10 Favourite Songs pneumoniahawk9310/17/09
Any Others Like These...? drMalicious10/16/09
Im A Stalker Pt. 2 Schizophrenik10/11/09
My Top 10 All Time Albums mozzer115210/08/09
Im A Stalker Pt. 1 Schizophrenik10/06/09
Packers Vs Vikings March_Of_Sand10/05/09
So I Just Realized I've Been On Last.fm For A Year... ZoidbergQuestion09/26/09
I Hate Tim Tebow illmitch09/19/09
I Dig A Pony endlessartix09/15/09
Just Bought zeppelinUSA09/15/09
Favorite Drumming Albums Bandido09/12/09
Showtime ScorpionStan09/09/09
My Head Is Spinning kygermo09/08/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Twilight...is So Amazing. I'm A Massive Fangirl. BallsToTheWall09/06/09
Itunes Top 25 Alligator Douchebag09/06/09
Favourite Albums barns09/03/09
Favourite Arists/album/song armfarm09/01/09
Favourite Albums (so Far) vakuola08/30/09
Short But Still Great 1zero08/30/09
I Has Gcses Titan5008/27/09
10 Best Albums Ever thekevs08/26/09
Favorite Album Closers Bandido08/26/09
Favorite Album Openers Bandido08/26/09
Fuck You 8 Gig Ipod Touch Logman45608/25/09
50 Favorite Albums Of All Time FakeBlood08/24/09
Blink-182/weezer Last Night armfarm08/24/09
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's Abdar11208/21/09
Top 50 Played Songs Titan5008/21/09
The Daily Show chambered8908/20/09
Pinkerton Ranked Lucid08/17/09
Make Me Like Things I Ain't Heard B4 willfellmarsy08/17/09
Top 20 Albums Of The 90's rhcpkp1508/10/09
Ten Favorite Bands rhcpkp1508/10/09
Fuck You Apple Titan5008/10/09
Top 20 Albums At The Moment.... thomas308/08/09
Not Just A Hip Hop Head Logman45608/07/09
Not So Good Bands I Used To Love dylantheairplane08/06/09
My Most Overrated Bands ebay08/03/09
51 Favourite Artists Turbulence07/30/09
Kill The Dj killrobotmusic07/30/09
My Top 15 Favourite Albums Ever. cfishlock07/27/09
I'm Only Laughing On The Outside... willfellmarsy07/26/09
Favorite 90's Bands McFearless9007/23/09
Top 90s Albums Titan5007/23/09
Recent Wins asrowe07/21/09
Does Sputnik Not Like Aol? Blimps07/19/09
Bert McCracken Looks Like A Caveman endlessartix07/17/09
1000 Comment Get Titan5007/17/09
Somewhat Guilty Pleasures endlessartix07/15/09
My Alchemy Index (cont.) Abdar11207/13/09
Which Of These To Check Out??? zeppelinUSA07/11/09
Four Years On Sputnik Electric City07/10/09
Things Is Like Things... willfellmarsy07/08/09
Need Some Non Heavy Music... SmurkinGherkin07/08/09
The Blue Album Ranked SmurkinGherkin07/02/09
Songs That Make Me Cry Blimps06/27/09
More nospromos06/26/09
I Got My Upright Bass Fixed Today shade06/22/09
Lyrics poweroftheweez06/19/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
Openers shade06/14/09
New In Town neonbirthmark06/13/09
The Ipod Is Shuffed. Shrapnel9406/10/09
Inspired To Make Music Again, Because Of These Bands fromrows05/30/09
If The Police Catch Me I'm Fucked Titan5005/28/09
Ouch, My Heart! Bleak05/20/09
Why Do People Like These Bands? emerson205/19/09
I Suppose It's A Bad Time To Tell You... shade05/19/09
50 Albums I Need To Check Out... willfellmarsy05/13/09
Favourite South Park Episodes Per Season/ 5/5 Albums armfarm05/09/09
Top 25 Most Influential Albums, At Age 27 elgaberino05/08/09
Nostalgia AaronKhera05/04/09
Top 15 Favorite Albums Bleak05/01/09
Between Supposed Lovers Abdar11204/29/09
50 Favorite Albums And Songs. Thesunwentout04/27/09
Scat Swapping School Swallow... stoopkid04/19/09
Epic 90's Dude! Abdar11204/13/09
Someone Should Make "sputnikmovies" Titan5004/13/09
The New Oldies fireaboveicebelow04/12/09
Shizz I Have And Need To Listen To, Which I Have Yet To Do Titan5004/12/09
Progression Of Taste In Bands endlessartix04/11/09
Shufflin' Shit. KittensandScorpions03/30/09
New Stuff cubik12403/18/09
Top 40 5 Min+ Songs Titan5003/18/09
Nothing To Do, Might As Well Make A List. fromrows03/14/09
Can Someone Explain "deathcore" To Me? ThePalaceOfWisdom03/14/09
Close-to-modern Day Classics Abdar11203/11/09
Some Non-Metal Albums a Metal fan may enjoy ConorMichaelJoseph03/07/09
Albums I've Brought Over The Last 3 Months Titan5002/22/09
50 Songs I Am Enjoying At The Moment fromrows02/19/09
Songs That Affected Me Titan5002/19/09
Songs That Catch The Ear Persona602/17/09
I Want To Get Into Different, Non Mainstream Music. Walrus48702/16/09
Some Of My Favorite Albums Walrus48702/14/09
Weezer Albums fromrows02/14/09
Favorite Vocal Performances elephantREVOLUTION02/14/09
Children Of Bodom = Weezer? JayVex02/13/09
Current Top Ten brentywat3602/07/09
It's A Ham Steak. A Ham Steak stoopkid02/04/09
The Product Of Baby Fucking Abdar11201/28/09
Grow Up? I'm 38 Years Old poweroftheweez01/28/09
Some new-old albums with a little help from Sputnik kygermo01/19/09
My Favorite Albums Of All Time fromrows01/19/09
Favourite Albums Of All Time pneumoniahawk9301/18/09
Shopping List Burning_October01/17/09
Traveling The Path Of Dankness. Pluh01/14/09
Global Warming starttostop01/14/09
The Simpler The Better Chewie01/07/09
Top 10 Most Overrated/disappointing Of 2008 klap01/03/09
Discoveries Of '08 SwallowARazor01/01/09
Top 10 Songs Of 08 pneumoniahawk9301/01/09
Worst Songs Of '08 Mr_Coffee12/20/08
Classic Albums From The 90's! Ironpriest12/17/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Click To Claim Your Free List!!! dankeyes1112/10/08
Stuff I've Been Into Lately Thesunwentout12/08/08
Top 100 Albums queef69bonerHARD12/05/08
True Thug Love poweroftheweez12/03/08
100 SynGates11/29/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
It Wouldn't Be An Album Without... Knott-11/24/08
Roadtrip! SnackaryBinx11/21/08
Favourite Songs Of All Time lunchforthesky11/11/08
My Favorite Albums Soflex11/02/08
:[ Shrapnel9411/02/08
Shuffling Before My Ipod Dies poweroftheweez10/13/08
Nhoj-o-rific 11 FakeBlood10/06/08
Music You Should Know...alphabetically dancelogandance10/02/08
My Top 20 Albums Shrapnel9410/01/08
25 Favorite Albums FakeBlood09/30/08
Breakup stoopkid09/24/08
Full Cd Collection jdogsnoop09/24/08
My 50 favourite albums ClearTheLane09/22/08
The Ipod Touch List zacheroog09/21/08
Favourite 2008 Albums andy009/17/08
Music Moments That Leave Me Speechless poweroftheweez09/15/08
50, Yo JumpTheF**kUp09/11/08
Weezer Albums raclet1212309/10/08
Last 20 Albums Played McP300009/04/08
A Phenomenal Musical Week ( For Me, Anyway) Granfalloon08/30/08
Nostalgia Pt. 2... marksellsuswallets08/29/08
Guilty Pleasures cleary2108/21/08
Palette Cleansing sickofantsid08/17/08
Purchases After Surgery renegadestrings08/15/08
Favourite 90's Albums ironman444408/13/08
Lol Abdar11208/08/08
Why I Can Still Stand To Turn On The Radio cleary2108/07/08
Epic Proportion Abdar11208/04/08
Great Songs You May Not Have Heard Abdar11208/02/08
Best Tracks Of Twenty Zero Eight AtavanHalen08/02/08
08' Favorites (sorry Got To Do It Too) Foodforthegods07/29/08
Current Listens Foodforthegods07/24/08
Earth Abdar11207/24/08
What Comes Next? Hmmm? Granfalloon07/22/08
I Need Music Burning_October07/19/08
First Ipod Shuffle! botb07/15/08
Eurphoric Tunes Abdar11207/14/08
Best Of The First Half. Metalikane07/13/08
Top 10 Played keepmypmasxe07/10/08
Top 10 Albums Everrr ilikemusicthatsucks07/09/08
A Day In The Life Of... DrunkBishyBoshy07/02/08
This Must Be Another Dream Abdar11206/30/08
What I'm Listening To! JoeForPresident06/27/08
My Actual Playlist Foodforthegods06/26/08
Best Albums Ever STanger06/18/08
6/16/06 iarescientists06/16/08
Summer Time AggravatedYeti06/05/08
Pillowfort Show Set List (4.12.08) Spectrum06/03/08
10 Best Love Songs On My Ipod xs1n1sterx06/03/08
The Red Album - New Weezer Classics MyRamona06/02/08
Pinkerton V/s Blue! HispanicImpressions05/30/08
1am + Strongbow = Shuffle. HispanicImpressions05/28/08
90's-Present: Modern Day Classics Abdar11205/26/08
Which Two? Burning_October05/24/08
Albums That Are Always On Tam-Tam05/21/08
Guitar Hero 3, Songs I Have Fced Yazz_Flute05/19/08
When Things Weren't Such A Buzzkill Abdar11205/16/08
Today Is A Good Day... stoopkid05/15/08
Not That I'm A Pussy... Abdar11205/13/08
Updated Top 100 Songs Of All Time thebhoy05/12/08
Top 30 Weezer Songs BoSoxorz05/08/08
Bearsarebastards Top 10 Bands Of All Time! BearsAreBastards05/08/08
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) MyRamona05/05/08
Get Out Of My Head cometuesday05/04/08
Guitar Queer-o Abdar11204/29/08
Albums I'm Digging - Recommendations LittleTinGodess04/26/08
Little known facts that will knock your socks off + albums I've been digging recently... Or some crap. Big Baby Jesus04/24/08
Recent Diggin's. botb04/24/08
Songs I Can't Stand By Bands I Can Abdar11204/24/08
Top 30 Records Of All Time. lunchforthesky04/21/08
My Top 10 Iam13804/15/08
Top 100 (updated April 2008) bAdMaRk04/10/08
When Bad Albums Happen 2 Good Artists.... Big Baby Jesus04/08/08
Random Ebay Buying Spree sickjesus04/06/08
Classics mryrtmrnfoxxxy04/05/08
Holy Crap! It's An Itunes Shuffle!! prakata04/01/08
Best Shows I've Been To Abdar11204/01/08
My Top 10 Albums stoopkid03/24/08
Top 100 (updated March 2008) bAdMaRk03/18/08
Gargle My Fluid stoopkid03/17/08
The Greatest Bands Of All-time (no Disputes) MusicOfficial10103/12/08
To Get List: Ver 4.0 McP300003/06/08
The 10 Best Debut Albums MoonlightBleeding02/29/08
What Should I Buy Tonight? BroRape02/28/08
Toppeliste, Per Ora riccardino02/28/08
Toppeliste, Per Ora riccardino02/28/08
Fun Albums mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/20/08
The Top 150 Albums Ever: Part 3 Iai02/19/08
Top 100 (updated February 2008) bAdMaRk02/14/08
Current To Get List McP300002/11/08
Recent Stuff thefightclub02/09/08
PLAY FROM YOUR FUCKING HEART!!@!@!!!!!!11111111@@22222222!!!!!!!!!!!221$23%7%@567894978(89 MrKite02/08/08
_____________ MrKite01/26/08
Bum Ba Bum Bum Bum MrKite01/15/08
A Bunch Of Other Albums... prakata01/14/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
Top 100 (updated January 2008) bAdMaRk01/09/08
My Current To Get List McP300001/07/08
Newest Editions To My Collection JoeForPresident01/03/08
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
My Top 10 Favorite Songs (in No Particular Order) iforgetrock12/26/07
Bands To See Live bitteroldman12/20/07
Top 20 Albums iforgetrock12/13/07
My 10 Favorite Bands AB8912/11/07
Rediscovery Of The Weez MoonlightBleeding12/06/07
Songs I Like [new New] Robots8MyGrandma12/01/07
Itunes Shuffle! XMII11/30/07
Pop Rock/pop Punk mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/27/07
Another List With Sputnik In The Title mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/25/07
This Is Why Im Hott mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/22/07
Listen To Some Real Hardcore You Scene Bitch MrKite11/13/07
I Never Tire Of These Songs Mirror.Circuit11/13/07
Albums I Need To Get Burning_October11/09/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
Albums I'm Listening To Alot armfarm11/05/07
I'll Take A Stab At A-Z Ambassador11/05/07
Driving. Mirror.Circuit11/04/07
To Get List/recommendations McP300011/03/07
Hidden Treasure Ambassador10/26/07
My 10 Favorite Bands powerpop10/25/07
Fav 20 Albums Atm LittleTinGodess10/18/07
10 Albums I've Been Spinning A Lot Lately Mirror.Circuit10/17/07
My Top Ten Favorite Albums camdizzle10/13/07
My Favorite Pop Punk Albums tribestros09/29/07
Lame Albums sharkboy09/05/07
Albums I Must Get Into Sooner Or Later Hatshepsut08/09/07
Favourite Albums...ever armfarm08/08/07
The Sludge: Last.fm Overall Artist The Sludge07/31/07
12 Favourite 90s Albums elbrando07/29/07
10 Favorite Albums Oat mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/15/07
Weezer: Best To Worst tribestros07/08/07
25 Albums DonnieT06/26/07
Daddy, Ask The Man For Some Candy. MrKite06/23/07
New+improved Songs I Like List Robots8MyGrandma06/16/07
Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time MyRamona06/15/07
Albums I Drive To. astrel06/05/07
Songs I Wanna Jump To!! Robots8MyGrandma05/29/07
My Favorite Contemporary Albums astrel05/24/07
13 Greatest Albums Ever LittleTinGodess04/21/07
10 Of My Favorite Bands sethpierce04/18/07
Top Bands woee04/12/07
My favorite Weezer albums woee04/12/07
The Sludge: Thanks Sputnik The Sludge03/16/07
100 Favorite Albums Muisee03/06/07
Best Song Endings Doonothing02/15/07
Top 30 Albums Ever Iai02/14/07
Classics mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/12/07
Worst Follow Up Albums tdhinatx02/12/07
Fav. Bands And Best Album From Each Doonothing02/07/07
My Favorite Albums Gordonz02/07/07
My Ultimate List O Bands That I Love Inflames01/26/07
Top 100 Albums 1995-2004 morrissey01/21/07
Top 75 Albums 1985-1994 morrissey01/21/07
Albums I've Gotten Into Recently Linker10401/16/07
My Favourite Flops andy001/08/07
10 Most Depressing Songs andy012/29/06
The 25 Greatest Albums Of The 1990's Horrorshow3412/29/06
My Top 15 Weezer Songs Linker10412/18/06
Top 10 Bands incubotic12/18/06
My Favorite Bands Musicfreak8138912/17/06
My Favorite Cd's Of My Time Musicfreak8138912/17/06
My Top Ten Favorite Songs mmmthedonnerparty12/10/06
My Top Ten Favorite Bands mmmthedonnerparty12/10/06
MM8: 100 albums omg metallicaman812/10/06
Favorite 25 Bands Linker10411/27/06
My Top 25 Bands Ruthlessgrunge11/16/06
Sad Songs Jimmy11/13/06
Albums Everyone should own Dragon_Prince11/13/06
NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100 The Sludge11/08/06
My fav albums Concubine11/08/06
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
MM8's 100 fav songs metallicaman811/04/06
Favorite Songs. Ever. hummer11/01/06
Top 5 Favorite Albums SonicPumpkin10/27/06
My favorite punk albums to date Alex10110/15/06
This is it, This is The One everythingisblack10/10/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
My Top 10 Album List mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/06/06
ABCDEFG... Hatshepsut10/02/06
5 Albums I Am Currently Enveloping Myself In mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/10/06
5 Albums I Listened to Over the Summer mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/10/06
AZ band list Angmar08/23/06
10 Albums That Kick Ass blinkchillie9008/16/06
MyRamona's top 10 albums MyRamona08/12/06
The Sludge's Crappy MP3 Player: July edition The Sludge07/27/06
Albums that have found their enternal resting place in a trash bin Laafe07/26/06
Warning Another Generic List! Waterloo_Sunset07/21/06
Top 90's Modern Rock Follow-ups. The Sludge07/18/06
Bands whose songs you can learn in 15 Minutes raggedragamuffin07/18/06
My Top 50 Favourite Albums Ever Senor_Whippy07/16/06
MyRamona's top 10 happy songs. MyRamona07/02/06
The Best Bands Ever DooMGoaT06/19/06
Top 100 Favourite bands morrissey06/16/06


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