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favorite shows ya1k
2016 albums I need to revisit or listen to Scuro's 1/2 2016
June Jams: Final Week 2016 releases I really like
Potsy: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Week 1342 Part 427 GIMME GIMME GIMME - I NEED SOME MORE
no albums it's a beautiful sunday afternoon
How has your 2016 been so far? April 2016 resumé
Rec 2016 albums, aside from these. April Jams: Week III
2016 Anticipation Sputnik Heritage Cenus
Reich Says Goodbye My top 35 favorite bands
Bands you've discovered through other bands Favorite Post-Hardcore
Vote Now! Post Hardcore phone shuffle challenge thing
Your Favorite Band/Artist? Top Tier Album Closers
The best debut albums My doom band just released its debut album
years Some Albums for Daniel
Albums you should prob jam Red and Black and Gray and White Part 2
My Top 30+ Albums (tentative) Halloween/Horror Films Discussion
irresistibly good choruses/hooks dathvada321's favorite albums
Saw Fall of Troy last night (FREE) Check Out My Band's Music (FREE)
ArcTanGent 2015 Review ArcTanGent 2015
Summer music pickups 21 years on the Earth: Top 50 albums
Favorite six (more or less) stringers. I have Lymphoma
CD Collection So Far Indie Labels
Which Show Should I Go To? 5/5 Classic Albums
Can't go a day on Sputnik... hardcore/post-hardore/whatever with very nice guit
I graduate high school tonight.. Johnny Turns 10000 Part II - Top 100 Albums (50-1)
Fav Albums Best Metalcore / Post Hardcore recs
Johnny Turns 10000 - Top 100 Albums (100-51) Albums I Love
Favorite Album Covers By Bands I Like My Most Influential Albums
Favorite Albums + EPs (2) Cam's Top Albums 100-1
20 Random Albums I Adore it's yaknips' bday / best tfot breakdowns
Favorite Albums Hiding From Family Jams
A Rainbow Of Album Covers Best Band Names
Best Post Hardcore Albums Of All Time Greyshadow's Top 50 Favorite Songs
Magnum Opuseseses Falling Forward
[Technical Grindcore &] Mathcore Galore, Pt. 2 Math Rock-the List
Formidable Illustrations Of A Pristine Mind Top 10 Experimental Recs
Top 50 Face-melting Riffs 7 Years
Albums That Have Inspired Me To Play Music Top 20 Favorite Albums
One Year Sputversary 1998-2004
Arctic Monkeys Fans Calling Enter Shikari Shit Lol Wut? :d Chaotic Recs
The Mars Volta Wannabe Bands Ranked Ultimate Post-hardcore Guide
Some Great Closers, Pt. 2 Half Marathon Playlist
Best Recs From Random People #2 Hench's Top 25s: 2005
Indie Labels Pt. 3 First Day Favorite Albums
In What Order Should I Check These Out? Albums - Work In Progress
Sgid Si Tsil Writers' Block
February's Purchases Epic Beard Men (POST BEARDS)
Favorite Guitar Albums What Are Some Albums That You Need To Buy But Haven't Yet?
Hey Sputnik, Recommend Me Stuff 4.5's That Are Nearly 5's
The Fall Of Troy Ranked 50 Good Albums
50 Great Opening Songs Clerks 3
(??)? Ghost Boy? (??)? Best Albums Of All Time
I Need Some New Music! 1 Yśr
Legit Games List Lets Get It On Post-hardcore Albums I'm trying to get soon
Best Post Hardcore/progressive Metal Bands Of The 2000's Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore?
Shit I Recently Bought (fixed) Calc's Vinyl(s)
Favorite Post Hardcore Albums? Albums I Really Like
Anyone Else Feel Behind In Life? Copying Trebor [98]
Steam Summer Sale Is On Sputnik's Punk Madness
Raided My Parents Vinyl Collection Most Listened To Albums Of First Year
Recs Recs Recs Recs Recs Fast Times Or Dazed And Confused?
Equal Vision Records - Top 15 Albums Promoting My New Band, Etc.
Rec Me A Song I Should Hear Right Now Freshman Year Digs (High School Edition)
Faux Prog Recs? 100 Bands I've Seen Live
Underwater Bimbos? Really? My Very New, Very Small Vinyl Collection
Sputnik Anniversary My Top 10 Favorite Metalcore Songs
High School Jams Pt. 1 Rec Me Post-hardcore
Songs Digs High School Jams 05-09
First List.. Shuffle Thomas Erak Joins Chiodos
Don't Judge An Album By Its Band Albums I Was Really Into In High School
Top 10 Favourite Artists Of All Time Ever Dissonant Post-hardcore/metalcore
More Like These? Rec Me Catchy Nonsense
Awful Albums Turned Down
What Exactly Is "chaotic Hardcore"? 150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
Thomas Erak Is A Cat Lady Musical Superiority?
The Opinion Of Sputnik Music Taxi's Favorite Users
Top Albums Of 2005 Current Top 25 Albums
Review My Band's Ep My Top 20 Albums Of The 2000's
Album Ratings Down? Saw Emily Haines In My Hotel
i like starbucks and i dont care who knows it!!!!!!!! ill shout it from the rooftop watch me dad Ethnicities Ranked
Albums I just recently realized I like Bands With Albums That Got Progressively Worse
Wasting Words On Lower Cases And Capitals My Favorite Albums Of All-time (pt. 2)
Kevin Smith Films - Ranked Top 10 Greatest Drops In Quality
Star Wars - Ranked sick sick sick (DIGS)
Summer Jams Let's Do This
Sputnik User Most Likely To... New Here. Recs?
How Did You Came Up With Your Band Name? 2005
Life-changing Albums Troll My List Of Digs, You Bastards
2003 Trolling Turntable
Haven't Been Around For Awhile Last.fm
90+ Hardcore, Phxc, Emo And Screamo Albums Calculuscore
So, Last.fm Is Neat The End Is Nigh
Overshadowed Albums Rec Me Some Post-hardcore/metalcore
Rec Good Deathcore Bands Like The Human Abstract? Vinyl Collection (So Far)
New Records Aww Yeah Startin' Off The Year Right
Post Hardcore Albums That I Like
Seinfield Characters Ranked List Me Guitar Virtuosos
Need Indie/folk/alternative Recs Favorite 24 Guitarists
On The Bump Today All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod
My Favourite Tv Shows + Recs? Leaving For Seoul - My Ipod Contents
1k Comments High-highs And Low-lows recs (Pt1)
20 Need Some Recs!
work playlist 100 Bands I Do Not Care About
Mathcore Post-hardcore Recommendations?
Songs I Wish I Could Play On Guitar. Solitary Confinement
My Top 50 Albums My Favorite Live Shows
Headbanging All The Way To Ny Bleep Bloop
5/5 Delicious Music
A Bad Habit I Have Lice? Yes, Please
Balls Called Me A Fuckass Most Disappointing Albums
High School Albums Nostalgia
Avenged Sevenfold Albums Ranked My Favourite Albums
Fall Of Troy Albums In Order Follow Me On My Musical Journey
I Like Better Music Than You Djent Is The New Deathcore
1000 Comments Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007
Oh, Hello Sputnik Last.fm Celebration!
Post-hardcore Digs My Fav Post-hardcore
Bet This List Hasnt Been Done Before. Post-Hardcore For Dummies
Buy It Load It Shoot It Dream Jobs
The Obligatory "My iPod" List Warm Weather And Driving
I Listen To More Than Just Metal Balls Deep
10 Best Albums My Ipod.
The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!! Hey Guys I Like Music!
Damn You Five Hour Energy Dear Mods... Charts!?
I Like My Hardcore With A Little Post My Music Taste Is Random
Some Of My Favorite Albums To Listen Through Completely Post Hardcooooore
Possible Upcoming Reviews :post Hxc:
My Top 100 Albums Metalcore Recs!
Favorite Video Games So My House Burned Down Today...
Great Moments In Music Digz Yall
Favorite EP's Lovely Tunes
Sputnik Blogs? Track
Guitars And What Not I Got Some Listening To Do!
Rate My Entire Music Collection (pt 1) Top 3 Fav Albums
Top 10 Post Hardcore Albums Top 100
Random Album Generator Some Good Songs
Whats Wrong With Me?! Post Hardcore Recs Please
Top 50 Albums Bands I've Seen/want To See
Yes Happy Burzday!
My Cds Birfday Muziks
Post-hardcore Suggestions Needed Flacing Yr Mom
Make Fun Of Me September Was A Good Month For Music
[a-z] Albums Last Ten Albums I've Listened To
Rec Me Scene Bands... Haza!!!
Top 20 Short Songs I Really Need A Band.
I'm New.. Albums I Bought This Year Top 15 Played Songs On My Zune.
Guitarists, Read. 1 Year Anniversery
Need Some Rap/hip-hop Recs Top 10 Modern Post-hardcore
Needz Moar Post Hxc Rec Me Some Math Rock
My Moment Albums MX 4 EVAR
Need More Metal The Only Good Bands You Need To Know
My Ipod On Shuffle Rec Similar Post-hardcore?
Bands That Influence My Guitar Playing Recommend Me Music Brudduh
My Favorite Post-hardcore Songs Ever Sputnik Aspirations
My Cds Are Awesome I Needz New Road Trip Tunage
Too Technical For Technology Tour? Recents Digs
Drunk+high my ipod is on shuffle
Top 50 Of The Decade Cheeseburgers
A Decade List Approved By Jesus Going To Alaska
Stuff I'm Into I Got My License
15 Albums Everyone Should Have Top 100 Of The Decade!
The Fall Of Troy Guys.... John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant
Put Zune On Shuffle (first 20) Good Atmospheric Music?
Fo The Shreddaz Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums
A Classic Jesusjuice's Post-hardcore Collection
I Actually Liked The Lost Finale Birthday Yesterday!
Skramz. And More. Post-hardcore? Help Please
Albums I Know Like The Back Of My Hand Albums I Did/Would Pay $$ For
I Hate Viruses!!!!!!! These Bands Any Good?
Inspiration 5 Bands That Suck Ass
Recommend Me Music Friends! 2010 Sucks
Fall Of Troy Setlist 04/03 My 2000's
Ghostship Demos In The Ranks! Albums I Own Part 1
Essentials Favorite Post-hardcore Bands Ranked
I Need Recs!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait To See...
Cirq The Reviewer Dear Mariah....
.i.hate.my.job. Rec Me Mathy Stuff Like This
Classics V0.2 Albums I Can Never Get Tired Of
Best Albums Of 2009 The Fall Of Troy - Top 25 Songs
You Know What Tickles Ma Giggle Bone? I'm Back. :d
15,000 Last.fm Plays, Recs? 10 Great Bands: d
20 Favourite Albums Classics v0.1
Rec. Me Stuff To Learn On Guitar Ladies And Gentlemen, Emmure Jr.
Jrowa001 Top 100 Of 2009 Alphabet Bands
Chritmas Gets Year In Reviews
Hos's 2009 Collection Academy of 2009
Current Song Addictions Top 10 Artists Of The Decade
House Of Leaves My First List. Hurpdurp
What Are Your Decade Picks? Best Albums Of My Favorite Bands
HUGE Best of 2009 List Top 25 Albums Of The Decade
George Washington I F**king Hate The Snow...
Bands That Influence My Music. i Finally Made An Account :)
Songs I've Been Rocking The Fck Out Of Lately. Music Stores Allowed To Download Albums?
Recommend Me Some Bands! Recs Plz?
Best Of 2008 List 18th Birthday Ftw!
My Top 10 Albums The Fall Of Troy Setlist Nov. 16th Glasgow
Albums I Am Loving This Month. The Fall Of Troy Ranked(again)
Albums I've Been Listening To Top Last.fm Artists For Me
Math Rock Recs? Bands All Of My Friends Like That I Couldn't Get Into
A Far More Accurate Musical Evolution Most Talented Bands
Whooo Nba! Songs That Make Me Cream At Any Given Time
Another '09 List Favorite Bands/albums/songs - 60-51
Fuck You Guys, I Like FoT's New Album Itunes Recenty Added Albums
The Full Ghostship Demos? Need Some Recs!
Top 25 Album Covers Ricky Gervais Is A Beast
Celebrate/cry Her Middle Name Was Boom!
In The Unlikely Event Octoberfest
Festfestfest 10 Albums I'm Spinning
In The Unlikely Event In Order New Fall Of Troy Leek Soup
So They Banned Hats In My School Grounds Which Of These Shouldn't I Get?
Bands I'm Seeing Live This Year, And Next. 10 Most Anticipated Releases
10 Cd's In My Car Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cheese.
The Fall Of Troy Self-titled Ranked My Fledgling Vinyl Collection
Rip Summer '09 Jesse Lacey Is An Angry, Angry Man.
Picture This, If You Will This Or That!?
Recent Gets Bands I'm Going To See Live
100 Songs Worth Of A Perfect Playlist Stuff I've Been Listening To Alot Lately
Revised Top Albums Of 2008 Albums Sputnik Has Got Me Into
Ten Albums Currently In My Car Current Favorite Mix
What Up Baby? Wonderful Album Art
Summer Digs/fall Anticipations 10 Great Bands
Dream Festival Line-up I Forgot About These
Sauces And Stocks Underappreciated/overlooked Albums
Been Playing In My Car All Week Suggestions ?????
Won $20 Off Of A Bet, Which Album Should I Get Balls
More Music! EPs
Converting A Mainstream Boy.... Vinyl > Cd
Last.fm - My Top 50 I Swear, I'm The Only Kid In My School Who Listens To This Stuff.
My Musical Journey - 2 Years In The Making 5 Songs People Need To Listen To.
New Stuff If It Weren't For Sputnik
Recently Played Albums On Itunes This Is The New Shit.
Favorite Bands Songs That Catch The Ear
Modern Prog Please I Feel Like Crap...
100 Jrowa001's 100 Favs!!
Which Ones Should I Get? Best Of 08
Favs So Far, Many To Go Need New Music!
Slooooooooooooooooooooooooow Day January's Almost Over
5 Albums I Can Thank Sputnik For! 2008: Albums I Enjoyed
Smokin' Balls LOOK AT ME!!!!
Discoveries Of '08 Favorite 15 Albums Of 2007 (revised)
Top 10 Of 2008 This Title Used to be a Faux Pas
I Wish You A Broken Heart, And A Happy New Year Top 50 Of 2008
Top '08 Non-suckage Stupid Myspace Playlist
Top 25 Albums Of 2008, None Of Which Are Metal Mindblowingly Good Albums
Bands On My Ipod - Top Songs Playlist Under The Docks, On Top Of The Rocks
Destroyed In Seconds: Top 33 Albums Of The Year Recent Digs From The New Guy
Top 30 Lastfm Bands SlightlyEpic
But Ma, All The Cool Kids Are Doing It... Your New Favourite Bands
Bands That Do Complexity Right. Im digging myself a hole
My Top Albums For 2008. Recent Acquisitions
My Top 20 Albums (old And New) Rondo Went Off Tonight
Look At That! Favorite Recent Downloads
Royale With Cheese Top Albums 2005
My Favorite Guitarists Bands I Need To See Live
Yet Another Dig List My Favorite Rhythm Sections
Exercise, What? G.u.i.
Powerful Closers 40 Favorite Albums Atm
Last.fm Shuffles
Who Ordered The Penis Pump? Recommendations!
Albums I'm Holding My Breath For... Favorite Post Hardcore/screamo/emo
Need A Pick-Me-Up? Favorites Of 2003
Favorites Of 2004 When This First Started Off...
Hxc Mix Fav. Guitar Tones
Albums I Downloaded Last Night Favorites Of 2005
Favorite Albums First List, Things I've Been Digging...
Reccomend Me Stuff From These Bands I've Seen In The Last Year
Best Gigs I've Been To Bands That Sputnik Has Gotten Me Into
Albums That Have Held My Attention Recently: Quick Shuffle.
Big Diggins Flying Too Close To...
Perfect Songs The Bamboozle!
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) Most Played Albums
7 Card Stud! As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth
1 Year On Sputnik Underrated Bands.
Most Updated Awesome Band List Uh Oh! I Guess It's Time For...
I'm Going To Shoot A Bear... Killin Time
The Club Night Of Dreams Teh Shuffel Chuffel
Top Ten Albums Shuffle 2: The Reckoning
Myspace Songs I Have Not 5-starred On Guitar Hero 3
Genres Top 25 Most Played
Seattle's Finest. Eat My Penis
5000 Songs With Last.fm Recents Fucking Digs!!!!!!
Iluvatars Top Conglomerate List Of 2007 My Post-christmas Wish List
The Best Albums Of 2007 My Top 25 Albums Of 2007
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 Damrod's Top15 Albums Of 2007
Best Of 2007 List The Digs Will Have To Wait
Bands I Totally Love Right Now Don't Know Why?
Orgasmic Ear Sex Albums I Have
Biggest Disappointments of 2007 Songs I Like [new New]
My Fave Bands (top 30) Top 20 Most Ridiculous Songtitles
Guitar Hero 3 Best Albums From Each Genre
My Top Ten Favorite Albums Best Of 2007 So Far
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Top 5 2007 So Far
My Favorite Albums 5 Recently Obtained Albums
Songs Of Current Obsession Top 10 Favorite Bands
Top 5 Disappointing Albums Fav Albums
Albums I've Bought Lately Most Played Songs According To Itunes
Shit That Rules At The Moment. Myramona's Top 20 Albums Of All Time
Favorite Songs By Favorite Bands The Library Is Awesome
Albums I Drive To. Recent Purchases
Songs I Wanna Jump To!! My Favorite Albums
Split Albums I'd Like To See Recent Buys
Itunes Albums Songs That Should Be On Guitar Hero 3
New Bands That I've Been Digging My Collection
Digging At The Moment Albums I Cant Get Enough Of
Ten Albums I Recently Bought/downloaded Post Hardcore Goodness
My Top 100 Overrated And Terrible
Artists That Got Me Into Music Most Anticipated Albums Of 2007
To Prove I'm Better Than Canyoneer To Prove That Many Great Riffs Aren't From Metal
My favorite guitar solos Bands Sputnik introduced to me
iluvs 20 post-hardcore/emo albums My Current Favorite Bands.
I too have phallus type genitals Cds I can't decide if I should buy or not
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar likes sing alongs
To Review: This week\\\'s iPod update
Iluvs top 100 albums ever in his polluted way of thinking I'll do my part...Thank you Sputnik
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Top 5 Favorite Bands
Iluvatar's Favorite Albums! Iluvatar's Favorite Bands!
Top 5 Insane Guitar Intros My All-Time Favorites


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