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My Favorite Albums From 2014 BenMorrison01/16/15
Southern Lights Of 2014 NoiseForZeus01/01/15
10 Best Albums Of 2014 Rumsiac12/26/14
Rock On Brothers RoyalImperialGuard11/30/14
2014: The Year That Keeps On Giving Atari10/29/14
80s Metal!!! (part 3) BenMorrison10/22/14
80s Metal!! (part 2) BenMorrison10/21/14
80s Metal! (part 1) BenMorrison10/20/14
2014: Some Metals ExplosiveOranges09/29/14
Autumn Jams ExplosiveOranges09/01/14
2014: July And August adace109/01/14
Old School Metal Muisc4Life2608/19/14
Upcoming 2014 Albums adace107/05/14
Energizing And Atmospheric Albums I Dig Muisc4Life2603/15/14
Riffs Of Smash BigHans03/05/14
Best Shooter Game Songs AveSatanas11/20/13
Favorite Metal Bands Of All Time AveSatanas11/19/13
100 Highly Recommended Albums You Should Have In Your Collection Right Now thejon93rd11/17/13
Metal Roots - Influential Pre-80's menawati10/28/13
Top 15 Metal/rock Albums Of 2012 charbyno09/23/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 2010 charbyno09/21/13
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1981 Flutterbro09/19/13
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1980 Flutterbro09/18/13
Manly Music For Manly Men BallsToTheWall09/11/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1985 charbyno08/27/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1983 charbyno08/25/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1982 charbyno08/24/13
Top 10 Metal/rock Albums Of 1981 charbyno08/23/13
80's Metal! Muisc4Life2608/18/13
My Top 10 Songs ARealDeadOne08/03/13
Title Tracks facupm06/09/13
Metal Will Never Disappear Of My Pie Chart NapalmCrusader05/27/13
Sputnikers Likely To Be Arrested BallsToTheWall05/21/13
Death To All But Metal BallsToTheWall05/17/13
My Personal Favourite Heavy Metal Albums Itishappeningagain05/06/13
Recent Metal Buys! shredaman04/16/13
There's Bad, And Then There's.... TheSmashBro03/31/13
Music Greatest Genre DoctorMike03/30/13
Fuck Your Hipster Music BallsToTheWall03/25/13
The Lords Of Metal lyon153503/19/13
Lifting For Metal: The Official Soundtrack BallsToTheWall02/23/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Metal Of The Current Decade Sevhead01/08/13
2012fatha: Top 70 jayfatha01/01/13
2012 Albums Of The Year IronWolf12/31/12
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
Best 1980's Metal Songs thecountlugosi12/19/12
Hadouken's Headbangers Ball. CaptainHadouken12/18/12
Top 30 Of 2012 FictionalFlames12/14/12
Highlights Of This Year (Good or Bad) mifzal12/08/12
November Most Played ViperAces12/01/12
Greatest Germany Bands/albums For All Time huguitoescorza11/09/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
My Life In Music (starting 2006) pbass010/05/12
My Top 15 Favorite Metal Bands ViperAces09/29/12
1000 Comments, 10 Reviews ViperAces09/17/12
My Pie Chart Won't Change... Atari08/27/12
2012 Albums. FictionalFlames08/07/12
Nagrarok's 2012.5 Nagrarok07/07/12
Going Ham BallsToTheWall07/03/12
I Have A Wizard Hat jayfatha07/02/12
Manly Music Itishappeningagain06/29/12
Notrap's 2012 So Far TheNotrap06/29/12
Favorites Of 2012 (so Far) tmage06/26/12
2012: First Half Zantera06/24/12
Hot Womenz BallsToTheWall05/28/12
Favorite Rock/metal Singers MaidenUFO05/25/12
Accept-> German Maiden MaidenUFO05/24/12
Balls, I Bought You For $1 JWT15505/23/12
Best Openers MaidenUFO05/18/12
Favorite Hard Rock/metal Ballads MaidenUFO05/17/12
Wimps And Posers theartofdoom05/08/12
My Favorite Albums Of This Century MaidenUFO05/07/12
Notrap's Week Jams TheNotrap05/01/12
Favourites Bands walfernu04/17/12
I Killed A Poser Today BallsToTheWall03/25/12
2012 DoubtGin02/24/12
Greatest Metal Songs or: Metal Through the Ages (Ranked By Year) thecountlugosi02/23/12
My Favourite Guitar Solos arapinho102/06/12
Dare 2 Compare AngelofDeath01/15/12
Top 5 Underrated Bands chargers2612/30/11
Lemmiwinks Vs. Wikileaks BallsToTheWall12/22/11
The Greatest German Metal Bands TheNotrap12/18/11
Winter Is Coming Nagrarok11/09/11
Sonic's Vinyl Finds 3 sonictheplumber11/05/11
Musical Dna TheNotrap10/01/11
Past Few Months In Digs seifer09/29/11
Graaaaaaaaaaah lyon153509/28/11
The Greatest Heavy Metal Singer TheNotrap08/27/11
Greatest Speed/thrash Metal Songs TheNotrap07/23/11
100 Greatest Hard Rock/Metal Songs TheNotrap07/15/11
Homeless Homos BallsToTheWall07/15/11
Essential Metal Albums Part I TheNotrap07/06/11
Rebecca's Rack....er Rebecca Black BallsToTheWall06/14/11
Wii Disk Loader Has Overheated :( NarkalepticNinja06/04/11
100 Greatest Metal Songs BigHans04/25/11
Essential Metal Songs BallsToTheWall04/11/11
Manliest List Ever BigHans03/31/11
M.e.t.a.l: Get Some!!!!! BallsToTheWall03/27/11
Heavy Metal's Best Offers rockandmetaljunkie03/27/11
A Blast From The Past AngelofDeath03/18/11
Top 50 Albums Of 2010 FeralMemories01/04/11
Top 05 - Best 2010 Albuns mamazzo12/27/10
100 Songs Of The 20th Century Nagrarok11/27/10
2010: The Year In Metal And More AngelofDeath11/09/10
I Need The Math DoubtGin11/06/10
2010 Digs lobby10/19/10
Celimous's Top 10 List For 2010 So Far Celimous10/10/10
Oktoberfest AngelofDeath10/06/10
Manly Albums 2 LepreCon09/04/10
Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time ironmaiden120405/23/10
Manly Albums LepreCon05/04/10
10 Songs I'm Currently Addicted To VTK01/16/10
If You Are Mad Or Pissed Off About Life, But These Albums On SteelErectedb4you8er01/11/10
I Wonder Where My Hunger Goes? intothepit8312/04/09
Digs, 11/11/2009 Meatplow11/10/09
Reasons Why Udo Dirkschneider Is A God Amongst Men... quaazi08/03/09
Big Jugs Pt. 5 Meatplow07/02/09
Your Fav. Metal Bands Ever Thrasher8606/16/09
Digs, 21/5/09 Meatplow05/20/09
Big Jugs Pt. 2 Meatplow05/15/09
The Ballstothewall List Altmer03/23/09
Artists I Want To Check Out In 2009 Altmer12/25/08
Shuffle!!!!! combustion0706/10/08
Tunes For The Road combustion0704/25/08
The Real Metal Miltia!!!! aryan021909/20/07
Best Of.... Old School Metal (not in any order) mikem123407/13/07


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