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Albums That Are Important To Me treos77711/16/14
Worst Albums I Enjoyed During My Emo Phase Brabiz09/16/14
Top 5 Biggest Metalcore/post-hardcore Bands Atm wwba09/03/14
Back To School melonade08/31/14
Top 5 Worst Albums I Physically Own thestop508/25/14
Escape The Fate Ranked Aftertheascension08/23/14
Warped 09 Dancedrewdance07/11/14
Favorite Albums Of All Time kushmemesstrikesback07/01/14
Objectivity Rating Albums 1 TalonsOfFire06/10/14
Favorite Post-hardcore/metalcore Bands Danred9704/28/14
Guilty Pleasures From When I Was 13 GlassGX04/16/14
Shitty Bands That My Brother Likes titanslayer02/22/14
10 Worst Post Hardcore/Metalcore/Deathcore Bands Of The 2000s Jaquith01/19/14
Academy Of 2013: Bottom 30 theacademy12/09/13
How Many Cd's Do You Own? Rice30311/19/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Last "official" Day Of High School ellagos11/01/13
Some Bands I Find Annoying killth3p00r10/11/13
Annoying PitchforkArms09/08/13
Guiltea Pleasures theripsaw08/26/13
Which Is The Kind Of Music Fan You Despise Most ? TheAstralsage08/06/13
85 Bad Albums Kronzo07/16/13
It's Fun To Troll Ronnie Radke Fans On Youtube KenboSlice06/16/13
My 15 favourite Albums Of 2013 (so Far) metalspirit05/29/13
Good Year To Be A Scene Kid merpmerp05/20/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 Ryuu501st05/19/13
I See Stars And Tukaaria TheSpirit05/16/13
Escape The Fate Time TrstN0105/06/13
Mayday omgbecky05/04/13
Trve Grindcore Vs False Grindcore rapedbyelephants04/28/13
Real Metalcore Vs. Fake Metalcore rapedbyelephants04/24/13
Sputnik's Hey Arnold! FourthReich04/13/13
Guilty Pleasures ... Not TheSpirit02/22/13
Favorite Albums TheKeywork02/09/13
Guilty Pleasures pbass012/08/12
Scum That Must Be Confined In A Concentration Camp VermicideReloadead11/26/12
Molly Says Hi alltimelow11/22/12
Top 10 Most Underrated Albums By The Sputnik Community MegaJake102411/18/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
Escape The Fate Ranked Hedgehog3239610/08/12
Ronnie Radke BallsToTheWall10/05/12
Bands I'm Seeing Tomorrow TheSupernatural09/22/12
Death Sucks Recspecs08/20/12
Users That I'd Like To Spank Recspecs08/11/12
Sputnik User Most Likely To... Recspecs05/22/12
Songs I Like From Albums I Don't Like peartnoy05/20/12
Biggest Ego In Music Spec05/17/12
This List Is For Every..... GrindGod05/12/12
Like A Sir Part Deux: I Capitalize Everything Kellerdeck05/06/12
Like A Sir. Kellerdeck05/06/12
The World Is Ours Tour Needsmoarbreakdowns05/06/12
A Stepping Stone Into 'heavier Music' CrimsonLies05/03/12
Epic Intros, Part 1 digimental10104/21/12
Awful Albums With Awesome Songs wretchedreflections03/27/12
Tops RonMexico0703/21/12
Metal That I Do Like MartiniKisses02/21/12
This. Isn't. Post-hardcore. AltPunkMetal10112/16/11
Fuck Music Elitism BallsToTheWall11/05/11
My Favourite Songs By My Favourite Bands :) KirstyLouise11/02/11
List Of My Favourite Bands Evar nateynate10/12/11
Na Na Na Na! Satan!ic Penguins BallsToTheWall09/11/11
My Music Collection Hyruth08/31/11
Greatest Albums Ever Mynameisluke08/28/11
My Dislike List... eatdogs07/27/11
First Albums I Cared About SpaceWhale07/23/11
Albums That Got Me Into Hardcore, And My Change In Taste lolcatzwolfay07/22/11
Bands With Great Makeup BallsToTheWall07/19/11
Favorite Albums dEdinsId07/11/11
'best' Of The Scene Bands?(read Description) JasperrrD07/09/11
My Top 50 Albums FuckYeah07/08/11
Bands That Annoy Me. SexPanther06/21/11
Ronnie Radke RaiseHail06/05/11
25 Favorite Songs Of All Time mclovin9904/16/11
Sucka 4 Scene Shit mclovin9904/14/11
Great Songs Made By Mediocre And Stupid Bands Leviathan893704/10/11
Easiest Job Ever tkxxx703/29/11
Band That Are Showing Improvment Devastator03/14/11
Escape The Fate promiseswept03/09/11
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
Cream Of The Crap v4.0 Scoot11/30/10
Ender's Game Masochist11/29/10
The Definitive Guide To Pornogrind fr33convict11/26/10
Rec. Me Something Decent omgbecky11/18/10
Just Like The Bible GarthsHarbour11/15/10
50 Worst Album Covers Of All Time Spec10/25/10
Defining Metalcore Spec10/22/10
Snapped My Mw2 Disc jono228210/19/10
Poser Patrol! theacademy10/11/10
Breakdowns Done Wrong Spec10/05/10
I'm New To Listening To Music ThisWarIsOurs09/25/10
50 Random Songs On My Ipod leppalo09/20/10
Super Cool Emo Dude taroo09/08/10
This Is My Library. omgbecky08/28/10
Top 25 Most Played. sdoughertyYDG08/12/10
Metaldan Favorite Metal 2000-2009 metaldan108/09/10
Albums I Am Ashamed To Say I Own. theBlackWidow07/20/10
Guilty Pleasures Rhinoceron05/15/10
Currently Playing On My Ipod... sdoughertyYDG05/10/10
Back In The Day... Lakes.04/15/10
Cd's I Own thricealive04/15/10
To Ten Of The Last 3 toyour03/21/10
Guilty Guilty Guilty... HugCrewLoveRoll02/22/10
Last.fm Recommendations theusual102/18/10
All Time Faves Jericho02/16/10
Punk/hardcore Recommendations Please! identitycrisis01/26/10
I Need Recs Wikid57801/20/10
Bands That Lost It Slobo12/27/09
My Top Bands #2 jasper199612/14/09
My Top Ten Albums. toyour12/02/09
Top 25 Most Played toyour11/20/09
Guilty Music Pleasures drmidnight7311/04/09
Artists On My Mp3 Player Lakes.11/02/09
Recs For Decent Post Hardcore MrHotMoms11/01/09
'09 Live Shows Comatorium.10/22/09
Ive Gone On A Downloading Rampage MrHotMoms10/09/09
1000 Comment List! Fxxkit1309/03/09
Bands I Saw At Warped Tour ErasersAtBothEnds08/24/09
Warped '09 Experience EasternLight07/31/09
Somewhat Guilty Pleasures endlessartix07/15/09
Excited For Warped Tour? Fxxkit1307/13/09
Who Should I Check Out At The Warped Tour? raggedragamuffin07/10/09
I Gets Recs? :D oilerfan94307/08/09
13 Favorite Bands. =D oilerfan94307/07/09
Songs I Like And Feel Very Bad About Liking ErasersAtBothEnds07/02/09
Temptation, Addiction. ZiBug06/22/09
This Fag Is Fisted vanillawafers04/20/09
Recent Listens Captain North04/13/09
Progression Of Taste In Bands endlessartix04/11/09
Fight Club Saidir02/22/09
Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar Morningstar9802/11/09
This Shit Pumps Me Up Thriceremoved2501/30/09
Songs That Cheer Me Up MyLittleDecoy2301/22/09
Bands I Dislike. Alot. LiveForMusic01/17/09
Favorite Song Intros ScorpionStan01/13/09
Disapointing Albums xmOBSCENEx12/24/08
My All Time Favorite 20 beefman12/10/08
Top 25 Artists Morningstar9812/02/08
Haha Next 100 Distance11/18/08
Cd's I Didnt Think I'd Like btbam9910/30/08
Generic, Generic, Generic, cleary2110/21/08
Ten New Albums I'm Listening To Craggles10/21/08
Shuffles SpritzSpritz10/12/08
Thor's Ultimate Biking Playlist Thor10/08/08
Top Bands In The Industry Today wowaddict07/31/08
Masochist's Favorite Moments In Music, Vol. II Masochist07/10/08
Boredom Shuffle Ftw Golgoroth05/27/08
Top Ten Favorite Bands Rexford05/23/08
Albums I Plan To Listen To On Last.fm Golgoroth04/30/08
Shit Bands FenderUsa04/05/08
My Fav Songs(not In Any Order) 0bsidian04/04/08
My Fav Bands 0bsidian04/04/08
Songs I Like [new New] Robots8MyGrandma12/01/07
Rock The Shit leEthal11/30/07
My Fave Bands (top 30) Kronzo11/14/07
Oh 06 HangEmHigh10/15/07
Band List, Favorites ValentineGIL07/08/07
Songs I Wanna Jump To!! Robots8MyGrandma05/29/07
Top 25 Played WhosEmo05/14/07
PAST Favorite Bands WhosEmo05/07/07
Cover Songs Done By My Band HangEmHigh05/02/07
Top 10 Songs On My Ipod againstus05/02/07
Favorite Punk Solos HangEmHigh05/02/07
Recent Buys HangEmHigh05/02/07
Artists I Want To Get Cd's Of. x28x06x42x1204/02/07
Explain. Now. Spectrum02/12/07
Top 10 Bands DEATHxDEALER09/11/06


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