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Top 50 Thrash Metal Albums InfernalOarsman01/27/15
Blazing Saddles RoyalImperialGuard01/06/15
Playoffs RoyalImperialGuard01/03/15
100 Favorite Metal Songs Palatial11/29/14
Good Music demigod!11/23/14
25 Metal Albums I Never Get Sick of Palatial11/07/14
Top 20 Thrash Metal Albums Of 2013 DakotaRogers10/12/14
Greatest Progressive/Technical Thrash Albums DakotaRogers10/09/14
Best Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews10/04/14
A Year Of Sput emester09/30/14
Vinyl+cd~ 3 RunOfTheMill09/21/14
Kickass Thrash Muisc4Life2609/05/14
Thrashing beefshoes08/24/14
Best Users evilford08/07/14
Why 1989 Was One Of The Best Years In Metal ThrashK06/21/14
20 Metal Albums Amazings But Underrated. huguitoescorza06/10/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1989 HenchmanOfSanta05/03/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1988 HenchmanOfSanta05/02/14
Before They Found Their Sound (vol 2) RVAHC1305/01/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1987 HenchmanOfSanta05/01/14
TWOW New Chapter - Mercy Wadlez03/27/14
Meatal MeatSalad03/17/14
Heavy Mtl 2014 peaks4003/11/14
Bands I've Seen Live quik4003/06/14
2013 Madness Green Baron03/03/14
My Metal Club Of 100 Fra02/28/14
A Friday Is Nearby... Quarty02/27/14
Awesome Goddamn Sput Users Necrotica02/25/14
Favourite Albums From Artists Ending02/12/14
Top 10 Progressive Thrash Albums Madbutcher302/11/14
To Listen To Checklist neurisis1702/03/14
R.i.p. Philip Seymour Hoffman Necrotica02/02/14
Music of 2013 Lowder91bird01/31/14
2013 - My Favourite Albums IronWolf01/31/14
Baby's First: Music That Isn't Terrible kalki01/28/14
Quebec Criss Yeah CocioSeize01/27/14
The Best Thrash Metal Albums Of 1986 ruuthsinn01/26/14
Top 100 Thrash Metal Albums ruuthsinn01/23/14
Majestic Noises Of 2013 NoiseForZeus01/18/14
Users' Favorite Albums Pt. 2 Judio!01/16/14
Rec Me Some Thrash rapedbyelephants01/01/14
2013 - Voivod's Random Best Of List Voivod12/31/13
Wizards Top 20 In Metal For 2013 Wizard12/30/13
New Year Digs BigPleb12/30/13
Surprises Of 2013 opie12/28/13
Top 100 Singles Of 2013 TheIbar12/27/13
hey hey merry xmas evilford12/24/13
Top 100 Thrash Albums DestructionThrash12/21/13
Video Game Nostalgia #1: Jade Cocoon Necrotica12/20/13
'13 Favorites/needs More Listens/disappointments engleprunt12/18/13
50 Fantastic Cover Songs Pheromone12/14/13
What Albums Were Made The Year You Were Born? InbredJed12/12/13
Best Album Art 2013 neurisis1712/03/13
Willie's Top 50 Of 2013 Willie11/26/13
Turned 19 Today Necrotica11/24/13
200 80s Albums : Part 2/2 GetOutOfMyHouse11/22/13
Best Album Art zethmal11/15/13
Help. I Seem To Be Dead. Ovrot11/14/13
Revised Hit List neurisis1711/03/13
Ranked Gaming List #18 Today evilford11/02/13
Thrash Recs? RunOfTheMill10/28/13
Relieve Me Of My Metal "pleb" Status lyzakthellama10/24/13
Taking A Break From Sputnik Geadom10/13/13
Scary, Frightening And Creepy Album Covers TheIbar10/10/13
Parallels' 4-year Sputnikversary Parallels10/03/13
Anyone Having Issues With Spontaneous Ejaculation? OhCarrots09/22/13
Metal [2] OhCarrots09/20/13
Cerebral Desolation Decapod09/13/13
What Are Your Favorite Albums CrimsonFloyd09/09/13
Some Great Extreme Metal Of The 2000's ThrashK08/11/13
Summer Whisky and Tequila 2013 NoiseForZeus08/10/13
People Should Eat Meat TheInmortalVermicide08/09/13
Rip Thrashmania facupm08/05/13
My Favorite Albums CrimsonFloyd07/24/13
F.E.A.R BigPleb07/20/13
Massive Dl'in Spree YetAnotherBrick07/11/13
50 Albums To Slay Your Face Off YetAnotherBrick07/03/13
My Top 20 Thrash Of The 80's Outside The Big Four ThrashK06/23/13
Metal Greats 1988 ThrashK06/23/13
Snox Enters MichaelSnoxall06/20/13
Thrash Metal Favorites theweightofdarkness06/19/13
New Super Smash Bros. Characters Necrotica06/11/13
Title Tracks facupm06/09/13
Good Modern Thrash Metal? dante199105/28/13
New Alice In Chains YoYoMancuso05/23/13
Prog Metal Madness fireandblood05/17/13
I Creamed BigPleb05/09/13
Thrash'n Balls evilford05/07/13
Awesome Songs Of The Moment Vol.13 engleprunt05/02/13
Shuffling Necrotica05/01/13
Bands Whose Names Start With A V rapedbyelephants04/28/13
My 2013 So Far eXxist04/23/13
Thrash 'till Fucking Death: 100 Greatest Thrash Albums 'till 90 NoiseForZeus04/20/13
2013 Ranked Funeralopolis04/12/13
Bloodstock Fest 2013 BigPleb04/11/13
Trve Albums evilford04/10/13
Voivod:ranked MichaelSnoxall04/05/13
2013 So Far For Me Pestiferous04/04/13
2013 In Metal wanderlust04/04/13
Alone We Are But Twigs lyon153504/03/13
Greg's Q1 Of 2013 greg8404/02/13
Your Big 4 Thrashers? DarkSideOfLucca03/30/13
What I Liked In 2013 So Far Crawl03/28/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Metal Fists Reloaded pissbore03/26/13
Thrash Me MichaelSnoxall03/26/13
Jams And Marmalades MichaelSnoxall03/22/13
Gr8 Albums evilford03/21/13
The Lords Of Metal lyon153503/19/13
A One-chapter Exam! MosesMalone03/06/13
Obligatory Monthly 2013 Digs Funeralopolis02/26/13
Album Titles grish02/24/13
Favorite 2013 Releases elephantREVOLUTION02/18/13
And 80's Thrash Ruled Hard RobSchuldiner02/18/13
2013 So Far Crawl02/16/13
Finally Got Into Spotify Dolving99902/12/13
Can't Change Avatar, Oh Boy sideburndude02/10/13
Guide To Music Journalist BS greg8402/07/13
More Cd Buys Pestiferous02/03/13
2013 #1: January DoubtGin02/02/13
Truths 26 KILL02/01/13
Recommend Me Random Stuff Vespiion01/25/13
Albums That Blew My Mind PreConvictions01/24/13
Thrashing Hard Hawks01/23/13
2013 So Far Propose01/17/13
Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List evilford01/14/13
Most Anticipated For 2013 (so Far) LeisureMuffin01/09/13
The Essential Guide To Quebec Metal osborn8941901/08/13
1st Half of 2013 Anticipations NecrogenicShrimp01/04/13
Anticipated Games of 2013 NecrogenicShrimp12/23/12
Best 1980's Metal Songs thecountlugosi12/19/12
Post A Lesser-known Fave From Each Decade DrGunther12/17/12
The ABC's Of Good Music (part 1) Atari12/04/12
Is Halo 4 Worth A Shit sonictheplumber11/26/12
Mcdonald's CrimsonFloyd11/11/12
Three Superb Albums In A Row Detritivore10/14/12
Metal That Progresses~ KILL10/12/12
Queued For Later Geadom09/29/12
Thrashin' Part 6 Madbutcher309/27/12
Thrashin' Part 4 Madbutcher309/22/12
Death And Thrash HitlerIsTheBest09/18/12
High-highs And Low-lows albums (Pt 2) Detritivore09/16/12
Why Voivod Rules? Detritivore09/14/12
Paris, Texas KILL09/14/12
Top Albums Of 1984 Cghost09/09/12
Thrashin' Part 3 Madbutcher309/01/12
Voivod Perform Dimension Hatross And More CrimsonFloyd06/09/12
7 Days Until Voivod CrimsonFloyd05/31/12
Fact: Metal Is The Best Genre Of Music. Colliiiin05/11/12
Decent Prog Recs? Mike0805/05/12
Crimson Floyd's Redundant Third Shuffle CrimsonFloyd05/02/12
Gonna See Voivod Perform Dimension Hatross In Full. CrimsonFloyd04/30/12
My Metal Vinyl LokiDarkmoon04/26/12
Badass Killerhit04/25/12
No Time For Sleep Gotta Thrash KILL04/24/12
Which Festival Should I Go To CrimsonFloyd04/23/12
Prog The Shit Out Of Me HitlerIsCool04/14/12
Crimsonfloyd's Second Shuffle CrimsonFloyd04/02/12
Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal CrimsonFloyd03/28/12
My Musical Journey CrimsonFloyd03/23/12
Top 10 Progressive Albums CrimsonFloyd02/28/12
What Have I Done?! ReturnOfTheDnor02/23/12
20 First Songs On A Shuffle CrimsonFloyd02/14/12
Top 40 Artists Mike0802/11/12
Dnor's Metal Week devious02/06/12
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales Of H.p. Lovecraft Auschwitz01/20/12
Turntable At Last! Horsehammer01/17/12
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2011 Nagrarok01/16/12
I've Hit A Musical Brick Wall, Any Suggestions? Steamboat0111/27/11
Quality Heaviness #3 DeadBeat11/24/11
Winter Is Coming Nagrarok11/09/11
Albums On My Ipod lyon153510/16/11
100 Thrash Metal Albums! lyon153509/04/11
Record Store Day thomann8408/27/11
Thrash Recs Please eggsvonsatan08/09/11
Top 30 Likferd07/22/11
Random Metal Albums lyon153507/19/11
Bob Dylan The Builder MutnikSpusic07/12/11
Thrash Or Die ToxikThrasher07/10/11
Born To Thrash ToxikThrasher07/08/11
My Favorite Albums buyrecords06/30/11
What's Up, Everybody? random06/25/11
Who lives on an island? Decapod06/24/11
Liberation Day Nagrarok05/05/11
Osama? Moar like Odrama! PinkElephants05/03/11
A Blast From The Past AngelofDeath03/18/11
Thrashin' With A Passion AngelofDeath03/12/11
Willie's Essentials Willie02/21/11
Recent Digs overtheedge01/17/11
Roadburn Sold Out In 20 Minutes 76TVs11/27/10
10 Reasons Why Canada Rules austin88811/23/10
Gon Thrash KILL11/05/10
The 100 Greatest Canadian Albums Spec10/29/10
Oi Sputnik! Do Me A Favour... DrGunther10/27/10
Progressive Thrash austin88810/24/10
The Witch King's Metal List Vol.1 ShadowRemains10/09/10
Angel's Essential '80s Metal/hard Rock AngelofDeath10/01/10
Thrash Brothers EuphoricDysphoria8110/01/10
My Ipod, Your Ipod... Decapod09/19/10
Oh Ten, You Whore... Decapod08/11/10
I Need Rec's Very Bad!!! Mewcopa06/27/10
Rec Me Thrash! Mewcopa06/09/10
Fat And Lazy Is So Underrated buckfutter06/08/10
The Ballad Of Gay Tony Mewcopa06/06/10
Graduating High School HenchmanOfSanta06/06/10
Captain Ramius Commands You! buckfutter05/20/10
Yer KILL04/10/10
My Favorite Metal Albums blacksabbat904/03/10
Scion Rock Fest!! JessTheDane03/13/10
Why Everyone Else's Metal Is Better FeralMemories03/05/10
Abc's Of Metal FeralMemories02/18/10
Most Influential Metal Albums PuerkitoBio12/08/09
Wizard Needs To Escape... Wizard08/12/09
Top 80s Albums Titan5007/15/09
Exams Can Fuck Right Off, Yeah? StreetlightRock06/26/09
Sick Bands At Hellfest 2009 TrojanWhore06/24/09
Oh Canada... ThusSpokeZarathustra06/10/09
Metal Up Your Arse! Wizard04/06/09
40 Days FistfulOfSteel02/27/09
Top 50 Metal Bands List username34501/01/09
Later Bands To Consider...eventually McP300007/31/08


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