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Rec Me Stuff II: This Time It's Personal VaxXi01/25/15
Review Tips? oisincoleman6401/11/15
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
More Shit My Gf Listens To RivalSkoomaDealer10/08/14
Songs With Amazing Climaxes furpa09/27/14
Some Favorite Songs apokolypz09/02/14
All Time Favorite Albums Celtics244808/30/14
Depression With Creativity? apokolypz08/27/14
50 Digs That Have Followed Me apokolypz08/22/14
New To Sputnik BilboTeaBaggins08/07/14
Shufflelistin' YetAnotherBrick07/21/14
Indie Labels Pt. 3 mttgry05/08/14
Summer 2014 Live, An Anticipatory List Aids05/07/14
2013 Coast03/27/14
Chill Playlist vMusicaLity03/27/14
List Of Bands I've Seen Live furpa03/26/14
The Return Of Shockingly Bad Bands/artists! Maximo12303/07/14
My Favorite Acoustic Guitarists Muisc4Life2602/19/14
Did Acid Last Night RadioSuicide02/02/14
Daveyboy's Top 40 Albums Of 2013 DaveyBoy01/24/14
All Time Favs fraggleblabla01/23/14
Coachella 2014 30secondstocydonia01/09/14
2013 Or How My Shitty Taste Reared Its Ugly Head This Year. snowbbird12/23/13
Jared's Top 10 Disappointing Albums 2013 thejared12/20/13
Favorite Vocalists apokolypz12/02/13
Top 5 Albums ColorTheGreys11/25/13
Albums On Repeat SmartWentCody11/11/13
My Evolution Through High School lyzakthellama11/03/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
100 Of My Favorite Songs Right Now ryan1910/24/13
My Awesome Vinyl Collection Ecksavie10/06/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
Favorite Vocalists tlhk09/28/13
Concert Coming Up lyzakthellama09/05/13
Candian Government Hates Music Calc09/01/13
Album Debate: Stop Doing These Lakes.08/30/13
My Top 5 Indie Albums Sircy4108/20/13
Disappointments & Surprises Of 2013 wanderlust07/31/13
Albums I Dig Lately Potating07/30/13
Top 5 Favourite Album Artwork bengrieve07/23/13
Canada Day! DegausserGuernica2407/01/13
Favourite Songs? bengrieve06/28/13
The Definitive 2013 Halfway List omik111606/20/13
1st Half Of 2013 marcbreitenmoser06/20/13
Albums That Were Downloaded And Not Listened To mankycaaant06/10/13
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. CaptainHadouken06/03/13
Generic "check out my music" list AStableReference05/22/13
My CD-collection ButtsoupBarnes05/19/13
Fast Times Or Dazed And Confused? Iamthe Nightstars05/14/13
Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Princess Lakie's 2010s Lakes.05/01/13
Rec's For Long Drive CaptainHadouken03/29/13
Captain H's Current Albums. CaptainHadouken03/18/13
Sxsw Best To Worst lyzakthellama03/17/13
PF Chang's Playlist nononsense03/17/13
High School Jams Pt. 2 mttgry02/15/13
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums TheseModernThings02/11/13
my top 100 albums of all time kb3601/30/13
Favorite Albums Of 2011 SCREAMiNGRAiNBOWS01/06/13
DaveyBoy's Top 10 Live Gigs Of 2012 DaveyBoy12/29/12
Top Bands For Me :) MagdalenaMena12/27/12
Music When You Miss Someone wanderlust12/20/12
50 Albums Hadouken Loves! CaptainHadouken12/17/12
Perfect Songs For A Morose Monday wacknizzle12/17/12
The Captain's Album List. CaptainHadouken12/14/12
Finals Time / Ckret's Alt-Indie-Folk Mix CK12/08/12
Favorite Albums Of All Time VanessaS12/01/12
Awful Albums SeaAnemone11/25/12
Gay Music For Gay People Lakes.11/25/12
The First Year I Got Into Music (2011) Bramladesh10/28/12
Bored dathvada32110/06/12
Banned... thegoldencobra09/15/12
Game Of Thrones heyadam09/08/12
I'm Back (?) taxidermist08/07/12
My Favorite Vocalists Phideaux08/06/12
Hi Guys, Rec Me Some Indie/folk? Kbusch12307/28/12
2011 mttgry07/16/12
Fell In Love At First Listen WolfCocoon07/09/12
Mac & Sarah's Essential Albums koazey07/06/12
Death Cab For Cutie Concert Recap FromDaHood07/06/12
Recommendations Of Indie Or Softer Music In Terms SwingThatShxt07/02/12
Talent, Meaning, Lyrics SwingThatShxt07/01/12
lists are for losers foxxxy06/25/12
I Have A Challenge For You disposablehero9406/23/12
My Favorite Albums Of All-time (pt. 2) akimbo06/19/12
Current Digs benkim05/22/12
MY CD COLLECTION PART 2 h0neybucket04/13/12
Excitement X 1000 Vooligan04/03/12
Awesome Giant List BlueW03/30/12
List BlueW03/24/12
Osheaga 2012 TheGardener03/21/12
Top 100 Albums Of 2011 FeralMemories03/09/12
Indie Digs NeutralThunder1203/08/12
Newport Folk Festival? EyeForAnEye03/05/12
Need Work Safe Music jdennis3102/28/12
Music Oriented Dating Site? Recspecs02/25/12
Subbed Show 2/21 sundayswithsierra02/21/12
I Need To Listen To These Albums Some More Hopeland02/19/12
Late Night Albums Spec02/14/12
Coasts Eleven Coast02/10/12
I Need Advice silentstar02/08/12
Drunken Canadian Digs Drunk02/01/12
Aids' 2011: Albums Aids01/31/12
Atavanest 100 Of 2011 AtavanHalen01/21/12
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Songs Of 2011 DaveyBoy01/19/12
20 Favorite Songs Of 2011 jackalope1101/17/12
A Vooligan's 2011 Vooligan01/10/12
Lollsu iambandersnatch01/09/12
DaveyBoy's Top 40 Albums Of 2011 DaveyBoy01/06/12
Austen's Favorite Albums of 2011 ChuckGnarly01/04/12
2011's Rash Albums Rashandarei01/03/12
Treb's 2011 100 Album Extravaganza Trebor.01/03/12
Samshine In 2011 Samshine01/03/12
Shake's Songs Of 2011 SHAKEandBAKE01/03/12
Fortheloveof2011music: 2.0 Fortheloveofmusic01/02/12
Irving's Top 25 Albums Of 2011 Irving01/02/12
Titan50's Albums Of 2011 Titan5001/02/12
Rash Songs Of 2011 Rashandarei01/02/12
Another 2011 Albums List BlueW12/31/11
Top 10, 2011 Jdok12/31/11
2011: Kicking Names And Taking Ass IAmHollywood12/31/11
2011 Albums Good, Man betterlead1312/30/11
Zantera's Top 80 Albums/ep's In 2011 Zantera12/28/11
Disregard This List Hopeland12/27/11
Dnor's Top 50 Of 2011 dnor12/27/11
My 2011 Ranked EyeForAnEye12/23/11
Twlichty's 2011 twlichty12/22/11
2011 - My Top 50 jimmykidd12/20/11
Top Twenty Of 2011 EaglesBecomeVultures12/20/11
Captain's Prized 2011 Booty captaincrunch1112/20/11
Top Twenty Albums Of 2011 AutoRock12/20/11
Down Goes The Packers JWT15512/18/11
Jackalope's Top 10 Of 2011 jackalope1112/18/11
Academy Of 2011: 100 - 199 theacademy12/18/11
Everything 2011 EverythingEvil211312/16/11
Twentyelevatavan AtavanHalen12/16/11
A Deviant 2011 Deviant.12/15/11
And I Thought 11 Strings Was A Lot... Iamthe Nightstars12/15/11
Canada In 2011 Hopeland12/11/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of 2011 Lakes.12/11/11
Drawkcab's Top 30 Of 2011 Drawkcab12/11/11
DaisyHill's Top 11 Of 2011 DaisyHill12/11/11
2 Papers wheresgodot12/08/11
What To Listen To Next? therayder12/07/11
Albums To Check Out First? Omaha12/07/11
2011 Favorites WolfCocoon12/07/11
Recspecs Recs Of 2011 (Best Of) Recspecs12/05/11
How Bout Some Indie Recs? ryan1912/04/11
Recommend Me Acoustic Albums TheseModernThings12/03/11
5 Years Of Sputnik Captain North12/03/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Scoot Does 2011 Scoot11/30/11
Nov.'10-'11 Concerts Ranked Scoot11/29/11
Current Vinyl Collection mccormack51411/21/11
A Week With No Hardcore AbyssalCreation11/21/11
Upcoming Twlichty Releases! twlichty11/15/11
New Speakers! (Old Speakers) c0ffee11/02/11
A Canceled Halloween And Digs. EyeForAnEye10/31/11
About To Submit My Stanford App toxin.10/30/11
The Snow Is Here... Iamthe Nightstars10/27/11
I Hate Facebook Scoot10/24/11
Never Enough ILJ10/22/11
Slutty Pumpkin JWT15510/22/11
Albums I'm Currently Raping Beatskins10/17/11
New Tales From The Crypt Series Iamthe Nightstars10/16/11
Deathwish MFer10/15/11
Things From This Year, Things For This Week OrangeHologram10/06/11
Last Time I Gave A Poop I Got Puppies Iamthe Nightstars09/26/11
Has Anyone Noticed Lakes.09/25/11
Scatterbrained Hamsters List TheVileHamsterMosh09/21/11
Triple Integrals Vooligan09/18/11
Best Of 2011 Thus Far #2 AutoRock09/18/11
Vinyl CrackTheSkye09/17/11
The End Of The Fucking World loveisamixtape09/13/11
What Made You Join Sputnik? loveisamixtape09/08/11
Empathy And Good Music KimmsightMatters09/03/11
School Samshine08/22/11
2011: The Good And Pretty twlichty08/07/11
Some 2011 Stuff EverythingEvil211308/01/11
2011: First Half (yes, This Shit Again) Zantera07/28/11
What Is 8-3-11? Scoot07/28/11
A Grip Of Albums TomArnoldsArmpit07/27/11
Lets Argue cirq07/27/11
All Time Favorite 100 fireinourthroats07/22/11
Indie Is Awesome. gotsthedewsdood07/21/11
Title Tracks That Rule Phideaux07/20/11
Follow Me On My Musical Journey TheseModernThings07/19/11
1st Half Of 2011, Awesome Year luschlotz07/05/11
Mah Top 50 abaiardi707/05/11
Swedish Maid Enlarger Plank07/04/11
Rainy Night Driving Albums LOUIS0NFIRE07/03/11
First Half Of 2011 Fortheloveofmusic06/30/11
Samshine's Guide To Summer Samshine06/29/11
Saw Jimmy Eat World Yesterday Skillbinator06/23/11
More Things I Hate Scoot06/23/11
Generic First Half 2011 List NickelbackFTL06/23/11
Half A Year And Here You Are Again AtavanHalen06/16/11
Disgusted Samshine06/16/11
Deviant And Almost 6 Months Of 2011 Accounted For Deviant.06/16/11
Brings My Piss To A Boil Scoot06/11/11
Recent Additions To My Music dnor06/11/11
Aids At Sasquatch 2011 Aids06/10/11
Dnor's Favorite Users dnor06/09/11
Cant Stop Listening TevinMichael06/06/11
1000 Comments Phideaux06/03/11
Remer's Top 50 Artists Since 2007 Remer1705/24/11
Summer! cirq05/19/11
Curse Presents His Top 50 (with Descriptions!) Curse.05/09/11
Sasquatch Preparation bungy05/03/11
Dream Jobs Samshine05/03/11
What The Hell Was That IAmHollywood04/30/11
Canada Kicks Butt! Srangerthanficti0n04/03/11
My Favorite Vocalists Remer1703/11/11
The Bees Knees Samshine03/05/11
Never Be: Winter 2010/2011 ryanson20902/24/11
How I Will End My Senior Year SamFreeman02/16/11
Pre-Valentine's Day Blues SamFreeman02/08/11
Heart-wrenching Songs. Lali01/23/11
Music To Sleep To. EyeForAnEye01/20/11
Old People And The News Scoot01/16/11
My Winter Playlist TheseModernThings12/21/10
Recs Cogitus12/08/10
Folktastic c0ffee12/08/10
I Dont Always Sleep Spec12/07/10
You Notice How There Are No Baby Pigeons In New York? SamFreeman12/06/10
Favourite Album Artwork Spec11/29/10
Common Thread? kangaroopoo11/26/10
My Top 30 According To Last.fm Curse.11/23/10
Spec's Late Night Listens Spec11/21/10
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself DyannasLament11/07/10
Win Needs Recs Winsomniac10/03/10
My Top Ten Artists In No Order. johnross09/24/10
I'm Better Than You Because I Listen To Critically Acclaimed Music That The Vast Majority Of The Population Hasneverheardof. paulbunker8509/16/10
Canada Does Have Amazing Music crowing5109/06/10
I Am Becoming A Hipster Douche MetalFaceDoom08/31/10
Sad Guitar Moments kangaroopoo08/15/10
I'm In Love. Winsomniac08/11/10
Albums That Keep My Attention Well lostatsea8808/11/10
Songs On Constant Play For Me Lately thischarmingman07/27/10
Needs Moar Moping Winsomniac07/27/10
Awesome Side Projects Valdiuss07/22/10
My Top 10 Albums Right Now Quen07/21/10
I Need Indie/whatever Rock Recs dansxdead07/05/10
Sad Songs kangaroopoo07/01/10
Songs 4 Seduction kangaroopoo06/29/10
12 Hour Roadtrip Demagogue06/26/10
Mjusic! cirq06/21/10
Need Gud Music Blawgs Demagogue06/10/10
Good Music Blogs DoubtGin05/31/10
Because Weird Things Happen When You Don't Sleep. Winsomniac04/26/10
Mixtape Of Ther Weak Ewednesday04/23/10
Rec's Plz. Need. iamSeraph04/18/10
Some Canadian Albums That Don't Suck Valdiuss04/18/10
Digs For March 2010 dansxdead03/31/10
My 2000's pneumoniahawk9303/31/10
A-z Something To Look Back On blackholeparty1003/03/10
Most Listened To For February 2010 dansxdead02/28/10
5 Great Recent Purchases funtenot02/15/10
Albums Currently Downloading loseit1311/30/09
My Favorite Canadian Bands johnunderstood11/17/09
Best Chill Music johnunderstood11/15/09
My Breakup Albums Jash11/11/09
Favorite Releases Of 2008 goodnightsong10/29/09
"bands Im Into Att He Moment" thricemice09/27/09
God, I Hate Electricity xKERBYx09/07/09
51 Favourite Artists Turbulence07/30/09
Which Of These To Check Out??? zeppelinUSA07/11/09
Albums I Get Asked About At Work Valdiuss07/09/09
Recommend Me: freddievillarreal07/07/09
Dream Festival Line-up pneumoniahawk9306/26/09
Moving To New Mexico pneumoniahawk9306/11/09
Unforgettables MorningandAmazing05/13/09
Singer-songwriter Recs? pneumoniahawk9304/10/09
Any Recs? Recent Digs cubik12403/10/09
Favorite Songs To Play On Guitar Morningstar9802/11/09
Bands I'm Getting Into thecheatisnotdead02/09/09
Songs That Describe My Mood. pneumoniahawk9302/06/09
Top Albums Of 08 mastershake222201/26/09
Favourite Albums Of All Time pneumoniahawk9301/18/09
Best Of 2008 ohcleverhansyou01/04/09
Set My World Into Motion ohcleverhansyou01/01/09
Top 10 Songs Of 08 pneumoniahawk9301/01/09
Top 40 Albums Of 2008 donovr12/19/08
Finally Decided To Settle In... savethewhales12/18/08
Finally: 2008's Top 30 AtavanHalen12/10/08
Top 25 Artists Morningstar9812/02/08
10 Bands I Am Listening To theonlyjabever10/14/08
New Digs asrowe09/28/08
Bands I've Seen So Far... hammet_ownz08/19/08
Best Tracks Of Twenty Zero Eight AtavanHalen08/02/08
Oh, For The Love Of Mike Hawk! rosslives72707/30/08
The Best Albums Of Spring Quarter donovr06/11/08
Two Years On Last.fm AtavanHalen05/27/08
Best Bands You've Never Heard stephenhannibal05/25/08
Bands I'm Getting Into.... stephenhannibal04/22/08
Translyvanian Teabag nayjah04/09/08
I'm Going To Shoot A Bear... HispanicImpressions04/09/08
What To Review Next- Ideas/reccomendations? AtavanHalen04/03/08
Look What I Got! AtavanHalen03/10/08
Albums I Downloaded Recently altrockdude01/22/08
Itunes Albums Full Collapse29904/25/07
Chill Songs downtime911011/30/06


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