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Rush The Almighty killth3p00r01/13/14
Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2012 joepiestar01/10/14
Seeing Red BeneaththeDarkOcean01/05/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 2 BMDrummer01/02/14
Revised Rush Ranking YoYoMancuso12/30/13
7 Other Albums I Enjoyed In 2012 Hastein4512/22/13
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Albums I've Been Listening To LIONFURY11/20/13
2012 Revised JJKeys11/09/13
Rush counterparts11/09/13
20 Favorite Rush Songs Friday13th10/22/13
~list is digs~ mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/04/13
Top 15 Metal/rock Albums Of 2012 charbyno09/23/13
Favorite Music Documentaries neurisis1709/22/13
Top 50 Favourite Albums Nudecorated09/22/13
Gonna Start Listening To Rush JazzHands33309/18/13
Red Albums JokineAugustus09/07/13
Random Drunken List GnFnRs8709/06/13
What's Your Favorite Rush Album? MAGNIFICENT09/04/13
Albums I'm Digging: August (2nd Half) JJKeys08/31/13
Overrated Albums DixieNormous08/24/13
Copying Trebor [7] Scum08/13/13
6 Years, 365 Comments JayVex08/13/13
Guitarists And Bassists Unite! ChuckyTruant07/30/13
My Album Collection (part 5) MrSirLordGentleman07/30/13
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big day mryrtmrnfoxxxy07/16/13
Best To Worst Rush Albums Pokermask07/07/13
15 Sputnik Months DarkInfernal07/02/13
Rush Ranked (full Discog) StallionMang06/21/13
Essential Rush Ranked RivalSkoomaDealer06/21/13
Albums I Own rosettaforlife06/20/13
The Best Albums Opener Songs *100th Comments Yay* JaySpiral06/12/13
Wanting To Address My Love For Baselineooo cuki9206/09/13
2012 JJKeys06/07/13
Pbass0 Goes To The Library (and Ends Up With A Better Selection Than Tmagistrelli) pbass005/28/13
Weed demigod!05/27/13
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40 Best Metal & Rock Albums Of The 2012 - Final NoiseForZeus04/04/13
Fives ButteryBiscuitBass03/21/13
Manly Music RadicalEd03/20/13
Captain H's Current Albums. CaptainHadouken03/18/13
List Not Reviewed Things CaptainHadouken03/17/13
Top 25 Albums Of The Year (for Me) (revision) N2B3J03/11/13
My Favorite Albums of 2012 novanebula36103/10/13
On The Phone With Ire PeterKlaven03/08/13
No Local Co Op In Dead Space 3!! RivalSkoomaDealer03/05/13
Honors Institute Necrotica03/05/13
My 2012 Studio Albums So Faar robschuldiner103/05/13
Casino '12 CasinoColumbus03/01/13
Top 30 Of 2012 AdamMontanari02/20/13
Gyro's 2012 Gyromania02/12/13
Rush: Best To Worst (imo) nicowyp02/10/13
Favourite Concept Albums nicowyp02/08/13
"WeW!" Sputnik got me into these! headphones02/06/13
Aids At Last: Top 100 Lps Of 2012 Aids02/03/13
15 Favorite Songs Of 2012 peartnoy01/28/13
Modern Prog That Doesnt Suck MeatSalad01/23/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
Best Albums Of 2012(revised) fleshstorm9401/15/13
Great 2012 Albums Part 1 Killerhit01/14/13
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2012 Nagrarok01/12/13
Twlichty's Best Of The Best, 2012 twlichty01/07/13
Favorite Albums Of 2012 SGGreenman01/06/13
Games I Love talesfromthevagina01/06/13
Johnny's 2012 johnnydeking2901/05/13
Gas J0ckstrapsFTW01/05/13
Not Digging The 2012 Lists Colliiiin01/03/13
Very Late Top 50 Of 2012 HenchmanOfSanta01/03/13
Treb's 2012 Trebor.01/02/13
2012fatha: Top 70 jayfatha01/01/13
Top 2012 Albums List Thasss Right CrownOfMagnets12/30/12
Most best metal albums of 2012 TheReptilianBrain12/29/12
My Top 40 Albums Released In 2012 insomniac1512/29/12
Cds In The Car. Still Have Yet To Recharge My Ipod CaptainHadouken12/28/12
Chuck's Top 30 From 2012 ChuckyTruant12/27/12
Winrar's 2012 Winrar12/26/12
Some Favorite Moments/songs Of 2012 PistolPete12/26/12
D'aww: A Lakie 2012 Lakes.12/25/12
Elephant's 2012 List elephantREVOLUTION12/24/12
Favorite Metal Albums Of 2012 lak8912/24/12
Digggggggzzzzzz ButteryBiscuitBass12/24/12
BreakfastCat's 2012 BreakfastCat12/24/12
Music From 2012 That Is Worth Your Time neurisis1712/24/12
2012: Albums Zantera12/23/12
Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
Austen's Top 25 Of 2012 (redux) ChuckGnarly12/22/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Crawl12/21/12
Mallen 2012 mallen-12/20/12
Happy Holidays/End of the Year (And World) List ShadowRemains12/20/12
Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012 ILJ12/20/12
Favorites Of 2012 xxjcon7xx12/20/12
Top 25 Of 2012 ThePrisonGuard12/19/12
My Top 25 Of 2012 crowing5112/19/12
JT's 2012 List JamieTwort12/18/12
Top 75 Of 2012 EverythingEvil211312/17/12
Belsnickel Is Checking His List! omnipanzer12/17/12
The Captain's Album List. CaptainHadouken12/14/12
Favorite Releases Of 2012 DotEight12/11/12
Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection cb12312/09/12
'vektor' Needs More Love On This Site... dante199112/09/12
Highlights Of This Year (Good or Bad) mifzal12/08/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
Rec Me 2012 Shit sonictheplumber12/08/12
Urine's Top 50 Albums Of 2012 Urinetrouble12/08/12
My Top 5 Albums Of 2012 Muisc4Life2612/06/12
Too Short, Too Long, Just Right iSkane12/06/12
Favourites Of 2012 RangerTaffles12/06/12
Grammy Nominations Tonight theacademy12/05/12
Curse's Top 20 Of 2012 Curse.12/02/12
Greg's Top LPs Of 2012 greg8412/02/12
A Very Ipod 2012 NocteDominum11/29/12
Fat 2012: Endgame Hep Kat11/29/12
Aoty, Finals, Question.... And Thoughts Mike0811/27/12
Gigs I've Seen That I'll Never Forget Starblind11/26/12
Post-post-life Urinetrouble11/26/12
What Have I Missed From This Year? ILJ11/26/12
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly GnFnRs8711/25/12
Most Musically Inspirational Albums BlueMoonRising11/24/12
Help Getting Into These Artists? tacos N stuff11/22/12
The Ten Best Artists I Have Ever Heard souleater11/21/12
My Ipod's On Shuffle MiniatureHorse11/20/12
My Top 40 Albums Of All Time souleater11/20/12
Just Got Back From Rush Trebor.11/18/12
Seeing Rush Tonight Trebor.11/17/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Album Collection NuMetalFan202211/15/12
2012 recs mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/15/12
Prog 2012 menawati11/11/12
Best Albums Of 2012 Gbhill11/04/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
Ticketweb Problems... Motiv311/01/12
Rush Concert Tonight sonictheplumber11/01/12
Trying To Get My Girlfriend Into Rush GnFnRs8710/29/12
Rush Concert Tonight!! Fuck Yes!! peaks4010/18/12
Majora's Mask cuki9210/14/12
Rec Me One Good Album InFiction10/14/12
Alexander The Great menawati10/06/12
2012 Has Been A Good Year...so Far BigPleb10/05/12
First Day On Sputnik SlMBOLlC09/26/12
Yossarian Oneironaut09/23/12
Saw Rush Last Night patman100109/23/12
Best Of 2012 So Far AutoRock09/14/12
A List! Let's Have A List johnnydeking2909/08/12
Twlichty's 2012 So Far twlichty09/06/12
Albums That Happen To Be Incredible DarkInfernal09/06/12
Worst/best Users Obligatory Bullshit List johnnydeking2909/03/12
Misery Signals Merch? ChuckyTruant08/29/12
Rec Me An Rpg johnnydeking2908/27/12
Need Entry Level Drone NoMeansYes08/25/12
Been Out Of The Game For A While Systemunfolded08/21/12
Enough? johnnydeking2908/16/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Thus Far ibringyoufire08/14/12
Gyro's Birthday! Gyromania08/13/12
Greg's Top Songs Of 2012 (so Far) greg8408/11/12
2012 Albums. FictionalFlames08/07/12
2012 Listens PastorOfMupp3ts08/02/12
I Just Got Rush's Discography. Am I Cool Now? InFiction07/31/12
Geddy Lee's Birthday Cru07/29/12
Agalloch Was Boring... Rikardur07/25/12
JT's 2012 So Far JamieTwort07/24/12
What The Fuck Mediafire Motiv307/23/12
Albums I Should 5 sonictheplumber07/11/12
Rec Me Books sonictheplumber07/09/12
Nagrarok's 2012.5 Nagrarok07/07/12
Dethklok/lamb Of God/gojira Tour Trebor.07/06/12
I Just Went To Best Bizzle CrownOfMagnets07/04/12
Gay Albums 4 Gay Usrs gaylittlekids07/03/12
So This Is 2012, Hm? Steoandnoodles07/01/12
Albums I'm Digging This Summer LittleChino06/29/12
Notrap's 2012 So Far TheNotrap06/29/12
The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan Trebor.06/26/12
New Releases Pt.1 YUJOS06/26/12
Favorites Of 2012 (so Far) tmage06/26/12
Gyro's First Half Of 2012 Gyromania06/25/12
Best Shows On Tv PastorOfMupp3ts06/25/12
I Think These Are My Five Favorite Bands GhostHead06/25/12
2012: First Half Zantera06/24/12
Chuck's Rush Ranked ChuckyTruant06/24/12
I Steal Your List Trebor.06/24/12
Rec Good Prog/ Power Metal pike2706/23/12
Full Metal Alchemist heyadam06/23/12
Good Afternoon Sputnik BirthRite06/22/12
Greg's First Half Of 2012 greg8406/22/12
Unbanned Hard sonictheplumber06/21/12
420 Albums cashnugz42106/20/12
omgomgomgomgomg foxxxy06/19/12
Rush Touring With Orchestra KILL806/19/12
Trolls Killerhit06/19/12
Trebs Quarter Decade Trebor.06/19/12
Recspecs First Birthday Recspecs06/18/12
LMS If You're Up cashnugz42106/18/12
Best Documentaries Badgerboots06/16/12
Looking For Non-pussies PuddlesPuddles06/16/12
So Much Rush Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh macadoolahicky06/14/12
2012: Top 5 So Far GhostHead06/14/12
Summer Jams ReturnOfTheDnor06/14/12
I'm In Your Car Right Now Trebor.06/14/12
Is It Cool For Me To The Zip Files? Trebor.06/13/12
Great New Music, And A New 5 Mike0806/12/12
I Seriously Need A Job ChuckyTruant06/12/12
Sonic Youth Broken Up And The Pumpkins Are Still Together Ire06/12/12
Damn You Espn Trebor.06/11/12
Free Man Digs 2 KILL06/11/12
Best Albums Ever JosephLong06/09/12
Do Ghosts Exist? sonictheplumber06/07/12
Lml If You Want The Old Layout Back sonictheplumber06/06/12
Free Man Digs KILL06/06/12
Clockwork Angels sonictheplumber06/05/12
Still Havent Heard Clockwork Angels sonictheplumber06/05/12
You All Rule JosephLong06/05/12
Countdown To Clockwork sonictheplumber05/30/12
Calling All Rockers sonictheplumber05/29/12
Got My Rush Tickets PeterKlaven05/24/12
Anyone Wanna Turntable sonictheplumber05/23/12
Sputnik In 5 Years IdiotequeCigar05/09/12
Is Metal Gear Solid 4 Any Good? agent50205/03/12
Rating Corrections luschlotz04/28/12
Hard Jams Incd LAD04/23/12
Presto Turntable Night KILL04/21/12
New Rush Song Omfg I Am Nmot Joking Omfg KILL04/18/12


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