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Albums I Own CalculatingInfinity11/16/14
users i like as more than friends Static09/30/14
Grooviest Meshuggah Grooves climactic09/29/14
Sputnik User Musical Collaboration? Gameofmetal09/27/14
Joined the Gym BigPleb08/12/14
Favorite Metal Albums Of 2012 0GuyMan007/31/14
Deafheaven Nocturnal04/14/14
Am I To Dumb Too Understand This? Flugmorph04/04/14
Beer Jams BigPleb03/28/14
8 Strings Nocturnal02/12/14
2012: A Music Odyssey Kubrick02/01/14
Top 15 Metal Albums Of 2012 joepiestar01/10/14
7 Other Albums I Enjoyed In 2012 Hastein4512/22/13
Best Of 2012 EmceeKain12/14/13
2012: Top 25 Albums in Aggressive Music NonApplicable12/12/13
Opposite Reactions To Albums PistolPete11/30/13
Dance To Meshuggah ChuckyTruant11/24/13
My 2nd Sputversary! SadAndHolyGlow11/24/13
Meshuggah Ranked alarm10/20/13
Started A Band BigPleb10/19/13
1,000 Review Comments! SadAndHolyGlow10/07/13
Vinyl Vs Cd - My Collection On Wax Decapod09/25/13
Rec Me Some Heavy Hardcore ChuckyTruant09/15/13
Got These 4 Albums For 10 DatsNotDaMetulz08/29/13
Bands This Website Made Me Love Solaire08/29/13
Meshuggah Didn't Inspire Djent!! TheMoreira07/31/13
Meshuggah Ranked BigPleb07/15/13
My Cd Collection BlindHouse07/05/13
Favorite Albums Of All Time Scamp455306/22/13
Birthright Playlist DarkSideOfLucca06/13/13
Requim For A Vinyl Collection Sevhead06/07/13
My Top Ten Drummers SgtShock06/04/13
Top 10 Best Live Sets FranzSchubert06/04/13
I Just Need Your Recs elbaliem05/22/13
Just Finished College... DarkSideOfLucca05/16/13
Favorite Albums Of 2012 snowbbird05/04/13
!meshuggah! sumyunguy04/25/13
20 Albums I Will Love Forever aexulans04/24/13
Another Sleepless Night Artuma04/14/13
Best Albums Of 2012 Faraudo04/11/13
40 Best Metal & Rock Albums Of The 2012 - Final NoiseForZeus04/04/13
Meshuggah: My Personal Favorite To Least Favorite List TheTruEZHarry04/04/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
What's Metal Like These Days? Ross2203/20/13
Brain Explosions Everywhere DarkSideOfLucca03/11/13
Top 25 Albums Of The Year (for Me) (revision) N2B3J03/11/13
Top 15 Albums 2012 aexulans02/23/13
What I'm Listening To thecheatisnotdead02/23/13
Saturday Jam Day Pestiferous02/16/13
Just Saw Meshuggah climactic02/16/13
Bands Seen Live (with Scores) BlueW02/13/13
Work Line-up BigPleb02/08/13
Best Of 2012 halloway02/03/13
Shows I'm Seeing Soon thecheatisnotdead02/02/13
Jash's 2012: That's All Folks Jash02/02/13
Sleepyhead's Top 100 Of 2012 (LPs only) sleepyhead01/21/13
Nagrarok's Top 25 Albums Of 2012 Nagrarok01/12/13
My Top 15 Albums Of 2012. ababygoat9101/08/13
Twlichty's Best Of The Best, 2012 twlichty01/07/13
Fearthyevil's Best Of 2012 List FearThyEvil01/06/13
The Best Metal Of 2012 ManintheBox01/06/13
Turtle's 2012 Turtlestlker01/06/13
Not Digging The 2012 Lists Colliiiin01/03/13
Engleprunt's Top 25 Of 2012 engleprunt01/02/13
2012fatha: Top 70 jayfatha01/01/13
20th B-day / 2012's 20 Tastiest! Omaha12/31/12
Lambda's 2012 Lambda12/31/12
2012 Top 50: Pop-rock-m/ Et Al. Coast12/31/12
Top 10 Of 2012 Jacob818Hollows12/30/12
Top 12 Of '12 FearOfTheDuck12/29/12
New Headphones egothelivingplanet12/28/12
2012 Albums - Ten Of Em nalapoke12/27/12
Chuck's Top 30 From 2012 ChuckyTruant12/27/12
Some Favorite Moments/songs Of 2012 PistolPete12/26/12
2012: A Year In Concerts engleprunt12/26/12
My Band's Album Out For Free Today! Tribalist12/26/12
2012 - Voivod's Random Best Of List Voivod12/24/12
My Top 10 Albums Of 2012 BaseballJames12/24/12
2012: Albums Zantera12/23/12
Academy Of 2012 theacademy12/23/12
2012 wackydelly12/22/12
My Best Releases Of 2012 linchpin31312/22/12
Top 50 Of 2012 Crawl12/21/12
Bearclaw's Favorite Heavy Metal Albums Of 2012 natebearclaw12/21/12
Top 25 Bitchin' Albums Of 2012 Nikkolae12/21/12
My Favourite 2012 Songs SpiritCrusher212/21/12
Iljajlm's Top 50 + 12 Of 2012 ILJ12/20/12
My Top 25 Of 2012 crowing5112/19/12
Top 75 Of 2012 EverythingEvil211312/17/12
Celeb Nudes FranzSchubert12/16/12
My 20 Albums Of 2012 Betacra12/16/12
Most Disappointing Albums Of 2012 wanderlust12/16/12
Albums Of The Year (2012) R3fl3cti0ns12/13/12
Good, But Not Good Enough: 2012 djunior12/11/12
Favorites Of 2012 d00derz12/10/12
2k12: Weak Adabelle12/10/12
Useless Knowledge/2012 Collection cb12312/09/12
Scoot Does 2012 Scoot12/08/12
Meat's 2012: Aotys And Overlooked Stuff MeatSalad12/07/12
Favourites Of 2012 RangerTaffles12/06/12
2012 (so Far) \m/ syco72212/04/12
Puzzles' Fantastical Best Of 2012 Puzzles12/04/12
Greg's Top LPs Of 2012 greg8412/02/12
Best Live Shows That Youve Been To? DarkSideOfLucca11/29/12
A Very Ipod 2012 NocteDominum11/29/12
What Have I Missed From This Year? ILJ11/26/12
The Best Albums And Eps Of 2012 gallus9011/23/12
Albums Of 2012 DatsNotDaMetulz11/23/12
Decibel Top 40 - 2012 foreverburning11/20/12
Meshuggah Ranked Sapertime11/16/12
Favorites Of 2012 + Albums I Need To Hear NecrogenicShrimp11/10/12
My Top Albums of 2012 RATM4611/04/12
Best Albums Of 2012 Gbhill11/04/12
Holy Shit!! 2012 ManintheBox11/01/12
150 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. undertakerpt10/29/12
Questionnaire tightrope10/24/12
Holy Shit This Year Has Been Great For Music DarkSideOfLucca10/22/12
Have I Missed Anything From This Year?? FranzSchubert10/18/12
2012 Quarterly Report #2 Lambda10/15/12
Who's Your Favorite Band? DarkSideOfLucca10/11/12
Idioteque Is Back IdiotequeCigar10/10/12
First Day Without A Cigarrete For A While DarkSideOfLucca10/08/12
Any Metalheads? JakexMetal9610/07/12
Favourite Albums Of The Decade (ongoing) - 2010 - Present tysly10/05/12
Music I'm Trying To Get My Roommate Into DarkSideOfLucca10/05/12
2012 Has Been A Good Year...so Far BigPleb10/05/12
Favorite Albums Of 2012 So Far Sunn17709/25/12
Top 5 Metal Moments Of 2012 So Far DarkSideOfLucca09/23/12
More Cd Buys Pestiferous09/22/12
Today's Reviews Pestiferous09/21/12
So Many Boners DarkSideOfLucca09/21/12
Twlichty's 2012 So Far twlichty09/06/12
2012 Has Been/will Be Great DarkSideOfLucca08/19/12
Can Somebody Give Me A Recommendation? pjquinones74708/18/12
FranzSchuberts Last 6 Months... FranzSchubert08/16/12
Some Meshuggah Fanboy Just Told Me Dream Theater Aren't Progressive Metal CutMan08/11/12
2012 Halfway Report Lambda08/11/12
2012 Albums. FictionalFlames08/07/12
Top Albums Of 2012 So Far? NotSoFast07/29/12
Random Captain List CaptainDooRight07/24/12
Looking To Get Into Btbam, What Should I Start With? Puzzles07/24/12
2012 Listens So Far Kronzo07/20/12
Favorite Stuff of 2012 so far mindleviticus07/19/12
Meatsalad's Tiny 2012 List MeatSalad07/18/12
A User Guide On Who To See And Who Not To See Live macadoolahicky07/17/12
Best Of 2012, So Far. tomr407/16/12
Nagrarok's 2012.5 Nagrarok07/07/12
Top 25 Of Half Of 2012 zxlkho07/07/12
Obligatory Half Of The Year List. Turtlestlker07/05/12
What I Miss? (a 2012 Metal List) ctaxxxx07/05/12
I Have A Wizard Hat jayfatha07/02/12
So Meshuggah Is Pretty Awesome ChuckyTruant06/30/12
Releases Of The Year So Far Betacra06/29/12
Notrap's 2012 So Far TheNotrap06/29/12
2012 So Far PrewDelisek06/27/12
Dev's 2012 (down The Winding Road) Deviant.06/26/12
2012: First Half Zantera06/24/12
Greg's First Half Of 2012 greg8406/22/12
Dantes's Halftime cvlts06/17/12
Albums In Constant Listening Rotation TheIronDrew06/15/12
Meshuggah Baroness Decapitated Tonight GhostHead05/23/12
30 Albums Of Awesomeness dathvada32105/22/12
Talking Points For The Day (5-20-2012) PlaygroundFading05/20/12
2012 Albums pedro7051205/15/12
2012: Year Of The 4's elephantREVOLUTION05/14/12
Turntable.fm ChuckyTruant05/12/12
2012 So Far SwayzeFaced05/11/12
Meshuggah May 19th: Anybody Going? macadoolahicky05/09/12
Rec's For Connor ChuckyTruant05/08/12
2012 So Far..... FictionalFlames05/06/12
My Vinyl Collection DarkSideOfLucca04/26/12
Cds I Have For My Car DarkSideOfLucca04/25/12
Lest We Forget Winrar04/24/12
Overrated Albums dunksman2304/23/12
More Metal! FranzSchubert04/22/12
2012 List Cerbyrus04/20/12
Recent Metal Digs Arlan8904/20/12
A Few Recent Purchases BugZoid04/14/12
Ludicrous Albums Of The Week Pt. 2 TheArkitecht04/13/12
Goodbye Social Life ILJ04/08/12
Rec Me Tech Death ChuckyTruant04/05/12
Why Music Is So Important To Me ILJ04/04/12
Excitement X 1000 Vooligan04/03/12
The Only Two Bands That Make Sense Together DarkSideOfLucca04/01/12
Notrap's Week Jams TheNotrap03/31/12
SKULL CRUSHING METAL DarkSideOfLucca03/30/12
Rec Me Good Music Blogs twlichty03/30/12
Meshuggah Ranked DarkSideOfLucca03/30/12
Metalsucks' Best Modern Metal Drummers List Is Near Completion... macadoolahicky03/30/12
Shift Work Spec03/28/12
2012 As Of Right Now. NotSoFast03/27/12
This Weeks Listening Material DarkSideOfLucca03/27/12
2012 Q1 - Top 10 Favorites D41V30N03/27/12
Rich And Creamy, Just The Way I Like It KILL03/26/12
Bnest Albums 2012 Round 1111 Vpte static2dope03/25/12
Driving Music? fr33convict03/23/12
Pokemon Cards Scoot03/22/12
Greg's Top LPs Of 2012 (so far) greg8403/21/12
Uni.. Adabelle03/21/12
Omg Saw Boris Last Night BlueW03/20/12
I Miss Sputnik :( tinkrbel03/20/12
Who Else Isn't Ready For Koloss? Imperial03/17/12


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