218 Music Lists Found Mentioning American Idiot

My Favorite Albums Of All Time BatmanSixx01/23/15
Albums My Best Friend Calls 5/5 oisincoleman6401/19/15
What Is Your Major Malfunction Numbnuts 5NightsAtFreddys01/07/15
Green Day Albums Ranked AtrumCimex01/03/15
Modern Classics BatmanSixx01/03/15
When I First Joined Sputnik.. Midjicka12/29/14
My Top 10 Underrated Green Day Songs danielcardoso12/17/14
Green Day Ranked oisincoleman6412/16/14
Opinions On My Guitarist's Demo? oisincoleman6412/14/14
Green Day Ranked BatmanSixx11/22/14
American Idiot Ranked oisincoleman6410/29/14
216 Months Later... ChoccyPhilly10/28/14
Greyshadow's Top 50 Favorite Songs GreyShadow10/24/14
Albums That Defined Our Generation? KrazyKris10/11/14
Cds Gotten This Year: 2014 oisincoleman6410/09/14
200 Ratings, 20 Albums Mutantsnowstorm10/07/14
Best Comeback Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews09/25/14
My Terrible Taste In Music IceColdSunshine09/08/14
My Favorite Green Day Songs Muisc4Life2609/01/14
Albums I Can't Believe I Used To Be Into FuneralMarch08/24/14
Albums That Changed My Life SweeneyTodd08/24/14
Best Songs Of The New Millennium mhart808/24/14
Bands That Used To Be Big / Mainstream wwba08/14/14
Middle School Digs. Italianjesusfootball08/05/14
Clap Your Hands pannkakesangen08/05/14
Favorite Albums Each Year 1985-2010 pannkakesangen07/18/14
Best Album Per Year (since 1990) Everythingsmagic207/08/14
I Can Gamble Now scottpilgrim1007/04/14
My Personal Top 50 Favourite Albums KrazyKris07/01/14
Favorite Albums Of All Time kushmemesstrikesback07/01/14
Ranking My 5s (21/06/2014) kizza9606/21/14
Best Band Of The 2000's - Match 3 - Outkast Vs. Skillet Vs. Jump 5 Vs. Green Day PrestonWardCondra06/13/14
Top Ten Punk Albums greenlinkinmusings05/31/14
Birthday List Rice30305/13/14
Favorite Rock Albums Of All Time Redincineration04/25/14
Green Day Worst To Best panchovilla04/20/14
Damn, Guilty Pleasures MrSirLordGentleman04/19/14
My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 00's Snacktimeguy04/18/14
Tips To Improve Songwriting Skills danielcardoso04/07/14
Adolescent Jams iSkane03/29/14
No More Last.fm Radio Green Baron03/27/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
All Time Favorites tightwadhill1303/25/14
High Rated Albums I Used To Hate...and Those I Still Do Rsetness903/20/14
Green Day Albums Ranked scottpilgrim1003/08/14
Songs That Made Me Cry fallenbird03/07/14
Artists That Shaped My Band V.2 HipFish02/25/14
Douchebag Frontmen Countdown BlacKapes02/21/14
Favorite Albums. Derek52102/13/14
Best Alt./rock Songs - 2000 - 2014 Pauloadm02/09/14
Green Day Ranked Mutantsnowstorm02/01/14
Favorite Concept Albums js201401/30/14
My Cd Collection (part 2) sapient01/14/14
All Time Favorites danieljm98001/06/14
Seeing Red BeneaththeDarkOcean01/05/14
Vinyl #2 PrewDelisek01/01/14
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 BMDrummer01/01/14
Mac & Alex's Essential Albums koazey12/06/13
Albums That I Listened A Long Time Ago And I Still Appreciate After All These Years NapalmCrusader11/08/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
Bands Completely Ruined By Their Singers Cipieron10/30/13
My Top 10 Albums JohnMcDonaldSE10/26/13
Best Albums Of The 2000s 30secondstocydonia10/11/13
My Album Collection (part 2) MrSirLordGentleman07/26/13
Album & Drug Comparisons TheSpaceMan07/23/13
85 Bad Albums Kronzo07/16/13
Awesome Rock Albums danielcardoso07/09/13
Best Green Day Albums Kean199807/07/13
Top 50 Favourite Albums KrazyKris07/03/13
What Is The Most Rated Album On Sputnik? DegausserGuernica2406/21/13
Rec Me Concept Albums pbass006/11/13
My Favorite Rock/Alt. Albums - 2000 - 2013 Pauloadm05/31/13
Albums That I Liked In 4th Grade And Still Like Today DegausserGuernica2405/24/13
The Influences Of A Shit Band geezers198905/22/13
Cds I Own Derek52105/19/13
My Cd Collection Pt. 1 Ryuu501st05/19/13
Green Day Ranked Hedgehog3239605/04/13
Good Songs From Bad Albums Basman04/28/13
How Trve Are Your Facebook Friends thumbcrusher04/18/13
This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0 philmj04/13/13
Top 10 Favourite Albums MyDelirium04/12/13
My Favourite Green Day Albums CamGrovesfan03/31/13
Green Day Ranked 2013 ReturnToRock03/30/13
My Favourite Albums abhinavk03/27/13
Green Day Ranked Green Baron03/21/13
Hard Drive Clean up. Gwyn.03/16/13
Nostalgia: 2004 nononsense03/03/13
Top 10 Green Day DrFunkenstein4702/28/13
Green Day Ranked BigPleb02/28/13
My All Time Favorites popowell02/21/13
Need Recs eaterofsouls01/28/13
My Cd Collection ryan1901/15/13
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time. danielchapstick12/17/12
The Offspring Vs Green Day huguitoescorza12/05/12
Big Booklets digimental10112/01/12
Favorite Childhood Albums deathofasalesman11/27/12
Albums I'll Check Out Later Yoshia11/21/12
My Top 20 Punk (or "punk") albums of the 21st Century Vicho11/19/12
2000s Top 50 lou100011/17/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Good Avant-garde You Should Check Out thisisnotanalt11/13/12
My Life In Music (starting 2006) pbass010/05/12
Lost All My Music JWT15509/12/12
Top 20 Albums Fordever09/10/12
Greatest Green Day's Albums Of All Time huguitoescorza08/21/12
Green Day Ranked ChickenOrBeef08/08/12
Greatest Rock Albums Of The 00s (2000-2009) huguitoescorza08/02/12
Albums I Grew Up With nedical07/28/12
Bsod/ksod Acanthus06/26/12
13 Year Old Me Pentagon05/31/12
Sputnik In 5 Years IdiotequeCigar05/09/12
Help Me!!! newjunkaesthetic9304/05/12
Some Of My Favorite Albums 2ndhandsuburbia03/21/12
5 Greatest Albums Ever dhf51003/20/12
Albums That Should Be Looked At Again Eeyah02/15/12
Ten Life-changing Albums thesystemisdown02/03/12
All About Me! linkjerk01/06/12
2004: Freedom, From All Sides!! ryanson20901/05/12
Guilty Pleasures iambandersnatch12/19/11
Guilty Pleasure Albums I Don't Feel Guilty About whatsacow12/19/11
Classic MacGruber Mindblown12/10/11
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever MarvellousG12/05/11
Utterly Revolting And Yet... TheEnigma11/21/11
Washbaby Bubbles WashboardSuds11/15/11
Green Day Ranked AltPunkMetal10111/15/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Green Day Ranked whynot11/08/11
Lz41 Favourite Songs Of All Time lz4111/06/11
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse10/20/11
When Fun Fruity Pop-punk Bands Get All Gay And Serious: Ranked And Rated theacademy10/09/11
You Suck NWOAHM66609/20/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Dirty Laundry. cirq08/24/11
Name Our Band Lookin4aName08/15/11
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
Top 100 Albums Soflex08/07/11
Favourite Albums Of The Decade Angel4608/02/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
My Top 50 Albums FuckYeah07/08/11
Sputnikmoviesftl NickelbackFTL06/21/11
Guilty Pleasures gotsthedewsdood06/05/11
The 24 Most Influential Albums On My Life steadyriot06/01/11
Favorite Albums Ever Alexd9303/30/11
Sputnik/rym Ratings & Positions Comparison xenocide.03/26/11
Biggest Sell-outs In Music History Strider03/02/11
5's Ranked iSkane02/27/11
You Still Like What You Used To Listen To. Counterfeit02/21/11
Favorite Songs Off My Classics iSkane02/20/11
Concept Albums iSkane01/31/11
The Greatest In Exisnce glue717701/29/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
My Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse12/04/10
Random 50 Alexd9311/14/10
Os Melhores Cds CarolGriese11/12/10
Best Alternative/post-punk Albums steadyriot11/11/10
Metal crocadilion10/28/10
Worst Album You've Bought? PearlDrummer2010/23/10
Your "stupid Kid" Albums PlayCrackSky10/13/10
If You Read,you'll Judge Ewednesday09/11/10
Favorite Albums X3ro99409/04/10
I Am Sputnik Knott-09/02/10
So Per Ohlin Walks Into A Bar... Drydensucks08/24/10
2004 Ranked Titan5008/12/10
My Top 100 Of The Decade vmcoia9108/04/10
Do Other People Here Download Only Albums? PlayCrackSky07/30/10
Jus' Smokin' The Reef Comatorium.06/26/10
My 100 Favourite Non-uk Or Ireland Albums jamest3306/04/10
Good Music Blogs DoubtGin05/31/10
Top 50 Albums thesystemisdown05/16/10
Albums I Own Pt 2 Hydroxybenzo04/27/10
Green Day Ranked unusedprogram4604/16/10
My Ranked Green Day Albums JackFr04/14/10
Green Day Albums Ranked gippalthefish04/14/10
Pre-prejudiced Albums JackFr04/07/10
What To Do Next? ReturnToRock04/06/10
"over-rated" Albums That I Think Are Amazing. JackFr03/28/10
My Ipod JackFr03/25/10
What I Used To Listen During My Junior High-school Years ivantoar03/21/10
How Do You Listen To Music? thesystemisdown02/21/10
1000 Comments JWT15502/11/10
Top 10 Most Overrated Albums owl31601/16/10
Albums I Have On Cd SD(TheGreatDestroyer)Inc01/10/10
My Cd Collection Ryan1712/17/09
Every Album I Actually Own Parallels12/07/09
My Favorite Rock Albums Of The 2000s Ryan1711/30/09
Fuck This Site, Edition 3 Jesuslaves11/17/09
1000! Comatorium.10/31/09
Got Back From Shopping djNils09/21/09
Going Shopping Tomorrow djNils09/21/09
The 50 Best Albums (in Order) thesystemisdown08/24/09
Top 20 Albums - 2007 Titan5008/20/09
Albums That Changed My Life cleary2106/30/09
Green Day Albums - My Ranking ReturnToRock05/20/09
Insanely Overrated Albums kintups04/22/09
Overrated/Underrated Albums aresx02/08/09
Green Day Ranked! Douchebag02/02/09
My 10 All Time Favourite Albums newflesh8212/13/08
Top 10 Albums toastinablender12/01/08
50 #1's Masochist11/13/08
Need Recommendations renegadestrings06/06/08
You Hate 'em, I Love 'em Masochist04/05/08
15 Real Mood Albums thesystemisdown01/13/08
Favourite Albums Ever cSsteFa01/08/08
They May Suck But... thesystemisdown12/06/07
Best Albums I Own metalboy12311/10/07
Shocking Album Releases tribestros09/16/07
Albums I Despise tribestros09/14/07
Fav Green Day Albums In Order GreenDayGuy812/20/06
Current CD Collection RATMFanatic12/12/06
The Best Punk of the world Poponski12/03/06
They have hands on them. Jim11/30/06
NASCAR Nextel's The Sludge 100 The Sludge11/08/06
My favorite punk albums to date Alex10110/15/06
Albums I love, but... Otisbum10/12/06
Turning-point Songs Serpento08/07/06
Worst Albums I Have Bought Muisee08/02/06
Albums that have found their enternal resting place in a trash bin Laafe07/26/06
The Top Worst Album Covers Of All Time Senor_Whippy07/15/06


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