231 Music Lists Found Mentioning The Long Procession

Top 100 Albums Of The Half-decade (2010-2014) mttgry12/26/14
Skooma's 82 Favorite Albums: 2007-2012 RivalSkoomaDealer12/10/14
My Presonal Top 50 Metal Albums piotrekmax12/06/14
Reeaaallly Specific Recs ComeToDaddy09/17/14
Progressive Metalcore Recs? DjensenAckles08/23/14
Favorite Album Covers FitToSwing08/19/14
Ultimate Post-hardcore Guide WilliamCloudwalker06/22/14
Favorite Albums (as Of June 2014) Smeg06/12/14
Favorite Metalcore. NegativeVibes05/19/14
Rec Me Metal Greem04/14/14
Less Than Three. Dischi03/23/14
Metal Binge lyzakthellama03/12/14
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 neurisis1701/28/14
My Album Collection Part 2 rosettaforlife01/26/14
Amazing Openers And Jaw-dropping Closers omik111601/26/14
Musik #2 oresttt01/17/14
Please Help! Check Out This List! JamesDay01/16/14
Prisonbreak Was A Good Show theacademy12/22/13
Anal Fissures YetAnotherBrick11/18/13
Cold Weather Digs neurisis1711/14/13
Relieve Me Of My Metal "pleb" Status lyzakthellama10/24/13
"Heavy" Digs? thejared10/09/13
best metalcore/other bands I started listening to around the same jmh88610/08/13
Best Guitar Work In Post-hardcore? chinesewhispers10/07/13
Recent Discoveries adace110/06/13
Most Well Produced Albums Inferis09/22/13
In The Back Of My Mind Lately... YetAnotherBrick08/28/13
3 Years Of Shame climactic07/29/13
20-10 maddin04/30/13
Holy Shit Music Freakeye04/03/13
2 Years On Sputnik patman100103/13/13
Top Moments (Vol I) PistolPete02/09/13
Interview Tomorrow ILJ01/25/13
Modern metal, creative minds Vrid01/05/13
Artist/albums I discovered this year (2012), through Sputnik. allintospace12/05/12
The Greatest Movie Moments ZippaThaRippa12/04/12
1-year Sputnik Anniversary Vespiion10/22/12
Check Out My Soundcloud ChuckyTruant10/18/12
Shuyin OysterizerInsomniac09/07/12
Chuck's Favorite Users ChuckyTruant09/02/12
10k O'clock RiffOClock08/14/12
2010 mttgry07/14/12
Rec Me Stuff Shuyin07/14/12
18 At Last dathvada32106/03/12
Avengers Is For Conformists dathvada32105/24/12
30 Albums Of Awesomeness dathvada32105/22/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Metalcore-esque Post-hardcore Recs? JimFear05/14/12
666 Artists cb12305/08/12
Rec's For Connor ChuckyTruant05/08/12
May The 4th Be With You ChuckyTruant05/04/12
Albums Ive Discovered On Sputnik So Far dathvada32104/30/12
I Dare You TheJackal04/30/12
Favorite Albums At The Moment CrimsonLies04/29/12
I Like Metal, I Guess... UnnamedOcean04/25/12
More Metal! FranzSchubert04/22/12
Recs To Foray Into New Territory UnnamedOcean04/21/12
Oh My God KSK104/15/12
Favorite Metal Albums Freakeye04/13/12
The 5's Acanthus04/08/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
100 Examples Of Great Artwork Omaha03/06/12
Gaming On A Budget Tyrannic02/28/12
1 Year Of Sputnik Eulogize02/24/12
Recent Downloads (stop Censoring The Internet Scum) JustinJordan8742002/10/12
Harlots wacknizzle02/03/12
The Abc's Of Metalcore FrankRedHot02/01/12
Good Metalcore Albums wacknizzle01/23/12
Shirts Your Gf/bf Wears Acanthus01/23/12
Expand It! Vespiion01/21/12
Hey, Brother InFiction01/13/12
Recent Digs cb12301/10/12
Favorite Instrumental Songs Scoot01/08/12
December Releases Acanthus12/30/11
Recommendations? ScarsOfAnarchy12/27/11
All Of My Ratings Are Gone. My Pie Chart Was Fucked Damon12/26/11
Bassists In Post-hardcore Underwhelm? immortalizepain12/25/11
Playing Limbo Vespiion12/17/11
Metalcore Ranked AlexanDerp12/16/11
2011 User Awards - Winners Scoot12/15/11
Any Recommendations To Broaden My Musical Palate? immortalizepain12/14/11
RG III To Dolphins! Devastator12/11/11
Albums That Took Me By Storm puma3512/10/11
Sputnik 2011 User Awards Scoot12/04/11
I Did A Bad Bad Thing flalafell11/29/11
Thanksgiving Break Vespiion11/22/11
Knocked You On Your Arse MasBarHigeuoris2111/19/11
Just Bored, Just Digs DurzoBlint11/17/11
More Good Concept Albums? jron221511/10/11
Walls Of Sound botb11/06/11
Quality Heaviness #1 DeadBeat11/03/11
Steve Carrell Zorak11/03/11
Happy Anniversary PurpleDino10/29/11
I Hate Facebook Scoot10/24/11
The New Guy/all Time Favorites HiLion10/19/11
Real Metal KronosRage210/10/11
Somewhere Along The Highway Shuyin10/10/11
Working Out Scoot10/08/11
Recent Gets And Re-gets Emim10/05/11
Botb's Top Music Of 2010 botb10/03/11
Top 100 Album Artworks fish.09/27/11
Albums I Intend To Acquire BugZoid09/19/11
Stuff I'm Digging Right Now AfterTheBreakdown09/16/11
Oh, Sleeper > The Devil Wears Prada twlichty09/05/11
Give Me More Things That Are Like These DeathByDaydream09/01/11
Dear Summer, It's Been Great thecwo08/18/11
Great Album, Bleak Cover renegadestrings08/18/11
Geocaching mahan979208/07/11
Recent Buys/Downloads AfterTheBreakdown08/05/11
If I Like These Metal Bands KingAlistair07/31/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
Metal For Astronauts. SuicideByStar07/15/11
2000 Comments! AfterTheBreakdown07/15/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Need Metalcore + Mathcore Recs Wheelah07/13/11
Epic Post Rock Metal Whatever waaagh07/11/11
Willie Turns 4 Willie07/09/11
The Super Band Game Achantion07/06/11
2010 metal > 2011 metal sleepyhead07/04/11
Zune And Last.fm xandermander07/01/11
ThePalaceofWisdom Remembered TheItalianStallion06/28/11
Vinyl I Bought Yesterday ScrotieMcBoogerballs06/27/11
Tmf Is Reborn Apollo06/20/11
Thank You, Sputnik Outnumbered06/20/11
Band Influences botb06/15/11
3 Word Band Names Gundlach06/13/11
What Do You Do When You're Bored? Gundlach06/05/11
Good Metalcore AfterTheBreakdown06/03/11
Headphones Albums Deathcar05/31/11
Sputnikmusic Scandal Revealed! Spec05/31/11
Went Fishing Today AfterTheBreakdown05/28/11
My Favourite Albums Right Now Achantion05/28/11
Buster Posey's Ankle RightSaidFred05/26/11
Driving ARuinedEmpire05/26/11
Spit On The Tip dnor05/17/11
Pit's Last List TheItalianStallion05/16/11
Metalcore Recs Ranked AfterTheBreakdown05/15/11
The Obligatory "My iPod" List vondo05/02/11
My Name is George. Masochist04/29/11
2010>2011 flalafell04/29/11
Epic Metal tkxxx704/23/11
10,000 Posts fr33convict04/23/11
Mega Epic Albums x0m3gax04/19/11
Currently Listening To... megalodon04/18/11
Recent Favorites x0m3gax04/13/11
Stuff I've Discovered striker4504/13/11
Instrumental ... P-hxc And Emo ? tkxxx704/12/11
The Art Of Successful Cover Art kanker04/11/11
Recent Digs, Recs And Insults Welcome. JarethCutestory04/06/11
What I Slap Dough To At Work. PatchworkNeurology04/02/11
The Ultimate Mathcore/prog Metalcore List YetAnotherBrick04/02/11
Sinking In TheStig03/27/11
A Good Old Fashioned Recent Listens/future Wants List thecheatisnotdead03/26/11
2010 In Metal FirstLight03/26/11
Types Of Celery Ranked loveisamixtape03/24/11
Twothousandten kanker03/24/11
Hardcore Baby Yeah twlichty03/23/11
Tendonitis... TheStig03/22/11
European Post Metal eternium03/13/11
Spring Break Fuck Yeah BTBAMbear03/12/11
Finals... CrazyDrummer456203/07/11
Best Metal Albums (2010) CrimsonSky03/04/11
Catnip Jebull03/04/11
Post Hardcore/hardcore Recs loveisamixtape03/03/11
It Leaked d00derz02/28/11
Major Trip Ahead ZilbelPing02/26/11
2010's Top Ten Omaha02/25/11
Rec Me Some Stuff Vooligan02/24/11
Confound These Ponies... Masochist02/24/11
Rashandarei's Top 25 Of 2010 Rashandarei02/17/11
My Favourite 2010 Releases...finally. iamSeraph02/10/11
Top Ten Of 2010 jmh88602/10/11
Digging NeutralThunder1202/08/11
Favorite Tv Shows (excluding Animated) Narshh02/05/11
Need New Music! sneasy02/03/11
Sick Of This Snow TrapThemAlive02/01/11
Lichty Best Of '10 Revised! twlichty01/26/11
Roo'10 Top 30 Albums kangaroopoo01/23/11
Need Shirts Oceans01/22/11
Java Class Tonight -_- tkxxx701/18/11
Top 5 December 2010 Albums HereComesTheStorm3301/15/11
Evolove BlueW01/15/11
Albums I'm Buying Next BringMeABrick01/14/11
Doctors Are Retarded. North0House01/13/11
Botb's New Gets/re-gets botb01/12/11
Digletts LegendofPittman01/11/11
Recent Digs whywontyoudie01/08/11
Page Lagggggg kangaroopoo01/07/11
My Top Ten Albums Of 2010 gippalthefish01/07/11
Ignorance Acanthus01/06/11
Djr.'s 100 Of 2010 djunior01/05/11
Metal Virgin Wants To Thank You InASilentWay01/04/11
2010car Deathcar01/04/11
Lucidity's 2010: Albums Lucid01/04/11
Tyrael's Digs Of 2010 Tyrael01/04/11
Nba Jams EverythingEvil211301/03/11
20 Most Insane Hard/metal/death/crust Core Albums Of 2010 Anville12/31/10
Twemimty Ten Emim12/31/10
Giving 2010 Another Chance Aids12/31/10
My Friend Thinks Popular=better Artist DeathByDaydream12/30/10
wyankeif2010 wyankeif133712/30/10
2010: The Year In Veigh Inveigh12/30/10
Staff Review Tips? loveisamixtape12/29/10
Jittery's Top 5 jitteryzeitgeist12/28/10
2010_fluteinflames Yazz_Flute12/27/10
2010 In Eternium eternium12/27/10
Spyro Oceans12/26/10
My 2010 (top 60) blackwaterpark12/26/10
Sniper2010 sniper12/25/10
Sappy Christmas List wyankeif133812/24/10
Top 10 Albums Of 2010 Motiv312/24/10
Burn2010Burn Burn2Burn12/24/10
Albums I Would Like To Pick Up ScarsOfAnarchy12/23/10
I Suck At Rating Albums morte12/23/10
Birthday Yesterday ZBJE12/22/10
2010in64 IN6412/22/10
December Dev Digs Deviant.12/21/10
Lost My Ipod Scoot12/21/10
Academy of 2010 theacademy12/21/10
Top 25 Albums Of 2010 UnderDaIce12/20/10
coolest users ranked loveisamixtape12/20/10
Bored, So I Made This List sneasy12/19/10
John Green Ranked JesusChris12/18/10
Getting A New Car/ Top 10 Of '10 Yordy12/17/10
Sputnik's Christmas List fr33convict12/16/10
Top 21 Of 2010 iamthenightmare12/16/10
Holy 2010 List, Batman! flalafell12/15/10
Everyone Else Is Doing It.. ARuinedEmpire12/15/10
Willie's 2010 - Finalized Willie12/13/10
Bowl Game Predictions ARuinedEmpire12/10/10
Freaking 2010 qwer7yfreak12/06/10


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