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Endless Fucking Playlist Of Good Shit To Plow Through Spliffhanger6701/27/15
Vinyl Epilogue11/30/14
Bath! (ranked!) Judio!11/18/14
Atmospheric Albums FacelessMan11/04/14
Best Prog(ish) Metal Albums Of All Time trackbytrackreviews11/04/14
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Soothing Artuma10/20/14
(1955-2014) Favourite Albums Of LordePots10/16/14
Life Is Really Good: One Year Later JustinKing10/16/14
Lambda's Top 50 Of The 00's Lambda10/15/14
Seeing Opeth Tomorrow VisionsFromTheDarkSide10/09/14
R.i.p The U.s. melonade10/01/14
1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here. mikep8709/23/14
Sputnik Date Recs? melonade09/21/14
Metal Classics someguest09/18/14
Top 10 Favourite Albums FacelessMan09/17/14
5000 Comments dimsim347809/16/14
Privacy Ending09/03/14
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Veldin08/12/14
Best Users evilford08/07/14
Artuma's Top 200: 100-51 Artuma08/04/14
breaking bad fromtheinside07/15/14
One Year Sputversary Futures07/10/14
1000 Comments PitchforkArms06/27/14
Some Interesting Albums crutchfieldtongs06/25/14
My 10 Favorite Records Of All Time JasonCarne06/22/14
Goat Jams demigod!05/30/14
Some Of My Favorite Movies AmericanFlagAsh05/25/14
Hench's Top 25s: 2001 HenchmanOfSanta05/15/14
Finally 1000 Comments laughingman2205/09/14
Songs That Give Me Chills Artuma04/28/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 4 MysteriousAlt04/20/14
Essential Heavy Music FearTomorrow04/19/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 MysteriousAlt04/19/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt04/18/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Anime You Should (must) Watch Ending04/14/14
My Top 15 Favorite Albums Of All Time emester04/11/14
Where To Start With These Bands? Onirium04/05/14
Clannad And Clannad: After Story Ending03/23/14
Saw Kayo Dot Last Night laughingman2203/20/14
High Jams ValarMorghulis03/19/14
Sgid Si Tsil PitchforkArms03/16/14
Albums That Age Well Ending03/12/14
Favourite Albums ValarMorghulis03/10/14
Fillet Steak ButteryBiscuitBass03/04/14
Top 10 Ciledhecysp Albums Veldin03/04/14
Lyrics Ending02/25/14
Toby Driver Full Lengths Ending02/22/14
Great Closing/final Tracks Ending02/18/14
Great First Tracks Ending02/16/14
10 Digs For Winter '13-'14 revuhree02/15/14
rip fourthreich dykeyverysmallpeen bach02/14/14
Rec Me Prog RadioSuicide02/11/14
Wadz 5's Ranked Wadlez01/23/14
Crimson's Vinyl Collection Part 1 CrimsonLies12/24/13
Best Movie Characters diogoserafim11/26/13
25 Perfect Songs demigod!11/16/13
Popped Another Molly demigod!11/04/13
Awesome Digs wacknizzle10/30/13
Heavenly Pieces Of Music nivniv110/25/13
Vinyl Collection J199610/15/13
Artuma's Top 50 Of The 2000s Artuma10/12/13
Banned sapient10/11/13
What A Nice Balsam SowerKraut09/27/13
Kayo Dot/maudlin Of The Well Ranked Wadlez09/25/13
20 Reasons Why 2001 Ruled For Metal Thor09/11/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Rec Mindblowing Albums TheArkitecht09/08/13
25 Awesome Closers demigod!08/15/13
Copying Trebor [3] ThyCrossAwaits08/13/13
Favorite Albums SowerKraut08/13/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
I'm Young, So I Help Me Out PitchforkArms08/11/13
Just Finished Bioshock: Infinite PumpBoffBag07/24/13
Awesome Discography Journeys cb12307/23/13
Band Name Thread YoYoMancuso07/19/13
Summer Jamz Cuz I Hurt My Balls TheGooseTavern07/14/13
The Best Prog MeatSalad07/09/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round Scum06/23/13
Starting Vinyl Collection SowerKraut06/20/13
Flac Veldin06/03/13
Feelin' Jazzy JamieTwort05/31/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
Rec Me Atmospheres AnimalsAsSummit05/19/13
Top 50 Albums + Fab Users Gwyn.05/18/13
Final Day Of High School. Vespiion05/15/13
Ju Sheed Leeseen 2 Dece CaptainDooRight04/30/13
Workday Jams Pt 2 evilford04/29/13
Top 10 Songs For Her johnnydeking2904/28/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
Top 25 diogoserafim04/19/13
Which Of These? (one Only) Glokta04/18/13
The Chosen Ones ( My Favorite Albums) NapalmCrusader04/16/13
Essential Death Metal AnimalsAsSummit04/03/13
Holy Shit Music Freakeye04/03/13
Sputnik Nit crimes03/27/13
The Meatiest Prog List Ever MeatSalad03/16/13
Top 20 Albums: The Divine AnimalsAsSummit03/10/13
Somebody Tell Me How To Dig Plz CrimsonLies02/13/13
Beethoven's Riffs grish02/11/13
100 artificialbox01/27/13
21st Century's Most Mind-bendingly Awesome Album Openers puertasmagicas01/15/13
Thanks Sputnik/a Mandatory 10k Posts List evilford01/14/13
List #100 - 22 Years In The Making McP300012/26/12
I Need More Prog MeatSalad12/17/12
The ABC's Of Good Music (part 1) Atari12/04/12
Damn Flu ConcubinaryCode12/03/12
Amazing Album Openers Insurrection11/25/12
Killer Must Own Records ButteryBiscuitBass11/19/12
My Favorite Moments In Music YoYoMancuso10/26/12
Recent Digs ViralOblivion10/23/12
Work Sucks, I Know Emyay10/20/12
Drugs And Art paxman10/17/12
Rebuild Of Evangelion 3.0 Trailer Rev10/17/12
48 Essential Albums By Sirob Sirob10/14/12
Sick As Hell Vespiion10/13/12
Fast Food Ranked Insurrection10/10/12
Rev's Summer 2012 Anime Wrap-up! Rev10/04/12
A Real Man's Prog List MeatSalad10/02/12
Rec Me Unique Shit Ohmu09/29/12
South Park & Digs Atari09/28/12
Greatest Albums Ever evilford09/20/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
1,000 Comments YoYoMancuso09/14/12
Top Albums Of 2001 Cghost09/11/12
Getting Wisdom Tooth Removed Tomorrow Ssssssss09/03/12
Top 30 Treachery08/25/12
Could Rec Me Some Similar Albums LordHugoThePoet08/12/12
Kayo Dot >>> motW PretentiousListener08/09/12
redline energy drink foxxxy07/20/12
Yet Another Sputnik Newbie List crazyllama2007/09/12
My Top 50 Favorite Albums OysterizerInsomniac07/05/12
Longest Playlist Everrrrrr cb12306/28/12
Albums That Are An Experience crazyaga06/22/12
Happy 5 Year Sputniversary To Botb botb05/17/12
Discovery CrimsonFloyd05/14/12
666 Artists cb12305/08/12
Metal Like This? PretentiousListener05/03/12
Top 50 Favorite Albums zxlkho05/01/12
Imprognate Me dylanjones4204/27/12
love me hate me its still an obsession foxxxy04/25/12
Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal CrimsonFloyd03/28/12
The Deaths Ov Tullius And Rikke BallsToTheWall03/10/12
Falling Behind SlightlyEpic03/03/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Top 10 Progressive Albums CrimsonFloyd02/28/12
New Cudi Album Sucks, Hodgy Mixtape Is Okay OrangeHologram02/24/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
Favourite Quotes? Piglet02/14/12
Proggin NeutralThunder1202/08/12
Quality Heaviness #4 DeadBeat01/14/12
Metal That I Enjoy ILikeYoyos112/30/11
Top 5 Albums That Do Things Differently whatsacow12/15/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Thanks Sputnik jg77711/28/11
Trebs Digs Trebor.11/22/11
The Soundtrack To Your Life TheFonz12311/19/11
Shoegaze tarkus11/14/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
Colours: Different shades of orange Vasky8710/24/11
Favorite Albums From 2000 To 2011 InAbsentia10/21/11
Jazzin' And Death Metallin' m/ TheArkitecht10/05/11
A List. solidness09/18/11
Rec Me Metal Please crazyblinddude09/09/11
Every 5 I Ever Had Knave08/29/11
Newb Here, Please Rec Me Some Good Albums. DigitalBath1708/26/11
Origin Of Your Username? TheArkitecht08/25/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Rec Me Really Weird Shit YetAnotherBrick07/23/11
Care To Share Some Prog Metal? Duffluc07/21/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Users Who Suck psykonaut07/13/11
Sputnikmovies 666 BallsToTheWall06/21/11
Redefining Music bailar1406/05/11
The 00's EverythingEvil211305/27/11
Albums To Ponder To. TheArkitecht05/26/11
1000 Ratings Lucid05/13/11
Top Ten Albums + Video Games acorncheese04/24/11
Knowing You'll Never Like A Song The First Time You Hear It? YetAnotherBrick04/23/11
Favorites KjD04/23/11
The Sunn 0))) Awards: 10 Awesome Bands With Awful Band Names hesperus04/14/11
Fuck You! Accept It vaporandsmog04/02/11
Each Person Rec Me One Album Crimson Death03/27/11
Five Hund-o iSkane03/22/11
Bailamos bailar1403/19/11
Where's My Defeater? dylanthedesertpea03/12/11
Spring Break Fuck Yeah BTBAMbear03/12/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
Ohh Fuuuuu.... New User. TheArkitecht02/05/11
Life Sucks ThyCrossAwaits02/02/11
Users Albums Of The Decade sin6902/01/11
Rec Me Your Favorite Album TheStefan01/23/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Ok, Answers Please ThyCrossAwaits01/17/11
Almost Too Good iSkane01/08/11
Just Bought Some Stuff ThyCrossAwaits01/07/11
Favorite Album Art vanderb0b12/27/10
17 Years TheStefan12/24/10
16 Fucking Hours StrawBuilder12/14/10
2 Years On The Sputnix TheStefan12/08/10
Alternative Metalz jurere12/07/10
300 Ratings! TheStefan12/03/10
2001 ThyCrossAwaits12/01/10
Your Daddy Didn't Want You... Mewcopa11/17/10
Yo Sputnik Rec Me 5's zarquan9911/15/10
Interesting List! TheStefan11/09/10
Lucidity's Top 100 Lucid10/28/10
Ear Infection :/ TheStefan10/28/10
Favorite Albums puma3510/26/10
Just Added Everything Goes Numb... TheStefan10/25/10
Progressive And Neo-classical Recs HSThomas10/10/10
Deftones Off The Popular Albums List!? Butkuiss10/04/10
Top 20 Favorite Guitarists NeutralThunder1209/27/10
Top 50 Albums o97109/27/10
Favorite 20 Metal Albums Of The Decade NeutralThunder1209/12/10
A Message To Justin Beiber Haters Mewcopa09/11/10
One Year On Sputnik Disconnected09/06/10
Mental Metal Jethro4208/31/10
Which Should I Check Out First JWT15508/28/10
Favorite 10 Albums Of The Decade NeutralThunder1208/25/10
Terrible Terrible Movie Mewcopa08/23/10
Chaotic Art KnownUnknown08/22/10
Sum Cerbyrus08/14/10
2000-2009 TheStefan08/12/10
Motw And Gospel Merch??? zarquan9907/18/10
Teh Skramz You Say??? Comatorium.06/29/10
20 Of My Favorite Albums acorncheese06/27/10
Recommend Me Music For A Rainy Weekend. YouAreMySilence06/17/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
Chamberedecade chambered8906/16/10
Tom Servo's Decade List TomServo06/15/10
Deviant Does The Decade Deviant.06/12/10
Band Name Help Mclovin06/11/10
John Hanson Pretends He Is Relevant Iluvatar06/11/10
Andrew Hartwig's Decade List br3ad_man06/11/10
Sputnik Essential. Part I AnotherBrick06/01/10
Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums TheElephant05/31/10
Dear Virus: Leave Me Alone Mclovin05/29/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Essential Prog qwe305/05/10
"the List" YouAreMySilence05/01/10
Greg's Top 50 Greggers04/27/10
10 Best Prog Albums vanderb0b04/25/10
Would Anyone Like A Fresh Batch Of Teh Herpiez?! Shredzilla04/15/10
Top 5 Metal Of The Decade...recs? NeutralThunder1203/29/10
I Am The God-emperor Of Dune LetoAtreides03/27/10
Top 100 Of The Decade, #30-21 FeralMemories03/27/10
Addiction...? Jebull03/23/10
ten great albums i never would've found without sputnik tables03/11/10
Blackwater Park: Legacy Edition FreQman03/10/10
Albums I'm Currently Liking Ralphims03/09/10
Why American Metal Is Better FeralMemories03/03/10
Digz And More Digz NeutralThunder1202/24/10
Damnit Me, Listen!!! AndManyMore02/11/10
Mendigo & The Zerozeroes Mendigo01/27/10
Look at me. I'm participating. drmoody01/20/10
Favorite Progressive Albums cityofgod01/04/10
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
30 Essential Albums Of The 00s sleepyhead12/19/09
New Here. JesusWasWrong12/19/09
20 Albums Of The Decade GBJ12/18/09
Top 25 Albums Of The Decade HenchmanOfSanta12/13/09
Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade Burn2Burn12/12/09
George Washington EverythingEvil211312/10/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2000's, This List Constantly Changes Progmaster8512/10/09
Thebhoy's Decade, Or: His Favourite 104 Albums Of The Past 10 Years thebhoy12/09/09
Qwecade qwe312/08/09
Ball's Decade BallsToTheWall12/08/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2001 FeralMemories12/08/09
Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome Electric City12/07/09
Obama Is A ShineOn7512/04/09
2 Years At Sputnik! Chewie11/26/09
The Best Metal Of This Decade Thor11/15/09
Toby Driver Decapod11/04/09
Metal Digs For Now Progmaster8510/25/09
Top Albums According To Last.fm Burn2Burn10/15/09
Forest Of October Crysis09/29/09
Do Your Friends Know About Sputnik?? cirq09/28/09
Two Year Anniversary thebhoy09/09/09
19/100 Transient09/07/09
Some Recs Please Nach009/06/09
Amazing Evening Stones9909/06/09
Just Bought A Violin Spare08/18/09
I Am Saddened ThyCrossAwaits07/29/09
Best 00s Albums Titan5007/29/09
My 5/5 Ratings - No Racism Yazz_Flute07/28/09
Summer Albums NOTINTHEFACE07/25/09
My Musical Progression EverythingEvil211307/25/09
Just Took A Bath dylanthedesertpea07/25/09
Need New Music Lions07/25/09
Strawberry Crush foreverendeared07/19/09
Four Years On Sputnik Electric City07/10/09
Summer! (recs Please) shade06/16/09
3 Years Of My Life Have Been Sucked Away By This Website, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Shitty List iarescientists06/16/09
Face. Melted. marksellsuswallets06/10/09
My Top 50 Albums detulven06/08/09
My Creative Writing Class Laughed At Me For Liking Arcade Fire Shrapnel9406/03/09
Replacing Endtroducing On My Priority List darthbarf05/31/09
Doomsday Cerbyrus05/27/09
Working Outside feav23305/22/09
Are These Albums Nice? nodnerB05/20/09
Private Stock GBJ05/16/09
Sputnik Classics I Have Yet To Hear Aids05/15/09
My 2009 In Music RevengeSoldier05/14/09
Without You I'm Nothing libertine23704/13/09
I Hate Cynic NOTINTHEFACE04/11/09
My Playlist (april 1st - April 9th) libertine23704/10/09
Yes londoncalling45703/31/09
Nearly 5/5 lauriej03/29/09
Waiter, There's A Duck In My Soup. ....no, I Didn't Order Duck Soup. Idiot. Essence03/28/09
Holy Piss, It's Maudlin Of The Well stoopkid03/18/09
Recent Acquisitions NOTINTHEFACE03/16/09
I've Got Some Yellow Liquid For Your Popcorn, And It's Non-dairy! asrowe03/12/09
100 natey02/09/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Two Year Anniversary Fuck Omg Yazz_Flute02/03/09
Favs So Far, Many To Go AndManyMore01/26/09
Having A Proggish Day bastard01/25/09
My Favourite Albums In The Whole Of Forever For The Time Being SlightlyEpic01/24/09
I Drive A Cheverolet Movie The-Ater FistfulOfSteel01/19/09
Top 100! Yai! Crimson01/15/09
Recent Digs kalphiteman401/11/09
Albums I Have Discovered...and Loved Like Babies Altmer01/07/09
Man... marksellsuswallets01/05/09
The Best Of Mcp McP300001/02/09
Favorites Of 2001 McP300012/19/08
What Will Happen To Our Children... willfellmarsy12/17/08
Sputnik Anniversary thebhoy12/17/08
Recent Digs From The New Guy FeastoftheAntichrist12/14/08
Digs!!! thebhoy12/13/08
Finals marksellsuswallets12/09/08
Toby Driver Stuff Ranked SnackaryBinx12/08/08
Krusty Krab Pizza Is The Pizza For You And Me AndManyMore12/08/08
Kill The Switch, Kill The Switch, A Welcome Comatose! Golgoroth12/01/08
100 SynGates11/29/08
Favorite Albums ohhhcomely11/11/08
Bands That I Got Into Thanks To Sputnik engleprunt10/22/08
Best Of The Avant Garde Prince of Darkness10/16/08
Kattuns Favrotite Albums kattunlover6910/15/08
You're All Super Stoaked On Me, Even If You Dont Know It AndManyMore10/05/08
Im Sure It'll Be Cool AndManyMore09/11/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Digs Altmer08/27/08
What I've Been Listening To Recently KjD08/03/08
Im Here In New York On Vacation McP300007/23/08
6/16/06 iarescientists06/16/08
Been Listening To 72haha7206/05/08
I'm Not Impressed With Nyc McP300005/05/08
As I Slowly Burn A Hole Into The Earth Iluvatar04/23/08
Kmagnum's 20 Essential Albums kmagnum1x04/22/08
Digging A Hole The Size... willfellmarsy04/10/08
Diggings... Yazz_Flute04/09/08
What Should I Gets? willfellmarsy03/18/08
To Get List: Ver 4.0 McP300003/06/08
Recommend Me Some Classics Crimson03/01/08
2 Years mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/13/08
Tonight, On Hardcopy! Metalikane02/08/08
I Owe Sputnik Big Time SynGates01/09/08
For All The Cows the_patient01/06/08
Albums I Got Into Recently Xenocide01/06/08
An Attempt At A Top 20 Crimson01/05/08
Recent Aquisitions That Have Blown My Mind Crimson01/02/08
Recent Digs For Botb botb12/28/07
Metal In This Decade Mahavidya12/21/07
Recent Non-metal Obsessions botb12/02/07
Another List With Sputnik In The Title mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/25/07
Albums I Want Jerrydavidson11/24/07
I Dugged That mryrtmrnfoxxxy11/23/07
Top 20 Albums :) Monticello11/15/07
Here It Is... The Flabbit Rides High11/14/07
Top 100 Doppelganger11/08/07
To Get List/recommendations McP300011/03/07
Toby Driver: Best To Worst tuff11/02/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Current What I Dig. Fort2309/12/07
I Pwn... chimera90808/28/07
My Favorite Metal Album At The Moment DeadToPain08/22/07
25 Albums DonnieT06/26/07
I'm Going To Get It It It PaperCities06/14/07
Current Digs londoncalling45705/16/07
Change Is Good GleamInRanks04/20/07
I Used To Hate Death Metal Intransit04/07/07
Metal To Kick Your Boots Off Too Iluvatar03/30/07
Music For The Cold... Doppelganger02/09/07
Real Men Do Top 100s Iluvatar11/02/06


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