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1 Year Of Sput: Ranking My 5s AmericanFlagAsh01/20/15
Rec Me Modern Bass Guitar Music ZiggyLadyStardust12/27/14
Post-punk Revival Battle apokolypz10/18/14
Best Albums Of Each Year (1963 - 2012) benjaminkicks10/16/14
2 Lists For The Click Of 1 scottpilgrim1008/21/14
Recommendations Wanted CoolFool1O108/07/14
My 100 Favorite Albums theTourist07/13/14
Albums For A Great Time pannkakesangen07/12/14
Got Pulled Over Last Night TheSpaceMan05/21/14
First Tracks Of Debut Albums isabelisabell05/21/14
10 Ryus05/20/14
Recent Pickups #1 PaleoSteno05/06/14
My 100 Favourite Albums At Age 21 isabelisabell03/26/14
71 / 81 / 91 / 01 lou100003/26/14
My Vinyl Collection (so Far) mortifierftw03/15/14
Albums That Should Have Failed But Didn't BlacKapes03/04/14
Best Alt./rock Songs - 2000 - 2014 Pauloadm02/09/14
Album Recs Based On These? All Genres Welcome but mainly alternative/folk i guess? isabelisabell02/08/14
My Album Collection Part 2 rosettaforlife01/26/14
100 Favourite Albums Of All Time TheRunningPanda01/08/14
First Song, First Album livingisland12/15/13
Making A List After Two Years Of Nothing ZBJE12/11/13
Last Year On Lastfm.. Adabelle11/27/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
2000s Top 20 lou100011/22/13
Emotional Albums MrShankly11/10/13
Favorite Album Openers RoundOnEndHiInMiddle11/08/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Brostep's Cd Collection (oct. 2013) Brostep10/28/13
Nme's 500 Greatest Albums AliW199310/23/13
My 50 Best Albums/decade: 00s GetOutOfMyHouse10/21/13
Adult Swim In A Box YetAnotherBrick10/17/13
Cover Art that Enhances the Album theTourist10/11/13
My Vinyl Collection turtleflu09/22/13
copying ire mryrtmrnfoxxxy08/14/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
Recent Vinyl Purchases Polyethylene07/28/13
30 Favorite Albums Ever 808muzik07/28/13
Requim For A Vinyl Collection Sevhead06/07/13
My Favourite Albums Since 2000 (unordered) AlbertoCunha06/04/13
My Favorite Rock/Alt. Albums - 2000 - 2013 Pauloadm05/31/13
Just Won Battle Of The Bands trippinonthizz04/15/13
Tell Me Your Favourite Albums From The 2000s IHeardThat04/14/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
Greatest Debut Albums imo TheAnimator03/28/13
Redditcore Funeralopolis03/09/13
20 Awesome Villains Insurrection02/20/13
New Strokes Single - "all The Time" chaseguitar02/13/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
Albums I Was Once Obsessed With (in Chronological Order) DarthJames02/04/13
Top 10 Rock Debut Albums Basman02/04/13
Top 100 Albums theTourist01/30/13
Vinyl I Got Since I Got A Record Player ConorIsNotHere01/29/13
Favourite Indie.. Adabelle01/04/13
New York City juiceviaorange12/30/12
Albums I Just Don't Get NationalRadio12/26/12
400 Greatest Songs of All Time (400-301) ludwigvan12/01/12
Hawthorne Heights Are Not Emo And The Strokes Are Not A Hipster Band!!!! ReturnToRock11/23/12
Karaoke Night! larrytheslug11/21/12
7 Fantastic 21st-century Albums YuriGama11/21/12
Killer Must Own Records ButteryBiscuitBass11/19/12
2000s Top 50 lou100011/17/12
First Time Giving Blood Vespiion10/23/12
Coolest Albums Ever newjunkaesthetic9310/19/12
Artificial Death... cuki9210/16/12
Eurgh, Favourites.. Adabelle10/04/12
My Top 20 Albums Of The 2000's FevaPowa08/13/12
The Best (yes, Its Your Opinion Too) Albums Ever. DrEpic418108/08/12
Greatest Rock Albums Of The 00s (2000-2009) huguitoescorza08/02/12
Heading To Corfu (greece) Tonight rapideyemovement07/06/12
2001 mttgry07/05/12
Off To Conquer The States! clercqie06/30/12
Top Ten Debut Albums revolution106/26/12
Parties Man!! Hankpym06/23/12
Album Recommendations? Musicface4206/21/12
My Music Library, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
Recent Stuff, Pt. 1 Musicface4206/20/12
Downloading Spree! Rhinosaur06/10/12
My 100 Essential Albums Polyethylene06/08/12
Top 100 Albums skippingboy12306/02/12
50 Coolest Albums ludwigvan05/30/12
Favorite Summer Albums Twelve5105/26/12
Top 100.. Adabelle05/18/12
Albums I Will Try To Review Soon barcafan2105/16/12
A Few More Weeks Until Summer Break phantomboss13305/15/12
Holy Downloading Spree Batman! Sirob05/13/12
Top 100 Albums... Revisited AutoRock05/09/12
Me And Music Through Time rapideyemovement05/04/12
Music I've Been Listening To Lately seanstra4304/04/12
Vinyl A Bought At A Thrift Store This Weekend Hankpym04/03/12
My Top 10 Favorite Albums Ever: ADayintheLife03/25/12
Some Of My Favorite Albums 2ndhandsuburbia03/21/12
___ Can Go And... Funeralopolis03/06/12
perch recs punk perch02/26/12
List Of Best Lists.. Adabelle02/24/12
100 Great Indie Albums wacknizzle02/17/12
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums GunzAndAlcohol02/15/12
Albums You Have To Hear/have oWhoadYo02/05/12
Albums I'm loving Pt 2 chargers2601/25/12
Top 50 Albums Since 2000 AutoRock01/05/12
Raining Blood, Ska Cover Version Puzzles12/23/11
Here's A Somethin' For Changing My Musical Taste... For Better Or Worse rawpower9212/21/11
When In Rome... SeaAnemone12/18/11
Years 80-2010 Top 3 Albums FLRTE12/12/11
25 Favorite Albums Of The 00s revolution112/08/11
100 Golden Full Length Debuts TheVoiceAndTheSnake12/06/11
How Bout Some Indie Recs? ryan1912/04/11
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
The The Problem Trebor.11/30/11
My Favorite 100 Albums kevinmede11/28/11
Bands Everyone Like, But I Dont. . . . luschlotz11/25/11
Your Three Favorite Albums newjunkaesthetic9311/21/11
Top 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time RidersOnTheStorm6711/03/11
Top 15 Albums Of 2000-2009 AltPunkMetal10110/31/11
Starting Vinyl Collection? 808muzik10/27/11
15 Albums I (Mistakenly) Overlooked The First Listen steadyriot10/26/11
In Defense Of My Fives steadyriot10/21/11
The Revised List Of My 50 Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse10/20/11
100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
Vinyl Collection Thus Far!!! thelonelycanvass09/22/11
My Top 50 Albums thelonelycanvass09/16/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Which Album You Consider Most Overrated ? rockandmetaljunkie08/08/11
Top Favorite Bands skippingboy12308/05/11
25 Best Rock Albums JunglefaceJake08/05/11
My 100 Favourite Albums darkstepheneleven07/11/11
Mah Top 50 abaiardi707/05/11
Anything Else? newjunkaesthetic9306/27/11
My Top 100 Albums Wowzers2406/20/11
Recs newjunkaesthetic9306/16/11
Boston Bruins Win The Stanley Cup!!! Modern06/15/11
My Vinyl Collection. CrownOfMagnets06/08/11
Hans The Hipster BigHans06/08/11
The 24 Most Influential Albums On My Life steadyriot06/01/11
Soundcloud shinfojoe05/30/11
Book Of Mormon newjunkaesthetic9305/17/11
digs tarkus05/16/11
Favorite 100 Lps/eps Of All Time AutoRock05/12/11
Summer, Duh. skippingboy12304/29/11
Favorite Albums Of The 2000's aKidNamedConnor4104/24/11
Coachella Awards aok04/21/11
Read my First Review. Jerk. Damus04/11/11
Summer Vinyls ModernGuilt04/11/11
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) SloppyMilkshake04/06/11
Cheeks! cirq03/27/11
Out To The Garage juiceviaorange03/24/11
willfellmarsy list...willfellmarsy list...Instill Me Wisdom, In My Beliefs...instill Me Routine In Strife... willfellmarsy03/22/11
1000 Ratings Fugue03/17/11
2011 Albums? DoubtGin03/12/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time CounterClockwise03/08/11
Help Me To Indie UnnamedOcean03/05/11
10 Years 10 Albums 2001-2010 CounterClockwise03/03/11
What Music Did You Listen To When You Were 13? NickelbackFTL02/19/11
Favourite Album Covers demigod!02/19/11
Covers With Great Photography deathridesahorse02/15/11
8 Most Used Websites rawrmonster01/31/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Generic Last.fm List NickelbackFTL01/08/11
Left Of The Dial (the Greatest Alternative Albums Of All Time) jules4whitehouse01/05/11
Favorite Albums Of All Time YoungHeretic12/23/10
100 Favourite Albums fouxdufafa12/14/10
Alternative WithHorsesInHerEyes12/06/10
My Favorite Albums Of All Time jules4whitehouse12/04/10
2001 ThyCrossAwaits12/01/10
My Journey Through Indie Music skippingboy12311/27/10
Donpinguin's Favourite Albums Of All Time DonPinguin11/21/10
My Top 100 Of All Time steadyriot11/15/10
Best Alternative/post-punk Albums steadyriot11/11/10
4+ ? Gtfo! Countess11/01/10
30 Favorite Albums Grimward10/30/10
It's Getting Foxxxy In Here focksy10/26/10
50 Of The Best Albums Of All Time (imo) mace48510/25/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 2000's tokillme10/16/10
My Favorite Albums twizted198410/07/10
75 Favourite Albums Benjomatico10/04/10
Consider This My Resignation jesusjuice117910/04/10
My Super Ultra Small Album Collection Cruzer1909/05/10
It's Raining Outside, School Sucks, My Girlfriend Cheated On Me, And I Just Want To Die. fr33convict08/17/10
Favorite Albums Of 2001 Caveman08/17/10
Tink Reaches 1,000 tinkrbel08/15/10
50 Favourite Albums Ever PaddyPooHead08/10/10
2001 Ranked Titan5008/09/10
My Top 100 Of The Decade vmcoia9108/04/10
Need Some Honest Opinions killrobotmusic07/27/10
What Do These Bands Have In Common? Sheeple900007/13/10
I Rank Staff List Lucid06/17/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
You May Say I'm A Dreamer But I'm Not. Bandido06/17/10
Ahh!! Too Much Pitchfork! therayder06/13/10
Um Hey Guys therayder05/22/10
My Favourite Albums MadulaAblangata05/15/10
Current Top 10 Albums therayder04/18/10
Eggs, Rabbits, Peeps... Oh My. JWT15504/04/10
(More) Stuff rubybliels03/16/10
Beach Music, Not Summer Music alachlahol03/11/10
Favorite Albums A-Z Bandido02/25/10
My Favorite Records Plinkertons02/15/10
Hey Help Me Out mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/09/10
1965-2009 Titan5002/04/10
Mendigo & The Zerozeroes Mendigo01/27/10
The Last 10 Years Of Fine Fine Yeti'ing. AggravatedYeti01/22/10
Rec Me A Little Somethin, Somethin Bandido01/19/10
Can't Stop Listening To... shootmepics01/19/10
Too Many Albums To Get/check Out killrobotmusic01/13/10
00's List DhA12/31/09
1 Year 1 Album 1 Song : '00-'09 IRAI12/22/09
Top 100 Of The Decade. halloway12/18/09
Adam Downer's Decade Of Awesome Electric City12/07/09
Vinyl Collection Thus Far... MaskAtTheMasquerade12/01/09
Albums I Just Bought ndspitt91411/25/09
It. qwe311/17/09
Top 100 Albums Of The 2000's JoRos10/05/09
45: 2000-2009 Kashmir0909/23/09
Deep Creeping (a Tribute) - Part 1 killrobotmusic08/24/09
Some Asshole Stole My Cd's Abdar11208/21/09
Favorite Post-2000 Albums MillionInPrizes08/16/09
My Top Ten Albums SuperDuck07/17/09
Albums I Should Have neonbirthmark06/15/09
The Chem Paper Soundtrack Quarterpastfour05/17/09
A Cold Front AggravatedYeti04/03/09
Shit I've Been Digging Recently Fugue03/30/09
Close-to-modern Day Classics Abdar11203/11/09
Best Albums Of The 00's So Far - Again Burning_October03/07/09
Recent Listens Burning_October02/22/09
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
A Hipsters top 25 NotMrBlonde11/17/08
Teeny Bopper Blues AggravatedYeti11/14/08
My Top 100 Albums animalnitrate11/03/08
My Favorite Albums Soflex11/02/08
Pre-sputnik Granfalloon11/02/08
20 Desert Island Albums mikem123410/13/08
I Can't Believe Everything We Had Was A Lie. donaYENIE09/16/08
Want List armfarm06/18/08
90's-Present: Modern Day Classics Abdar11205/26/08
Which Two? Burning_October05/24/08
Bunches Of New Stuff DeadToPain05/08/08
Top 100 (updated January 2008) bAdMaRk01/09/08
Updated Fav. Albums By My Fav. Bands ASberg11/07/07
My Top 10 Of All Time kilko10/02/07
My Top50 (Second Version) bAdMaRk08/05/07
My Top50 bAdMaRk02/25/07
My Favorite Albums Gordonz02/07/07
Cd's I own The Flabbit Rides High12/12/06
My 10 favourite albums CeeBone11/03/06


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