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Which Is Your Least Favorite? PortraitsOfDecay12/01/14
How Many Times Do You Listen Before Rating oisincoleman6411/23/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
Emo And Punk I'm Currently Liking fruitjuncture10/25/14
First list ever! fruitjuncture10/21/14
Underappreciated Albums steadyriot10/04/14
Glad I Came Back BobbleHeadbutt10/03/14
Rank The Music Industry! StallionMang09/30/14
Backing Vocals Rowan521509/22/14
Listening Habits Throughout The Years SwallowShotguns09/13/14
Albums That Work Well Together Thuglifethor09/11/14
Discographies I Need To Finish melonade09/04/14
This Weeks Most Listened SwallowShotguns08/22/14
Rec Me Ska/punk ComeToDaddy08/20/14
10k Kman41808/12/14
Top 100 SwallowShotguns08/02/14
Good Vibes YakNips07/29/14
Gimme your recs Thuglifethor07/15/14
So I Made My Friends A Btmi Playlist PortraitsOfDecay07/15/14
Vinyl Wishlist SnakeDelilah07/12/14
Best Btmi Song Ever?? theacademy06/21/14
My Friends Don't Like Btmi SPRFanOf5H06/09/14
Albums For The First Day Out Of School? Thuglifethor06/03/14
Gettin Ppl Into Btmi! demigod!05/28/14
do drugs mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/16/14
My 10 Favorite Albums!! mryrtmrnfoxxxy05/13/14
Eighty Kay SeaAnemone04/11/14
Albums I Need To Buy YetAnotherBrick04/09/14
Plughammer4k Green Baron03/04/14
Favorite Sput Users, Part I Green Baron03/01/14
Best Btmi! Lyrics Spec02/26/14
5 For 5 Trebor.02/19/14
Second To Last Btmi Show Kman41801/18/14
Btmi! Finale - Who's Going? demigod!12/02/13
AVEPEZ Decay11/24/13
new car jams pt 2 mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/30/13
Weeks Jams iwasnvrurbf10/04/13
In The Back Of My Mind Lately... YetAnotherBrick08/28/13
Need (rec me) some shit HypedMerchant08/19/13
(pop) Punk Me Up!! butchinette08/18/13
copying ire mryrtmrnfoxxxy08/14/13
The Ever Changing Sputnik dimsim347807/24/13
Band Name Thread YoYoMancuso07/19/13
Sputnik's Punk Madness Green Baron06/24/13
I've Been Here ... keyokeyo06/23/13
Got Fired demigod!06/20/13
Trebhammer 40k Trebor.06/04/13
Btmi Ranked Lakes.05/30/13
Cool People YoYoMancuso05/27/13
This Month's Most Listened To iwasnvrurbf05/27/13
Top 50 Albums + Fab Users Gwyn.05/18/13
This Is A Selection Of Albums I'd Like For Our YetAnotherBrick05/14/13
Summer Jamz DinosaurJones05/14/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
Rosenstock Ranked Blackbelt5404/17/13
Yo Spare Made A Record Spare04/11/13
David's Ultimate Albums davidzahn603/15/13
Treb's Declassified Sputnikmusic Survival Guide Trebor.03/11/13
Trebs 2012 In Film Trebor.03/08/13
Top 15 Of 2009 Mookid03/07/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Treb's Top 100 Albums Trebor.01/28/13
Ali's Top 100 Albums Lucid01/20/13
Last 7 Days iwasnvrurbf01/15/13
Lol Wtf I'm Supporting Btmi Spare01/11/13
KimmsNewLaptop KimmsightMatters01/09/13
Favourites iwasnvrurbf01/08/13
What Do Your Friends Listen To? silentstar01/06/13
2012 Shows Blackbelt5412/29/12
Seeing Bomb The Music Industry! Tonight OneMoreRoland12/15/12
Concord SeaAnemone12/11/12
Btmi! Australian Tour Spare12/03/12
1 Album Repeat All Day? MyCarandMyGuitar11/21/12
Rate My 5's MyCarandMyGuitar11/17/12
Bomb The Music Inudstry! Ranked MyCarandMyGuitar10/27/12
Punk 100 Blackbelt5410/07/12
bomb the music industry! mryrtmrnfoxxxy10/06/12
top 15 mryrtmrnfoxxxy09/24/12
I Need Your Help PeterKlaven09/14/12
Top 30 Treachery08/25/12
(shut) Up The Punx!!! PlanningMyDeath08/14/12
Bomb The Music Industry! AdamK08/11/12
59 sound more like 2 men 69 sound foxxxy08/08/12
I Need Music For Work Today Omaha07/24/12
The Greatest Rock Lists List Trebor.07/23/12
Who Needs Food When You've Got Ciggs JimFear07/23/12
Lastfm 7 Days cryMore07/20/12
That's A Hard Question But If I Had To Pick AdamK07/19/12
Sputcontributing Omaha07/18/12
Bomb The Music Industry! Ranked cryMore07/17/12
My Top 50 Favorite Albums OysterizerInsomniac07/05/12
Punk Slump ILikeRepetitiveMusic07/02/12
Trebsthedevil Favorite Bands Oh Man Here We Go Trebor.06/23/12
Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Trax Spare05/24/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Mmm Tasty! Sirob04/28/12
Blackbelt's Top 20 Live Blackbelt5404/13/12
Talk To Trebor PLZ Trebor.03/29/12
J. Edgar Emim03/19/12
Back To Facebook Omaha03/04/12
I Hate Being Sick Emim02/25/12
Listening To Cormac Mccarthy And Reading A Book By Clipse SeaAnemone02/23/12
Lucid 100 Lucid02/21/12
Give Me Your Favorite Vocalists GreyShadow02/20/12
Switching Usernames Bloodhail02/16/12
Even If I'm Single IAmHollywood02/15/12
Just Got A Full Scholarship! puma3502/11/12
Bands For Running Purposes jlech02/08/12
Iphone AdamK02/07/12
Albums I'm loving Pt 2 chargers2601/25/12
BtMI! Appreciation List puma3501/06/12
6 years on sputnik ohfoxxxycole12/03/11
The Amount Of Joy These Albums Bring Me... DinosaurJones11/17/11
The Last 3 Years mallen-11/15/11
Can I Pay My Rent In Fun? Spec11/09/11
Sputnik Band Part 2 Trebor.11/07/11
Jom Bomb The Music Industry! Trebor.10/31/11
My Top 10 Albums From 2009 alextheantichrist10/30/11
What Makes An Album? And Recent Listens alextheantichrist10/29/11
Favorite Users Blackbelt5410/29/11
Congratulations aok10/27/11
10000 Plus Favorite Users Plus 60 Favorite Albums Trebor.10/19/11
work playlist ohfoxxxycole10/13/11
Fuck Your Honda Civic OrangeHologram10/08/11
Revisiting 2009 FeralMemories09/26/11
Get Your Jam On twlichty09/07/11
Grilling, Music, And A Dog Emim08/30/11
Feeling Down Spec08/28/11
5/5 ohfoxxxycole08/27/11
Top 100 ohyesbyallmeans08/18/11
Headphones Lorax08/15/11
Orgcore Orgcore Orgcore mallen-08/09/11
August Digs killrobotmusic08/09/11
Missing A BTMI! Show iSkane08/03/11
A Grip Of Albums TomArnoldsArmpit07/27/11
500 Ratings! Blackbelt5407/25/11
Goodbye Sputnik... Lucid07/17/11
5000 Comments (Halfway To Being Somebody) Trebor.07/14/11
Mallen's Regions Of Music Pt 1: Nys mallen-07/06/11
And Now for Something Different ShadowRemains06/30/11
Saw Bomb The Music Industry! And Joyce Manor sixthgoldenticket06/28/11
10,000 Plays Trebor.06/11/11
Skank It Up Trebor.06/09/11
Touche Amore is not that good sportsboy06/06/11
The Greatest Users Of All Time fr33convict06/05/11
Seeing Rvivr In A Week sixthgoldenticket06/01/11
Favrit Albums By Spare Spare05/17/11
The Soundtrack To An Awesome Night Spec05/12/11
I Don't Watch T.V. Trebor.05/11/11
If You Were Stuck Listening To Another Sputniker's... bungy03/30/11
Best Lyrics? Spec03/30/11
Bomb The Music Industry! ohfoxxxycole03/18/11
Pope Poop KinkyFresh03/15/11
Vedecation mallen-02/18/11
Users -> Albums Lucid01/18/11
The South Is Sure A Strange Place chambered8901/08/11
Good Angst Music. armfarm12/21/10
Top 50 Albums ShadowAmI11/26/10
Favorite Albums Of The Last 30 Years Blackbelt5411/20/10
Knott- My Favourite Users Knott-11/17/10
Phideaux's Top Ten Of 2009 Phideaux10/12/10
Got Some New Music Phideaux09/28/10
Mimsy's Top Sputnikers Emim09/21/10
Snooooof transatlanticfoe09/07/10
1 Year Anniversery puma3509/03/10
I Lurv u gais 2 Counterfeit08/22/10
Punk Recs rhcpkp1508/02/10
Can't Buy Me Love vanderb0b07/28/10
Albums I Did/Would Pay $$ For MrGlass04/29/10
Vinyl I Own/will Own Ire04/18/10
Ello, Love! Emim04/03/10
Envy On The Coast's New Album Is Really Fucking Good chaseguitar03/27/10
I'm Tripping Balls Right Now..... TomServo03/09/10
Albums That Probably Saved My Life Over The Years quarterlifecrisis03/02/10
Weeds shinfojoe02/18/10
I'm Back. :d StephMCK99002/04/10
Almost Classics Schizophrenik01/28/10
Holiday Plans? Satellite12/21/09
Dougies 2009: Albums Of The Year Douglas11/30/09
My Latest Loves Turbulence11/28/09
Seeing Brand New Tomorrow slaythesocialists11/27/09
2009 By The Streetlight StreetlightRock11/19/09
Surprisingly Amazing Recent Listen Digs handoman11/16/09
2000-2009: 100 StreetlightRock11/08/09
Foxxxys 10 Of 2009 Sf stinkerton09/24/09
Vinylllll marksellsuswallets07/23/09
A Gift Of Paper marksellsuswallets07/17/09
How Does One Operate This Mechanism? FigNewtns07/12/09
Presenting... 2009. SlightlyEpic06/24/09
Two Thousand And Nine SlightlyEpic05/11/09
Why 09 Rules Your Face StreetlightRock05/05/09
2009 Digs Lucid04/11/09
Castle Crashing marksellsuswallets04/06/09
Kayaking and Diggage marksellsuswallets03/29/09
Digsdigsdigsdigs SlightlyEpic03/24/09
Everybody Who Seen Mysterion Say Yeah... marksellsuswallets03/19/09


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