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1 Year Of Sput: Ranking My 5s AmericanFlagAsh01/20/15
Wow These Openers Ryus12/23/14
Ryus's Anniversary Ryus11/02/14
20-05 maddin11/02/14
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Songs For My Life) AmericanFlagAsh10/10/14
694 Ratings, 69 Albums Lakes.10/08/14
I'm Going To New Zealand! Ignimbrite09/29/14
2 Years On Sputnik PitchforkArms09/28/14
Most Listened: August SwallowShotguns09/01/14
Life Is Beautiful avonbarksdale22108/25/14
Going Through A Phase DarthMann08/18/14
Vinyls [2] Claystation08/17/14
Late Night Singer-Songwriter Playlist dimsim347806/30/14
Best Albums In My Opinion Amry06/26/14
160gb Ipod Means Millions Of New Music PaddyPooHead06/17/14
Some Favorite Albums calmrose906/09/14
~make Me Feel~ YakNips06/02/14
My 50 Favourite Albums NorthernSkylark05/22/14
Shitty New Vinyl Liiiam05/22/14
Indie Labels Pt. 3 mttgry05/08/14
Illinois Ranked Schizophrenik05/06/14
Singing Contest Suggestions PitchforkArms05/04/14
100 Favorite Albums mttgry05/02/14
Cd Collection: Artists O-z Rsetness904/21/14
My 10 Favorite Albums & Games Of The 00's Snacktimeguy04/18/14
Sufjan Stevens Ranked AmericanFlagAsh04/17/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Albums With Immense Beauty YakNips03/31/14
Digs PitchforkArms03/30/14
Amazing Songs. Bricks003/25/14
My Last.fm turns 10 today. Skoj01/20/14
Christmas Buys Rsetness912/27/13
100 Great Albums From 2000 - 2010 Basman11/25/13
2000s Top 20 lou100011/22/13
100 Highly Recommended Albums You Should Have In Your Collection Right Now thejon93rd11/17/13
Top 100 Albums Since 2000 ryan1911/03/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
Recs Rsetness910/03/13
Hi sacamano10/02/13
Don Hertzfeldt: Genius Or Crazy? SadAndHolyGlow09/27/13
7 Favorite Songs kingjulian09/01/13
Sufjan Stevens Ranked NakedSnake08/24/13
Teenagers Are Good Bull@#&! Detectors SadAndHolyGlow08/22/13
Paris InfamousGrouse08/22/13
40 Indie-tastic Albums Veldin08/21/13
My Top 5 Indie Albums Sircy4108/20/13
Got Bit By A Centipede HypedMerchant08/14/13
My Favourite Albums CaptainSpacker08/13/13
Albums I've Recently Returned To jtswope08/12/13
My Vinyl Collection NakedSnake08/11/13
5 Talk Show Hosts Ranked SadAndHolyGlow07/30/13
30 Favorite Albums Ever 808muzik07/28/13
My Fives SadAndHolyGlow07/27/13
Unique Voices lilium2307/12/13
Hey. This Is My Top 50. NationalRadio06/05/13
1,000 Ratings! SadAndHolyGlow06/04/13
Flac Veldin06/03/13
The Sputnik Game JokineAugustus06/01/13
Last Of My Kind Butkuiss05/28/13
So I Bought A Turntable Earlier This Year... DannyChrisnanto05/03/13
April Jams JamieCTA04/22/13
3/4 Of The Way There... SadAndHolyGlow04/19/13
Tell Me Your Favourite Albums From The 2000s IHeardThat04/14/13
Sputnik's Hey Arnold! FourthReich04/13/13
Vinyl #1 PrewDelisek03/31/13
PORTLANDIA makes me smile. SadAndHolyGlow03/29/13
Sputnik Nit Pt. 2 crimes03/27/13
My Playlist For This Week (3/23 - 3/29) Hurricanslash03/23/13
500 Ratings. Achievement Unlocked. SadAndHolyGlow02/18/13
High School Jams Pt. 2 mttgry02/15/13
100 Favorite Albums dwejkk02/13/13
Thesemodernthings' Essential Albums TheseModernThings02/11/13
100 Indie Albums Basman02/11/13
I Want .1 Increments PrewDelisek02/07/13
Top 100 Albums theTourist01/30/13
100 CDs I own demigod!01/14/13
Album Trolls lilium2312/22/12
Albums That Rape wacknizzle12/08/12
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen wacknizzle12/01/12
Giving A Shit Recspecs11/27/12
Sufjan Stevens Is Awesome demigod!11/27/12
Gay Music For Gay People Lakes.11/25/12
2000s Top 50 lou100011/17/12
Anime? Vespiion11/15/12
Physics And Folk milkwizard11/13/12
who's your favorite artist? jakethecheezcake10/30/12
100 Favorite Albums chupacabraisreal10/18/12
Flannel, Bonfires, And Whiskey kevinweeks10/16/12
I'm New Here MercyFalls1909/25/12
Friends And I Put Out A Folk Album! Check It Out Blind09/13/12
2005 mttgry07/08/12
Summer So Far Transistor91006/29/12
25 Albums I Would Take To A Desert Island revolution106/22/12
Music I Got My Mom To Listen To Lakes.06/10/12
Best Of The Best, Albums Full Of Feels (current 5's) CalumJohnston06/03/12
Finished Eleventh GradeToday... outline05/27/12
Looking For Alt/indie Recs Woodhouse05/23/12
Indie: Required Listening SowingSeason05/15/12
Holy Downloading Spree Batman! Sirob05/13/12
Downloading Spree Trebor.05/13/12
Albums With Great Production outline05/12/12
Folk Favorites vivapo03/19/12
The Munchies InFiction03/06/12
Most Recent Digs Leatherneck02/29/12
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time blairosh02/27/12
Quarterly Listening Habits Pt. 1 Chrisjon8902/27/12
Modern Indie Recs Plz NeutralThunder1202/26/12
100 Great Indie Albums wacknizzle02/17/12
Turning 19 Tomorrow! Favourite Albums GunzAndAlcohol02/15/12
Weekly Albums #1 julien01/28/12
Two Years With Sputnik derekkp01/23/12
Sufjan Stevens Gyromania01/16/12
My Top 50 Albums: 2000-2011 Fortheloveofmusic01/14/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
Disregard This List Hopeland12/27/11
Record Player syffuf2512/26/11
This Girl That Sits Behind Me In My Statistics Class. puma3512/20/11
5 Favorite Indie/alternative Rock Albums Gimme More NeutralThunder1212/20/11
An Atomic 2011 AtomicWaste12/17/11
25 Favorite Albums Of The 00s revolution112/08/11
Most Overly Detailed Top 50 Albums List Ever MarvellousG12/05/11
Need Indie/folk/alternative Recs puma3512/04/11
My Favorite 100 Albums kevinmede11/28/11
Iconic Indie? thatoneguy72611/26/11
Edit: Favourite Albums Pt. II GunzAndAlcohol11/12/11
Penn State ARuinedEmpire11/08/11
All Time Best Footballers (soccer Players) Recspecs11/08/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
Why Not Pick 100 Favorites vmcoia9109/28/11
Favorite Songs... vmcoia9109/19/11
1000 Days Yotimi09/19/11
How About That flalafell09/05/11
Dare To Compare AngelofDeath09/05/11
Growers Eko09/01/11
4 Song Eps? Fortheloveofmusic09/01/11
My Top 100 Albums As Of Now Lolages08/30/11
Every 5 I Ever Had Knave08/29/11
My Cds Sejine08/28/11
The Favourite Albums Of An 18-year Old GunzAndAlcohol08/17/11
An Intro To Immersedreality's Taste immersedreality08/04/11
Lakes' Top 20 Of The Decade Past Lakes.07/28/11
Bands/artists With Horn Sections Fortheloveofmusic07/28/11
Current Vinyl Collection (with Descriptions!) LiquidVelvet07/26/11
Vinyl Purchases In The Us MarvellousG07/25/11
Best Record Collection Ever AngelofDeath07/22/11
Top 10 Of 2005 McMegaMountain07/16/11
Super 8 Is Super Great! IAmInsect07/14/11
Favorite Art iSkane07/08/11
Vinyl Collection. SpritzSpritz06/22/11
Finished Tenth Grade Today... outline06/09/11
Albums I'd Like To Live In MarvellousG05/26/11
Reader Appreciation SowingSeason05/23/11
Looking For A Life-long Guitar StrangerofSorts05/18/11
What To Buy (summer Album Pt. 2)? ModernGuilt04/15/11
Is Musical Taste A Deal-breaker? AngelofDeath04/05/11
Fighting For Fives iSkane03/22/11
Late to the Party Playlist derekkp03/21/11
My Favourite Albums I've Discovered In 2011 So Far MarvellousG03/15/11
Make My Taste Better rawrmonster03/04/11
Das Some Gooood Indie hurleyman42003/01/11
2005! Awesome Year sleepyhead02/28/11
Got Some Vinyl iSkane02/21/11
My Ultimate Winter Mixtape outline02/13/11
My Top Ten conm1702/03/11
8 Most Used Websites rawrmonster01/31/11
Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
Generic Last.fm List NickelbackFTL01/08/11
A Different Take On 2010 killrobotmusic01/06/11
17 Years TheStefan12/24/10
Top 100 AtomicWaste12/14/10
100 Favourite Albums fouxdufafa12/14/10
50 Things About Me TheStefan12/12/10
I Wish... TheStefan11/25/10
Ipod Touch Went Through The Wash TheStefan11/14/10
Interesting List! TheStefan11/09/10
Woo 100 Album Ratings ZBJE11/07/10
Dey Be Cuttin My Hair Enotron11/06/10
Top Albums Of The Decade: Redux vmcoia9111/02/10
F' Bitches ZBJE10/31/10
I'm So Hip Lakes.10/29/10
Classic Songs. Classic Albums. Lakes.10/22/10
How To Get People To At Least Respect Your Music... bab80810/16/10
Top 51 Albums Of The 2000's tokillme10/16/10
Fall Album Shopping killrobotmusic10/14/10
Favourite Poems outline10/10/10
100th List NeutralThunder1210/06/10
Top 50 Favorite Songs Of All Time bab80809/26/10
Current Favorite Albums iSkane09/15/10
Quiting Smoking (attempt 2) Jash09/11/10
Rec. Folk brutebeard09/03/10
Questions/ Are The Albums Good? Big Baby Jesus09/01/10
Favorite 10 Albums Of The Decade NeutralThunder1208/25/10
What Is He Saying?! Comatorium.08/24/10
New York Tomorrow. JesusChris07/28/10
Stereotyping People By Their Favourite Indie Band Transient07/16/10
Thierry Henry Joins The Red Bulls CelestialDust07/14/10
Do You Find It Hard To Listen To Whole Albums RainbowButtMonkey06/17/10
Revolution1's 100 Favs revolution106/13/10
Ryan Flatley's Decade List IsItLuck?06/10/10
One Year At Sputnik crazyblinddude05/15/10
List robertsona05/06/10
Djing For Kate's Party! JesusChris04/25/10
Eggs, Rabbits, Peeps... Oh My. JWT15504/04/10
Sputnikers. Dig My Cd Collection? MetalFaceDoom04/04/10
My 2000's pneumoniahawk9303/31/10
I Need Recs MrsNovember03/30/10
10k BenedictVII03/16/10
Classic Prog/indie Recs progmasterclassics03/14/10
Lyricism Anyone? CaptainAhab03/04/10
Procrastination BenedictVII02/28/10
Recent Digs. DoubtGin02/27/10
Need Classical Recs LeotardMessiah02/22/10
I'm Sorry, But This Album Is Phenomenal NeutralThunder1202/12/10
I Like These Records Right Now Jazzman8502/11/10
Guess It's My First Digz NeutralThunder1202/04/10
New To This Site, Please Recommend Me Things Based On My Tastes NeutralThunder1201/31/10
My Personal Top 25 Records Of The Decade Progmaster8501/30/10
Digz Again Progmaster8501/30/10
Mendigo & The Zerozeroes Mendigo01/27/10
Too Many Albums To Get/check Out killrobotmusic01/13/10
My Top Ten Of The Decade bSoupy12/22/09
Thebhoy's Decade, Or: His Favourite 104 Albums Of The Past 10 Years thebhoy12/09/09
If You Rec Me They Will Come MetalFaceDoom12/01/09
Best Of The Decade revolution111/04/09
My 50th Review thebhoy11/02/09
My Top 20 Albums celticsfan88811/01/09
Top 100 Albums Of The 2000's JoRos10/05/09
My 15 Favorites Of 2005 hurleyman42010/03/09
Eastbound And Down shinfojoe09/26/09
45: 2000-2009 Kashmir0909/23/09
Two Year Anniversary thebhoy09/09/09
Rec An Album To The User Above You robertsona09/02/09
Are These Albums Worth Keeping? chaseguitar08/29/09
I Wants What I Wants thecheatisnotdead07/09/09
Summer Playlist '09 guitarplaya9106/26/09
24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week darthbarf06/25/09
Anyone Have Indie Pop Suggestions Based On These Albums I Like? mvdu06/23/09
New In Town neonbirthmark06/13/09
Vinyls My Roomate And I Own brainsheldis04/06/09
New Stuff cubik12403/18/09
Top Ten Albums Aka Never Made A List Before brainsheldis03/16/09
100 natey02/09/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Finally Decided To Settle In... savethewhales12/18/08
Morning Listens jeremologyy08/06/08
Folky StreetlightRock06/16/08
Needs More Drugs StreetlightRock03/05/08
Recent Aquires mryrtmrnfoxxxy02/27/08
My Favorite Singer-songwriter Albums donovr12/31/07
Recs Please Jerrydavidson11/28/07
My Most Listened To Albums AtavanHalen11/10/07
Recs Please guitarboy41010/17/07
Albums Voor In Nepal (Deel 1) Keverzwijn09/29/07
Albums I Love bananaoracle09/07/07
New/old/must Have? greyeffect07/04/07
twenty5 IsItLuck?06/17/07
100 Favorite Albums Muisee03/06/07
I am a man Hatshepsut11/04/06
Favorite Albums by my Favorite Bands 4.0 Muisee10/23/06
100!!!! Hatshepsut10/09/06
My Fav. New Albums Hatshepsut10/07/06
The Best Singer/Songwriter albums in recent memory radianteclipse08/08/06
The Essential Guilty Pleasure Album List of the Last Ten Years radianteclipse06/27/06
2005: The Top 50 Iai06/19/06


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