234 Music Lists Found Mentioning Program Music I

Albums I Shall Next Acquire YetAnotherBrick01/16/15
Ten TheNexus10001/06/15
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Musical Taste Sacul12/20/14
Post-rock 100 Greem12/06/14
Favorite Albums (semi-annual) BreakerdeGodot09/28/14
Albums That Will Make Senpai Notice You Jasdevi08709/12/14
Diggin In A Cave Caucasian09/01/14
Hello Friends Ayeohh08/28/14
"What The Hell Are You Listening To?" Caucasian08/28/14
My 40 Favs Caucasian08/28/14
Life Is Beautiful avonbarksdale22108/25/14
Artuma Hits 10k! Top 200 Albums: 200-151 Artuma07/20/14
Fav Album First Impressions Jacquibim07/15/14
Best Albums Of Each Year (done Legit!) BreakerdeGodot07/08/14
999 Ratings elbaliem07/03/14
Essential Listening Avagantamos07/01/14
Who Are All Of You Maniac!06/21/14
Sad Songs MadGrinder06/18/14
Rec Me An Album I Will 5 ChoccyPhilly06/12/14
Potsy: Ey Dur Bud Bud LordePots06/03/14
Girlfriend Is Coming Up To Visit Me Minushuman2405/07/14
Shaved My Beard Butkuiss05/05/14
Avagantamos Tours The World Avagantamos05/02/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 4 MysteriousAlt04/20/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 3 MysteriousAlt04/19/14
Modern Music Madness, Rd. 2 MysteriousAlt04/18/14
Sputnik Modern Music Madness MysteriousAlt04/17/14
Aids' Top 100: Current Favourite Albums Aids04/16/14
Jac's Favourite Countries Jacquibim04/16/14
Post Rock Recs? isabelisabell04/01/14
Not Cleaning Jams Avagantamos03/30/14
Adolescent Jams iSkane03/29/14
Amazing Songs. Bricks003/25/14
Some Recent Digs Emyay03/25/14
Stuff I Listened To This Week emester03/20/14
5 Songs That Never Ceases To Amaze Me Jekub03/16/14
Favorite Albums At The Time, Rec Me Some Bedex03/12/14
Metal Hiatus Jacquibim03/11/14
Rec Me A Good Book Calc03/05/14
Rec Me Electronica? ChoccyPhilly03/01/14
Jac's 10k Comment Milestone Jacquibim02/10/14
2000-2013 My Top 75 Albums Greem01/28/14
Users' Favorite Albums Judio!01/14/14
Twenty Thirteen tommygun12/23/13
French Language Bands? LoveandSmiles12/20/13
Best Movie Characters diogoserafim11/26/13
Rec Me Japanese Post/classical/pop/soundtrack SirArthur611/07/13
I Hate Boston Sports Wadlez10/30/13
My Instrumental - Neo-classical - Post-rock - Ambient - Electronic - Experimental - Etc. Collection pculli10/30/13
15th Birthday PortraitsOfDecay10/17/13
Still Crazy After All These Years Liberi Fatali10/08/13
Thegardener's Decade TheGardener10/04/13
Hawthorn Hawks Afl 2013 adarkishman09/28/13
Summer Shit Kman41808/31/13
Tox's Top Anime toxin.08/29/13
Taking It A Step At A Time adarkishman08/29/13
Top 10 Albums Again, 1 Year Later hyllengren08/28/13
Giving Up Metal... Jacquibim07/26/13
Sputnik, Thank You ComeToDaddy07/06/13
ACIIDD julien07/03/13
Check Out My Friend's Music iSkane06/26/13
Sput's Favorite Albums Madness Rd. 1 Trebor.06/12/13
10k Posts toxin.06/10/13
5000 Comments Jacquibim05/14/13
Glitch Chk Tssss Beep geasoftime04/24/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
Top 25 diogoserafim04/19/13
2 Key Years Keyblade04/18/13
Crawl's Most Essential Albums Crawl04/03/13
Post Rock Jekub03/22/13
Top 20 Albums: The Divine AnimalsAsSummit03/10/13
Album Titles grish02/24/13
100 Albums iSkane02/01/13
Most Relevant Albums Ever (objectively) BaselineOOO01/22/13
Electronic And Ambient MichaelSnoxall01/11/13
5 Years, 500 Comments On Sputnik lucazade2201/07/13
What Do Your Friends Listen To? silentstar01/06/13
So I Made A Post-rock Song dimsim347801/02/13
Classical Music laughingman2212/26/12
Rec Me Some Jazz Or Somethin Minushuman2412/11/12
Unconventional/experimental music Vrid12/11/12
Downtempo SeaAnemone11/19/12
Favorite Albums RevIllusion10/31/12
100 Favorite Albums chupacabraisreal10/18/12
Kakariko Village And Shadow Moses Island Are All So Close Right Now. Just Head Up The Stairs To The Left Of The Market Town! cuki9209/28/12
...fuk Ethics09/16/12
Electronic Recs? OysterizerInsomniac09/12/12
Drum & Bass TheArkitecht08/16/12
Top 100 Albums EasterInTheBatcave08/11/12
Just Ordered Opeth Tickets! TheArkitecht07/29/12
My Top Ten favorite Albums 6chris1506/27/12
Top 10 Albums According To A Stupid Dude hyllengren06/26/12
Currently Diggin' DRWND06/07/12
What A Terribly Boring Memorial Day Woodhouse05/28/12
3 Years On Sputnik Blackbelt5405/13/12
Bucketlist Samshine05/08/12
750 Ratings Blackbelt5405/06/12
Listening Order Pillow12304/08/12
How To Ambient StrangerofSorts04/05/12
Sputnikmovies (recs Appreciated) aok04/04/12
Breathtaking Albums TheArkitecht03/23/12
Every Genre Pt. I TheArkitecht03/14/12
Your 5iest 5's NeutralThunder1203/14/12
Dreamy Music silentstar03/02/12
The End Is Nigh EverythingEvil211303/01/12
Electronica Basman02/23/12
Get Me Some Good Electronica Mike0802/23/12
Scoot's Top 100 Albums Scoot02/19/12
A Year On Sputnik TheArkitecht02/06/12
Huge Cinematic Post-rock And Stuff Please NeutralThunder1202/02/12
Modern Classical And Stuff And Recs NeutralThunder1201/29/12
List Is Ambient StrangerofSorts01/14/12
Hey, Brother InFiction01/13/12
Top 50 Generic Sputnik Albums (kind Of) iSkane01/05/12
Essential Electronic? TheArkitecht01/04/12
Could Everyone Rec Me One Song [2]? silentstar12/29/11
The Soundtrack To Your Life TheFonz12311/19/11
It's My Birthday! TheArkitecht11/04/11
Ello Sputnik! Sup3rC00per10/03/11
Chill Out, Man. Y' Know? StrangerofSorts09/29/11
Interrrail tuk09/27/11
100 Users aok09/26/11
50 Post-rock Albums YetAnotherBrick09/18/11
My Top Twenty Seven TheFonz12309/17/11
Sputnik Appreciation clercqie09/16/11
Writer's Block hesperus09/09/11
How About That flalafell09/05/11
Sleepless Nights StrangerofSorts08/30/11
Origin Of Your Username? TheArkitecht08/25/11
School Samshine08/22/11
Best Albums This Summer? letsgofishing08/09/11
Post For Rocks flalafell08/07/11
Taroo's Album Of The Year From 1965 - Today taroo08/04/11
555555555555555555 taroo07/30/11
500 Ratings! Blackbelt5407/25/11
The Fruits Of My Sputnik Labors A-N Blind07/17/11
My Fifteen 5's BlueW07/17/11
4 Months On Sputnik sehguh07/06/11
Vinyl I Bought Yesterday ScrotieMcBoogerballs06/27/11
Dude, Chill psykonaut06/12/11
2000 taroo05/31/11
Albums To Ponder To. TheArkitecht05/26/11
Well, That Was Hard iSkane05/24/11
Electronic Heaven Yotimi05/21/11
A Year Of Sputnik vmcoia9105/19/11
2 Years On Sputnik Blackbelt5405/16/11
26??? iSkane05/12/11
Taroo's Top 100 Albums taroo05/10/11
Dream Jobs Samshine05/03/11
Thebhoy's Summer Reading thebhoy04/28/11
Knowing You'll Never Like A Song The First Time You Hear It? YetAnotherBrick04/23/11
50 Albums I 5'd Scoot04/21/11
Zombie Apocalypse Samshine04/11/11
It's My Fucking 25th Birthday Aaron04/10/11
More Sex! (free Nudes Inside) SloppyMilkshake04/06/11
Oh Boy, Troll Bait! (top 25) iSkane04/04/11
So I Was In A Few Countries Back In August someone17303/19/11
Big In Japan AngelofDeath03/07/11
Album Artwork WashboardSuds02/24/11
Long Songs, Concepts And One-track Albums. TheArkitecht02/18/11
1000 Comments 100 Albums zarquan9902/06/11
V-day: Music To Shag To AngelofDeath02/02/11
Users Albums Of The Decade sin6902/01/11
Old People At Subway Scoot01/31/11
Christopher Nolan Ranked vmcoia9101/26/11
Back To School... ZBJE01/02/11
25 Beers You Need In Your Life AngelofDeath12/20/10
Itl: Retro Video Game Recs Needed! sweeptehsweepz11/28/10
Interesting List! TheStefan11/09/10
My Classics taroo10/22/10
Greetings And Salutations, Sputnik! schlock10/18/10
Dirty Japs AngelofDeath10/13/10
Sputnikmovies vanderb0b10/12/10
The Mellow And The Melancholy AngelofDeath10/12/10
Today's New Listens taroo10/05/10
Liberi's Top 20 From 2000-09 Liberi Fatali10/04/10
Consider This My Resignation jesusjuice117910/04/10
If Vh1 Can Do It, So Can I! jesusjuice117909/11/10
Favorite Albums At The Moment neilk10109/01/10
Mah Digs Canyons of Static08/27/10
Post-rock: A Guideline jesusjuice117908/26/10
Favorite 10 Albums Of The Decade NeutralThunder1208/25/10
Wreckmend Meesum Albums SynthSky08/16/10
Post-rock Recs NeutralThunder1208/08/10
Jules' Thank Yous JulesWin07/20/10
Albums from Asia (hoping) to buy List someone17307/15/10
1000 Ratings crazyblinddude07/14/10
Post-rock And Jazz Digs, Recs Please NeutralThunder1207/06/10
A Decade List Approved By Jesus jesusjuice117906/22/10
Chilled Out EverythingEvil211306/21/10
A Mutated Decade Fugue06/17/10
Gyro's Decade Of Yum Gyromania06/16/10
Chamberedecade chambered8906/16/10
A Decade Of Silence Pt.3 YouAreMySilence06/13/10
Decade Lists Fugue06/12/10
Deviant Does The Decade Deviant.06/12/10
Film Scores? YouAreMySilence06/10/10
The Dancing Deviant Deviant.06/04/10
Digz. Gimme Recs. Thanks. NeutralThunder1206/03/10
Need Moar Post-rock/ambient NeutralThunder1205/19/10
Neo Classical/post Rock/drone Recs YouAreMySilence05/15/10
Bunch Of Electronica chambered8905/07/10
Breasts YouAreMySilence04/14/10
Kick Ass Was Kick Ass KritikalMotion04/08/10
Greatest Albums Gyromania04/06/10
Paranormal Activity Wtf? Slipping Away03/17/10
Shutter Island YouAreMySilence03/11/10
Get This Album Now!!!!!! NeutralThunder1203/11/10
All The Digz NeutralThunder1203/11/10
Albums To Fall Asleep To Ghostechoes03/07/10
Need Something New WolfAmI03/06/10
Something Something Something SlightlyEpic02/27/10
Over 2 Years On Sputnik YouAreMySilence02/25/10
Need Classical Recs LeotardMessiah02/22/10
Top Ten Albums Vol. 2 IanDavila02/20/10
Teach Me SlightlyEpic02/15/10
Overlooked? (pt 2) Buccaneer02/07/10
Some More Recent Acquisitions FreQman02/01/10
Mendigo & The Zerozeroes Mendigo01/27/10
Appendix A: Overlooked/Unknown Post-rock Prophet17801/10/10
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
Festfestfest marksellsuswallets09/29/09
Post Rock Heaven Gyromania08/18/09
Happy Birthday To GYRO! Gyromania08/13/09
Summer Pt 1 feav23307/22/09
Thanks Sputnik! zuzek05/23/09
The Bees Knees Buccaneer04/11/09
100 natey02/09/09
Generic Dig List OnionTerror02/06/09
Sitting Here Like A Silent Bird Crimson02/06/09
Top 100! Yai! Crimson01/15/09
Must Hear Before '09 Abdar11212/31/08
Top 20 Of 07 Minus The Flair12/25/07
Too Late For The List FlawedPerfection12/24/07


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