336 Music Lists Found Mentioning The Sound of Perseverance

A Humble Hello: My First Day On Sputnik SomeSayShesNaive01/24/15
Weird Time Signatures In Metal TheSonomaDude01/10/15
Personal Favorite Albums 5NightsAtFreddys01/07/15
Finding Snow In Arizona BornDeadBuriedAlive01/07/15
Wow These Openers Ryus12/23/14
Death albums ranked Superreallycool12/23/14
Killer Opening Tracks In Metal FlyheadMetal12/18/14
Rip Chuck D: CK12/13/14
Trying To Get Into Death Metal 5NightsAtFreddys12/02/14
My Entire Album Collection MotoMusic11/23/14
Favorite Albums KOSTER11/22/14
Albums I Own CalculatingInfinity11/16/14
Death (band) Albums Worst To Best FadeToBlack10/05/14
Best Metal Albums squidysquid09/23/14
1-1/2 Years On Sputnik. Favorite Albums Found Here. mikep8709/23/14
Album Digging - Since God Knows When JJKeys09/20/14
Some Of My Favorite Album Covers Pt. 2 Xenorazr09/07/14
Death Ranked KeeneIsGod08/23/14
Veldin's Metal List - Come Hither Veldin08/12/14
100 Metal Songs yourgodisinferior08/05/14
5 Favorite Full Metal Alchemist Charcaters Snowdog80806/17/14
Need Death Metal Recs DharmaBurns06/06/14
Closers From Final Album or Only Album Necrotica05/21/14
Worst Death Album? TableGuy05/20/14
Death Ranked KingdomOfTyrant05/19/14
Top 5 yourgodisinferior05/15/14
Hench's Top 25s: 1998 HenchmanOfSanta05/12/14
Great War Of The 90s First Battle (2) Fleshpound05/08/14
The Best Songs From Each Death Album TableGuy05/06/14
How To Tell Good From Bad Grindcore ncguitar05/03/14
Albums I Used To Like But Now Don't PillowGuy04/24/14
Why TSOP Is Terrible PillowGuy04/24/14
Tsop Is Disgustingly Underrated! Necrotica04/24/14
Favorite Gym Albums yourgodisinferior04/23/14
Well-Made Games That The Internet Hates PillowGuy04/19/14
Which Is The Absolute Worst? PillowGuy04/18/14
Which Is The Worst? PillowGuy04/17/14
Worst Users of all time GrandpaSeth300004/17/14
DEATH RANKED GrandpaSeth300004/12/14
Jams SatanicPeanuts04/10/14
My Favorite Video Game Franchises PillowGuy04/09/14
Need Summer Recs OysterizerInsomniac04/09/14
Albums I Can't Like Because Of The Hate They Get PillowGuy04/07/14
Bands/artists I Will Be Giving A Shot Soon ellagos04/05/14
Sput Bday: Favorite Users And Albums Judio!04/03/14
My Favorite Death Metal Albums RacoonSlayer5004/01/14
Vote For The Best Death Album PillowGuy03/27/14
Incredible Heavy Albums yourgodisinferior03/27/14
FiveLeavesLeft's Ranking Of Death PillowGuy03/26/14
Albums I've Made People Hate PillowGuy03/21/14
Death's Final 4 austin88803/12/14
Favorite Albums At The Time, Rec Me Some Bedex03/12/14
Which Death Album Had The Best Production? PillowGuy03/12/14
Worst Megadeth Album? PillowGuy03/11/14
Best Slayer Album? PillowGuy03/10/14
This Past Month's Listening Ryus03/09/14
Your Least Favorite Of Metallica's First 4 Albums? PillowGuy03/07/14
Albums I'm Insecure About Liking PillowGuy03/06/14
Worst Death Album? PillowGuy03/05/14
My Top 10 Favorite Songs Necrotica03/05/14
Highly Rated Albums That Are Hated By Many PillowGuy03/04/14
Death Ranked PillowGuy03/04/14
Hated Albums That I Like PillowGuy02/27/14
Awesome Goddamn Sput Users Necrotica02/25/14
Great Closing/final Tracks Ending02/18/14
Rec Me Bands With Good Bass Players rapedbyelephants02/16/14
Best Albums I've Heard For The First Time This Year Ryus02/08/14
Prog Rock/Metal, Metal ludo2202/04/14
Bands I wish were still together Avagantamos01/09/14
Recent Cd Purchases adace101/05/14
Seeing Red BeneaththeDarkOcean01/05/14
Album Battle - Death musicalmedicine01/04/14
December 2013 TPM73101/02/14
Another Christmas List MoosechriS12/28/13
My Favourite Guitarists BoyInTheBox12/18/13
Rip Chuck Schuldiner TPM73112/13/13
Death Ranked insanedrexl112/09/13
The Finest Hours Of Black/Death Metal TheSonomaDude12/03/13
Death - Ranked InFiction12/02/13
Got A New Job JamesDay11/16/13
Personal Top 50 Death Metal Albums trainofconsequence10/20/13
Latest Metal Purchased shredaman10/16/13
Death Ranked charbyno10/02/13
The Real Weird Thing About Death trainofconsequence09/25/13
500 Ratings VisionsFromTheDarkSide09/22/13
Favourite Bands/album/song SlMBOLlC09/20/13
Top 5 Metal/rock Albums Of 1998 charbyno09/09/13
Annoying PitchforkArms09/08/13
Red Albums JokineAugustus09/07/13
Digs Rsetness909/05/13
Death Ranked UnderTheNorthernScar08/20/13
Death Guitarists Ranked Madbutcher308/09/13
Cheeky 10 ButteryBiscuitBass08/08/13
Death Albums Ranked Madbutcher308/06/13
Chuck Hard Hawks07/13/13
Favourite Metal Drummers Madbutcher307/05/13
Limp Bizkit Vs. Death - Who Is Better? lyon153507/05/13
Death Vs Morbid Angel huguitoescorza07/04/13
Team Fortress 2 Maps DegausserGuernica2406/29/13
25 Favorite Albums Of All Time jamboy106/26/13
Wheres Metal 2013??? robertsona06/24/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness - Second Round Scum06/24/13
Death Albums Ranked ThrashK06/23/13
Sputnik's Metal Madness - First Round Scum06/23/13
Top 10 Death Metal Albums Necrotica06/11/13
Death Ranked sonictheplumber06/07/13
Good Albums In No Particular Order Or Genre Jamiefrancesc06/05/13
Favourite Metal Albums Of The 90s charbyno06/05/13
Death: Vinyl Vs Cd Vs Digital. CaptainHadouken06/03/13
I Just Keep Come Crawling Back Ross2205/21/13
Your Subway Sub Jesuslaves05/18/13
5000 Comments Jacquibim05/14/13
Happy Chuck Day! Wafflez05/13/13
Scum's Top 50 Artists On Last.fm Scum05/08/13
Rec Me Some Death/black/doom Metal Needsmoarbreakdowns05/06/13
Favorite Instrument? Mike0804/26/13
1 Year Sputversary Gwyn.04/22/13
The Hands That Thieve Trebor.04/16/13
This Timeline Thing I Stole From Pbass0 philmj04/13/13
A Prog Metal List Freakeye04/05/13
Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Death To All Tour CK03/16/13
Give Me Heavy ILJ03/09/13
My Relatively Top 100 Albums Mike0803/08/13
Choose One robschuldiner103/08/13
Album Art laughingman2202/24/13
My Definitive List RayRay02/21/13
The Big 4's Of Metal? SlMBOLlC02/13/13
My 20 Fav Albums SlMBOLlC02/12/13
Top 10 Favourite Metal Albums 155469902/11/13
What Is Your Favorite Metal Genre laughingman2202/09/13
Death's Albums Ranked atokad43202/09/13
Harleyzhc's 100 Favorite Metal Albums harleyZHC02/04/13
Prog Metal Recs FixedSocketThreat01/28/13
Looking To Start A Vinyl Collection ButteryBiscuitBass01/15/13
Good List SlMBOLlC01/15/13
Exam Week Freakeye01/12/13
Remembering Chuck Schuldiner mifzal12/13/12
Extreme Death Metal DallyLama12/07/12
Ax Men peaks4011/28/12
The Ten Best Artists I Have Ever Heard souleater11/21/12
My Top 40 Albums Of All Time souleater11/20/12
Killer Must Own Records ButteryBiscuitBass11/19/12
The World Simply Just Can't End... CK11/18/12
100 Killer Albums souleater11/16/12
Death Albums huguitoescorza10/31/12
Albums That Rule, Albums That Don't ThunderNeutral2110/27/12
Florida> evilford10/18/12
Songs Of The Week Part 5 YoYoMancuso10/14/12
Death Albums Ranked dsroka00510/06/12
Metal Digs YoYoMancuso10/04/12
September Most Played ViperAces09/30/12
Best Death Per Album Ovrot09/28/12
Albums That Never Get Old YoYoMancuso09/27/12
Ok Favorite Album Time necromechanical09/25/12
Death Metal Hard Hawks09/24/12
Greatest Albums Ever evilford09/20/12
Rip Chuck CaptainDooRight09/20/12
10 Best Death Song (until Now) ViperAces09/20/12
For The Love Of God Stop Listening To Crap. omnipanzer09/20/12
Bands With The Coolest Evolution \m/! ManintheBox09/18/12
The word "esque" ruined my review ViperAces09/16/12
Unbanned Digs ChuckyTruant09/15/12
Banned Digs ChuckTheBannedBatMan09/15/12
Death Albums Ranked mifzal09/10/12
2 Years Tomorrow ZilbelStillPings09/10/12
Top Albums Of 1998 Cghost09/10/12
Death Ranked DarkSideOfLucca09/09/12
Gonna Kill My Dad KillsLittleBoy09/02/12
Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
My Top 10 Albums mayhemmaster108/23/12
The List Of Digs jrm9608/15/12
Top Fav Tech Metal Albums gnik111108/13/12
Finally a good Metal list \m/!!!!!!!!!!! ManintheBox07/12/12
Top 10 Favorite Metal Albums dsroka00507/03/12
Good Music illmitch06/18/12
The Ten Albums That Changed My Life theyhann05/14/12
Modium CrackeTheSkull05/02/12
Death Ranked VisionsFromTheDarkSide04/29/12
Tech Death That's Not Gay sonictheplumber04/29/12
Cds I Have For My Car DarkSideOfLucca04/25/12
Death Metal CrimsonFloyd04/23/12
Most Shocking Tv Deaths? Parallels04/18/12
This Is Basically All I Listen To Anymore. DarkSideOfLucca04/15/12
Need Death Metal JLeww6904/08/12
Indisputable Evidence That Metal Will Never Die ILikeRepetitiveMusic04/02/12
SKULL CRUSHING METAL DarkSideOfLucca03/30/12
Freespace 2 dammets03/29/12
Crimsonfloyd's List Of Essential Metal CrimsonFloyd03/28/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
Fav Hard Rock/Metal Albums So Far dannyboy8903/11/12
Top 25 Deafff Metuhlz Hawks03/09/12
Treb's 90's Trebor.03/03/12
Top 10 Progressive Albums CrimsonFloyd02/28/12
Krazytom's 10 Best Death Metal Albums Of All Time krazytom02/24/12
Best 4 Album Stretch? cb12302/20/12
What I've Been Listening To Recently DarkSideOfLucca02/20/12
Death Recs Plz MudIdol02/20/12
Favorite Music: 90s Up To Now macadoolahicky02/07/12
I Really Should Be Reading But... macadoolahicky01/24/12
Top 30 Albums RATM4601/23/12
Gimmie Weird Stuff Mewcopa001/16/12
Kanye Vs. Business Cards Scoot12/20/11
10 Years Rip pissbore12/13/11
Need moar Dan Swano KjSwantko12/07/11
Turning 21 Next Week Antipunk12/01/11
Opeth Fans Are Horses BaselineOOO11/24/11
20 Amazing Metal Drummers SpiritCrusher211/13/11
Best Metal Albums bladerunner5333111/03/11
Albums On My Ipod lyon153510/16/11
Metalling Hard Today JamieTwort10/15/11
Death: Where Do I start? Ignimbrite10/07/11
Wtf 69 Ratings NWOAHM66609/28/11
Masturbatory Bass Performances BugZoid09/12/11
Rec Me Metal Please crazyblinddude09/09/11
Sunday Morning Classics sonictheplumber08/28/11
Kingdom Hearts TheArkitecht07/29/11
Death Albums Ranked lyon153507/22/11
Metal Rec's Anyone? bowlofsoup07/19/11
Random Metal Albums lyon153507/19/11
I'm New FullOnRapist07/03/11
Which Of These Should I Buy First dammets06/18/11
Death Ranked Decapod06/14/11
Sputnikmusic Revolution Spec06/07/11
New Counterparts Artwork Revealed Spec06/06/11
Cant Wait To Get 20k Comments So Kill Will Review Foreigner sonictheplumber06/06/11
The Nineteen Nineties EverythingEvil211305/25/11
Stuff I've Been Listening To In The Last 24 Hours PostModernJellyfish05/16/11
Death Albums Ranked JustARegularGuy05/14/11
Bands From Spain And Portugal? beefshoes04/24/11
50 Albums I 5'd Scoot04/21/11
My Essential Metal Albums RATM4604/20/11
Favorite Tech-death Albums thomann8404/13/11
Top Ten Favourite Bands (warning may contain traces of cliche). TheArkitecht04/05/11
Chuck Schuldiner Ranked 05McDonaldT03/26/11
Possible Upcoming Reviews ShinXetsu03/24/11
Top 10 Favorite Albums PoweredByMetal03/19/11
Twenty Favorite 90's Albums jayfatha03/18/11
1000 Ratings Fugue03/17/11
Death Ranked austin88803/15/11
1000 Ratings 05McDonaldT03/13/11
Cds I Bought In The Month Of Feb ev0ken03/04/11
Ohh Fuuuuu.... New User. TheArkitecht02/05/11
Death Recs Strider11/27/10
Favorite Death Songs IRAI11/07/10
Monkey Nuts Are The Tits Fugue11/04/10
Everyday Listens. layersmeng10/26/10
10 Best Metal Frontmen wyankeif133710/22/10
The "Big Three" of Prog Death Ranked demon of surveillance10/13/10
Harmony Harmony Oh Love Rugter3209/20/10
Favorite Album Covers austin88809/16/10
My Birthday TBliss09/02/10
Tech Death Recs? vanderb0b08/16/10
Best Guitar Solos AngelofDeath08/14/10
It's Cool Because I Can Make Lists Ace24508/11/10
3 Years At Sputnik, Like Anyone Cares JayVex08/04/10
I Feel Inadequate SomewhereBetween06/27/10
Death Metal vanderb0b05/24/10
Scrambles The Death Dealer EverythingEvil211305/13/10
Downloads 3 Plz Rec Mewcopa04/25/10
eminems new album is called recpvery Urinetrouble04/14/10
Deatherection Edwin04/12/10
Yer KILL04/10/10
Some Metal sexpoi03/22/10
New Here vanderb0b03/12/10
My Very Favorite Music Found On Sputnik Jethro4203/05/10
Top Ten Bands SpectralArchitect02/28/10
New To Sputnik SpectralArchitect02/18/10
Recent Music, Rec? Heartfang01/30/10
Albums I Want Similar Styles To Xenorazr01/30/10
My First List ArchoN01/22/10
Best 2 Album Runs FeralMemories01/06/10
Taking Classes At Local Community College BradMan01/04/10
What Did I Get For Christmas? random12/25/09
Burn2Burn's Magical Journey Through The Decade Burn2Burn12/12/09
Top 10 Metal Albums Of 1998 FeralMemories12/11/09
Biggest Digs List Ever Schizophrenik12/08/09
Bands That Quit Too Soon FeralMemories11/30/09
Best Band Logos FeralMemories11/19/09
Musical Rut, Need Help EverythingEvil211311/18/09
Favorite Album Covers FeralMemories11/11/09
Alt Account NebSnurb11/01/09
Death KILL10/06/09
Napalm In The Morning KILL09/14/09
Opeth Are Shit KILL09/07/09
This Or That!? AndManyMore08/28/09
Alligator Is Cool KILL08/18/09
Looking For Suggestions. PapaSmurf1308/14/09
Current Digs Hecksplosion08/09/09
Ultimate 90s List Mendigo07/27/09
Favourite Metal Albums Kainetic07/27/09
Classic Death Metal BreeBreeChuggaLug07/13/09
Eureka! ThyCrossAwaits06/19/09
Awesome Drumming triplet7606/04/09
I Have Lost All Hope lateoctober05/28/09
My Favourite Albums.... triplet7605/25/09
Albums That Influence My Drumming BornDeadBuriedAlive05/09/09
It Was A Good Weekend... ThyCrossAwaits04/12/09
My Top 10 Favourites xecutioner03/22/09
Death Albums Ranked KILL03/03/09
Albums On Repeat dahmerszombies02/24/09
Prog Metal Rugter3202/13/09
Top 15 Albums O' Mine (the Genericness!) Rugter3202/04/09
Jrowa001's 100 Favs!! jrowa00102/03/09
Albums I Like To Call My Favorites SlowlyWeRot01/25/09
Were I To Be Stranded On A Desert Island... ealordofthedepths01/17/09
A Levels In 2 Days lauriej01/11/09
Top 50 metallicaman8811/28/08
Massive To-get List Buccaneer11/26/08
My Actual Favorite Albums dahmerszombies10/07/08
1 Year, 50 Albums McP300010/02/08
To Acquire DeathThrashProg09/07/08
Fav list ^^ Sabottheory09/03/08
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 McP300009/03/08
My Top 100 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute08/27/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
Metal Digs foreverendeared07/14/08
Mcp's Top 25 McP300006/26/08
What Is Currently Spinning... Altmer06/02/08
Goodz Musicz UmphreysHead05/14/08
Wolfy's Essentials Wolfy04/21/08
Yeah These Are Some Of My Digs Lately... Altmer04/19/08
Album Covers combustion0704/15/08
Listening At The Moment. Prometherion03/26/08
Top 5 Cookie Monster Vocals Albums Altmer03/06/08
20 Brutal Albums I Like Altmer02/13/08
Best Albums Of Metal Genres Pebster4902/10/08
Current Favs Krista1701/14/08
R.i.p. Chuck NemesisDivina12/13/07
Death, Best To Worst Lunarfall12/10/07
Recent Digs Yazz_Flute11/18/07
Favorite Death Metal Reign_In_Blood_8911/11/07
Favorite Album Art From Favorite Bands Yazz_Flute11/06/07
What Should I Get Next? Yazz_Flute10/30/07
The End Of Summer Krista1708/28/07
Top 50 The Flabbit Rides High11/25/06


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