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Black Avagantamos11/13/14
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Metal Albums Of The Decade: 2000-2009 (my favorites) huguitoescorza10/30/14
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21st Century Riffs: 100 Albums Thibs10/05/14
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Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction09/27/14
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The Sputnik World KrazyKris09/20/14
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Between The Buried And Me Lps Ranked Deathbeds09/12/14
I Own These - 07/09/2014 BonzoDatShit09/07/14
Early/winter 2014 TheManMachine09/02/14
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5's drksideofthemn508/26/14
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Best Weekend of my Life Futures08/05/14
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Post-rock And Metalcore PitchforkArms03/22/14
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My Vinyl Collection (so Far) mortifierftw03/15/14
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My Past Year *thank You Sputnik!* JaySpiral02/28/14
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2007 PitchforkArms02/15/14
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Eboot.pbp theacademy01/29/14
Ranking Other People's 5s : Fearthyevil9 neurisis1701/28/14
5's Ranked JaySpiral01/22/14
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Music I Own musicalmedicine12/24/13
Favorite Years For Music Avagantamos12/21/13
Hard Drug's Revised Top 10 Albums Of All Time harddrughartman12/19/13
Record Player Help JoshTh11/19/13
Bye Sputnik :) JamesAnthingElse11/03/13
Raiding Hot Topic MosesMalone10/25/13
Sputnikgames. We Need To Make This Happen. MadMikeLove10/13/13
best metalcore/other bands I started listening to around the same jmh88610/08/13
100th List. Drop Everything. SadAndHolyGlow09/29/13
Why Do People Hate Btbam? Crawl09/28/13
Calc's Vinyl(s) Calc09/25/13
Breaking Bad - Granite State Gethype JaySpiral09/22/13
learning to prog Minus.09/11/13
Fave Albums Oceanspellcaster09/10/13
Favorite Drum Performances jmh88609/08/13
My Top 25 Albums FirstLucidDream09/08/13
20-07 maddin09/07/13
Music and high school PitchforkArms09/04/13
Between The Buried And Me Ranked MAGNIFICENT09/02/13
Sleep Paralysis dathvada32108/30/13
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Some People Say I Look Like Me Dad theacademy07/23/13
Favorite Albums JeremyVee07/21/13
A Story SharkLasers07/14/13
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Assassins Creed: Liberace theacademy07/06/13
So Many Genres! SadAndHolyGlow06/28/13
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Why 2007 Is The Best JaySpiral06/24/13
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Sputnik's Prog Madness! - Round of 64 JaySpiral06/18/13
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Current Top 100. WolfCocoon05/12/13
Miss You Guys aok05/03/13
21 Most Influential Metal Albums Of The 21st Century ManintheBox04/16/13
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John Lennon Beat His Wife? SputsMacKenzie04/02/13
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Metal My Top 100 DarkSideOfLucca03/27/13
Cds I Own Gowhenred03/19/13
How To Shit The Bed Ft. Craig Kimbrel theacademy03/14/13
100 Bands I've Seen Live elephantREVOLUTION03/09/13
Vinyl Records ILJ03/08/13
Album Leak Tracking Device Trebor.02/25/13
One Of The Best Solos Crawl02/25/13
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Most List-mentioned Albums Gwyn.02/10/13
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Opeth Or Btbam imma02/08/13
I'm Getting Sputified! Basman02/01/13
my top 100 albums of all time kb3601/30/13
There's A Fire ILJ01/26/13
Recommend Me Random Stuff Vespiion01/25/13
High School Jams 05-09 elephantREVOLUTION01/23/13
Awesome Album Art Braden37801/05/13
100 Greatest Metal Albums (Definive List) huguitoescorza12/19/12
50 Albums Hadouken Loves! CaptainHadouken12/17/12
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Actual Sputnik Awards theacademy12/09/12
Favorite Album Closers Avagantamos12/08/12
Don't Fuck This Up For Me theacademy12/02/12
Birthday Extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!! ChuckyTruant12/01/12
Btbam Ranked BYAMdrummer11/22/12
My Favorite Albums VermicideReloadead11/22/12
New On Sound Cloud! ChuckyTruant11/10/12
Coheed And Btbam Touring Inferis11/05/12
My Top Metal Albums maidenpmcc10/27/12
Most Emotional Album Closers Insurrection10/25/12
Between The Buried And Me Vs Protest The Hero huguitoescorza10/22/12
Shows I Have Been To. BenX0210/10/12
Btbam Ranked MeatSalad10/10/12
Top 10 Actors In The 1995 Saturn Award Nominated Motion Picture: Congo theacademy10/09/12
Albums I Get Lost In Every Time theM3rcenary10/08/12
Not Fucking Around theacademy10/07/12
2000-2012 Gems... theblackhand10/07/12
Any Metalheads? JakexMetal9610/07/12
Top 10 Albums (update) Braden37810/03/12
3 Recent Films You Should Check Out theacademy10/01/12
Overrated Bands ThroneOfSystemUnfold09/24/12
Lost All My Music JWT15509/12/12
Top Albums Of 2007 Cghost09/12/12
Thank You, Sputnik. Thebes09/12/12
Do We Really Need Another Parkway Drive Cd? Sniff09/11/12
Sputnik, You Suck. A00009/07/12
Microphone Advice. Butkuiss09/06/12
okay users lets do this foxxxy09/04/12
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Greatest Metal Albums For All Time (in My Opinion) huguitoescorza08/30/12
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10k O'clock RiffOClock08/14/12
Between the Buried and Me Ranked Insurrection08/13/12
New To Thrice, Where Do I Start? STAR9608/13/12
Rec Me Some Good Dillinger Escape Plan Songs. jrm9608/12/12
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Hmm, Maybe Sputnik Isnt For Me... Kbusch12308/08/12
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What I Listen To Most Of The Time: AW1107/15/12
Assist Me! TheDjehuty07/11/12
2007 mttgry07/11/12
The Help theacademy07/06/12
Music Rec's....... exportnow06/30/12
Some Of My Fav Shit Atm theacademy06/30/12
Wasting Words On Lower Cases And Capitals raggedragamuffin06/29/12
Top 5 'classics' I Don't Get Danthearsonist06/27/12
Albums I've Fallen In Love With Over The Years UORawker06/24/12
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The 5 Albums That Killed Music IdiotequeCigar06/18/12
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My Favorite Albums Of All-Time (Pt. 1) akimbo06/16/12
E3 2012 Devastator06/05/12
I Still Don't Hate This Band Wombat98805/30/12
Albums That Flow livingisland05/24/12
Sputnik User Most Likely To... Recspecs05/22/12
Intellectual Music elevatefromthenorm05/21/12
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Albums I Like dathvada32104/26/12
I Like Metal, I Guess... UnnamedOcean04/25/12
My favorite Albums LTDA04/25/12
Overrated Albums dunksman2304/23/12
Why Haven't I Listened To These Yet? digimental10104/21/12
The Witcher 2 And Game Of Thrones ckypro304/21/12
Favorite Users Devastator04/09/12
Why Music Is So Important To Me ILJ04/04/12
Great Albums On An Awful Label: Victory Records blairosh04/03/12
Sonicthepsychologist: Neutralthunder12 sonictheplumber03/29/12
Metalcore Brothers ChuckyTruant03/24/12
My Recent Digs [2] MetalMan7903/22/12
Tyrael's 10k: Dawn Of Sputnik Tyrael03/22/12
BTBAM Ranked AlasKenColors03/22/12
Thank You Sputnik SpiritCrusher203/22/12
Invalid File jwyles403/21/12
Rec Me Some Stuff iSkane03/18/12
Great Albums Produced By Joey Sturgis Trebor.03/14/12
Between The Buried And Me Ranked Annayalater03/14/12
Bighans' Faves NeutralThunder1202/28/12
Recs!!! Pillow12302/23/12
Favorite Bands/albums jg77702/21/12
Need essential prog albums CrownOfMagnets02/20/12
Albums That Changed Your Life? ILJ02/18/12
Sputnik Music Taste #2 feelthemetallica02/17/12
Another Shuffle ChuckyTruant02/15/12
2012 Expectations D41V30N02/14/12
Current Vinyl Collection wacknizzle02/07/12
Favorite Font acad02/06/12
I Watched Chronicle Tonight.... Recspecs02/04/12
Ten Life-changing Albums thesystemisdown02/03/12
Bands That I Don't Care About TheVoiceAndTheSnake01/31/12
Holy Epic Fucking Jams Batman!!! ManintheBox01/29/12
I Really Should Be Reading But... macadoolahicky01/24/12
Trebor Is A Top Commenter On Know Your Meme Trebor.01/23/12
Favorite Metal Albums. pike2701/19/12
Progressively Metal Drpibb01/16/12
Favorite Album Closers TheseModernThings01/02/12
Sputnik Has Chosen! Masochist12/29/11
19 ILJ12/23/11
Recs Please BigShark12/18/11
Stuff I've Been Listening to Frequently For The Past Year Damon12/15/11
Need Progressive Metal Recs DrummerX0912/07/11
Giftmas parawhorez12/05/11
Favorite 24 Guitarists RooseveltsGhost12/02/11
All The Albums I Can Fit On My 8 Gig Ipod FrFRfr11/25/11
Albums That Get Me Through Daily Life Cursiver11/24/11
Another Generic Top 10 emptyblackbox11/17/11
Critical Examinations ProfessorVeerappan11/16/11
My Favorite Album Openers TheseModernThings11/14/11
20 Amazing Metal Drummers SpiritCrusher211/13/11
Best Pokemon Moves Trebor.11/09/11
100 Ratings 100 Albums dammets11/09/11
11.11.11 heyadam11/08/11
Pandorum HiLion11/07/11
It's My Birthday! TheArkitecht11/04/11
I've Been Out Of The Metal Loop For A While. Recent Good Album Recs? dancekevindance10/30/11
Disappointing Albums BaselineOOO10/30/11
Favorite Concept Albums (metal) jg77710/29/11
Progressive Moments 1 HeWhoBeards10/23/11
Personal Favorite Prog Metal Releases. BringerOfStorms10/21/11
In Defense Of My Fives steadyriot10/21/11
25 Favorite Albums jg77710/20/11
Users I'd Like To Meet Irl Samshine10/19/11
Recent Digs jakeboehmer10/17/11
The Procrastination List ILJ10/13/11
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22 Worst Movies + The Thing Prequel theacademy10/12/11
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100 Bands I Do Not Care About Basman10/11/11
What Do You Smoke? Zorak10/11/11
My Personal Favorites Frederickog35710/08/11
I Miss Silentpotato I'm Heartbroken BDx9410/08/11
Between The Buried And Me Ranked BDx9410/07/11
A Little Bit Tired About Metalcore Detritivore10/07/11
Albums That Sputnik Loves And I Don't jefflebowski10/02/11
I Joined Here When There Was Mxtabs/musicianforums.com, Heres Some Shit Ive Been Listening To The Last 6 Years. Elmo McCheese09/28/11
My Top Ten Albums Of All-time. PretentiousListener09/21/11
Bored So I'm Making A List....hoopla! GreyShadow09/20/11
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Why Was The Site Down? Lambda08/21/11
Drummers That Inspire Me To Improve PedalToTheMetal08/19/11
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Aids' Top 100 Artists (according To Last.fm) Aids04/22/11
10 Best Albums btbam4204/18/11
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It's Harder Than A Diamond TheBloodTypo04/14/11
I'm Finally Caught Up TheBloodTypo04/12/11
The Albums Of Boooommmmm!!!! Grant13152304/12/11
Live Bands. Ranked twlichty04/11/11
Fucking Charts demigod!04/11/11
Weekend Albums ThePrisonGuard04/09/11
Top Ten Favourite Bands (warning may contain traces of cliche). TheArkitecht04/05/11
Best Bass Guitar Albums demigod!04/05/11
Video Games sithofheaven04/04/11
My Favorite ten albums. SahFriendly04/03/11
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Prog Metal Is The Best Type Of Metal... flalafell04/01/11
Internet Games Rock KinkyFresh03/31/11
New Btbam Ep twlichty03/31/11
Wow Motiv303/31/11
Btbam= Being Drunk At A Circus Mike0803/30/11
Sunday Proggy Sunday ThePrisonGuard03/27/11
Each Person Rec Me One Album Crimson Death03/27/11
Sputnik/rym Ratings & Positions Comparison xenocide.03/26/11
Progressive Metalcore twlichty03/22/11
Five Hund-o iSkane03/22/11
Fighting For Fives iSkane03/22/11
Older Stuff I Finally Got Around To Listening To Recently PandaLuke03/22/11
Top 10 Favorite Albums PoweredByMetal03/19/11
Favorite Genre Noodlearms03/10/11
I'm So Ronery bungy03/10/11
Bass Guitar!!!!!! twlichty03/09/11
Favorite Albums Wheelah03/05/11
My Top 100 Albums alexhennigh03/04/11
Best Metal Albums By Subgenre Remer1703/01/11
You Will Hate This List Remer1702/28/11
My Fifty Favorite Albums igloodude02/27/11
Major Trip Ahead ZilbelPing02/26/11
Hiatus Ire02/25/11
Albums I'm Currently Listening To. Remer1702/23/11
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Itt You Rec Prog And Jazz Fusion Ire02/01/11
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Users' Best Of The Decade Willie01/21/11
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Top Albums Nangfaldmund01/08/11
Gimme sum Christmas albums, Fool! pedro7051201/02/11
The Decade In Metal sumyunguy12/30/10
Rec me works with great SONGWRITING (I'm trying to get better) sweeptehsweepz12/29/10
Got Error 28 From Storage Engine morte12/26/10
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Everything On This List Is Better Than Demon Hunter jesusjuice117909/29/10
Top 20 Favorite Guitarists NeutralThunder1209/27/10
Waiory Users? Waior09/26/10
My Good Albums Avagantamos09/24/10
1k Celebration supertouchox209/23/10
Hey I Like Music jesusjuice117909/19/10
5 Favorite Sputnikers NeutralThunder1209/17/10
My Favorite Death Metal ieatpuppies4dinner09/15/10
You Go To Berklee? BTBAMbear09/13/10
University Ralphims09/13/10
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Life Changing Albums ImpendingSpoon32109/03/10
More Recs? ImpendingSpoon32108/30/10
I Need Rec's Bad ImpendingSpoon32108/28/10
Favorite 10 Albums Of The Decade NeutralThunder1208/25/10
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Aids' Top 50 Of The Decade Aids08/23/10
I Lurv u gais 2 Counterfeit08/22/10
First List!!:D chesse1308/19/10
Potsy Counterfeit08/17/10
My Top 10 Albums TheBloodTypo08/12/10
Not Just Any Guitar Solo.......... BiasedLightning1308/12/10
New England's 4 Seasons Ranked ABR15708/12/10
The Best Albums Ever Made jesuspicklexxx08/11/10
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Birthday List MoosechriS08/04/10
Need More Metal NickelbackFTL08/02/10
In Need Of A Death Mutalz Booster Pack! sweeptehsweepz08/01/10
Top 10 Favorite Albums (currently) kingjulian07/28/10
Recommend Me Music Brudduh ihategoodmusic07/17/10
6 Hour Drive Ahead Of Me MoosechriS07/14/10
Colors incomtaxes07/14/10
Favorite Characters On Shows JizzInMyPants07/10/10
Worth The Hype? Spec07/10/10
Top 15 Favorite Albums KotoFtw07/09/10
Top 50 Of The Decade elephantREVOLUTION06/24/10
Summer Diggs INRIhab06/22/10
Fuckayoolakers cirq06/17/10
Top 100 Of The Decade! Kronzo06/17/10
Lambda's Top 50 Of The Decade Lambda06/15/10
Trying To Write A 2000 Word Essay On Analytical Therapy And Not Coming On Here....... I Failed MoosechriS06/13/10
Didn't Make The Cut UnnamedOcean06/11/10
Little Bro's Ipod Klekticist06/11/10
10 To 1 For The Last Decade multipleofone06/09/10
Thank You Sputnik dante199106/06/10
My Top 10 Favourite Metal/rock Albums Beatskins06/02/10
Top 10 Favourite Metalcore Albums(imo) sEby14605/31/10
Top 10 Guitar Lead Albums TheElephant05/31/10
Metal School Hecksplosion05/27/10
Post & Prog Metal Recs? MoosechriS05/25/10
Disappointing Albums peartnoy05/20/10
Top 50 Albums thesystemisdown05/16/10
Between The Buried And Me - Ranked InFiction05/06/10
Albums I Know Like The Back Of My Hand 0ctahedronzz05/03/10
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Greg's Top 50 Greggers04/27/10
10 Best Prog Albums vanderb0b04/25/10
100 Coments! vanderb0b04/24/10
Best Albums 2000-2009 nabrazune04/18/10
Most Generic Sputnik List Ever soap9104/17/10
Michigan Treska04/16/10
Inspiration ImpossibleInfluence204/16/10
My Taste Before And After Joining Sputnik TheThinIce04/13/10
hello peoples! SexWithJaneDoeMonday04/11/10
Lookin' For Some Recs... TheAdventOf04/11/10
Rec Me Mathcore/technical Death Metal NeutralThunder1204/04/10
Things I Cant Quite Stop Listening To mickeymfb04/04/10
Metal Top Ten(from A Metal Noob) MetalFaceDoom04/02/10
Colors Vs The Great Misdirect NeutralThunder1204/01/10
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Top 100 Of The Decade, #30-21 FeralMemories03/27/10
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Will You Bros Hook Me Up With Prog Metal/rock MetalFaceDoom03/26/10
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Best Metal Of The Decade thesystemisdown03/03/10
Why American Metal Is Better FeralMemories03/03/10
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How Do You Listen To Music? thesystemisdown02/21/10
Best Modern Album Covers. JackFr02/20/10
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Albums That Aren't Good BrandNewBoognish01/28/10
Morning Wood Urinetrouble01/26/10
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My First List ArchoN01/22/10
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2007 Was Probably The Best Year For Metal In A Long Time Thor01/19/10
6 Albums I Can Listen To In One Sitting thedreamforce01/18/10
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Who Did You Discover This Year ShineOn7501/06/10
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One Year On Sputnik Klekticist01/02/10
Why Should I Read YOUR Review? Rubbadonga12/30/09
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Something Different FeralMemories12/26/09
Top 10 Albums Of The Decade (1999-2009) Lambda12/26/09
Lucidity's Decade Lucid12/25/09
Shreddy Albums smiff000912/22/09
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Top 100 Of The Decade. halloway12/18/09
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Macbeth!! thetree12/16/09
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What's The Album You've Listened To The Most? wonderboy456712/15/09
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My Favorite Albums Lately AdamKritz12/12/09
Boondock Saints 2 CushMG1512/03/09
New To Sputnik... Broaden My Tastes Please! edzzztttuuurrr12/02/09
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Post Your Desktop...? Waior10/01/09
So They Banned Hats In My School Grounds Yazz_Flute09/25/09
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Absolute Closest Thing To armfarm09/18/09
10 Best Album Covers rodigo109/14/09
Amazing Evening Stones9909/06/09
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My Favourite Albums.... triplet7605/25/09
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Get Wasted Chimaira9305/16/09
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Where The Milfs At? Understanding In a Crash05/10/09
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Balls tinathefatlard05/08/09
Recs Bitte MusicinaBox05/04/09
Top 15 Favorite Albums Bleak05/01/09
I'm Leaving... Yep, On A Jetplane Waior05/01/09
Converting A Mainstream Boy.... Klekticist04/30/09
Moar Like This! ShineOn7504/20/09
My Top Last.fm 50 Albums Turtlelephant04/20/09
Last.fm - My Top 50 SlightlyEpic04/20/09
Current Digs...recs? ShineOn7504/14/09
Vinyls My Roomate And I Own brainsheldis04/06/09
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If It Weren't For Sputnik aerial03/09/09
Who Said I'm Whack?? JizzInMyPants03/05/09
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New Vinyls Papasfritas4201/29/09
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What Will Happen To Our Children... willfellmarsy12/17/08
Mindblowingly Good Albums Bleak12312/16/08
Under The Docks, On Top Of The Rocks Otisbum12/15/08
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I Have Boneitis Phantom11/19/08
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Moments In Musical History... willfellmarsy09/14/08
Masturbation SnackaryBinx09/09/08
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To Acquire DeathThrashProg09/07/08
My Top 50 Albums Cesar09/04/08
Last 20 Albums Played McP300009/04/08
Im Bored//top 30 As Of The End Of August 08 McP300009/03/08
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Currently A-lovin'... poweroftheweez08/27/08
Albums Currently On My Ipod Windows08/23/08
Albums I.ve Been Listening To Lately Photon08/17/08
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Best Of My Collection Shrapnel9407/06/08
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Adam's Top Albums Of 2007 ArtistFaves06/30/08
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My Last Farewell, Sputnik Bfhurricane06/28/08
Mcp's Top 25 McP300006/26/08
Moar willfellmarsy06/25/08
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Albums That Are Always On Tam-Tam05/21/08
My Ramona's Top 20 Albums 2008 Edition :) MyRamona05/05/08
I've Had the_patient05/04/08
Great Albums I've Been Listening To Recently BigJamie04/25/08
Digg 'em Up mryrtmrnfoxxxy04/05/08
Length=goodness willfellmarsy03/29/08
Death Metal+progressive=: ) TheDistantFuture03/29/08
Digs armfarm03/27/08
Diggin' These botb03/07/08
Recommendationes Por Favor willfellmarsy03/05/08
It's Been A While... Update!!! labonza0102/28/08
Top 5 Albums At The Moment punk rocker6902/23/08
10 Albums I've Been Listening To Lately Apathy7802/21/08
Stuff I Played Out Too Quick UpperDecker02/15/08
Best Albums Of Metal Genres Pebster4902/10/08
Top 25 Most Played XMII02/09/08
Deadly albums ? kaospilot02/03/08
Moonlight's Best Metal MoonlightBleeding01/21/08
Some Recent Buys Zorz01/08/08
My Top 20 Albums Of All Time diegonti01/07/08
I Hate School londoncalling45701/06/08
My Top 50 Albums Of All Time Yazz_Flute01/04/08
Help! I Need Somebody.. londoncalling45712/31/07
Copia And The Such Phil12/29/07
The Best Albums Of 2007 MoonlightBleeding12/28/07
My Top 25 Albums Of 2007 CoreySzn12/28/07
Christmas Albums McP300012/27/07
Metals Best Of 2007! Wizard12/26/07
Bananaoracle's Completely Generic Top Albums Of 2007 bananaoracle12/24/07
15 For 2007 Tyler12/24/07
Staff Picks: Top 50 Albums Of 2007 mx12/24/07
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My Favorite Albums: 1990-2007 Yazz_Flute12/23/07
Flawed's Top 15 Of 2007 FlawedPerfection12/22/07
Botb's Top 15 Of 2007. botb12/22/07
Favorite Albums Of 2007 TheDrew12/21/07
Final Top 15 Of 2007 Foodforthegods12/20/07
My Top 20 This Year Crimson12/20/07
Sputnik Users' Top 100 Albums Of 2007 20440912/19/07
My Top 10 Albums Of 2007 Yazz_Flute12/18/07
Top Albums Of 2007 Confessed200512/18/07
Top 15 Albums Of 2007 jameskukucka12/16/07
My Personal Top 10 Albums Of 2007 Profanatic12/12/07
Best Of 2007 dancelogandance12/10/07
What I Got In 07 *Top 10* Otisbum12/07/07
Very Best Of Rock/metal Of 07 Pebster4912/07/07
Top 10 Albums Of 2007 AB8912/06/07
Cd I've Owned In 2007 Foodforthegods12/06/07
Fledgling Metalhead... NOTINTHEFACE12/03/07
If Everybody Else Is Doing It, Then Why Can't We? Altmer12/02/07
Albums That I Need To Play More But Don't Get Around To Altmer11/29/07
Recent Digs Yazz_Flute11/18/07
Here It Is... The Flabbit Rides High11/14/07
Best Of 07... Yeah. NOTINTHEFACE11/11/07
Top 100 Of 2007 Yyy11/09/07
Night Listening ToWhatEnd11/08/07
Albums I'm Listening To Alot armfarm11/05/07
What Should I Get Next? Yazz_Flute10/30/07
My Favorite Albums MoonlightBleeding10/25/07
Top Albums 2007 Cesar10/25/07
Favorite Albums Of 2007 botb10/18/07
My Favorite Albums As Of Now. guitarplaya9110/16/07
Favs 0.7. HangEmHigh10/15/07
Best Of 2007 So Far altrockdude10/09/07
My Fav Of '07 (in Order) Foodforthegods10/01/07
Extreme Digging jameskukucka09/27/07
My Favorite Progressive Metal/rock Albums Pebster4909/27/07
The 10 Best Albums Of 2007 In My Opinion chris109/19/07
The Best Of 2007 (...so Far) tribestros09/14/07
Great Albums No One Has Heard Of tribestros09/11/07
Stuff I Recently Discovered tribestros09/05/07


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