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My 10 Favorite Classic Rock Bands

Unfortunately, I wasn't alive for the great music of the 70's and 80's, but from an early age thanks to my parents I fell in love with it. These are MY 10 favorite classic rock bands. Not everyone's gonna agree and that's fine just please refrain from leaving unnecssary comments as no one wants to see that shit. Thank You :)
10Ozzy Osbourne

Technically not a band, but still the man is a great artist. Whether with Black Sabbath or biting heads off of bats at his own live shows, no one can forget the great Ozzy. Though most of the retards from my generation only know him for the reality show, those like me that know good music know and love Ozzy.

Delp's vocal range is amazing in itself, but when you add the innovative guitar styles Boston had, it's no wonder they're one of my favorites. I really don't know what else to say about them other than they should be a favorite of everybody.

Some will definitely argue if U2 really is a "rock" band, and that's understandable. U2 has such a unique sound that it may be hard to classify sometimes. I believe they belong here, but there is no doubting this band's talent and influence either way. If it weren't for U2, bands such as The Killers and Coldplay that are big nowadays wouldn't be around. U2 continues to make pretty stellar records as I hope to here even more from them in the future.
7Led Zeppelin

Is it any question that this band belongs in every list there is? I know many will disagree with where I put them but oh well. Still, no debating is needed to say that Zeppelin is one of the gretest bands of all time. Without these guys, half the bands we all know and love might not be here today. Led Zeppelin just possessed such an innovative and different sound that distinguished them from everybody else. Honestly, I wish another band like them would come by and save this musical wasteland that we call "mainstream radio" now.

Anyone who stays alive and kicking for over 35 years and still kick ass on stage deserves a standing O. My sister and I finally got to see them in concert on their Alive 35 tour. They sounded just as good. KISS brought something a little different to the table when they came on the scene. The elaborate make-up and stage shows gave them wide popularity that they still enjoy to this day. They were big when my cousin was little and as a result, has always been a huge fan. I have him to thank for me being a KISS fan. He is proof that there are still many members of the KISS army around who would love to hear more.
5Guns N' Roses

Enjoying a short stint of great success from the lats 80's to early 90's is one of my favorites. No matter how much of a douche Axl Rose may be, they're still a good band. Seems like you can't go to a sporting event without hearing Welcome to the Jungle. Sweet Child O Mine is one of my favorite songs of all time. GNR have many great hits and one of the best guitarists. Even though Slash is doing his own thing nowadays, most including me will always remember him as part of GNR. Honestly, they should just give up and revel in the great success they used to have instead of trying to make more records like Chinese Democracy.
4Bon Jovi

Keeping your band's same lineup together for over 25 years is a feat in itself, but being able to remain popular all that time is just amazing. Bon Jovi has been able to stick around so long not just because of that cohesiveness, but also because of how they are able to sucessfully change with the times. We all know the greatness of albums such as Slippery When Wet, but we sometimes forget how good some of the newer stuff such as Bounce is. It's actually a good idea, as making stuff that fits with the times allows for a bigger fanbase. Like all bands however, they have had their low points. The main one being going apeshit and making Lost Highway which was pretty much a country album. I don't have a problem with country, but it's just not Bon Jovi. Either way the boys from Jersey will always be a favorite of mine.

No one has ever and probably will never have the voice of Steve Perry. Sure Arnel Pineda can come close, but for true Journey fans it's just not the same. Speaking of true Journey fans I can't stand it when people (especially the younger ones) call themselves fans because they've heard Don't Stop Believin'. There is just something about this band that one has to love. Every song they have is just so catchy and so well put together. Anytime you have one of the best voices ever heard, a guitarist who toured with Santana at age 15, and the excellent songwriting that was possesed, you're sure to be remembered as one of the best bands of all time.
2Def Leppard

The first band I remember falling in love with are these guys. When I was little, I'd be running around the house not singing the Backstreet Boys or whatever shit was "popular" when I was little, but singing Def Leppard songs. The boys from England still to this day are cranking out music, but should honestly stop. I along with plenty others think that the older stuff is good enough.
1Motley Crue

Let's all kickstart our hearts by taking a ride on the wild side shall we? It's no secret that sex, drugs, and rock n roll are not so distant cousins. With fame, comes a really good time, which is what the Crue enjoyed for a while. Nobody embodied the very spirit of sin that comes with being a famous rock band like Motley Crue did. Even though many people just saw or still see them as a rowdy bunch of drug addicts and alcoholics, some forget how good their music actually was. Dr. Feelgood is still one of my favorite albums, and it's 23 years old. After a few not so good incidents happened to members of the band (which won't be brought up), the boys have been sober for years and are finally back together again. A few years ago they released "Saints of Los Angeles" which was actually pretty good. Crue Fest is one of the most anticipated concerts of the year, and they're still making music. Sounds pretty good to me. The wild side Motley Crue showed the world will hopefully continue to serve as a warning to younger artists who become famous. Besides, nobody can shadow the one and only Crue.
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