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My Guide To Radiohead

So as all of you have been made aware by raving fanboys (me at the top of this list, seriously I slowed down the site when I found out ask silentpotatoe) Radiohead has a new album coming out. For those of us who already love Radiohead this list will not help at all. But for those users who are new to the band here is my guide to help you out.
Pablo Honey

Save the space on your computer. Just youtube "creep" it is the only worthwhile thing here.
The Bends

Moving onto the Bends. This album is overall...ok. However it does have a couple amazing tracks. Listening to it all the way through is fine but pay extra attention to "Just" "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Street Spirit" they are the most similar in style to what follows.
Ok Computer

This is where things are going to start getting weird (and amazing) for you. While this is still a rock album it draws influence from jazz and electronic music. Yes "karma police" and "electioneering" are incredibly accessible but the less easy to enjoy tracks are probably better. So while individually everything on this album (lyrics, music, individual tracks) is good on its own, this is time for you to close the laptop lay down in your bed, with the song lyrics, and put on your thinkin? caps. Everything here is done with a purpose, always be thinking about the following things 1.) What was going on in the world at the end of the century? 2.) What are the lyrics about? 3.) How does the music relate to what the lyrics are talking about? And Finally 4.) Why is this song on the album where it is? (this is the toughest one to think about, but it is vital to understand the later albums)
In Rainbows

This is about on the same level as Ok Computer and I suggest listening to this at around the same time following what I said before. You may relate to this more immediately as, set 10 years later, it covers topics you are more familiar with. When you feel comfortable with these two albums move onto the next two.
Kid A

This is where the shit hits the fan. "Understanding" this album completely is a very time consuming process as it is essentially about nothing. But that takes many many listens to understand so it is often easier simply to implant a narrative onto this album. The most common of these, in fact many reviews state this is what it is about, is make it about the end of the world. The album is very cold and calculated as if it where the last man on earth reflecting upon how everything went to shit. Again pay close attention to the lyrics relation to the music as well the track ordering, no song is here for no reason. Also note that this album is not simply the ?best? songs Radiohead wrote at the time it is ?the songs that portrayed what the band wanted the best? as some of the b- sides are better.

This is my personal favourite Radiohead album. Again it is a fairly complex album and simplifying it is the best way to make the task less daunting. This album is essentially Kid A's brother. If you picture kid a as the last man on earth's reflection then Amnesiac is the story of the end of the world. Try to compare and contrast the two albums as much as possible (without simply going ?I like one album better?)
Hail to the thief

Finally Hail to the thief. While I love this album I do not believe it is as necessary as everything else. It is both a standalone album as it is a mix of everything they have done (I would recommend eventually getting this as well as listening to There, There) which you can put off in order to be part of the hype/ hate train that is barrelling down at you.
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