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07.29.13 Lyrics


Because writing is important, even if the vocals are obscured.

God Drugs and Sex - "Tell me where did you learn to love? (Maybe you don't want to know) Tell me when did your hands grow cold? (It might tell you something) If you could go back to yesterday Would you change it all for me?"

Dream House - "I'm dying." - "Is it blissful?" "It's like a dream." - "I want to dream."
Axe to Fall

Dark Horse - ?In the name of lovers in the name of wars We'll show the demons for what they are Dark horse ride Towards the light Dark horse ride onward?
4The Devin Townsend Project

Poltergeist - "So we've arrived, no one depends on me. So, with forces far from gone?? No way! NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! THERE'S GLORY TO THE BRAVE!! GLORY TO THE BRAVE!! STAND!!!!!!
5Blind Guardian
At the Edge of Time

Wheel of Time - ?Light - it binds me Light - it blinds me Light - it finds me Light denies me now! The young man said "I will never give up" The inner war I can hold against it My mind, my mind My mind's in darkness"
Empty Days and Sleepless Nights

Brothers - ?Ain?t this what? ain?t this what brothers are supposed to do?? The blood between us, makes it all but true?
7As Cities Burn
Come Now Sleep

Tides - "Is your love really Love? Is my love really Love? I think our love isn't Love, Unless it's Love to the end. Is your god really God? Is my god really God? I think our god isn't God, If he fits inside our heads."
8Great Northern
Trading Twilight for Daylight

Just a Dream - "Pick up your stones and go to work on my bones Then tell me if I'll be alright I'll come round for this moment The only other moment?
Across the Dark

Where the last wave broke - ?When mankind moves Rest of the life shakes All once green turned into stone Flesh into dust and soil Where the last wave broke The shores blazed red And place once called home Turned into halls of dead?
10Jessie Ware

Strangest Feeling - "I've been having these strangest feeling That you walked out on me one evening Walk the plank and meet the sharks Let them cut and eat my heart?
11 Matthew Goode

Empty's Theme Park - "Tell me will I love? And tell me will it be enough? Or tell me will I stay With my feet in exactly the same place??
12Miike Snow
Miike Snow

Song For No One - ?When your love has gone You carry on This is her song This the song for no one This the song for no one?
13The National
High Violet

Little Faith - "Leave our red Southern souls Head for the coast Leave our red Southern souls Everything goes"
To The Nameless Dead

As Rome Burns - "We are falling over the ends of the earth So gather your sons and daughters before you And tell them that these are the final days of all"
15Trophy Scars
Darkness, Oh Hell

Sad Stanley - "Don't you recognize what you put in your mouth is the same fucked up shit everyday. Spit it all out and take a look in the mirror The darkness, it won't fade. You're a part of this sinking, this dying, this wretched world we all gave away. Don't let her know, don't let it show. You ruined the earth just for her. Where is she now?
16Regina Spektor
What We Saw from the Cheap Seats

Call Them Brothers - "Over and over they call us their friends Can't we find something else to pretend? Like nobody's won and we're safe at the end"
17Heaven Shall Burn
Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance)

Like A Thousand Suns - "A thousand books all full with with vindications Simple explanations and coloured declarations Where silent sense of guilt should rise But a victor's story cannot lie"
18 Gojira
L'Enfant Sauvage

L'Enfant Sauvage - This righteous anger Boiling inside of us Won't last forever Don't fear to let it out Branches are coming through, The wolf is the master The sky is all over me I run on time.
19Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart

The Way I Tend to Be - "And then I catch myself Catching your scent on someone else In a crowded space And it takes me somewhere I cannot quite place."
20Frank Turner
England Keep My Bones

I am Disappeared - "And on the worst days When it feels like life weighs ten thousand tons I sleep with my passport One eye on the back door So I can always run I can get up, shower, and in half an hour I'll be gone."
21Brand new
Fight Off Your Demons (The Demos)

Untitled 3 - "Wake up and come out to the car, There's an east swell comin' and its howling off shore. And we'll be, lying like lions out in the sand, But I'll be dead before you put a gun in my brothers hand."
22Brand New

Gasoline - "When the army had to hold the line Well you were nowhere near the front Before the kids could tell the dog "goodbye", Well you were loading up your gun I wanna know I've left the great divide I wanna know what I've become You think that no one else is lonesome You think that you're the only one."
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