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Top 20 Albums Of All Time

This is my first day on this website and the first list I am making, so I rfigured I'd start out listing rrrmy top 20 albums of all time before delving rinto more specific topics in my lists. A lot of rthese rralbums are very rmodern which may strike some as odd, and this is not because I do rnot rrlisten rto music of all eras, but it simply worked out that way.
1Dream Theater
Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory

This, to me, is the greatest album of all time. It is mind-blowingly technical without coming across as obnoxious, the lyrics tell a beautiful story through its fantastic use of pros, it's unbelievably eclectic, and it makes me feel more than anything I have ever heard before. I first heard this record in High School, and while I was initially amazed, I was unable to comprehend what a great masterpiece this album truly is until my college years. I can connect with this album on an uncountable amount of levels.

This album is like a puzzle...and a maze. I constantly become lost in its complexity, ambiguity, and beauty. Its famous use of the Fibonacci sequence is only a tiny hidden piece to a much larger puzzle that I don't think I will ever fully solve. Truly mind-bending stuff!
Catch Thirtythree

Wow. Talk about underrated! With such interesting and unique use of manipulation of time and an unbeatably eerie, yet intellectual atmosphere (much like a combination of Ridely Scott's Alien and Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey) and some of the most thought provoking lyrics I have ever heard/read, I am truly shocked this is not considered an instant classic among metal/prog/music fans everywhere! Sure, it requires patience as it is designed as one song, and it is somewhat slower than some other Meshuggah releases, yet I still believe it is a travesty how widely overlooked this album truly is.
4Dream Theater
Images and Words

Dream Theater is not just technical masturbation, as most usually assume due to their newer releases. The most emotionally effective release by a band topped only by themselves with Scenes From A Memory
My Arms, Your Hearse

Opeth is a very atmospheric prog-metal band...but their atmosphere has never been more powerful, emotional, and haunting than on this album. This tells the story of a ghost who returns to his wife only to find...well, listen for yourselves. Truly a literary masterpiece transformed into the art of music. THE album to listen to on a rainy day. This album expresses melancholy at it's most beautiful.
6Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

I don't even feel like I need to explain this one. This has become a generic album for nearly everyone's list for a reason.
7King Crimson
In The Court Of The Crimson King

Slightly less known than classic prog masters Pink Floyd, King Crimson unfortunately never topped their debut. Some of the most cryptic lyrics I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This album sounds like a combination of Heaven and Hell.
8Dream Theater

More Dream Theater love. I feel that if I explain why I like this one I'll just come off as a fanboy, which I more than likely already have. I feel somewhat uncomfortable putting three albums by the same band in my top 10, but I am simply being honest and I feel that if I had not put all three of these albums in their correct places I would be lying, thus proving this list pointless.

If Pantera met Catch 33 it would sound like this. If Pantera was much better.
The Mantle

Probably THE album which made me find spirituality through Nature. As corny as this sounds, this album made me understand what Emerson/Thoreau and many poets meant when they discussed Nature as the most beautiful/important/Godly entity in this world. Plus, on a musical level it's top notch, combining plenty of unorthodox styles into one.

Jazz robot prog metal? What the hell? Don't ask questions. Listen to this album, you'll understand.
Kid A

Probably the most unique record I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. I'm having difficulty defining this record, and it's originality (and haunting apocalyptic feel) is why I feel this is a classic. This may sound like a cop-out, but some things are beyond explanation and reason.
Still Life

Everything I said about My Arms Your Hearse I feel about this album...but slightly less.
None So Vile

Edgar Allan Poe and Satan decided to join together to make the most poetic and grotesque music in Death Metal. There's a reason this is considered a classic by nearly all death metal heads, folks. Lord Worm's vocals could not be more horrifying, nor could his lyrics. Everyone else, (most notably Flo on drums) are far are so good at their instruments it's disgusting. Every song sounds like you are about to get skinned and then eaten alive...and that's a good thing!
15Pearl Jam

What a random thing to have in my top 20! I'm usually not too much into straight up rock, or grunge rock, but this is an exception. The emotion and nostalgia I get from this album is unexplainable.
Rust In Peace

Metallica hasn't topped this. I don't care what anyone says. The fact that every single member on this album is flawless at their instruments and I will never be able to say the same about Metallica (damn you, Lars!) puts this ahead for me. All of Dave's riffs on this album are incredible. If there's a mediocre guitar/bass/drum section on this album then I must have missed it during all of the billion times I have heard it.
17Strapping Young Lad

Devin Townsend. The end.

Woah! That was out of left field! I don't care. This is one of the most honest records of all time, and it totally opened my mind to an entire new world...nay, universe of music. For that, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, I have to give this guy credit for being simultaneously catchy AND scary!
19Morbid Angel
Blessed Are The Sick

I was debating between this, Legion by Deicide, and Whisper Supremacy by Cryptopsy for this spot. It was tough, but I think I definitely prefer this one due to it's atmospheric elements combined with speed and death metal. Very unique combination! So ballsy, that it has now become a classic record and I have yet to find a rip off of it! Much like Kid A and Dark Side of the Moon, very popular but so undeniably unique that it is impossible to replicate.
20Nine Inch Nails
The Fragile

Yup. This rules.
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