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KISS Albums Ranked Worst to Best

After doing Aerosmith, I thought it would be fun to rank the albums for the first band I got into. Though KISS has fallen down my list a bit, I still think its fun to go back and get into them every now and then!
24Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons

Easily the worst, because this album is horrible. And as horrible as the album is, it won't prepare you for the Disney song that closes the album...

Favorite Tracks: See You Tonite
23Peter Criss
Peter Criss

I can atleast say for Peter's solo effort that it's good for what it is, however it just isn't my cup of tea.

Favorite Tracks: I'm Gonna Love You, I Can't Stop the Rain
Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions

Clearly the worst of the KISS band albums for me. I don't care that its heavy, because its boring.

Favorite Tracks: Hate, Master and Slave

Ok, this album isn't quite as terrible as its reputation, but its still weak and largely forgettable.

Favorite Tracks: Is That You?, Talk to Me, Tomorrow
Music from "The Elder"

Some people love this album while others hate it. It's interesting, but the best quote about this album I ever heard was when Paul Stanley said it was a good album, just not a good KISS album.

Favorite Tracks: Just A Boy, Dark Light, I
Rock and Roll Over

I'm sure that some of you that read my other lists have realized that my ranking aren't always typical. Well here we go with KISS lol. There are two KISS albums I think are extremely overrated, and this is the first one. It was a back to basics type of album for KISS, but, for starters, I never cared for Calling Dr. Love, and this album doesn't seem to gain much traction for me until the 2nd half. I Want You is a decent track, but Calling Dr. Love, Baby Driver, and Love Em Leave Em are some of the weakest tracks the band put out in the 70s.

Favorite Tracks: See You In Your Dreams, Hard Luck Woman
Crazy Nights

The title track single handedly puts this other wise weak album above Rock and Roll Over.

Favorite Tracks: Crazy Crazy Nights, My Way, Turn On the Night

This is the other overrated KISS album. Just because it's harder doesn't mean its better. Take It Off (aside from the main riff), Tough Love, and Spit get the album off to a slow start, however the album does finish strong, which ranks it higher than the previous 2 albums.

Favorite Tracks: Heart of Chrome, Paralyzed, I Just Wanna
Hot in the Shade

This would be a pretty good album if it were only 9 or 10 tracks, because 1/3 of this album is clearly filler. However there are some hidden gems here.

Favorite Tracks: Hide Your Heart, Prisoner of Love, Cadillac Dreams, Little Caesar
Psycho Circus

I don't think Psycho Circus is nearly as bad as alot of people say it is, despite not being the reunion fans would have hoped for. Not a big fan of Peter's track but otherwise this album is fairly solid.

Favorite Tracks: Psycho Circus, Within, Raise Your Glasses
Sonic Boom

First album in 11 years (kinda like Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension), but this one is miles better. Not KISS's best effort but decent nonetheless

Favorite Tracks: Modern Day Delilah, Russian Roullete, Never Enough, Say Yeah

I hardly ever rate debut albums at the top, with a few exceptions, but KISS's debut is very solid, alot of classic tracks here, even though Kissin' Time sucks.

Favorite Tracks: Deuce, 100,000 Years, Black Diamond
12Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley

Gene and Peter's solo albums leave much to be desired, however Paul and Ace nailed theirs. I struggled with which of the two I want to rank higher but ultimately I think Paul's is the more complete album. Not to knock Ace though because his is the hardest rocking.

Favorite Tracks: Rip It Out, Whats On Your Mind?
11Paul Stanley
Paul Stanley

Paul's solo effort is a little more well rounded than Ace's in my opinion. It's close because both are great. I often put together a playlist of the best solo album songs, though I put one song on from Gene and Peter's by principle, it mostly consists of Paul and Ace tracks lol

Favorite Tracks: Tonight You Belong to Me, Wouldn't You Like To Know Me, It's Alright, Love In Chains
Creatures of the Night

Alot of people tend to put this album in the top 5, which is a bit high for me. Yeah it's heavy but there are a few tracks here I just don't care for.

Favorite Tracks: Creatures of the Night, Saint and Sinner, Keep Me Comin', I Love It Loud

I know, ranking this album this high might freak some people out lol. This album, for me, is the type of album I tend to forget about, then when I listen to it, I remember how much I like it. What hurts this album is there aren't any songs Id put on a personal best of playlist, even though there isn't a track i don't like here.

Favorite Tracks: Any Way You Slice It, Tears Are Falling, Radar For Love

Animalize is an album that starts off strong, but kinda just coasts at the end, or else I might rank this album higher. I've Had Enough is one of the most underrated KISS tracks of all time IMO.

Favorite Tracks: I've Had Enough (Into the Fire), Heaven's On Fire, Get All You Can Take
Lick It Up

The first non make up KISS album, is also the best non make up KISS album.

Favorite Tracks: Exciter, Lick It Up, Al Hell's Breaking Loose, And On the 8th Day
Hotter Than Hell

KISS has to quickly rush into the studio to record a 2nd album, because nobody wanted them to open for them (can't say I blame them lol). However, KISS deliver's big time with a classic album.

Favorite Tracks: Got to Choose, Parasite, Let Me Go Rock N Roll, Comin' Home
Dressed to Kill

KISS seemed to work well under pressure early in their career, another rushed album turns into a classic album.

Favorite Tracks: Room Service, Getaway, Rock Bottom, Rock N Roll All Nite
Love Gun

Gene Simmons nearly ruins what might have been my favorite KISS album, considering 3 of his 4 songs on here are the worst songs on the album. All of Paul's songs are great, Peter's is underrated and kind of a fun tune, and of course everyone love's Ace's vocal debut on Shock Me

Favorite Tracks: I Stole Your Love, Shock Me, Tomorrow and Tonight, Love Gun, Plaster Caster

No, you're not reading this wrong lol Despite the disco flavor, I think this is an underrated and overlooked album, there are some strong tracks and this a surprisingly solid album.

Favorite Tracks: I Was Made For Lovin' You, 2000 Man, Sure Know Something, Hard Times

I was actually surprised to see how many people don't like this album. I didn't expect much from it back in 2012 when I heard it was coming out, but to my surprise, I loved it! Eat Your Heart Out is the only song I don't like and if it wasn't here I might have even ranked this album #1

Favorite Tracks: Hell or Hallelujah, Wall of Sound, Back to the Stone Age, Outta This World, All For the Love of Rock N Roll, Take Me Down Below

This was the first KISS album I ever got, and the album that changed my life. Even though KISS is far from my favorite band these days, they (or the friend that introduced me to KISS) got me into rock music when everyone else in my grade was into the Backstreet Boys, NSync, and whatever other boy band was big at the time. (There was a reason I wasn't into music when that crap was big lol)

Favorite Tracks: Detroit Rock City, King of the Night Time World, Flaming Youth, Shout It Out Loud, Do You Love Me
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