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Recs For Moreira: Death Metal

So Moreira wants to sample the more modern, accessible treats that DM rhas to offer. Hope you rrrrrdig some of these m/
Contaminating The Hive Mind

This is some very good, female-fronted brutal death
2Amon Amarth
With Oden on Our Side

The best album from one of the most consistent melodeath bands around
All Shall Align

Hyper-technical, crystal clean production, plenty of replay value, has all the elements that a beginner to tech-death could want
Piece of Time

Not a modern release but I figured I'd include it anyway, this is Atheist's most easily digestible album before the jazz-fusion elements become more prominent on their later albums. You might dig
Fragmentary Evidence

Not too dissimilar to your prog-DxC stuff but much less gay
6Before the Dawn
Soundscape of Silence

The best album from a fairly underrated band. Simple, by-the-books melodeath
7 Be'lakor
Stone's Reach

The best melodeath album of the 21st century, if you dug the first track you'll no doubt love the whole thing

Excellent modern tech-death, you'll love the vocals especially
9Beyond Creation
The Aura

Ignore the sudden wave of hate this album's been receiving, this is one the best examples of modern tech there is.
10Bolt Thrower
Those Once Loyal

Heavy yet melodious, Bolt Thrower is a perfect band for a DM beginner to get into
Screams of Anguish

Not a modern release, but being one of the best DM albums ever has to count for something. Not inaccessible in the slightest, you should dig.
12Cannibal Corpse

No beginner DM list would be complete without Cannibal Corpse

Again, this is an oldie but a goodie. One of the earliest examples of melodeath, and also one of the best
14Cattle Decapitation
Monolith of Inhumanity

By far the best thing this band ever put out, it's technical, brutal and surprisingly melodic, you should dig
15Cerebral Bore
Maniacal Miscreation

More female fronted brutal death, heavy and fun

Cryptopsy's second most accessible album after The Unspoken King, but that album sucks a fat one so this is probs a better starting point
17Dark Tranquillity

Top notch album from one of the most integral pioneers of melodeath, must listen
The Sound of Perseverance

I know you've heard death before and didn't dig too hard, but maybe this will change your mind
Winds of Creation

Your age is no excuse for your core-obsession, half this band couldn't legally drive when they made this album and it rules hard
20Decrepit Birth
Diminishing Between Worlds

Very brutal and very techincal, not much in the way of writing though
Like an Everflowing Stream

Not a modern release but it's obligatory so yeah
Left Hand Path

Same as above, wouldn't be surprised if you dug this real hard either
The Harvest Wombs

One of the most promising modern tech bands, spacey atmospheres, noodly guitar work and excellent vocals
The Ending Quest

Not a modern release, but I have a sneaky suspicion you'll like this. Haunting and melodic, but not melodeath, must listen
Leading Vision

Tied with Benighted's "Identisick" for the best tech-death of 2006, and one of the best of the decade
26Havok (SWE)
Statues of Sisyphus

Up and coming tech band that I'll think you'll like, give them a go

Just more solid modern DM, does nothing new though
28Hour of Penance

Like Fleshgod Apocalypse but not as obnoxiously bloated, if you dug Oracles you'll like this even more
End of Disclosure

Latest album from a band with a solid discography all the way through, if you dig this, check their other stuff too
30In Flames
The Jester Race

Obligatory melodeath classic
Majesty and Decay

Close to a World Below will probably make you wet your pants and we can't have that, so start with this and develop a taste for this band first, then check their classics
32In Mourning
Shrouded Divine

Proggy, doomy, melodeathy goodness, you should dig this pretty easy
Above the Weeping World

Insomnium's best album, modern melodeath masterpiece

One of the best DM albums so far this year, a relentless assault on your senses from start to finish

Not modern but whatever, great old-school tech that's as good as the cover is fucking atrocious
36Morbid Angel
Altars of Madness

Absolutely essential so it's on here regardless of the facts it's 24 years old
37Mors Principium Est
...And Death Said Live

More melodeath, in retrospect this was one of my faves from 2012, even if I didn't hear it until January
Onset of Putrefaction

The pioneers of noodlecore, if you want hyper-technical guitarwork then this is your album
Those Whom The Gods Detest

Hhahaahahah he rec'd Nile what a gaycunt!! XDXD

This band isn't as good as the album they stole their name from but they're still pretty great so yeah, check them out
41Odious Mortem
Cryptic Implosion

Hyper-technical DM band that don't give a fuck about writing they just like melting faces
42Omnium Gatherum

More nice melodeath, does nothing new but it's solid
My Arms, Your Hearse

C'mon it's Opeth

Progressive symphonic DM from Andorra of all places, have a strong feeling you'll dig this
The Scepter of The Ancients

One of Australia's premier extreme metal acts, very interesting vocal-work as well
The Great Mass

Bombastic, overdramatic, symphonic DM that you'll either love or detest
47Spawn of Possession

The elite disapprove of this band but fuck those guys
Pinnacle of Bedlam

Newest offering from Suffocation and by a mile their most accessible, if you dig then listen to Pierced From Within and Effigy of The Forgotten because they rule
Everything is Fire

Not the most accessible album in the world, but give it a chance and you'll be immersed in a hyper-complex wall of noise, must listen
50Vital Remains

Benton's a shit vocalist but the musicianship on this is fantastic, you might dig
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